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Felucian Chemistry, Part 2 - Hungry Wildlife

OOC Date: September 24, 2017
Location: Felucia
Participants: Hart Valhoun, Dumas

When we last left off, Jedi Master Hart Valhoun and Jedi Padawan Dumas were deployed by the Jedi Council to assist a Republic Operations Team in investigating a counter measure for a new chemical weapon on Felucia. Leading the Recon Group of the Team into the now abandoned Sith Camp, Dumas was able to identify the signature of a Sith Lord who had passed through here previously. Master Valhoun recognized the Sith Lord's machinations as being that of Sith Alchemy, along with finding the plant which pressumably is the basis for the Sith's new weapon.

Hart Valhoun takes a moment to look the small flower over in his hand. "Padawan, come here," he instructs. "What were the soldiers experiencing? The ones that were affected in the tents?"

Dumas moves over to Hart and turns his head to focus on the flower in question while he answers Hart's quesion. "Each of the soldiers evidenced high fevers and sweats. Their respiratory systems were compromised. By the time I saw them, they were weak and nearly comatose." He places his hands in front of his waist and clasps his hands together. "I do believe that it was a result of the mushroom though I am not sure the exact mechanism whereby the mushrooms spores caused it. I do know that mushroom responds in a defensive manner which cuases it to release the spores."

"Possibly unrelated, then. A misstep and nothing more," Hart says, taking the flower and tucking it into a pouch on his belt, careful to not disturb it too terribly much. He closes the flap on the pouch and looks to Dumas, "This particular bloom's spores have been known to induce seisures. If weaponized, it could spell disaster for the Republic."

Dumas nods his head in silence for a moment. Finally after a few seconds, he says, "It seems that this planet is designed to cause damage to life forms yet it is covered with a proliferation of life. It makes me wonder if it is reacting offensively or defensively and what makes this planet so aggressive." He shifts his attention to Hart without actually looking at him. "Though to speak of a planet as aggressive is at most a personification."

Dumas and Hart both immeditately have that chilled feeling of danger run up their spine in reaction to some unseen threat that is yet to come. Dumas feels it first and even get's the sense of a direction. Off to the East, bursting forth from bushes comes a trio of Rancor beasts which start to swipe at the unsuspecting Republic soldiers.

"Padawan!" Hart says, shedding his robe and leaping into action. "Protect the soldiers!" Dumas may have heard stories at the point about Master Hart's younger years as one of the premier duelist in the Jedi Order, but seeing is an entirely different thing all-together. Well, as much as a Miraluka /can/ see.

Dashing towards one of the rancors, Hart's quick to slice the thing across its ankle, sending it toppling to the jungle floor where it soons meets a quick end at the tip of Master Valhoun's lightsaber. He spins the hilt effortlessly in his hand as he moves towards his second quarry, ducking beneath a swipe and slicing it across the stomach. Unfortunately, the rancor's thick skin holds for now.

Dumas flicks his lightsaber on swiftly when he feels the rancors approach. He turns in time to watch the rancors attack the soldiers. He quickly moves between the soldiers and the rancor. He wishes there was someway for him to communicate with the beasts. To convince them that they are no threat to them and are not worth attacking. However, he knows that they are just working on instinct. He lowers his head a bit and calls on the force to wrap himself in its protective embrace trying to make himself a wall of defense.

The angry, hungry Rancor beast above Jedi Master Hart growls loudly in pain and frustration before stomping down a foot on the Jedi. An attack that would have missed, but just hardly sliced down the Jedi's leg. Almost immeditately after the creature brings a clawed hand down on the Jedi, swatting at him.

The beasts have ripped through the Republic lines, but the soldiers are not entirely helpless either. Reacting to the Jedi leaping into the fray, the soldiers open fire, blasting the creatures with a volley of red energy bolts. The second beast charges straight at the Padawan, swinging a pair of claws at him one after the other. Though the Jedi is able to hold his ground, Force barrier in place to defend himself.

The rancor's clawed hand slams down on top of the old Jedi Master, meaning that the man is more likely than not quite dead. Fortunately for Master Valhoun, the Force favors him today, and has allowed itself to be woven around his body like a thick shield. His emerald blade pierces through the rancors hand and the beast recoils in pain, leaving the Master more than enough time to swing his blade upwards across the monster's gut.

As it crumples to the ground, Master Valhoun spins and launches his lightsaber towards the remaining beast, planting it firmly between its eyes. The final rancor lurches forward a few more steps before collapsing onto the jungle floor. Hart reaches out through the Force and pulls his blade back into his hand, turning to look at his Padawan.

