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The heir to a disgraced upper house, Kohnner was sold into Hutt servitude and trained to be a monstrous killing machine. Kohnner now roams the Galaxy as a freelance Mercenary and Trader. His parents dead, his sisters sold into servitude, he now seeks out connections in order to track his remaining family down and liberate them. Serious and concerned with Honor, he is a very traditional Klatooinian warrior and seeing the state of Klatooine has encouraged him to make a positive change.

Names & Exploits

There are a few Also Known As monikers that Kohnner has acquired over his many adventures: Comrade Dogface, The War Dog, & Pup The Space Ronin

It is likely obvious that CHON KOHNNER is not his real name but simply his current identity.

Recently had his Sisters rescued from Free Labor on Rogue in the Taris system. Their names also changed.