Kirit Xiptil

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Kirit Xiptil is a bit headstrong for a Verpine. She loves being among people and finds the lack of constant chatter to be a bit lonely. Still, she also has a bit of a thrill seeking streak that can only be fed by flying at impossible speeds and putting ones life at risk. So she became a pilot. What's known is that she flew in the Battle of Endor and that she's a consumate starfighter engineer.


Kirit Xiptil is a legend in the Roche System. There are few enough Verpines who've made their name known and to be able to say she was a member of Project Shantipole and had a hand in destroying not one but three Star Destroyers during the Battle of Endor is no small feat. She continued on in the Rebellion until the formation of the New Republic at which time she retired back to life as a civilian doing the thing she loved most. Flying machines that people said couldn't fly and telling them how to fix it. Working for Slayn and Korpil, she was a part of the Mg-100 Star Fortress project though she felt the craft had left the realm of starfighter and gone straight into specialized transport. A point which the corporate powers didn't find to be a problem. In any case, the rise of the First Order quickly became a point of chatter within the collective and she once again went to her superiors and told them of her intent to join. Only this time, she didn't come with a squadron of B-wings and the blessing so much as a blind eye and a good deal on a purchase for the Resistance. A good deal that was quickly blown up by the actions of one Poe Dameron. Not that she's aware of that. Yet.


Before you stands a member of the tall lanky insectoid/humanoid hybrids known as the Verpine. Coming to a little less than two meters in height, the gaunt biped bears a dark green chitinous 'skin' whose tone matches best to a forest green with its larger chest and shoulder plates being of more a olive drab. Bulbous black eyes look out from an angular head and two segmented antennae droop backwards from roughly where human ears would be. There is no visible nose upon this creature, though its mandibular mouth seems quite capable of speaking 'Basic'.

Oddly enough, this alien is garbed in a finely crafted flight suit of a basic tan color. Three fingered gloves usually cover the claw-like appendages of this fellow and triangled black boots cover its feet. A utility belt armed with more tools than anyone would really want to count is securely fastened to its waste and a blaster pistol is slung low at its right hip, rudely interupting the even display of gadgetry. One often finds the helmet of the flight suit carried casually in its left hand or otherwise dangling on the left hip.

The People

Gren Delede - A-wing pilot from Endor. He lived! Now he's back as an Admiral. Interesting.
Poe Dameron - The larva grown to a fully fleshed biped. She hears he takes after his mom. She liked his mom. We'll see how Poe turns out. Woe to him when she finds out about Cobalt Squadron.
Zetes - Roommate. Let me have the top bunk. Has a big gun. This is agreeable.

RP Hooks

  • The Resistance - Rebellion. Resistance. It's all semantics. A humanocentric society wants to dominate and annihilate anything non-human. She's an alien. This is a no brainer.
  • Pilot On The Edge - She's known as a B-wing pilot that can out fly Squints. Does this make her good or nuts? You be the judge.
  • Starfighter Engineer - Word is she worked on Project Shantipole. She's also real particular about who touches starfighters in her care.
  • Green Leader - So she's seen a promotion and now commands the Resistance Y-wing bomber squadron. Do you think you have what it takes?

Kill Count

Kirit has affectionately stenciled her kill count from her career as a pilot fighting the Empire and now the First Order. To date, she has 10 confirmed capital ship kills and 21 confirmed starfighter kills. The local resistance cell is only tracking an interdictor and 9 starfighter kills but then she isn't worried what they think.