Kasia Ashkuri

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Kasia Ashkuri

Title: Space Mom
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Trading!
Profession: Trader?
Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa
Organization: Defiance


Kasia Ashkuri (nee Ciph) was born and raised on Nar Shaddaa, a former courtesan for the Hutts, she now desperately tries to keep a group of hooligans, along with her husband, in line. She is only occasionally successful.

RP Hooks

Courtesan: Kasia was a courtesan both on Nar Shaddaa for many years, and a couple on Coruscant, it's possible to know her through her work, or part

Nar Shaddaa: Kasia lived most of her life on Nar Shaddaa, and ran into all sorts of people in that time.

Coruscant: A few years were spent on Coruscant, it's possible to have met her there!

Resistance: Though Kasia herself isn't Resistance anymore, she knows people who know people, and things, and stuff.

Property Reallocation: More recently, Kasia has become involved in rescuing slaves in the Y'toub system with Hex. So much so that she, Hex, and Naelyn now run Defiance org. Feel free to page if you're interested in joining!


<Resistance> Old Yeller Sar Yavok says, "Tess can just hang out with the old men."
<Resistance> Kasia Ciph says, "Good luck, old men."
<Resistance> Ambrosia Greystorm says, "They'll manage."
<Resistance> Kasia Ciph says, "I'm sure they will, they always do."
<Resistance> Kasia Ciph says, "They're too stubborn to die. I know. I've poisoned them like six times."
<Resistance> Ambrosia Greystorm smacks
<Resistance> Old Yeller Sar Yavok says, "Is that why I keep throwing up blood?"

<Defiance> Trillian Taim says, "Wait. Kas, you got jumped?"
<Defiance> Kasia Ashkuri says, "Yup"
<Defiance> Trillian Taim says, "I can't sell you my fighter yet, Sapph. I need it to blow things up in Kasia's name."
<Defiance> Naelyn says, "like poison is an awesome revenge"
<Defiance> Trillian Taim says, "Yes. A Poison cover band would be an awesome revenge."
<Defiance> Trillian Taim says, "Except we'll all dress up as fish and call it "Poisson""
<Defiance> Naelyn says, "..."
<Defiance> Trillian Taim says, "I'll just see myself out to the exit over here..."


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