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Race: Zeltron
Sex: Female
Occupation: Security
Profession: Thief
Homeworld: Coruscant
Organization: Civilians

Species: Zeltron Gender: Female Age: 27
Height: 5'8" / 1.73m Weight: 149.9 lb / 67.9kg Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Purple Skin Color: Pink Handedness: Right

RP Hooks

Fun To Be Found

Zeltron: Are you one as well? NEAT.

Coruscant: A place filled with bad memories. Hook? Maybe!

Security: The current gig, employed aboard The Bacta Queen, a hauler out of Nar Shaadaa.

Underemployed: Jobs don't come easily that pay well. Got an idea?

Deep Down, Complicated


Currently, Jexa is on the run. Sort of. To anybody with the right connections there's a fair bit of hub-bub about Jexa in the Coruscanti Underworld. Apparently she's been robbing street level spice and deathstick dealers for close to a decade, off and on. While a thorn in their side, she never stepped hard enough on any of the important people's toes to garner much attention. Plus she was good to be used as a sort of boogeyman, to help keep corner crew running tight. But when you gun down an under-boss in cold blood, heads start to turn. And now Jexa is out in the galaxy at large, for the first time. To the average person, she seems like just another drifting space bum. To her fellow Zeltron, she's an outcast, full of anger and other negative emotions.


The Boss