Khe Cust

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JaingHead.png “Weapons are my religion”  JaingHead.png

---The Early Days (Nar Shadda)---

Khe Cust arrived like soo many others to Nar Shadda, but she came in the search of the Bounty Hunter Guild as with the death of her buir needed to earn her own membership in the guild. Among the first she spoke too, were fellow Mandalorians that were somewhat taken aback by the sheer zeal of the belief in the Resol'nare of the young human.

During her first hunt on Nar Shadda, she was injured and had to seek out medical aid, there she encoutered a Togruta named Katya who tended her wounds. The Doctor was kind enough to let Khe heed the ways of the Resol'Nare and tended her injuries in the waiting hall so Khe did not have to remove her weapons.

--- People I know ---

Katya - Togruta Doctor in the Corelian District - Nar Shadda