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History and Background

Spearheaded by General Leia Organa and Major Ambrosia Greystorm, the Kath Hounds are a top secret detachment of The Resistance forces that have been assigned to a remote outpost on Nar Shaddaa.

The group operates out of a hidden, underground warehouse complex located in the seedy undercity of the Smuggler's Moon, referred to as Hound Base. Enthusiasm, belief in the mission, and a strong commitment to the cause are paramount in overcoming the obstacles that come with maintaining the under-funded, under-equipped operation.

If you have a problem... if no one else can help... and if you can find them... maybe you can recruit... The Kath Hounds


The following is a list (in order of priority) of objectives the Kath Hounds have been tasked with.

1. Recruit pilots and soldiers to The Resistance

Being a small force The Resistance is always looking for a few good men and women. If you think you have what it takes, find us!

2. Observe and, when possible, subvert Cartel activity

The Resistance believes that the Hutt Cartel is oppresive to the peoples of Nar Shaddaa and thus we look for opportunities to disrupt.

3. Investigate connections between the Hutt Cartel and the First Order

After recent events The Resistance knows there is a connection between the Hutt Cartel and the First Order. What that is remains to be determined.

4. Assist in relief and peacekeeping efforts

Pirate activity, thieves and gangs thrive on the hard work of others. The Resistance will seek these out and put a stop to it.

5. Prevent continued injustice against civilian population

It is the people that concerns us most. To live free and with out fear. We are on your side and fight your battles.


The Hounds have limited access to Resistance equipment, but through various means, have managed to secure a handful of surplus fighters for their operations.

6 X-Wings - Spark Squadron

2 A-Wings - Corsair Squadron

2 Y-Wings - Flash Squadron

2 B-Wings - Ignite Squadron

2 T-47 Airspeeders - Flare Squadron

1 RHE Assault Gunship-LAAT/i

In addition to those listed above, ships belonging to the operatives have been used during the course of missions, when required.

Kath Hound Divisions

The Kath Hounds, located on Nar Shaddaa, are broken into four distinct divisions. While they are separate in duties they live, eat, and train together forming a dynamic team. Tempered by the wisdom and experience of the Veterans combined with the eagerness of the youthful core, commonly known as 'Victory Kids', they form a special bond culminating into a potent fighting force.

Currently there are just over 100 personnel assigned to Hound Base and are scattered through out the divisions. The largest of these is the Ground Forces. Followed up by the Operations/Maintenance and lastly the Administration types assigned to Command/Operations.


To keep the Kath Hounds working as a well oiled machine, the Command structure was kept streamlined to provide maximum efficiency yet much needed flexibility. Staffed by Veterans who have been there, done that so many times, that they provide invaluable guidance in their leadership.

Along with the top command personnel, there are approximately six dedicated (NPCs) veteran personnel assigned to ensure the smooth operations of the Command staff. Filling various roles, they are the eyes and ears of the Command staff and not only provide assistance, but also keep track of the pulse of the Kath Hounds.


The oft-overlooked Operations division keeps the gears of the organization turning. Intel, Medical, and Supply work hand in hand with the other branches to ensure that the proper assets are good to go and assigned to the proper job.

Besides those listed below, there are approximately eighteen (NPC) personnel that serve within this division. In addition to providing station watches in the Tactical center, they also provide housekeeping, keep a detailed inventory, tend to the injured, and fill in the critical gaps that are needed to keep the Hounds in working order.

Ground Forces

The Grunts. When it's in your face, mud slinging, blaster firing missions, these are the folks you call.

Two thirty member platoons offer a wide assortment of skills, with experience levels ranging from "untested rookie" to "grizzled veteran", and everything in between.

A special team of fifteen members make up the Quick Reaction Force (QRF)/Special Operations. Highly trained, exceedingly motivated and competent in a verity of skill sets these select individules are the go to team when a job has to be done and done with a minimum foot print. From rescue of down pilots or members lost behind the 'lines', interdiction, surveillance and target neutralization these folks can do a lot with small teams.

Flight Ops

With various assets and some of the best pilots in the galaxy on hand, no mission for these folks is too big or too small. Intercept, ground support or humanitarian supply, these folks can get the job done. And they do it very well.


We honor those that have not returned. Here are brothers and sisters that have not come home with us.



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T-47 Air Speeder

Resistance Pilot
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Triz Dermout's Helmet
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Gren Delede's Helmet
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Jax Greystorm's Helmet
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Atlan E'ron's Helmet
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Sabella Lockheart's Helmet