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Assassin Culprit

OOC Date: February 19, 2020
Location: Above Alderaan
Participants: Meetra Surik, Gerus Blaze, Tai Cirra, Triana, Revan, HK-47

The vessel shudders when the docking breach attaches, and the Republic Ensign from the cockpit comes over the loud speaker. <<"You're going to drop into the vessel, and there's no telling what will be waiting for you all. With our ship moored to theirs, they cannot move, but any explosions from inside may sever the connection and expose you to vacuum! Proceed with caution.">>

Lord Revan is near the back of the shuttle with the others. Her shoulder has been hastily wrapped, a Republic medic having taken the time to pry the slug from her and fill it with bio-foam kolto. With no armor to speak of, and only wearing her dark vestments, the Dark Lord looked more like a small, pale woman made timid by a wound. Revan's presence though, as it was felt in the Force, differed from this personage.

"Make ready your weapons." Revan commanded, claiming her own lightsaber and taking the lead of the group. Her back to the Jedi and Sith that are with her. The SNAP-Hiss of her lightsaber follows, the hungry humming noise loud, and the shade of red hue projected upon the bulkhead near her. In some weird way, the red seemed to accentuate Revan's anger, which by this point, was palpable to even those who could not hear the whispers of the unifying Force.

Tara sighs, rolling her eyes a little as she clutches her sabers. "Next time, I'm wearing my armor even if it isn't quite as 'diplomatic'. Fighting near vacuum without any gear isn't fun." The acolyte's violet blades snap into life, resting back along ehr arms in a defensive position now. She's radiating her own frustration and anger, although with an undercurrent of excitement for the battle to come.

The white brows of Gerus Blaze raised as he felt the hate radiating from Revan though he didn't speak on it at that moment in time. He, himself, wasn't angry. Then again he hadn't been shot. He was more annoyed and perhaps a tad bit curious. Without a word, he removes on of the blade from his utility belt, not ignighing it just yet. With a deep breath, he focuses, and calms himself letting he force in like a broken damn holding back a river.

It was beyond surreal, a vessel full of Sith and Jedi working together. At least for the moment anyway. There was an apparent common enemy that had wanted Revan attacked and wanted the Republic blamed for it, that was enough to have Meetra leading the Jedi along on this hunt now that the Nobles and civillians were safe. A sidelong glance was given to the one-time commander and closest friend. Without the mask she was able to see that familier face made unfamilier by actions of late.

A shake of her head, the former exhile exhales a breath and draws her own lightsabers, taking the twin hilts in her hands and rolling her shoulders. "Whatever waits almost certainly wanted us here. Be on your guard," she speaks calmly, words punctuated by the igniting of her weapons.

Triana watches quietly, near by Meetra, staring not so subtley at Revan until shaken from the slight reverie by the call to action. Drawing the saber from her belt, she waits a moment and then ignites the blade. "adorh ghevaethie wear iekoove atyfoo tireselaa." the Twi'Lek adds after Meetra's words.

The sound of the breaching device cut off any other noise, and the rotating torches lit up the way ahead. A saw like noise resounded in the small quarters, making ears ring. When the full revolution was made, a perfect circle was cut, and Revan brought her injured hand up, glaring at thrusting her palm forward in the most basic demonstration of force mastery. Rather than wait the time it took to displace the cut hull, Revan shoved it inward using her influence. It passed through the opening, landing on the other side with a thunderous THUNK, and Revan dropped in first, landing in a low crouch and raising her weapon.

From the rear of the Republic/Sith group, a tall 8ft tall bronzium droid speaks up, making the pumping noise of its assault weapon priming, followed by the dull whine of a high-powered heavy repeater. "Statement: There will be plenty enough for all of us." Shouldering its weapon, the droid's 'eyes' go red as it looks left, right, then center. "Statement: Activating assassination protocols. Parameters set for maximum prejudice. Excitement: Let the killing begin!"

Tai drops through the hole as soon as Revan has cleared the area beneath her, arms coming up to help bat the hail of incoming bolts aside. Boosting herself into a force assisted leap, she brings her blades around in a slashing scissors that bisects a pair of droids. This is SO much more fun than speeches. ...Still bad that Lady Revan got shot, but now it's a fight.

Gerus doesn't flinch as Revan charges into the other ship and into a hail of blaster fire. He knows well trained Jedi could deflect or otherwise negate engergy weapons. He was capable of it himself. So he charges in after Cirra, carving through a droid, causing it to split in twain between a line of molten metal. Two more fall to his quick and skilled blue blade, humming and crackling with each swing and strike. <<"More Assassin Droids...">> He states the obvious. Thanks Gerus, you're a real help.

