Karé Kun

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Kare Kun

Title: Captain
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Pilot
Homeworld: Sarq 22
Organization: The Resistance
Ship: Black 3


A longstanding member of Black Squadron, Karé is sensible and bold, though her actions are far more tempered by her common sense than her cohort Poe. She joined the New Republic Military and grew to have a sense of honor and by the book mentality that still sticks with her to this day. If there is a proper way to do things that's her path until it isn't and that is mostly due to choices others make. She's got a wry sense of humor and does enjoy her own free time when she's not helping protect the Resistance and those free worlds of the galaxy. She can be a bit of a scrapper and though small is not afraid of a fight.,


Karé Kun was born on Sarq 22 near the end of the Galactic Empire and was termed a 'victory kid'. She grew up in a galaxy just at the beginning of a New Republic and got to witness liberty in its purest form. She was focused and energetic as a child now in a galaxy free of the rule of the Empire. Her family was rather large by normal standards with five siblings total and she being the youngest. It made her scrappy and tough when faced with a slew of older siblings - most boys. She held her own with her brother and despite her family being on the upper end of the wealth spectrum always felt there was more to life than existing within the confines of the civilian system. She wanted adventure and purpose and received a basic education before going on to enlist in the Republic Navy.

She ended up following Dameron to the Resistance, from the New Republic where they were in a squadron together. They both agreed that the New Republic were not responding to the First Order appropriately. When Black Squadron was formed Dameron enlisted Karé to join. She's spent most of her time with the Resistance in the company of Snap, Jess Pava and Poe. The first and the longest existing members of Black Squadron became a close knit family. They have been through a lot together and they have changed over the years.

The Resistance gives Karé a purpose she never had before. A focus for her actions that allow her to help shape and change the galaxy for the better.


Standing under average height at just three inches over five feet, she appears toned and somewhat scrappy with a fine edge of feminine charm. She's attractive with a presence of natural ease with the beginning of laugh lines along the corners of her eyes and mouth. Full lips often pull into a rueful smile leaving dimples in their wake, giving the woman a youthful vibrancy. Her nose gently slopes down to a rounded edge and her jawline gives her a full oval shape to her countenance that goes naturally with her long neck and shorter statue. Pale blonde hair is cut short and is often swept back and up without much care or attention to style. Her skin is sun-kissed, darker, giving her a healthy robust appearance that pairs well with the go-getter attitude she exudes.

She wears as simple blue shirt that is rolled up to her elbows with a brown vest that crosses over to button down along the left side. A pair of fitted black pants meet a pair of rough looking knee high boots that are more worn for function rather than appearance. Several belts sit at her hip and carry various items that at any given time including a small blaster.


Rev (R5-V9)

Rev is Karé's astromech with the designation of (R5-V9). Rev is a droid with attention to detail and can get quite upset when things that need tending or not taken care of immediately. Karé admits that she would not be anywhere without her trusty R5 but in the ground. She trusts him with taking care of her bird and he does right by the ship and it's pilot. Even if his detailed tendencies cause her more than enough grief. They have been working together for some time and after getting through a particularly tight spot during Operation: Sabre Strike she changed his colors to match the color of her helmet: Green. It was a sign of camaraderie ad trust for the pilot and the droid who now tend to bicker needlessly - she in good humor and seemingly the droid in vexation.

Rev's Contacts