Kirka Bluestar

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Kirka Bluestar

Title: Medic
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Civilian
Profession: Doctor
Homeworld: Tatooine
Organization: Red Claw
Ship: Crew on Some Girls Name


Homeworld - Tatooine
Height 5' 6"
Weight 145
Age 24
Black Hair
Blue eyes


Standing at just over five and a half feet tall the human female before you carries her self with confidence. Long straight black hair falls to mid back when it's not twisted into a pony tail and the bangs are cut straight across her brows allowing her blue eyes to shine. A small nose and rounded chin with full lips finish out her face. A faint scar runs horizontal just below her left eye and is about an inch long. She is fit, someone who is not afraid of hard work and her stride is carefully placed.

A blouse of tan colored material with white buttons down the front and over that is a leather of some kind vest with a few pockets inside as well as out. She wears tough faded brown leather pants that flair out over well worn boots.

About Kirka

(This information is OOC unless you have learned it ICly)
Kirka was born in Mos Eisley on Tatooine. While her father was away for much, actually most, of her childhood as he was a spacer, she was raised mostly by her Mother and two older brothers. Life wasn't easy nor overly kind of Kirka. With her father gone more than he was there the family had to make do with what they could. Her brothers, Caydin and Justasa, repaired broken equipment and sold items as they came into hand. Kirka's mother, while no doctor, certainly could tend to all but the most grievous wounds and illnesses. She was never formally trained but learned from her mother what she could and more so in the years she tended to the less fortunate and the more accident prone. Kirka was more tom-boy growing up, but her mother also would drag her from some street fight to help tend a badly wounded or ill patient. She befriended an old man who claimed, much to the chagrin of any that heard his stories many times over, of his past years as a spacer. Kirka took a shine to the old man and helped him when she could. He in turn taught her how to shoot a blaster, fight and more importantly how to get away from danger when the need be. Over all Kirka was happy, it was life and the visions of fancy places and good food and comfortable beds in nice homes never visited her. She came to know her self, push her self and just be, well her self. The tales of the fighting in the other planets did reach her but they were so far from her home that she paid little attention to it. She just lived in the here and now that was life in the poorer sections of Mos Eisley.

One day while tending to a patient as her mother was out a tall dark man came to their home. He was a brooding type of fellow but as her nature Kirka allowed him to enter and told him her mother would be back shortly but if he needed aid she could do most of what her mother could. The man replied that he did not need her services and with a heavy sigh told that the ship her father was on had not been seen for a long while. It was on a freighter run for a wealthy client and never showed up with the cargo. This wealthy man thus sent him to Mos Eisley to collect what was owed and to track her father down. He waited till the whole family was present and demanded his payment or he would take one of her brother's to work off the debt. With no real credits to their name the eldest, Caydin, went with the man to work off the debt as a mechanic on a ship. Kirka's world crumbled. First the fear that her father abandoned them, for she could not think that perhaps he was dead, and then the life of the family was ripped out with Caydin, that always was the father figure to her, was gone. A few months after a message arrived from a passing ship that her father was alive but was on the run. Kirka brooded and schemed. She had to get to her father and get Caydin back. In her mind this what she had to do and thus she stowed away on a ship. She, of course was caught and was dumped off at the next stop, Ryloth. Since then she has been on a journey, some times good and sometimes not so good but she had survived and grown stronger.

Kirka is strong. She rarely doubts her self and even in the worse of situations when she does she doesn't show it. She feels comfortable in her own skin and to those she trust, which needs to be earned, she trusts completely. She knows right from wrong and thinks little of bending the rules to get what she needs. Though never to those less fortunate than her. She, despite her I don't give a crap exterior, has a kind heart and does hate to see any suffer. Even her enemies she doesn't want to see suffer. Maybe dead but not suffering. She is loyal to a fault to those that are trusting and loyal to her.

After a few years of being her own Kirka has found herself tired of being alone. She still searches for both her father and her brother, her primary goal, and when found wants to take them both back home. But she has also seen what the galaxy has to offer and maybe she can take some of that home with her. She doesn't kid her self, she will never be rich but maybe not poor either.

While the hunt for her father and brother continues Kirka is tired. She is looking for something, somewhere she can relax at and maybe someone that she can trust. To be a part of something again. She has tried it in the not so distant past but it never seemed to work out. But she is tired of always having to watch her own back. She is far from rich but she has a few credits and she saves what ever earnings she can from her work with those in medical need.


Caydin - Currently NPC, can be played if desired. Older than Kirka by 3 years, where abouts unknown
Justasa - Currently NPC, can be played if desired. Older than Kirka by 1 year, still on Tatooine



Kirka's tattoo on her left back shoulder
Home, Mos Eisley