Of course, Meetra was through the breach the moment it was open, but the droids seem to turn as one and aim exclusively for Revan at first. Even as the world around her, enhanced by the force, is a slow ballet of blaster bolts, it was a curious thing to note. Still, Meetra's pondering might take those stretched nano-seconds, but her form seems to snap to action almost instantaneously. The twin sabers flash, striking through two droids swiftly before she brings the weapons together in a 'scissor' that rips through a third in a shower of flash-heated metal.

The Twi'Lek pauses for a moment, drawing her blade up before her face, remembering her training as she closes her eyes and exhales while pulling at the Force and infusing it through her body. Then she's moving, a gentle leap and then a roll to the side as she avoids running into the others that have already cleared the breach, moving to the far right side and slicing down one of the droids by taking its leg off at the hip.

Revan was not pondering or doubtful. There was no hesitation, no stutter stepping, no doubt. When she landed below, the droids turned in unison and attacked. While she did not redirect the bolts which came her way, the Dark Lord certainly intercepted them. Swinging her lightsaber masterfully in an arc, and preventing but a few from actually reaching her. Those that did skimmed the fabric of her tunic, leaving the smoke of flash-frozen protective fabric.

The last to land below is Revan's droid. It lands in a loud thunderous clatter and fires mid fall. Two droids are disintegrated before HK-47 even landed. Unbent knees kept the massive droid from lowering down despite gravity. All it did was shoulder the weapon once more. "Statement: Find the next passage way. These droids are not good enough to be left functioning." He says, scanning their current room.

Revan lowers her weapon slightly and glances around. "This is a cargo room. Answers lie further in. Move forward and watch out for each other. Droids are not easily detected, and their slugthrower rounds, when they use them, hurt." They had not used slugthrowers here, thankfully.

The room they were in was large.. MASSIVE, with a tall ceiling. The lights were off, and what lighting was available was near the only hatch that led out. That hatch opened and more droids appeared. These were not assassin droids, but rather the Republic sentry battle droids with spider legs. "PREPARE TO DIE, TRAITORS OF THE REPUBLIC!" One issued, clearly under the Sergeant programming. "Statement: Make it stop talking!"

"Can do, HK!" Tai flicks her sabers forward into a more offensive stance, and dives right in. Time to rearrange some mechanicals, with extreme prejudice! They go high, so she goes low, sliding on her knees under incoming fire before flipping into a somersault and decapitating a pair of droids.

The Echani raises a single white brow as the Sentry droids enter. <<"Yeah... well, traitor this you soverignty ignoring automation.">> His voice is deep and rough, his blade following the dialog wih a 'vooom', and a 'sheeeek', as he cuts through the droids. Two more are cut to tiny pieces in a matter of moments, the Jedi looking around for his next target. His guard is tight, very litle holes, ready for anything.

Republic 'Traitors'? Meetra was going to need some answers at the end of this, that much was certain. Of course, the thought does cross her mind as she leaps high and brings her weapons down to bury them in the second target, the first slashed heavily as she lept high; whoever was at the end of this, she'd need to get to these answers -before- someone killed the people responsible.

Triana stands upright as the final droids fall, looking over her shoulder at the HK unit and nodding slightly. looking to Revan she absorbs the Sith's words but gazes at Meetra perhaps for guidance before.more droids arrive. as if instinctual she raises her righr hand and cups her fingers as if cradling a small ball, lifting up as she closes her eyes. one of the droids is pulled slightly off the ground and then shoved back into a droid just behind it as the Jedi Padawan manipulates the object with the Force.

The Republic droids aren't so easily dealt with, not even for trained veteran like the ones they have to contend with. Revan slices through one, then impales another through its center before ripping her blade through to split the automaton into a pair of severed pieces. She ducks down instinctively as a shot singes her tunic, and HK-47 fires back in that instant. "Statement: DIIIE!" Two of HK-47's shots miss though. "Statement: Oh noo, master. I may need maintenance!"

"Push through these damned automatons!" Revan commands, rising back up and storming ahead. Three more stomp in through the door way and the Sith Lord skids to a halt, bringing her saber up. "Confound these things. HK, destroy them already!"

"Statement: With pleasure, Master!"

Time to thin the herd, cut down the amount of incoming blasterfire. Tai smoothly flows between the droids, surgical slashes and stabs finishing off the already damaged ones. As the last few hit the deck the zabrak tilts her head to one side. "I've got a bad feeling about this..."

