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Repelling Revenge

Location: Republic base
Participants: Meetra Surik, Eosys, GM: Revan

The Republic's defeat at the Star Forge had proven to be a surprise, for sure. Now, everyone was scrambling to respond to the new threat that Revan brought back with her from death. One such place that was preparing its defenses is the ship yards around the planet Othanwu which had changed hands numerous times throughout the Jedi Civil War and had proven rather useful during the Mandalorian Crusades. This is one place that the Republic had to hold, at least until all the resources could be stripped from it, and that is why Meetra Surik was there, to organize that very defense. Assisting her in this endeavor were a large number of Republic soldiers and station crewmen, but unfortunately, very little in the way of naval presence. As ship yards, they were far too valuable for anyone to destroy, especially the Empire who was so far from home. Therefore, it is anticipated that a great deal of the battle will be fought on the station itself, and the hero of the Republic, Meetra Surik, would ensure it could stand the test. However, he rival and nemesis, Eosys, would be part of the main assault force now arriving on the Imperial cruisers. He had apparently faced off against Meetra once before with surprising results for an apprentice and would be getting a chance to, perhaps, finish her off.

The news of Revan's return had been rattling, especially for the Exile. A friend growing up, a brother in arms throughout the war and then one of her greatest regrets during her time in exile and her battles that followed. There was a lot for her to process and so little time for her to do it. General Surik was needed today, 'Meetra' would have to wait. Wrapped in her robes and with her lightsabers worn on each hip, the woman had been moving among the crews and overseeing their salvaging, but their time was short and sure enough the Sith were here.

"All units," she speaks over the comlink broadcast in her calm tones, "Perpare to repel boarders and protect the crews loading the last of the gear. We need to buy them just a little more time." With that, the comlink is replaced in her pocket and she takes one of the hilts in her hand, holding it at the ready. The Abyssin Acolyte of the Sith, still prospective and yet unapprenticed by Darth Talon, is excited for this. His excitement is due to several reasons. The first of which is his instinctive need, inherit addiction, for violence and battle. To further test himself. The second is the idea of delivering the fatal blow to a Jedi and securing his place as apprentice to Darth Talon. The final? Meetra. He had fought her before. She is a -true- test of his skill in battle and that is something that he could hardly articulate.

So the massive Abyssin male stands in the midst of Sith soldiers in an assault shuttle, one hand risen over his hooded head and holding on to one of a pair of durasteel beams that run the length of the interior's low ceiling, for support. His breath is a low growl, constant and steady, in full faith, without a single doubt in his mind that he will be boarding. Eosys is not alone in the assault shuttle. A number of sith soldiers are stacked inside, almost uncomfortably so. Less uncomfortable is the other sith apprentice that is accompanying Eosys. A man by the name of Raith, whom looked as though he had recently suffered some battle damage doing something or another. The few soldiers closest to him pressed back and away, sort of how they did the same to avoid the Abyssin, though it could be for different reasons. "You seem on edge, friend." Raith states. "So hungry for battle that you can barely wait? I know I am." As time passes, Meetra is joined by a group of Republic soldiers and a jedi knight named Joanna. They had met in passing before, but aside from brief introductions, they were new to each other. "We've come to give you some assistance, General Surik." She states; Joanna is far too young to be here and fighting a war, but war necessitates such things. The soldiers accompanying her are a mix of veterans and those a little more raw in experience. However, each was armed well and prepared to do what it would take to repel the Sith assault. It would not be long until they were tested and having them around could provide Meetra with a slight advantage in combat, should things escalate.

"Stand firm," Meetra speaks softly, turning to face the soldiers who'd rallied to offer her assistance, her gaze meeting the eyes of each in turn. "Work together, trust each other and remember your training. You will hold the line today." A nod is given to Joanna now, Meetra's reassuring smile hiding the note of sadness at yet another 'Too young' Jedi drawn into war. Just as she had been, just as Revan had been. A shake of her head now, she exhales a breath and reaches out with her senses. Already, she could feel their approach.

