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Meeting Zyndoja

OOC Date: March 26, 2018
Location: Republic Camp
Participants: Lysindria Thrace, Zyndoja

The sun has set at the Republic Camp, and it's a secure place. So the place really isn't prone to random attacks. If someone did attack, it would be quickly squashed. Returning this evening with a group of soldiers is a figure dressed in jet black robes that have a few holes in them from blaster fire. The tall figure is that of Jedi Knight Lysindria Thrace. She's older than some of the people that run the show, but that doesn't bother her. She seems to bother her. She drops her pack next to one of the buildings, where the Jedi bunk when they are here. "Another night." the woman with the scarred throat rasps out.

Zyn is out walking a data pad in his hand and something that he constantly keeps on his person at all times it seems, some of the soldiers call him bookworm, just mainly due to his studies and multiple punishments for sneaking off trying to explore the world they are on. Tonight though he isn't far from the camp, resting against a tree and reading over his journal with some of his findings.

Lysindria takes a moment to take a deep breath and close her eyes. Centering herself. She wasn't in battle mode anymore. When she opens them she nods her head once. After that she starts to head towards where Zyndoja is sitting. Robes were not that hard to miss and well, being after hours it was good to check on things. When she gets a few feet away she gives a little cough to announce her presence, "Excuse me." she waves. "But you haven't seen a Wookie about this...' she jumps up about two feet, "Tall. Have you?" she asks him.

Feeling a presence nearby, his senses are sensitive and a little more attuned than others, though when a voice comes he blinks and jump. The padawan looks up at the woman and smiles, "Sorry, hello." he says to her. When she ask about a wookie, Zyn shakes his head, "I'm sorry no I have not seen a wookie that big, but than again Iw ould remember if I did." he smiles. Quirking his head to the side and studying the woman, "Who are you, I don't think I've met all the Jedi who are here." he says. "I'm Padawan Zyndoja." he says as he stands up and bows, than offering her his hand.

"Master Shorawarryyhn is terribly good at hiding. He might be up that tree you're sitting under." Lysindria tells him quietly. Given the jagged scar across her throat, it's probably why. "No reason to apologize. I was just coming over to see what you were doing. Even so close to camp it's not a good idea to be off by yourself." she states. "Not that I doubt you can take care of yourself. I just don't trust the Sith not to try to kidnap you." she frowns. Then she gives him a bow, "I am Jedi Knight Lysindria Thrace. It is good to meet you, Padawan Zyndoja." she tells him as she straightens.

"Your really cute Knight Thrace." Zyn comments. "And your right, though with as much trouble as I get into I try to keep out of peoples way." he says as he raises his data pad up and turns it off. He sighs a little, "So were you out on a patrol or something?" he asks as he slowly looks up into the tree to see if there is a wookie hiding above him and if there is, how didn't he sense them.

Lysindria gives a laugh, "Cute. That's a new one. Weird is a better description." she muses. "But thank you." the older woman states with a dip of her head, her greying hair flying in her face for a moment before she brushes it back. "I doubt you are in anyones way. And if you are a Padawan...then you should have a Master, unless you are between them?" she asks him. "I was leading a unit on a mission to push back a part of a base that we took over. The empire is trying to retake it and we can't let that happen." she admits with a serious look.

Zyn smirks, "Doesn't change my mind." he smiles to her. Still when she speaks about his master, he shakes his head, "Mine kinda left me in a lurch so I'm in the process of seeing who will take me on." he states to her. As Lysindria tells him about the Empire base, he nods his head, "Well hopefully we can keep the pressure up and not have to worry about them or the Sith trying to keep coming, I just wish there was another way to route them without such high casualties." he states.

Lysindria gives a nod of her head, "That's not going to bother me." she tells him. Then there's a bit of a sobering as she listens to his words and there's a frown, "Have you talked with Master Meetra or any of the others?" she asks him. "I'm sure that we can find you a replacement. Or someone that could mentor you. In these times, our Padawans that don't have proper guidance can fall to the temptations of the Dark Side." she admits. Then there's a soft sigh, "Sadly this is a war. We're going to have a lot of casualties. I already have so much blood on my hands." she looks down to them and frowns. "But...we do it for peace." she whispers as she looks to him.

A sad frown shows on his face as he looks at Lysindria, shaking his head a little bit as he looks to her. "I know." he comments. "I will do what I can to help where I can and if I can find a Master." he says as gives a soft smile. "Well I'm just waiting is all, and hopefully we will see whats going on." he states.

"We'll find you a Master, you're not in this alone Zyndoja. I've been with the Order for forty two years. We...are a family of sorts." Lysindria tells him with a smile. "I'll contact the Council as well and let them know just in case paperwork has been lost in the shuffle." she adds. "Do you have your lightsaber on you? Just in case things should go awry out here?" she asks him. "For now, if you are in need of anything. Master Surik is around. I am around, though I've not attained the rank of Master, my duties are better suited for Knighthood. Master Kohr is around. As is Master Shan." she states. "Just send word and we will see to things." she tells him.

He nods his head, "I know." he smiles as he looks to her, "You been a Jedi that long?" he asks. He smiles as he looks at the older woman, he "Thanks." he says to her. "Really thank you, and yes I do have a lightsaber." he shows her the hilt of his lightsaber. "I'm not the best with it, I tend to do other stuff, but I know how to fight."

Lysindria gives a nod of her head, "Yes, I was brought to the Temple when I was just a baby." she tells him. "I didn't know my parents or any other family." she states. "And you are welcome." she offers. When she sees that he has his lightsaber there's a smile, "You don't have to be the best with it. You know how to use it and that's what matters." she points out. "And we need people that aren't on the frontlines to work with things. So it's good that you're here." she smiles to that.

He nods his head, "Well I've been reading reports and looking at the areas where we've been fighting, and I've been trying to find ways for us to move around our enemies or even other places we can run to if we ever got routed from our base." eh says. He frowns, "I'm sorry I'm an explorer at heart and surveying places and lands and worlds and such is something I just do, and I figured maybe I can put some of those skills into play." Rubbing the back of his head, "Same here for me too, I'm still learning."

Lysindria gives a thoughtful look to that, "Having a way to get out in case we are ever over run isn't a bad thing. So that's definitely good information to have. Be sure to share that with the others as well." she tells him with a smile. Then she waves her hand gently, "Never apologize for what you are good at. That is a boon." she points out. Then there's a roll of her shoulders, "My healing is beyond what I can do for the evening, so, I am going to stop in and see the doctor before getting a few hours of sleep. Is there anything else that you are in need of at the moment, Zyndoja?" she asks as she straightens.

Zyn shakes his head, "Maybe we can go on patrol sometimes, I wouldn't mind getting some more hands on training with lightsaber skills." he smiles as he looks to her. "Also if you don't mind, can I come with you and keep you company with you at the Medcenter.

Lysindria gives Zyndoja a nod, "Sure. I can help you get more training in with a lightsaber." she tells him as she pulls the hood of her black robes back up over her hair. Then she motions with her hand as she turns and starts to head back, "It will be dreadfully boring, you'll get to her the good doctor tell me how I shouldn't rely on the Force to block blaster fire." she muses to him as they head back into the camp.