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Court is in Session

OOC Date: February 12, 2020
Location: Alderaan
Participants: Tai Cirra, Meetra Surik, Erchirion Tor, Gerus Blaze, Seeshon Dren, Targi, Revan

Every elder House is present. The great hall is lined with banners, and armored men stand post at every entrance with force pikes in hand. The noble Organas, the Rists, and the list goes on; ..everyone. They all rise when the King and his family file in and locate their seats at the head of this massive room. When the King sits, everyone follows, and the royal guard marches out establishing a perimeter at the foot of the dais.

The Herald steps up then and raises their hand before sucking in a deep breath. "Your Majesty, the court calls upon a woman known only as Revan."

"Proceed." King Alde says, slouching to one side of his throne. The doors at the end of the aisle open and Revan stands where the doors part. She waits until the doors are opened entirely, then steps forth, her footsteps soft yet confident. She is accompanied by a small entourage that follow her; a parade of mix-matched colors and tones in clothing.

Revan wears a fancy tunic of black with deep crimson trim and a long cape of red. She wears tall boots, with folded cuffs, and appears to be unarmed. Her hands are bare and clasped at the small of her back as she walks with a sense of underlying urgency and confidence to the point that she's prompted to stop.

Targi comes into the Palace with what looks like a white and black Sith tunic along the trousers which he wears, a cloak pulled about him while he keeps a lightsaber on the hip. With the custom made material it is sleek, black, with a special emitter and electrum detail that's golden. His ears flick while he looks to people, and finds a place to stand along with those Sith which came to listen. He has been a supporter of Revan's Sith Empire.

Erchirion Tor stands among the masses at King Alde's court, having been temporarily attached to the Republic's embassy to Alderaan with his ship undergoing heavy repairs following Balmorra. He is notable among the crowd for his height, red Republic naval dress uniform, and cool solemnity throughout the myriad protocols of noble court process. Gloved hands are clasped lightly at the small of his back as Revan and her retinue are announced and enter the throne room.

All things concidered, there were reasons why Meetra shouldn't be here and reasons why she should. There were many who'd write off propaganda and lies to try and sway the neutral world, many more who'd simply say that this grand speech that was truely coming down was little more than a wasteful show and would bring no more peace than every 'Negotiation' fielded by the noble houses so far...but there were reasons to know what your enemy was saying, to know their moves and manipulations as well. That and...

After all of it, there was a big part of Meetra that still clung to the question of 'Why' even as she'd been brought back into the Jedi purely to stand against Revan. The leader and her 'General' now on opposite sides of the board.

Meetra was here, dressed in her own robes and the usual 'less-traditional' tunic and leggings. Her hair was pinned back, her eyes were alert and she stood among the republic side. Of course, her lightsabers were on her form, there was no playing the civillian from the 'Exile' today.

Seeshon Dren has come in a well kept, if simple robe of black and red, hands clasped behind his back, he's here to see the speech, but more importantly he's here to see the reaction. Today could mark the beginning of a war, but for the moment he's hopeful that Alderaan will see sense.

Tai, for once, is wearing the looser outer robe over her typical tunic. It's a somewhat formal occasion, and it also somewhat covers the twin guard shoto hanging from her belt. Revan may be unarmed but the zabrak isn't, given that the best equivalent for her role at the moment is 'honor guard'. Normally, politics were the last thing on her mind, especially politics with outsiders. But Revan somehow always managed to make things... interesting.

Gerus Blaze isn't far from Erchirion, keeping a low profile despite his distinct and recognizable Jedi Attire. Yellow eyes and stark white hair a top of pale skin probably wasn't missed either. Lightsaber hung, with the other one, either side of his belt. He never used them at the same time, one seemingly just a backup as if he had lost a Lightsaber before in his many storied adventures across the outer rim. The Echani Sentinel crossed arms over his broad chest, waiting, listening, and being the embodiment of Jedi patience... at least for the moment.

"The Court recognizes Revan, Jedi Knight and once Hero of the Republic, Supreme Commander of Republic forces against the Mandalorians. Or.. you were." The King began, his voice elevated and deep, broadcasted by the droids that zipped about. "I'm many things, King Alde." Revan replies.

"Hmm, yes. We've heard /traitor/ among those.-- Come now, say your words so we can all know why you.. /you/ our hope, switched sides and lead the very thing you.. Jedi.. are sworn to destroy."