"Make use of your cover, and be ready!" The Abyssin turns his cycloptic gaze made more evident by the roll of the hood draped over his bald head of the robes on his slightly haunched back, lumbering form certainly a titanic thing, toward Raith in distinct scrutiny of the other. They were getting close, now, he could feel it. The tension between all living things before action, the proverbial calm before the storm. A grunt bellows out toward the other Sith in confirmation to his question, followed by the split of his massive maw, revealing many rows of sharp teeth in a grotesque, predatory smile. Raith seems unimpressed by the abyssin's refusal to speak, but it wouldn't matter. The anti-fighter weapons fire could be felt on the shields of the assault shuttle, causing it to rattle and shake, but soon it disperses. The shuttle was inside their radius of fire for the most part, meaning they are safe. Safe to land, which puts them in the hangar not far from where Meetra and her guards wait. Those very same soldiers have begun spreading out, using anything they can find as cover while Joanna waits patiently by Meetra, seemingly looking to her for guidance as she ignites her lightsaber. The battle would commence soon.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Battle was no stranger to Meetra, but she had to remain calm and in control. She hadn't been a 'proper' Jedi for a while now, sitting closer to the 'grey' and flirting with the darkside too often (at least according to the other Masters). But this was a war, she was a warrior. Another breath and the woman activates her lightsaber in her hand, raising it at the ready. "Use the door to bottleneck the Sith troops," she calls to her soldiers. "Keep them pinned or take them down." The Acolyte did not care about Raith or his impression of the Abyssin -at this point, he cares nothing about any of them. The only care that Eosys has is battle, is testing himself. Against the strongest foes he can find, and those that were not strong enough would fall to his blade. Sith Trooper, Acolyte, Warrior, Eosys just doesn't care. The door slowly opens to a smoke-filled silhouette of the massive male, having pushed his way to the front. The interior and the haze itself alights crimson as the blade of the male ignites, his massive frame practically taking up the entire entry. A sweep of his eye from beneath his hood, before he roars with all of his being at his foes, aiming to make them pause a moment as he steps forward and off of the ramp to clear up space for the troopers to rush out behind him. Eosys depresses the button on his cylindrical lightsaber and with an electric snap-hiss a crimson red energy beam springs forth! The doorway would provide a good bottleneck, sure, but it would also end up reducing the amount of fire the Republic soldiers could lob across the hangar at the shuttle and Sith soldiers. It did also provide a bit better cover, but tradeoffs were necessary. Joanna makes a nervous sound when she spots Eosys making his way down the board ramp. Granted, Raith followed, but he was not particularly intimidating on his own. Then, when those two were out of the way, the soldiers streamed out and looked for anything they could use for cover. The firefight began with the Sith, opening fire upon the Jedi. Return fire is lobbed at the soldiers, two going down right away, though they don't seem to be out of the fight as their armor absorbed the damage well enough. Raith deflects a blast back at someone and Joanna does her best to stay safe and keep the troopers safe.

And like that, the battle begins! Meetra surges forwards with one of her hilts in hand, the glowing blade of her weapon passing through one stormtrooper before he even knows what hit him. The second target? He's smart enough to duck when glowing death sweeps towards him, but a twist from the Jedi brings the blade sweeping upwards and ends the man. There's no time to pause, she brings her weapon up once more to defend herself and others from Sith and blaster fire alike.

The Abyssin is already feeling that onset, that test of battle. His lightsaber is a roaring thing, arcing crimson in hungry trails of vivid red as he cuts through not one, but two Resistance soldiers in succession, bifercating them both with a successive two slashes -one to his left, one to his right. But his path is Meetra, and he launches himself at her with a devastating swing that sends a shower of sparks as it hits the floor.

The battle gets nasty in a real hurry. Plasma eats through armor and flesh, lightsabers rend limbs and slice bodies apart, and soon, the two giants of the battlefield, one literally and one more figuratively, would end up clashing. It does not take long for Raith and Joanna to meet, their duel beginning rather swiftly and providing to be a rather even match-up. The two combatants not yet locked into battle with each other take more laser fire. One even manages to clip Eosys while he is distracted.

The large form of Eosys is hard to miss, especially with him roaring and striking at her, but Meetra moves swiftly enough to parry the strike and step back, only to spring forward immediately with a flurry of quick slashes. They'd fought before, sparred and talked, but now they were facing each other in real battle once more. "You disappoint me Eosys," she speaks, voice calm and quiet even over the sounds of fighting. "I had hoped you would have learned something from your time with us, rather than fall back on baser things."

Eosys could feel his anger rising as he hears the words, clear, calm, and quiet, over the din of the combat with a disappointment that he could just taste. Learned something? Was she not pleased with how much better he has become at combat? Is she not thrilled with him? Blades scream as they clash and his strikes come harder, faster, missing first, second, -third?

