Karas Darkwing

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Karas Darkwing

Title: Rogue 2
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Starfighter Combat Pilot, and Cargo Runner
Profession: New Republic Civilian Defense Force Rogue Squadron Starfighter Pilot
Homeworld: Coruscant
Organization: New Republic
Ship: T-85 X-Wing, and Dancing Woolamander YT-1930



Before you stands a young Coruscanti male, he has dark skin. He appears to be in his early twenty's. He stands at a height of 5'10" He has dreads that come to about the side of his face. He has halloween colored eyes. He has soft facial features and a pleasant smile.

Karas has on a long pair of baggy sports shorts. The shorts come down to just over his knees in somewhat of a point. He wears a black pilots jacket, a bit worn, to him it means a lot to him. He wears a sleeveless black top that is tucked somewhat into his shorts. Along his arms going from the elbows to his wrist is white fitted arm sleeves. On his feet, he has on a new pair of foot wear. His feet is are covered by black sneakers.

The most lightweight of all suits made by Cinnigar Armorers. Created for the mainstream populace of starfighter pilots this set of armor consists solely of a blast-resistant durafab composite vest that covers the front and back of the torso, and a blast helmet offering partial protection over the top half and rear of the head, with a clear visor in front, it isn't much.

The suit also typically comes with a flight-suit to be worn beneath the vest. Overall the vest and flight-suit combination can resist shrapnel and most slugthrower-type weapons, as well as many melee weapons, but all but the lightest of blasters-grade weapons are capable of punching right through it without trouble.

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Connected Vessels

Kara's Red 4 T-70 X-Wing
Rogue 2
Racing Wolf