Revan holds her ground, appearing neutral despite the easy jabs the King gets in. Clearing her throat. "As we all know, the Mandalorian conflict ended at Malachor Five. At my orders, the Mandalorians were crushed beneath the excruciating gravity wells created by the secret Republic weapon. In one swift stroke, the war was done, and the Republic was left in shambles. One enemy had placed us in a vice grip that it took Jedi.. rogue Jedi to come in and beat the Mandalorians back. With their defeat, the Republic could no longer defend itself much as it had prior to the war."

"Our fleet was in shambles, our planetary alliances were withdrawing support under the weight of the war costs, and the senate began to bicker about what came next. I, however, found the next threat in the most unlikely place. An old temple upon the surface of Malachor V, preserved despite the destruction of the world. A herald of the war to come; a great war."

Revan waves her hand and a bronzium droid marches in, standing taller than Revan at 8ft, the red eyed assassin droid glances from right to left, then centers. "Statement: Prepare for holo-gram projection." It rattles off before the image flickers to life before the court.

Targi looks then to Revan while she speaks, then he looks to the Sith and Jedi which came to the meeting. He doesn't speak at the moment while he listens and watches.

Erchirion Tor hears out the Royal barbs and summary of events all too well-remembered. The tall officer holds his peace, apart from a brief glance aside and faint nod of acknowledgement for Gerus. As Revan speaks, Erchirion's eye seeks out Meetra, silently curious.

So far? Meetra's eyes are fixed on the exchange. Never mind how annoyingly it tugged at her memory of her return to face judgement, or how the mention of Malachor V carried plenty of weight and still left its mark in the 'wound' that she had become to the force. She'd seen the temple for herself after all, nearly lost her life in the ruins of that world she'd been responsible for shattering, but Revan's demonstration to come? That pulls in her curiousity more than anything. When eyes fall upon her? Her own gaze remains unbroken.

Seeshon is silent a subtle presence in the background, his attention more on the Alderaanians and Republic than the other Sith or Revan, he's got some idea how this speech will go, he recalls Malachor V with a quick knot of emotion he squashes down as he tries to determine how those gathered will react to Revan's words.

Tai stands, alert but not tense, She's keeping an 'eye' on the general emotions of the crowd as well, looking for the spike of anger or intent that could indicate an incoming attack. One didn't need the king's referral to Lady Revan as a traitor to know that the Sith have enemies out there. HK's arrival provides a momentary distraction. She didn't get to see the droid around much, but when he was? THings tended to get extremely interesting. One way or another.

What was Gerus doing 10 years ago at the end of the Mandalorian Wars? Being a Sentinal, traveling from place to place and doing 'justice' where and when it was needed. He didn't fight in the war, much. Maybe saw a few skirmish actions and he certainly wasn't at the big ending event that Revan speaks of. He didn't have much of a dog in this race other than the fact he was a Jedi and a protector of the republic. THey pulled him from his normal duties to serve more recently on the front lines. Now, he was here, with an unclear mission as of yet but... he knew the force would provide. So, he looked towards his companions; Meetra and Erichi, raising a single white brow at Revan's words.

Revan folds her hands once more as a massive holo image appears above the court and begins to play. The sound starts with Malak's voice.

"There is a great darkness here. Do you feel it, Revan? It is not the wound, or the loss of life.. but something.. ancient.. something.."-- Revan's voice fills it in. "Powerful. Ready your men. We know not what evil still lingers in this place."

As the helmet cam panned out, it appeared that they were inside some sort of underground well, but everything was dark. As they come to a stop upon a platform, the black water begins to form a drooping face before Revan and Malak. "The.. conquerors of the Mandalorians.... Let this serve as a message should you wish to defend your pathetic Galaxy." A loud roar began to surface, and the men with Revan lost their nerve at its inhuman, demonic like sound. Lightsabers lit up, and the image showed the dark fountains explode inward, coating the soldiers and Jedi Knights alike. "NO! MOVE REVAN!" Yells Malak, who manages to erect a powerful Force imbued barrier that stopped Revan from being killed. From behind this barrier, Revan, Malak, and HK are witness to the slaughter of their men as they are eaten from the inside out and screaming in agony. When the last scream occurs, the fallen soldiers rise up and stare at the survivors blankly.

"You will answer my bidding, Revaaaaaan." Revan began to hold her head as a high-pitched sound began to emit. When it faded, the black pools retreated, and the soldiers crumbled into the depths of the pool. "Come to usssss." It said once more, and Revan rose in the video. "I know where it wants us to go."

