Kalys Remshi

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Kalys Remshi

Title: Lonesome Farmer
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Profession: Moisture Farmer
Homeworld: Tatooine


Kalys is a 5th Generation Moisture Farmer, and might well be the last Remshi to farm moisture on Tatooine if things continue as they are. It is slow going, arduous and somewhat dangerous at times, yet Kalys keeps striving to improve the productivity of the farm. With the death of her parents, each death not too far apart, the farm suffered greatly as decades of knowledge and expertise vanished over night, leaving Kalys to struggle and maintain the farm to the best of her own knowledge. Operating at about a third of the capacity it should be managing, Kalys has her work cut out for her to bring the farm back to the standards it once met.

A common vaporator. Drawing up to 1.5 litres of water a day from the harsh Tatooine climate.

Remshi Moisture Farm

Out on the outskirts of Mos Eisley is the Remshi Moisture Farm. It is a place of faded and sandblasted glory. The main buildings are all sunken into the ground to offer some protection from the unwavering heat of the desert, with the larger domed building being the Remshi home, outside and accessible from which is a sunken veranda shielded by a thick sand-coloured awning. The other building appears to be a mix of storage, parking, and workshop, accessible by its own ramp to ensure protection from the desert outside. Scattered about, and standing at about 3 meters in height, are a few moisture vaporators/vapor spires, and it is clear that a portion of these are non-functional, despite efforts made to ensure otherwise. Noticeably, one of the functioning vaporators appears to be a higher-end model manufactured by Pretormin Environmental.

With each vaporator capable of collecting about 1.5 litres of water a day, Kalys' focus is certainly getting those older models replaced, or failing that, getitng them working again.

Living alone, Kalys at least has the luxury of harvesting enough water not only for herself and the meagre vegetable garden she maintains below ground, but also on good weeks, selling excess water to the market and providing it to those fellow farmers in dire need. If there's one thing that is absolutely certain, its the desert community sticking together, and ensuring the well being of eachother.

Visitors to the Remshi Moisture Farm


Given the quite deadly nature of the surrounding desert, those who stumble upon the farm are always welcome and greeted with a cup of water, though there might well be a hand hovering near a holstered blaster pistol at the same time, but one can't always be too careful. It's only right to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those unfortunate enough to be out that far and likely lost and in trouble. One might consider it a code of honour.

    • Drop on in if your character has gotten a little turned about in the desert. Always a chance at spotting a glint of sunlight off one of the vaporators. There's water, food, and shade on offer to those in need.
    • Got items to trade? Travelling the dunes with an inventory of useful parts and sundry items? Drop on in!
    • Speeding from point A to point B and you feel the need to err on the side of caution and pull up at the moisture farm? You're most welcome to do so.
    • Feel the need to explore those dunes? Got a landspeeder that might just hold it together long enough in order to make it back to civilisation? Why the hell not! There's lots to explore. Plenty of risk too. Going to need water.
    • Or just drop in and be social. There's water. There's strong caff, and if ol' Merie has sent any, there's pastries too (probably a day or two beyond their best).
    • Need someone to guide you about the desert, then this Tatween native will only be too happy to see your bleached bones aren't scattered about the sands and found several years later.

Notable Events

On Natunda the 30th, in the month of Melona and year of 1162 Kalys was deputised and flew out to Freetown alongside a host of far more dangerous and skilled folk than she. It was to be the liberation of Freetown, for the posse swiftly put down the gang of swoop riding thugs who had sought to kill, plunder, enslave, and ruin this town and its surroundings.