LegendsLog:Missing Datapad: Part One

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Missing Datapad: Part One

OOC Date: September 11, 2017
Location: Coruscant
Participants: Sinseia Aquan,

Like many days lately, the Jedi Temple was bustling with activity as Jedi of all variety with various missions. For the Jedi Archives, this meant that more than usual Jedi were seen visiting the place looking for data on various research subjects. Normally, it was near impossible to take anything of original work out of the Temple. There are sensors at the door ways to prevent anything from being removed. However, it has come to your attention, likely from a Jedi Padawan looking for helping in finding it, that a datapad detailing the Jedi Field Tactics has gone missing entirely.

Thus, someone has to investigate this. Where could it have gone? How could someone have taken it from the Temple?

Sinseia had been on her feet all morning, and because of the activity of the library these days, it got kind of exhausting tending to the questions and needs of those who came to the location seeking assistance and knowledge about the galaxy. She was grateful, on one hand, to learn as much as she was... but she hadn't realized that this would be as mentally taxing as it was.

Sinseia had finally got a chance to sit down and let her eyes close for a moment to balance herself within the Force when a voice spoke to her on this newest problem. Sin's eyes opened and she looked at the fellow Padawan and then at the information that he'd collected.

"It happens." She said. "Someone walks off with a datapad with information they were not cleared to take. We have measures for this though, ways to cancel the information and clear it from the device it was taken with..."

Sin would stand yet again and move to check the terminals... to start her investigation on the matter.

Examining the display screen, nothing in particular seemed out of the ordinary. Although, you are fairly familiar with the terminal. The Jedi usually have a multitude of defenses against these sort of things. At the very least, you are able to pick up the tracking device signal on the datapad. It looks like it was last seen in the under city, a residential district.

Sinseia sighed softly and she glanced over at the other padawan who was beside her at the terminal. "I can't shut it off." She said. "Someone has been... fussing with these terminals again... changing them. There are far too many techno snobs in this temple who think they know 'what is best' for these things." Sin sighed and she shook her head. Standing up then she walked over to her study table and gathered up her heavy exterior robe, it was a dark brown shade and it was worn over the rest of her clothing like a hooded poncho. "I will have to go and get it..." She said then, sounding more than a little disappointed because it was a fairly long way.

The other Padawan, a male Wookie who was a few galactic standard years younger than grants you a nod. Thankfully he had other pieces of information he could look up while you were away on your mission.

Taking the Taxi down to the lower parts of the city, you would slowly decend into a the depths of Coruscant that was less illuminated naturally, and more vibrant with neon lights and street lights. As the Taxi traverses the traffic lanes to arrive at your destination, it becomes immediately clear that this area was filled with some of the less savory characters of Coruscant.

In truth, it was nice to get out of the Temple... though she knew what she was in for going to this kind of part of the city-world... At least she enjoyed the taxi ride, the sun was shining and it felt good to have it on her face through the taxi's glass window. She watched the air cars zip through their designated skylanes... at least until the descent into the darker parts of the planet came to pass. The sunlight slipped away and the taxi drifted down into the depths, smog and neon-lights were now the only glowing source of illumination the Jedi Padawan saw outside the window.

Once arrived, Sin hopped out of the taxi and she processed the payment with her infocard and then turned to look at her new surroundings.... Sin sighed, and her hands reached up to pull her dark brown hood up and over her head, to help conceal her face from others who would likely see she's definitely not from around here.

The streets on this part of town were mostly abandoned by decent citizens of the galaxy. In their stead, the thugs and enforcers that lived down here were scattered through out the walkways around here. Though, there is the occasional unfortunate being that was either passing through or being roughed up by the street gangs. Having now stepped out of the taxi and made your payment, you are lucky enough to have not drawn a lot of attention to yourself. At least, not yet.

One of the benefits of the Jedi attire is that it never looked/screamed 'wealthy'. It did look well-made and designed, but the fabrics weren't 'rich' and overly extravagant in colors or any such variety. This helped Sin blend in fairly well... right? This is what she was telling herself as she progressed further into the area. The Padawan pulled up a handheld device and started tracking for that lost library datapad... she let her brown eyes rest on the datapad's screen while she walked and made sure not to look anyone in the face...

Walking through the undercity, as nerve wracking as it may be, is actually relatively easy at this time of day. Many of the thugs and crooks don't even bother to give you a second glance at all. Following the tracker to the location of datapad, however, would prove less... Rewarding. As you arrive to where your own datapad says it should be, well... It's a trash receptacle. One that just so happens to be next to a rather shaddy, uninviting resturant. It's distinctly clear that the business uses this particular trash bin for their own leftovers, as the vile smell hits you almost immediately.

Sinseia was internally gleeful that people seemed to be paying her no mind... she wasn't sure if that meant she was doing very good at blending in through quality acting, or if she looked a lot more 'undercity' than she realized, which she was hoping for the former rather than the latter...

Upon arriving at the large trash bin, Sin's eyes went up from her datapad and she lowered it down... Her right hand came up and she took hold of her robe and lifted it up over her nose, to cover her lower face. Sin sighed. "Figures..." She looked around then, trying to find... anyone who she could maybe pay to crawl around in there for her... she didn't want to do it herself! It was gross!

You certainly aren't the only one who didn't want to dig through it. Which becomes obvious by the fact that everyone you ask either laughs in your face like you are some type of lunatic, or is actually deeply offended you would ask them. Who do you think you are? You are fairly certain you remember hearing that at least six times. It takes at least thirty minutes of asking, until you finally find SOMEONE who would do it. Though, they want credit chips in hand and the sum they agreed to do it for would leave you without any credits on hand.

Sin was just relieved someone would do it, she was proud at herself for wording her way through all of those discussions too... though she had 'profiled' her targets and tried to ask the ones that looked the most like they would help her. She was a young woman in need of help, surely that'd encourage SOME to try to lend a hand out of pitty... was that the way of the Jedi? She wasn't sure... She had no Master right now, so who was going to scold her anyway?

Sin directed them back to the trash bin and she motioned toward it. "What money I have is yours... I jsut need to find this item." She told them, knowing it would strand her here. She was fairly certain she could call back to the Temple for someone to come and get her when she was ready to go home.

The young Redorian male mutters something to himself in a language you don't quite understand. You're pretty certain he is cursing at you, but he does reluctantly dig through the trash bin. It takes him a long while to dig through all the garbage here, at least another thirty minutes. After all of that, however, even more disappointingly, is the fact that the datapad isn't here. What he does find is the tracking device. It looks like whoever took the datapad from the Temple was also able to remove the tracking device from it as well.

Sin gave the Redorian the sweetest smile she could summon, hoping that would help encourage him to assist her with this? When hue got in, she just paced back and forth and watched some filthy trash get tossed out here and there... she stepped over that stuff though, wanting to avoid it!

When he got back out she had an expression of High Hopes! ... but they were soon dashed at the revelation that all he found was a little device. Sin reached out for it with her right hand, a frown now on her youthful face. "The tracker beacon..." She said in a defeated tone.

Heavier shoulders, a downward look for a moment... Sin sighed and then pulled out the credits she had and offered them to the Redorian.

"Thanks anyway." She said at him. "It is much appreciated." The padawan would then start wondering if this was beyond her capacity, and felt like she'd hit a dead-end.

What a daunting brick wall this has been as well. You don't really know where to go from here, and you aren't entirely convinced you are the right person for the job. To make matters worse, the only response from your commlink you're getting is a Jedi Knight who says they'll be there in an hour.

Well, there is always tomorrow, you think?