The image cuts and Revan speaks. "We had to leave Malachor and venture into the unknown regions of space. When we arrived at the coordinates given to us, we found what appeared to be a mass fleet. A fleet so large, by scale, that it could form a planetary ring around this planet. Hundreds of thousands of ships all space-able and dating back to generations of ship design. At once, my fleet was set upon, overwhelmed, and decimated. What few survivors we had escaped aboard my vessel the Ebon Hawk, and it was only by the will of the Force that we did."

"This enemy.. this fleet.. it cannot be reasoned with, it cannot be stopped.. unless our galaxy is united and our enemies set aside our differences in philosphy. We must reinforce ourselves, entrench our systems in key locations to wear down this force of attrition or We Will Be Over Run. Even your dead are not safe from this evil. It will consume the living, consume planets, and its fleet will overwhelm any fleet through mass and volume alone."

"This Sith, the Jedi Order, Alderaan, and all the galaxy must stand together if there's any hope of--"

A LOUD discharge echoes across the palace great hall, and the whip-crack of a kinetic round impacts Revan against her shoulder and emerges out the other side in a cloud of pulverized red mist. The King stands up at once and the guards lower their force pikes and ignite their shields. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!" The King demands, while Revan has stooped slightly to cradle her bleeding shoulder.

Assassin droids appeared upon the loft and aimed their weapons downward. "Statement: IN THE NAME OF THE GALACTIC SENATE, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST, REVAN.. SITH.. ALL VIOLATORS. TO SPEAK WITH REVAN, TO ACKNOWLEDGE HER LIES IS TREASON!"

Droids began to appear marching from the halls. "TO ARMS, DEFEND YOURSELVES!" The King demanded.

Targi looks up when he sees the droids coming to take on Revan along with the Sith. Which means that it probably will be aiming to him. He doesn't have the speed to draw and also swing his lightsaber, so he instead lifts up the hilt, the snap-hiss filling the palace while the silver beam extends from the weapon. Then he lifts a paw towards the droid, before he makes a gesture to press his fingers to wrist, the droid going into pieces as the Force destroys the metal. It is clear he is well-trained. "TO ARMS!"

After so much wondering, questions about why Revan wouldn't negotiate or discuss unification against some threat...now she had? It was one heck of a shock, a question that might indeed spell a potential end for the war. How does one take having the peaceful solution she'd dreamed about so tantilizingly close?...With killer droids invading it, that's how. There's a curse from Meetra's lips, already she was lashing out with her hand to crush one of the would-be attackers and leaping onto the stage.

It had been a -very- long time since Meetra Surik had lept to protect Revan, but death here would make her once closest friend a martyr to every hardline Sith that called for the entire Republic to burn.

Seeshon steps forward as the droids arrive, his left hand reaching for his lightsaber, his other hand however raises to let out an arc of electricty at the nearest droid, watching as it drops to the floor. His lightsaber hissing to life as he moves forward to fight.

The sudden shot startles Erchirion from his keen attention, and the captain reaches swiftly for the sporting blaster at his side. "Take a droid's processor intact, if possible," he advises the nearby Jedi, before the officer is dashing toward one of the side corridors, where a column of droids marches in. The Sephi punches the switch to close the portal, and takes the fastest means of holding it closed: he blasts the control panel.

As soon as the supersonic crack of the sniper round hits her ears, Tai shrugs off her robe and call sher sabers to her hand. The blades snap into life and the zabrak lashes out with one hand, toppling one of the assassin droids off a balcony. "Someone get a medkit for Lady Revan!"

Gerus doesn't like to be looped into a group. He was hear to listen and report. This was a neutral world and he respected that both Jedi and Sith could be here and possibly work out their issues together. That was the Jedi way after all. "Honestly, if every just left each other alone things w-" He starts in his rough deep voice, The droid interupting him. Him chews his teeth in annooyance. "REally? The Senate? Are you sure..." HE reaches out with the force after drawing his blade, letting it flow through him, and then pulls a droid towrads him slamming it against the wall near him. "One it, my friend..." He says to Erichirion and approaches the droid, blade at the ready."

"Surprise: Master, you are leaking." HK-47 laments, turning slightly to stand in front of Revan to protect her from a threat. From his back, he removes a massive rifle, priming it with a loud pumping noise and blasts a droid from above before shooting and missing two others. "Statement: Assassin protocols engaged, proceeding at maximum prejudice!"

