Katina Raine

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Katina Raine

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Profession: Assassin


Katina Raine (itself an alias) was kidnapped when she was 10 years old from the planet of Denthenor, a lesser known mid-rim monarchy that had, during the time of the Galactic Civil War, been used under duress as an Imperial weapons manufacturing hub and depot. She refused to tell them her name, and so she was assigned a property tag number and sold. And sold. And sold. And sold again, until her value was no longer as a well-bred investment commodity to be traded, but rather the services she could provide.

She was 14 before she was purchased by Daro Tharuss, taught to be a dancer, and hooked on ryll to keep her complacent and wanting more. When she disobeyed, among other punishments, they deprived her of it and forced her into withdrawals. A slaver only tangential to his real occupation as a pirate and weapons smuggler, Daro was one of many employed by a crime syndicate known as the Krykna Cartel.

When she was 20, she was on loan to a Hutt named Gaba Kuka, who she'd caught the eye of, and used as entertainment and companionship on his "Pleasure Yacht," which was, in reality, a heavily armed Arquitens-class light cruiser. Netep Muri took a shine to Raine (who had been given the name 'Sinikaa' at the time) as well, during this event. While appearing to take her to a room, Netep absconded with Raine/Sinikaa, hyper-jumping a few times before eventually landing on the backwater moon of Badhel.

Unsure of what Netep's intentions were, Raine bolted the first chance she got, disappearing into the city at large without saying much to the woman. Netep sold her ship shortly thereafter, and though the Cartel tracked it down and destroyed the ship, they only ended up killing the poor merchant that had purchased it from Netep.

That would have been the end of it, except that Raine was brought in off the street and cleaned up by a man named Pash Rellac, who had been trained as an assassin. She reminded him of his daughter, Syala, who, as it turned out, had also been taken by slavers. Raine agreed to help him find Syala, and Pash agreed to train her. Pash also created her most recent identity-- Katina Raine. Over the next few years, Pash and Raine went hunting, following leads, and assassinating those in the slave trade while they were doing it. Both of them were driven by revenge, and though they collected bounties on those they could, they murdered for both revenge and the 'greater good', rather than profit.

   Well-known Krykna Cartel members killed:
   Lad Madar (Human Male)
   Maro Orurt (Human Male)
   Mana Harend (Human Female)
   Na'sara (Twi'lek Male)
   7-K7 (Droid)
   Dua Huj (Sullustan Male)
   Feevo Roolek (Rodian Male)

Raine had put out feelers for information on who might own Syala, and when she was 24, she received a tip via holonet transmission-- to investigate the abandoned Keniium Refinery on Carda. She was given a link to a bounty on a known slaver as well as told that Syala was being held there. She and Pash walked into a trap, however. Pash was killed, and Raine escaped while they tried to take her alive.

The Cartel continues not just to hold a grudge but to actively pursue Raine for the members that she's killed. She's aware that they're after her and they would prefer to take her alive, but she has no idea how much information they have on her or how close they are to finding her.

RP Hooks

  • Denthenor: She's from Denthenor, though given how many times she changed ownership in the past, it would be impossible for anyone besides her that's still breathing to know that. Still, a mention of the world might draw her interest.
  • Family: When she was taken from her home at 10 years old, she left behind family that she hasn't seen since then. When asked about them, she often makes an excuse and changes the subject.
  • Former Slave: She was a slave that was used for entertainment, carousing, and whatever else her masters deemed fit. She's not a galactically known pop star, but there is a chance that someone in those circles recognizes her.
  • Assassin: She is an assassin that focuses on taking contracts for 'bad guys,' especially slavers and their associates. She has been known to take others, usually when she needed the credits, but refuses contracts for children or other innocents.
  • Former Addict: She used to be hooked on ryll, but an old mentor helped her kick the habit. It doesn't mean she doesn't occasionally hear that siren song, though.
  • False Identity: Katina Raine isn't her real name. She presumes that most people assume, given her line of work, that it's an alias, but she can count on one hand the number of people that know her real name.
  • Krykna Cartel: Though a mostly equal opportunity assassin, she is a particular bane to the Krykna Cartel, her former owners, who actively hunt for her. They might have left her alone, were it not for her picking off their members one by one.