He stands still for a few moments as the slightly visible aura around him begins to dissipate. He smacks his lips and begins to speak something to Dumas before he slumps onto the ground.

There are quite a few wounded soldiers as well. Two that are dead, and four that are seriously injured. Thanks to the quick reaction of Jedi Master Hart, however, it is much better than it could have been. Immeditately the Republic medic is rushing into action, caring for the wounded soldiers.

Dumas reaches his hand down to help the Master stand to his feet. The Master was definitely skilled in combat. Thankfully, Dumas was skilled in otherways. "Two are dead. Four are seriously wounded, Master. I should see to them and try to assist their medic." Dumas makes sure that Master Hart Valhoun is stable before moving over to try and help the soldiers.

The injured soldiers mostly appear to be in bad shape. All that is left of the two dead soldiers it the lower halfs of their body, the upper half being the creatures snacks. Even still, two of the soldiers bear a long gash across their chest from the claws of the creature. Another two bear a much less serious injury. One being a fractured arm and the other being a shallow cut across the arm.

Hart Valhoun steadies himself with Dumas' help and nods to him, "Yes. Very good." He takes a moment brush the dust off of his tunic, looking around at the injured soldiers and dead rancor. It's been a heck of a day, so far.

Dumas moves to the worst of the wounded soldiers with a horrible looking slash across his chest. He says to the medic, "Please stabilize the other soldier. I will attend to this one for now." He reaches down with his hand and reaches through the Force to help that soldier while the medic maintains the life of the other seriously wounded soldier. Dumas then moves to him and also reaches down through the Force into his body seeking to mend the wounds and maintain his lifefore. Once they were both stablized, he looks to the medic and says, "Thank you. Let us try and help the others." Using his first aid training, Dumas helps to set the bones and then bandage the cut.

The wounds of the soldiers heal much more quickly than natural, most of the gashes close together quickly. After a moment longer, the Recon Team is finally able to regroup and prepare to head back to Base Camp.

"I think that's enough adventure for today," Hart says, moving to pick up his robe and drape it over himself again. A look to the Lieutenant and he says, "We'll send this plant sample off to Republic Intelligence. See if they can get an idea about what makes it tick and hopefully develop an antidote."

Dumas looks over at Master Hart to make sure that he is ready for travel before he rises to his feet. The medic pats him on the shoulder in thanks for his help. Dumas tenses slightly when he is touched but nods his head to the medic. "Are your men ready to travel?" he asks the Lieutenant. "I have mended their wounds, but I think it is best if they are evaluated again when we reach camp." He moves towards Master Hart Valhoun and says, "Ready when you are, Master."

Giving a salute to the Jedi Master, the Recon Team leaders announces in response. "Roger that Master Jedi." Facing Dumas, she nods her head to him. "We are." With that, she shouts out to the rest of the Recon Team. "Form up! We're going back to Base Camp!" Those orders given, the Recon Team recreates the formation seen previously. Now, however, the injured soldiers are positioned in the middle wedge for their protection. Marching on back through the dangerous jungles takes about twenty minutes before you return back to camp. As you approach Base Camp, it becomes clear that you weren't the only ones to have been attacked. Scattered just around the outside of the camp are the broken bodies of multiple pirates, gunned down by the camps Auto Turrets.

"Thank goodness for the wonders of technology, I suppose," Hart says, looking over the corpses laying around the perimeter. "Dumas, go speak with our shuttle pilot. Make sure he's ready to go. I've seen enough of Felucia for today, I think."

Dumas is rather quiet on the way back to the camp. He keeps his focus around them and in front of them. When they arrive at the camp, he notices the dead pirates laying around. Their corpses draw his attention for a moment before he ackowledges his Master's direction. "Yes, Master." He is thankful that the soldiers seem to be okay as he heads towards the shuttle. Once at the shuttle, he asks, "Please prepare the shuttle for departure. We will be leaving soon."

It doesn't take long for the shuttle to be prepared and ready to go. Once everything is loaded back into the shuttle, the Jedi are ready to return to the Jedi Temple to report the results of their trip. Later in the week, Master Valhoun meets with the Jedi Council. The result of which is Master Shan revealing that the counter measure was in development and was not completed a moment too soon. It appears that the Sith Empire deployed the weapon on a critical Republic facilty. The freshly made counter measure arrived in time that the lose of life was not serious.