Revan straightens, sighing out in annoyed pain, her hair falling free of its bindings to hang about her fair face. "They've got us boxed in. It's a kill box! Get the nobles to safety before we're all bloody trampled and shot to death. GO!" The Dark Lord is moving toward the protective detail who has formed a shield wall to protect the Alde family. "Get your King out of here. Now! They'll kill us all."

Targi looks to the blaster fire exchange while he considers, then he maneuvers with a shift to begin leaping towards Tor, his silver blade beginning to spin along while he swings two blaster bolts back into the droids, then comes around to swing towards one, managing to strike the air, then into floor which shimmers along with the orange glow of metal. "Republic man, you are not so great at avoiding the blasters. Perhaps escort the nobility!" Why would a Sith save a Republic soldier is anyone's guess. Kitty chaos is a weird guy.

Erchirion Tor sets his back to the wall as the throne room descends into bloodshed. Amid lightning, displays of telekinetic might, and the mayhem of the trap being sprung, he hears Revan shout for the king and nobles to be evacuated, and draws out a short range communicator. <<"Tor to Thunderclap: unidentified automatons have attacked the court. Launch immediately and provide aerial surveillance->> So focused is he on the larger situation, he neglects to dodge a pair of shots, saved from a swift and undignified splattering of his brains by a red lightsaber. His pale face cast red by the glow, Targi earns the ghost of a smile and the dry words, "Perhaps so." Under his breath as he returns fire, damaging one of the droids in the loft, the officer adds, "Saved by a Sith. The admiralty will love this."

Seeshon drops low, his stance wide as his lightsaber moves in a wide arc around his body, he takes a breath as he moves to cut a droid down in a quick spinning strike. "Get the Civilians out." He speaks in clipped tones. "Security should be able to handle things there." He keeps pressing the attack. "Draw what fire you can. Keep away from the Civilians."

It seemed the Republic forces leader and the Sith were of the same mind, but Meetra's movements take her a step further. Even with her lightsaber at hand, the Jedi woman closes her eyes and gives a grunt of effort, willing the force to take a physical protective form. It wasn't exactly a small feat and there was a strain to such an action, but the glowing bubble manifested as Meetra concerntrated on its greater protection. "Get them out of here!" she calls to whatever forces would listen, without so much as a moment of reprieve to look at the Former Jedi beside her. "I cannot hold this for too long!"

Tai bares her teeth into a snarl, boosting herself into the midst of the droids with a force assisted leap. Two incoming bolts are batted aside, before she flicks her sabers forward into a more offensive position. This is where the fun begins. A spinning kick launches one droid into the air as she cleaves through two more, impaling the falling machine on one blade as she settles into the flow of the battle

Gerus looks towards Eirichi, noticing he's been protected by... red lightsabers. "Well... I guess today is a good day for outlier chances." He's not a man of words and there was no way he was going to get to the chip that the Republic Officer asked for whith a platoon of assasin droids baring down on him and a gourp of nobles. HE moves into action swiftly, his blue blade cutting through three of the droids without prejudice.

General Meetra Surik is not alone in her endeavor. As the chaos around them erupts with blaster fire, the General had erected a protective field much like Malak had done for Revan back on Malachor V. There was a moment here, where Revan could produce her lightsaber in the blink of an eye and stab its blade through Surik's back.

She doesn't. Instead, Revan's bloody hand rests on Meetra's shoulder, and a transfer of force essence is initiated as Revan reinforces Meetra's strength. The shield holds strong, and shots that miss their intended targets are absorbed through the mystery of the Force!

HK-47 stomps forward. "Statement: These droids have inferior programming. There are errors in their tactics and only know advancing. Resonating Command: Commence in their destruction! For Revan!" HK-47 blasts a droid in two and misses two others. "Statement: Recalibrating sights. Missing four times is improbable!" It shoulders its weapon again.

Meanwhile King Alde and many of the nobles have vacated the area. Guards of the Alderaan defense are being obliterated by droids.

Targi looks then to Tor, while he smiles, "Well, it is not like whoever hired all the droids didn't break the truce, we must stick together to protect our neutrality in Alderaan," he offers. Then he's spinning that lightsaber which deflects one nice bolt into another droid, while he doesn't manage the next, though Gerus looks to have that.

