Kari D'Aramis

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She is a figment of a girl, five feet and six inches of grace and refinement, tiny bones and delicate features. Luminous, silvery blue skin identifies her as a human offshoot of some variety. Her eyes are large and sloped at the outer edges, almond shaped and gleaming gold in colour. They are fringed with long dark lashes and outlined with kohl to enhance their shape. Full lips a soft shade of hazy pink, and a straight, prominent nose. Her hair is an impossible shade of dark, luminescent violet, not quite black though it might appear so in most situations. It is worn in a short, roughly layered style just past her jaw.

RP Hooks

Kari has worked as a courtesan, but is currently on the outs with the guild. She's had a few clients, mostly longer-term arrangements with noblemen and women and the like, though also a number of shorter term commitments. She's young, and fairly new to Nar Shaddaa, and though she looks high society she's known to have ties with the Hutt Cartel. She may have been hired by you in the past, either for a longer term arrangement, an accessory for a party or even a one night stand.

She worked on Naboo for a year or so, and was fairly involved with the political scene there before arriving on Nar Shaddaa. She's been since affiliated with the Cartel, aside from a brief stint working closely with Adhar Gann and the Array Consortium as his Diplomatic Officer.

More recently, she's been exposed as a Human Replica Droid and the property of the First Order, which has made her rather harder to track down.

Crew, Acquaintances, Past Clients