Lara Dax

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Lara Dax

Race: Hapan
Sex: Female
Profession: Thief
Homeworld: Dreena
Organization: Independent


It is said that the Hapans produce some of the most naturally beautiful beings in the galaxy. Over millennia of selective breeding for appearance, each is a living, vibrant work of art that bares the brush strokes of genetic refinement, and this girl is no exception to her species. Slender, almost fragile in appearance, she is gifted in her proportions, but still blossoming into womanhood. At just over five feet tall, and most of that height made up by her long, coltish legs, she carries herself with the poise and grace of a dancer. Her perfectly smooth, light pink flesh glows with the vibrancy of her youth, unmarred by age or scars. A long mane of flaxen hair cascades down past her shoulders to the middle of her back where it tapers into a 'V' shaped point and seems to change color depending on the light-- from a pale white to a yellow gold. The tresses brush past her cheeks, framing an innocent face with high cheekbones and classically beautiful features. Her large, mysterious eyes are bright blue, set below expressive, crescent-shaped brows, and her small, button nose is perched atop full, luscious pink lips. The only makeup she wears seems to be to accent her features, rather than conceal. Her eyelids are slightly darkened by a beige eye shadow, her lips glistening with faint sheen of gloss. Her slender neck tapers into slight shoulders that support a bosom well-proportioned to her frame, and her waist is already bearing the tell-tale signs of her developing figure as it curves into a slender, hourglass figure, narrowing before flaring out to her hips. She is perhaps in her late teens, somewhere between sixteen and nineteen, though the posture underling those girlish figures seems to suggest that she is mature beyond her years.

A tarnished bronze collar encircles the base of her neck, laying flat against her shoulders and giving the top of her tunic a way to stay up. Looped through at the bottom of her throat, the tunic's white fabric fits loosely over her form, revealing only a vague outline of her bosom and wrapping underneath her arms. It circles low across her back, leaving her skin bare from her slender shoulders down to her natural waist. Bunched into wrinkles that follow her front center line down to the narrowest part of her, the material seems light enough to be comfortable, but durable enough to not even hint at being sheer. A wide belt, similar in material and color to her collar, encircles her tummy and cinches the tunic to her body. Below it, the material flows freely down to her mid-thigh, where her snug, beige leggings extend, covering her legs. They disappear once more just below her knees into a pair of casual brown boots, worn from the looks of them, though not quite ready to fall to pieces.

Character Summary

Lara has lived on Nar Shaddaa for the last couple of years, working on developing a small network of contacts that she can get consistent jobs from. Sometimes, she adlibs, stealing from a wealthy planetary visitor and then trying to peddle her stolen merchandise later. Usually, however, she looks to be given a specific job that someone is after, since the risk is usually better known up front.