The feline looks to people, while he takes the blade of his to shiak into the metal, "We have advantage, we need to gather them into one place though, can anyone use the Force to wrap them away from the battlefield with that?" he asks, pointing to one of the balconies railing.

The handsome red dress uniform makes Erchirion a prominent target, but the flashing silver and blue lightsabers of Targi and Gerus keep the tall Sephi alive. "Thank you, gentlemen," he bids them both, while continuing toward the commanders on the field. He directs his shuttle, <<Conduct a narrow beam communications scan on the vicinity, rotating all frequencies.>> Approaching from behind the Jedi General and Sith, he fires at another elevated assassin and informs them both, "The palace grounds and airspace are clear of hostiles, we are seeking command frequencies and transports, presently."

Seeshon swats aside a blaster bolt, while two that hit seem to have no effect on the Sith. He simply continues to move through the droids, he slices one down in a quick flurry of annoyed strikes, switching his form, one handed and powerful he strides through the Droids, the second droid he misses as it falls back to avoid the Sith Lord.

One bolt comes at her that would have been a headshot if Tai hadn't spun and brought up her blade in time, returning it to sender. Flipping her blades back around to project back along her arms, she shifts into a slightly more defensive style. Easier to cover more of herself, to bat bolts away. Her assault continues, a lot more up close and personal with slashes and what would be elbow strikes if the blade didn't penetrate first. "Next time... I'm wearing my armor!"

Gerus intercepts a bolt meant for the Sephi Officer, sending it harmlessly back and into a wall. Then, he twists and slices through two more of the Assasin droids in short order, leaving them inoperable. His blades rises in mid guard, his yellow gaze calculating, searching for the next target.

"Statement: They keep lining up to die!" HK-47 says in an amused tone, blasting two more droids to bits.

<<"Captain, sir. We've traced a signal. It's a corvette angling for orbit from the nearby starport. Alderaanian authorities are not giving us permission to engage. They say this is a neutral zone.. what do we do, sir?!"

Revan raises a good hand, lifting a droid upward into the air only to crush it when her hand forms a tight, shaking fist. The debris spreads across the marble floor when she releases it. "Wipe out these droids, and let us be on our way. The enemy is fleeing and we are still stuck here."

Targi isn't able to defend Tor from another bolt, then when Gerus manages that, he nods, while he places all his attention upon the foe. He lifts up his blade while he shifts a hip back, then he takes a Niman stance. He then lifts a paw to Force push the enemy back, before leaping forward with a maneuver while he spins his lightsaber, slicing an arm from it, then he places a foot behind its feet, slicing the droid in half with the orange glow of the metal shimmering.

The feline then comes around with a 'zwoooom' while he shiaks another droid, placing a hand up to push back while he nods to the Sith.

Seeshon moves with a purpose, he spins quickly, his blade slashing with powerful direct strokes, droid parts go flying. He seems lost in the act of striking down the droids, the Civilians are for the moment safe. What matters is protected and so the enemy face his wrath.

Erchirion Tor answers his crew with sharp and precise words. <<"Instruct all Republic naval vessels in the vicinity to launch fighters and physically block the ascent of that corvette. This is a neutral zone; if the target vessel breaks that neutrality, open fire. Dispatch my private shuttle the palace complex for immediate boarding.">>

A particularly intense burst of focused blaster fire puts Tai on her back foot, the zabrag going almost entirely into 'deflection mode', batting bolts down into the fancy flooring. Better than accidentally deflecting them into a civilian. A slash decapitates one of the droids just as the last one seems to go down, letting her extinguish her lightsabers. Clipping one back to her belt, she summons the head to her hand. "Well, We can get some answers if we find a good slicer."

Gerus is able to block one last bolt before taking two more automations down. Then, the rest drop from similar attacks. Giving one last look around, he extinguishes his blue blade and takes a deep breath. Turning, he moves to check on the Sephi. "You alright?" He asks, looking then to the Sith. "Would be a good start."

<<"Yes sir, Ships are moving into position now.">>

Revan releases Meetra's shoulder and straightens up a bit. "Collect what you will, and make for the Captain's shuttle. If there's answers to be found it will be aboard that corvette. I'm to medical." Revan says, still holding a bleeding shoulder.

The way out reveals a courtyard and a landed Republic shuttle with men awaiting their Captain and the crew which intends to board the Corvette.

But that, my friends, is a story for another time.