Clearly he had learned, but it wasn't patience or peace. His bladework had improved, his knowledge of her techniques. Where she had once easily struck the Sith down, now she finds herself caught off-guard by one of the strikes that bites into her side, earning a cry of pain from her lips. She wasn't down, she could keep fighting, but the wound was already going to put her at a large disadvantage!

Eosys swings his powerful lightsaber with deadly intent! The saber's crimson blade growls with a hungry roar as it swings through the air towards Meetra Surik!

Eosys is proud of his work, proud of what he had learned sparring her -not patience or peace. Just technique, bladework, battle, and she is the true test. His blade screams, and they clash, knocking aside silvers and crimsons, the Abyssin's attention solely focused on Meetra and having no regard whatsoever for anything else around them.

Meetra's wound was slowing her, but she wasn't struck down yet! Exhaling a breath of effort as she parries one strike, the former Exile's other hand snaps down to her hip and reaches for her second hilt. Pulling the weapon into her hand, the second silver blade ignites with a snap-hiss and she sweeps it outwards, just barely missing bi-secting the larger Sith with the suprise attack.

There is a terrible, rumbling and thunderous laugh from the Abyssin as he narrowly escapes being bifercated, backpedaling slowly from the onslaught being enacted by the Exile. His own blade parries strike after strike, trying to counter in order to try to counter. In order to land another hit, but his muscles are getting tired, and his swings are seeming slower, his breath heavier through his teeth.

Forward, forward still, the Jedi's twin lightsabers whirl and twist with her smaller and more nimble form in a glowing 'dance' of plasma. One strike to try and tangle the Abyssin's blade, the other to slash at him. Over and over, faster and faster. It was much the same as the way he'd overcome her defense a moment ago.

A large gash opens the Abyssin's chest and he stumbles backward out of her reach. He roars a strangled sound not in pain, but frustration. He -still- wasn't strong enough to defeat her. "No!" The rush of Eosys telekinetic blast comes hurtling at Meetra and she extends her own hand still holding her lightsaber, sending a wave of her own rippling back. It's not quite enough to overcome, instead the two invisible shockwaves collide mid-air with a resounding BOOM between the two forces locked in battle. With a renewed fury, the injured Abyssin leaps at Meetra. His blade is swung wildly, slow, clouded by his resentment at his failure; that failure to be better, to overcome the challenge.

Meetra's strikes are no less fruitful, but still she keeps them up. They didn't have to wipe out the Sith invaders, only hold out long enough for the salvage crew to retreat. Purpose alone was enough to keep her swinging and striking at her foe as neither managed to find their mark

With this level of skill between the pair and both injured, it was really only going to take one window for either of them. Meetra was more trained, but she lacked the healing of the Sith's species. Finally, her moment comes as she sidesteps a swing, twisting low and driving her boot into the Abyssin just as they had when they sparred hand-to-hand, only to twist and follow the strike up with a roll of the lightsaber in her hand not tangled with his own in a vicious sweep. Eosys cannot evade that lightsaber after the boot strikes his already gashed open body, and the swing very nearly cuts him in two, ripping him from him almost to the other. His saber clicks off, screeching back to the hilt as the pressure of his thumb no longer holds it ignited. Somehow he manages to hold weakly on the hilt as he stumbles back. "Not... strong enough..." The battle between Meetra and Eosys comes to an end, with the apprentice failing to claim victory. However, the battle is not so poor for the Sith all around, Raith manages to badly wound Joanna, giving him the opportunity to move in and assist. Firing massive quantities of lightning that are clearly quite straining on him, it gives two sith soldiers the opportunity to pull Eosys back towards the transport. As soon as he is clear, Raith retreats, apparently unwilling to fight Meetra on his own.

The wave of lightning is enough that Meetra is forced to deactivate one of her sabers and extend her hand, straining under her wounds and the effort of channeling and dissipating the lightning before it can strike her or the injured Joanna. She won't give chase, Meetra wasn't one to abandon her objective or her wounded. Instead the woman maintains her defense while calling back to the troopers laying down the fire. "Medic! Get her out of here!"

Sweat marred the brunette's brow and she had a noticable gash in her side, but the Jedi master still watches on as the Sith make their retreat with a frown on her fair feature.

Joanna is retrieved, taken to receive care and ensure she is properly healed up later, but it is not for nothing. The defeat of Eosys and, by proxy, Raith, was a major point in the Sith offensive and with it blunted they begin falling back. For now, the defense of the station was completed. The Republic had won the day at a cost. But at least the station would take plenty of time to become operational and the Sith would be deprived of looted resources.