Gerus plows his blade into the center of one droid, twising it before pulling it out violently. A roll of his wrist before the brilliant blue saber smashes through another droid. The third and finall one goes down only a quick second later, unable to keep up with the skilled Sentinal Jedi Knight. THe Echani's yellow eyes glance around, his breathing controlled. Ears perks at the noise of the vents, the blast doors closing, his ears popping with he change in preassure. A more annoyed look graces his sweaty face and he visibly rolls his eyes. "Kriff..."

Was it dark, light, or simply just 'The Force'? As the doors lock and the venting of atmosphere begins, Meetra turns and lowers her lightsaber in her right hand, clipping it back into place and raising her hand. She'd always been quick to forge force bonds, that was what made her who she'd been from the very begining. But it was the trauma of Malachor V, the adventures beyond the outer rim that had made Meetra Surik what she was now. Maybe the power was volunteered, maybe there was some inate -coaxing- of her influence, even the Exile couldn't be sure.

In the end, it doesn't matter. With a scream of effort from the woman, the armored blast doors glow with heat and then buckle, blowing out into the corridor beyond and clearing the way.

Hearing the doors slam into place the Padawan opens her eyes and glances about. As she notices Meetra focusing she too extinguishes her saber and kneels down concentrating hard on the door before them, probing with the Force, pushing at the weakening spots as Meetra exerts the majority of the pressure. the sudden screech of the metal clattering into the hallway beyond breaks Triana's concentration and she quickly rises back to her feet.

A warm hand cups over Meetra's shoulder. It's Revan. Her effort opening the door had saved the team's life and Revan acknowledged that with an appreciative look and nod. "Well done, Meetra." A small smile follows, an endearing squeeze of her shoulder, and the Dark Lord moves on, deactivating her red lightsaber and clipping it to her belt. "To the bridge to discover the truth to all this. Let's go, HK-47."

"Statement: Yes, master. Perhaps there are meatbags we can kill too. Oh, the possibilities." Revan chuckles.

A warm hand cups over Meetra's shoulder. It's Revan. Her effort opening the door had saved the team's life and Revan acknowledged that with an appreciative look and nod. "Well done, Meetra." A small smile follows, an endearing squeeze of her shoulder, and the Dark Lord moves on, deactivating her red lightsaber and clipping it to her belt. "To the bridge to discover the truth to all this. Let's go, HK-47."

"Statement: Yes, master. Perhaps there are meatbags we can kill too. Oh, the possibilities." Revan chuckles.

The way to the bridge is not far because this ship is not very large. Much of the corridor had been patrolled by Republic Sentry droids, but they all attacked. Now, the ship is vacant, or so it feels. When they reach the bridge, the doors open and inside is a small statured, geeky looking male with thick Tetan designed glasses. "WAIIT! Don't hurt me, DONT HURT ME!" He begs, cowering near the bridge controls. "I was only hired to do this, and they aren't paying me enough.. or.. at all. PLEASE.. don't kill me."

Tai works her jaw to help pop her ears, the zabrak keeping her mouth wide open and exhaling as hard as she can. Decompression inuries are... painful and she can't afford a burst lung right now. Extinguishing her sabers she returns them to her belt, reaching out and curling one hand in the direction of the door. She just... has to... push...

And then with an almighty clang, the door's gone, and the problem is solved. "HK, don't forget that we need some of them alive. For questioning. Maybe settle for their kneecaps?" Speak of the hut'uun, and he shall appear. "We won't HAVE to hurt you, as long as you tell us everything you know about the people who hired you. Don't bother trying to lie, because we'll know. And we have /ways/ of dealing with liars." Tai grins, smile full of very sharp teeth.

Once the door is opened and they can all breath again, Gerus shuts down his Lightsaber. He doesn't put it back on his belt, instead keeping hold of it just incase something were to pop out around the corner. Instead they make it up to the bridge where a more pathetic sight waited for them. "You're serious..." His yellow eyes look over the skinny little twerp. "Well... I'm not going to hurt you, but.. just tell us who hired you... please." That last bit was said with a bit of an annoyed growl, the Echani now thurst and trying to even out his ear ways after the pressure change. He was craning his neck and jaw, clearly uncomfortable.

The hand on her shoulder gets a pause, a nod, but there was things to deal with first.

