Ksenia Anaelle

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Ksenia Anaelle

Title: Senator Anaelle
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Senator
Profession: Politician
Homeworld: Aurea
Ship: Money talks: Drive me about.


Ksenia Anaelle was the third and youngest child born to Sorvyn and Amaya Anaelle; she would also be the only daughter. Ksenia would grow up in a life of luxury and without want, the daughter of a member of the Soulworks Collective Advisory Council; the ruling body of government on her homeland of Aurea. Her father also had vast investments in the glass production industry that Aurea had become known for with its skilled crafted glassworks.

Ksenia was a spoiled child, doted on by her father and essentially given whatever she desired. She was provided the finest tutors and was well-educated from the start. In short, Ksenia had a perfect upbringing in a societal circle one would consider opulent and upper class. From an early age, Ksenia showed that her ability to get her way was not simply because her father adored her, she had a certain charisma and a way with words that many family acquaintances began to take note of. After numerous suggestions had been made to Sorvyn, he decided to continue his daughter's education in the area of diplomacy and politics. It was his intention to get the council's support to have her serve as a diplomat for Aurea. Ksenia took to her studies with a tenacity that she showed in everything she always did. If she was going to be a diplomat, then she was going to be the best diplomat she could be.

It was but a few years ago that Ksenia lost her mother. It was unsuspected as an illness befell her suddenly and within a week she had passed. This was extremely traumatic for her and affected her father even worse. Sorvyn fell into a deep depression and for a while, Ksenia would attend the Council meetings in his absence, later reporting to him what was discussed and speaking on his behalf. It was something she too did not necessarily want to do, but her love for her father lead her to not question it. It was this action that solidified her appointment as the acting Senator, having shown her skill to the Council first hand and seeing the value in their decision.

A young woman who believes she should always get what she wants, Ksenia will go to great links to make sure it happens. A woman of noticeable grace, she carries herself with a propriety that once cannot help to take note of, a young woman who seems most at ease when in a negotiation or rubbing elbows with society's elite.


  • Sheltered: Ksenia has been sheltered from much of the world outside of the wealthy and circles of high-society. In many cases she appears unaware of certain situations or the nuances of other classes and will often speak down to people without realizing it.
  • Elegance/Propriety: Ksenia has lived in a world of opulence and elegance. As a result she is always showing a high degree of propriety, always checking her posture and speaks in a manner that simply sounds proper and intelligent. She not only lives in this world...she exudes it through her pores.
  • Stubborn: Ksenia has always got what she has wanted. If she was not given it, she would use her charm and intelligence to convince people to relent. As a result, Ksenia will do whatever she needs to do to achieve her desires. This has caused her to question her morals sometimes.
  • Kind-Hearted: Despite her outward appearance and how she comes across, Ksenia actually is very kind-hearted. It is not a side she often shows as she has been taught that such a outward expression of kindness can be seen as weakness.
  • Loyalty: If you are a member of her family, a person from her home planet there is nobody more loyal than Ksenia. With that said, if you are able to earn her trust, you have found yourself a valuable trusted ally.
  • Off With the Shoes: Despite how elegant and proper she is, if she feels she can get away with it, Ksenia would rather be barefoot.

RP Hooks

  • Senator - Ksenia is the new Senator for Aurea, recently appointed by the Soulworks Collective Advisory Council of Aurea.
  • Politics - She loves politics and will engage with any political figure.
  • High-Society - She has been raised in a society of elegance, opulence and people of great wealth. She loves to engage in social gatherings and parties.
  • Family Loyalty - Ksenia does have morals. However, many speak of her willingness to set them aside if her family or homeland's safety is in question or would benefit greatly from her not doing so.