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Race: Jawa
Sex: Male
Profession: Scavenger
Homeworld: Tatooine


A few years ago, Kuut's sandcrawler was attacked durng a sales meet. Kuut left the sandcrawler to explore, and kept following glints of light in the sand, think it was night be droids! However, his sandcrawler was attacked by pirates. Kuut was too far away to make it aboard, before the sandcrawler left. The pirates would've left him behind, had the Twi'lek member, Solari Dran, hadn't taken pity on him and taken him with her. He learned some Ryl and knowledge of the lekku language while he was with the pirates, before he was left in Mos Eisley a few months after the attack on his sandcrawler.


Kuut is living it up in Mos Eisley with the other Jawas there.

RP hooks

  • Scavenger: Need stuff? He can find it!