With her own lightsaber held at her side, Meetra steps up towards the terrified man. 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' with Jedi and Sith was quite the thing, but Meetra moves forwards towards the man. "There are a lot of people who -want- to hurt you quite badly. What you've done here today, trying to further a war and sabotage peace, is treason twice over...and may well have cost millions of lives."

She could sense his fear, that he wasn't lying to them, but she needed more. "Who hired you? How do we find them?"

The young Padawan moves with the rest of the group sligjtly eyeballing Tai and Revan but once the bridge is revealed she stays at the doorway behind the others, closing her eyes and focusing upon the creature's mind.

Revan grows quiet as she and her droid look to the controls of the ship, passing this weak and pathetic thing by like he wasn't there at all. Revan listens attentively, but makes no comment and does not reveal whether she intends to kill this man, hurt him, or what. HK-47, while walking alongside Tai initially, commented back prior to reaching the bridge. "Statement: You raise an excellent point. My how they scream when their joints malfunction."

The man dropped to his knees, intimidated by all of them. "I am not armed, I cannot fight, and I wouldn't even if I knew how." He pushes his glasses up on his nose. "I do not know the name of the one who hired me. Only that he said this task, this mission; it is the way. I was taken from Belsavis prison. I was a slicer, a damn good one. Still am, hahaha ha.. ha.., but my ticket to freedom, to get a clean record with the Republic.. was to do this task. No credits."

"Tell me about him. What did he look like, did he have an accent?" Tai reaches out with the force, extending tendrils to connect with the patsy's mind. Looking for images, sounds, any memories relevant ot tracking down the person who hired him.

Gerus Blaze smolders and broods in the background.

Frustrating, that much was certain. A rogue element in the Republic, a Sith fake-out? The questions were still hanging over their head. Finally deactivating her lightsaber, Meetra leans forward. "Noone can just 'walk' out of prison like that? How do they send you instuctions? How did you get this ship, these droids?" A glance goes towards Revan and the woman straightens up. "I sounds as if this is -our- mess to investigate and follow up."

The Twi'lek Padawan remains focused on the mind of the creature feeling the currents of his innr voice and that of the other seeking iut any memories that bubble.forth as it speaks, letting those above her do the actual questioning.

"If that's your desire, Meetra. See him investigated. But know this." Revan says calmly, turning back and stepping down from the heightened control platform to the lower level where this man spoke with the Sith and Jedi alike. "I will want answers. My chance to unite the galaxy began in that throne room and it was ruined by this.. thing." A gesture is made toward the man who flinched when Revan moved. "Should your methods prove ineffective. Send him to me." Revan glares at the man, then lifts her chin to catch Meetra's gaze for a moment. Following a nod, Revan steps by. "Let us away, Tai.. HK."

HK-47 glances toward Tai. "Interrogative Statement: Does this mean we are not killing this meatbag?" Glancing over, HK-47 begins to follow Revan, thunking heavy footsteps on the deck. "Statement: Coming, Master."

"He's definitely telling the truth. Someone told him what to do, and then either used a memory rub, or some kind of drugs to suppress the memories. You'd need someone better at this than I am." Tai sighs, shaking her head. "He's all yours, Surik." Turning, the zabrak strides out of the room after Lady Revan. "No, HK. He still might prove useful yet. And next time, I'm wearing my armor."

Gerus purces his lips, moving out of the way so Revan and the imperials may take their leave. Yellow eyes follow them for a momen before he glances back to the culprite of the attack, then to Meetra. "He said... it is the way. That ring any bells for you?" He narrows his eyes and looks to the man once more. There his a sigh as he lets out all the tension he had been holding in during the fight. "Nothing I can do about mind stuff. I did not focus on that in my training as a padawan." He prefered solving most issues through agresive negotiations. This requires more finesse. He turns and moves to take his leave.

How 'dark' would Meetra go to get information? She would wager that it wasn't quite to the level of Sith Inquisitors, but Republic special intelligence interogators weren't exactly known for being a pleasent encounter. Lifting the man to his feet, Meetra steps forwards and nods her head at Gerus. The Exile was almost certainly going to go pouring through the man's thoughts for every peace of information she could gather. There was no telling if Revan's talk of uniting and the hint of peace had ever been legitimate, but if it was? The Exile sure as hell wanted to know who was responsible for cutting its legs.

At the words of Revan Triana steps aside breaking her tenative connection with the slicer's mind and taking stock of the situstion. as Gerus leaves she does a gentle bow, "May the Force be with you." she mutters softly and then follows Meetra out as the creature is escorted off the bridge