Jenna Lag'Shar

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It Started with a Kiss

Mom and dad were married too young because they fell in love in School. High School sweethearts rarely get over well with the test of time, but they were both tried and true Corellians and stuck it out because they wouldn't ever let anyone tell them the odds. The only girl in a family of Four. We had a pretty alright childhood because dad made a ton of credits with his shipping company that ran starship parts to most of the distributors across the Core. It was expected that we'd all become pilots, but only one of us did. Mom wanted it to be one of my brothers, Dad wanted it to be all of us, brothers wanted to follow dad into the family business.

I did it all for the...

Attended the Republic Flight Academy in Coronet straight out of finishing school. Did pretty well. Went on to do two tours in the Outer Rim aboard the Dauntless Fire and then transferred back to Corellian System to serve with the Sixth Fleet, Beta Squadron in a B-Wing Fighter on loan to the CDF. Mostly just pirate raids along the Corellian spine or digging smugglers out like ticks. It was character building stuff.

We are the youth of a nation

The Surrender of Corellia. The CDF and Republic combined forces were unable to combat the numerical superiority of the First Order. Within Hours most of the Sixth Fleet was in shambles save for a meager few fighters between both the Planetary stationed defenses and the Republic loaned fighters. Some of Beta Squadron jumped to a rally point to regroup with remaining elements still in play, but communication lines had dissolved and we found ourselves alone in the black of space. After waiting several hours, most of the squadron returned to Corellian space to surrender with the Planet while a few jumped elsewhere to find another way to keep fighting for the honor of Corellia.

Which answer was right?