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Khalim Nim

Title: Captain (informal)
Race: Mirialan
Sex: Male
Occupation: Freelance Pilot
Profession: Explorer
Homeworld: Mirial
Organization: The Shadowport
Ship: Void Blur

Khalim, about to shoot himself in the foot.
OC art by Kim Sokol @
|            |          
|            |         Here's Lookin'
|       o--._|_ _       At You, Kid
|      / /.-.-':o|
|     >`- `|  |.--..__
|     |:\`_|-+'`--..( ~:--..
|    .'::|(|___'|   ~-.:_ (:)
|   .':::`._|:: |        ~`-
|   |::;||  ~-'-'
|   `:_:||   |
|      ~-'   |


The Basics



Within any group of ne'er-do-wells there's always the polite one. The face. Someone your grandmother would approve of. The best are genuine; truly helpful, friendly, caring individuals who just happen to be willing to shoot you in the face when confronted by a lack of alternatives. Rest assured there's likely to be as much remorse as ruthlessness if you didn't truly deserve it.

Is Khalim such a man? What's known, to those that catalog such things, is that he's quick with a smile, quick to buy a round, and quick to claim a spot on a dance floor. With a menagerie of 'acquaintances' that seem to have more in common with the latest galactic heist holovid than eachother. More concretely, he's somewhat known within spacers' circles as an erstwhile entrepeneur (proprieter of the Blaster's Path on Rishi), a nimble pilot, and a quick draw. Not to mention a sharp dresser.

Rumors of a connection to The Shadowport can, at times, seem to make sense.





Vital Statistics

Species: Mirialan Gender: Male Age: 33
Height: 5'11" / 1.8m Weight: 185 lb / 84kg Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown Skin Color: Green Handedness: Right


Void Blur - A Mon Calamari shipyards produced Clearwater Transport, the Void Blur is a heavily modified combat-capable medium transport.


Mirialan - Khalim was born and raised on Mirial. If you're Mirialan or have lived/worked on Mirial we could have some connection!

Pilot - A respected deep space survey, recon, and at times special contract pilot, spacers often know their own.

Club Life - Feet born for a dance floor, Khalim would never call himself a professional but those watching may disagree.

Nar Shaddaa - His new home following a falling out with his long-standing employer, he can be found at many of the most popular pubs and clubs.

Child of Evil - Khalim's grandfather was a high ranking and highly reviled Imperial administrator on Mirial during the height of the Empire.


-(OOC)- Zhu Yan says, "Honestly I wouldn't mind being Khalim's mother."
-(OOC)- Zhu Yan says, "Yan's got the hair."
-(OOC)- Netep Muri says, "Roll around in this tub of green paint"
-(OOC)- Zhu Yan swan dive
-(OOC)- Khalim says, "Yan, you stole Khalim from the hospital. You're not his real mother."

-(OOC)- Saturi says, "I like Khalim's thoughts better than my own."

-(OOC)- Jareth says, "I just looked up your species.. so you're basically shreks?"


The Void Blur. Yes, I actually paid for this illustration. No, I'm not proud of that fact. Now you all get to suffer with me.