Koga Jytal

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Koga Jytal

Title: Padawan
Race: Selkath
Sex: Female
Occupation: Jedi In Training
Profession: None
Homeworld: Manaan
Organization: Jedi Order
Ship: None

History and Selkath Culture

Koga Jytal was born into the rebirth of her entire race. The Selkath, remote and removed from the galaxy and it's events since the Devastation of Manaan, had finally started to come out of the waters of their home planet and rebuild. Ahto City was long gone, destroyed by the Sith long ago when the Selkath demanded to stay neutral during the Great Galactic War. But that's all in the past now. Platforms were returning to the surface of Manaan and Koga with it. Her parents, Shuntu and Lutha were some of the main spearheads of getting the Selkath and Manaan back on the map. An ideal that not all Selkath shared. Empires and Republics and everyone off planet were not to be trusted. That's how Manaan was ravaged in the first place.

As a show of good faith, Shuntu and Lutha sent their daughter, Koga, to Coruscant to absorb the culture of another world. Leaving Manaan after having only been out of the water for a short while (Selkaths must stay completely aquatic for the first 5 years of their lives) was a culture shock. Koga was a political chip for her parents and it worked well. She attended school on Coruscant to learn Basic and make connections with the outside world.

When Koga was nearly seven years old, she had only been on Coruscant a short time. Attending school, the young Selkath was having a hard time adjusting. She became fitful and hard to manage, causing the school to put her on probation. She spent much of her school time alone, left in a classroom with whatever teacher could spare the time. It was then a stranger took notice of her as she studied out in the garden one day. The stranger, a Cathar, was a Jedi Master and decided to bring young Koga into the school of Jedi arts. She proved to have promise and quickly fell in at home with the other Younglings with the guidance of her new teachers.

Current Happenings

Koga is currently a Padawan between masters. Her first Master, Micak, the same Cathar who found her as a child, retired to the rank of Consular when he became too old to serve in warfare duties. He died about two years ago. Something that Koga is still struggling with. After Micak she trained under a human Knight named Valla Genn, who has gone missing and is presumed dead by Sith hands. Currently Koga is at the temple serving in whatever way she can and waiting to be assigned to a new Jedi for training.


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