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Born Klodara Chasarage, she was the daughter of a criminal interned on Kessel -- her mother was a small-time hustler who, during her time in the spice mines, learned quite a bit about the drug trade and upon being accidentally freed during an attempt to free prisoners of war, fled to Bothawui with her daughter and a small stash of spice, determined to make a new life for herself.

As a child on a world filled with intrigue and information, Klodara grew up learning the skills that one would need in order to survive. The three 'L's were important: Lying, listening, and learning. She was a fairly social child, too, and while the idea of having 'friends' was foreign to her, she made acquaintances that she didn't entirely distrust.

She was a brilliant child, a sponge for information that could never be sated... and while she could put on an act with the best, everyone -- but her mother -- was kept at a star destroyer's length, emotionally. She excelled at the subject of biology, developing a fascination of how a being's body worked and the differences between species.. something she was encouraged by her mother to pursue in order to refine the drugs she sold into more addictive, less fatal variations.

When she entered her teenaged years, however, everything changed. A man named Lan Cai Thorn who her mother had been dealing with for years came by their home demanding credits after a business deal had gone south. Her mother, always looking out for number one -- with Klodara herself as a distant two -- offered a trade, instead. Her daughter, whose knowledge she felt she (erroneously) had milked the most she could out of, in exchange for wiping out the debt.

She wasn't exceptionally strong, or entertaining... but Thorn knew she was smart from repeated trips to Bothawai, and raised among Bothans? She could be an asset. The deal was made, and Klodara's world was changed in an instant. She was taken from the urban jungle she was accustomed to, to the desolate world of Tatooine as a slave in service of the crime lord Rebar Truong, part of the Marthall Syndicate.

Life as a slave was ... certainly dissimilar from the life she'd known so far. The rules of Bothawai didn't apply, even if other rules did, now. She learned to fight because she had to, adapting her knowledge of biology to target weak points and indulging in more... macabre pursuits to further that knowledge.

Among slaves, she earned a reputation as one not to be trifled with. She was deadly with a blade and wouldn't hesitate to use it. Her life changed again when she had to use that blade for another reason: Truong had proven to treat those who prove themselves useful to him well, and one of his best assassins had barely managed to return from a mission, and the medic they'd had... became sarlacc chow not long ago.

Klodara stepped in. Her studies on Bothawai had given her enough first aid knowledge to stablize the man, and the fights she'd slogged through on Tatooine taught her what arteries she should /avoid/ cutting. Truong was impressed, and offered her a role as an apprentice to their next medic, with Thorn's urging.

Klodara -- now going by Klo Chaze -- excelled in this role. Learning by watching the surgeon who was brought in to replace said sarlacc chow, learning by performing operations under instruction... and learning by cutting apart victims of the crime syndicate and putting them back together. Sometimes in a frankensteined manner, earning her the nickname of the Chimaera.

She hated nicknames, but it suited her well enough.

By her early twenties, she had become the primary surgeon for the cartel... her mentor had paid his debt in service and her training, so he was released, and her life continued in the status quo, operating as both surgeon and torturer when needed, and always listening.

At least until her /late/ twenties came up, where more medical talent had become available, and Thorn reminded Truong of Klo's roots -- and that she might be more useful to Truong and the Syndicate closer to their spice operations.

So she was sent, in fact, further up the chain... instead of working out of Truong's headquarters on Tatooine, she was assigned to a laboratory in space. In fairness? ...it was a surprisingly good setup. She had all the tools she could've asked for, plenty of test subjects to continue her learning, and better treatment than the majority of the slaves that passed through the ship.

At least until the ship was attacked by a then-unknown to her force. While the Array Consortium was busy rescuing slaves, Klo took matters into her own hands. She grabbed her vibro-scalpel and as much Denati Blue she could stuff into her medkit, and used the former to take one of the combat pilots who was going to respond to the threat hostage.

She forced the man to board one of the shuttles in the corvette and fly her /away/ from the Syndicate's looming defeat, anywhere where a woman could get lost. The pilot took her to Nar Shaddaa... and flew off the moment she turned her attention away to try and sell some of the Blue.

She may have been stranded, but at least she was free. Right? ...right?



Character Relationships

Vict...err... people
Adhar Gann My, ah, savior, I guess. A Nice Guy.
Atria Foster She gets me. She really does.
Darius Wildes We got off on the wrong foot, but he's alright. For a snitch.
Dosk Source of free drinks.
Mandl Good taste in jewelry!
Meep I like those who are smaller than me.
Niko Jing Accepts me as I am. I don't have to play pretend with him.
Sion Kind've adorable in her awkwardness.
Tamrae See above.
Vasani She likes a good drink.

RP Hooks

The Chimaera Back on Tatooine, Klo has the kind of reputation that an urban legend would have -- a brutal doctor in a slaver's employ, cutting her victims to pieces and stitching them back together into monstrous beings. She's literally what parents tell their children is under the bed. Maybe you've been to Tatooine and heard the tales?

Former Slave Were you a slave? Did you own slaves? Do you associate with people who do? You might very well have gone under her knife. Or maybe you worked with the Mathall Syndicate and feel like you hold a claim to ownership over the vaguely sociopathic doctor?