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Revan's Will

OOC Date: January 18, 2020
Location: Korriban
Participants: Eosys, Erchirion Tor as Crassus, Tai Cirra, Hyris, Targi, Gabriel, Seeshon Dren, Revan as Revan, Malak, Sara Kostas, and HK-47

The invasion of Korriban began unexpectedly during a gathering of the Dark Council. It was no secret to any true born Sith, or those who had been Sith and only Sith, that Revan and her followers were the exceptions. The Dark Council had grown tired of the popularity of Revan, her ideals, and the war she led the Sith in all without the backing of the Council or the commitment of their forces. They had tried to kill her on more than one occasion, and every attempt has failed. Now, the reckoning has arrived.

Darth Malak, the towering legend of the Mandalorian wars, stood upon the bridge of his flagship, arms crossed staring down upon the ravaged desert world of Korriban. He turns to Saul. "Engage the Sith fleet. Crush their defenses, crush their fighters, eliminate all traces of the Empire's forces in one swift stroke. Deploy the interdictors and inform Lord Revan. It has begun." -- "Yes, my Lord." The Admiral, dressed in red, turns sharply and motions to his officers. The invasion began.

The skies above Korriban detail the sudden assault as alarms blare before and Sith troops emerge from garrisons to deploy to defenses. Everything is chaos, but the Dark Council knows. Revan has come. Within minutes, what fleet had stood vigil above the world plummets through the atmosphere with the looming shadow of the Leviathan and her entourage taking position. Swarms of fighters begin to move through the atmosphere to spearhead the ground assault with relentless bombing. "Deploy the special tasks unit. We need the shield around the temple brought down." Malak commands. "Yes, my Lord."

The shuttle containing our heroes shakes as the atmosphere provides to them the backdrop of all out war. Within the personnel hold of this shuttle, a holo-projection table flickers to life and the form of Darth Malak stands before them. "Today, you all witness the historic change of power. Where old is replaced with new. Lord Revan has selected you for this mission because she believes you will bring the victory she demands. Your mission is to land in the valley of the Sith, and enter the tombs to find the path into the Korriban temple. From inside, sabotage the temple's planetary shielding, and engage the Dark Council's forces from within. Open the way for Lord Revan and I, and we will eliminate the Dark Council." His arm makes a cutting gesture. "For those of you who serve as Lords of the Sith, today is your opportunity to rise above your modest stations and take ownership of the Empire. Take charge of your destiny, and bring about the rebirth of the Sith Empire. All hail Revan! All hail the Sith!"

Malak's image cut out and the ship begins to land.

Tai joins in the cheering for Revan, staying firmly strapped into her seat to avoid the worst of the turbulence. Her lips are bared in her usual pre-combat feral grin, emotion pouring into the force as adrenaline surges through her. This is it. Another chance to prove herself to Revan, to prove herself worthy of joining the fight against the Republic. The fact that she got to help kick out some of the stodgy old di'kuts who criticized her fighting style for being too flashy and thought she should fight bundled up in robes? Only a bonus. Reaching down, the zabrak squeezes the grips of her sabers as they hang on her belt. She's ready.

Seesh had been planning to lead his squadron, but the assualt on the Temple seemed a better place for him, as such he's on the shuttle making its way to the Temple, his mind focused on the Dark Side of the Force as he meditates.

Gabriel sits in the small, rickety shuttle as it shakes back and forth while entering the atmosphere. The calm and collected figure eyeballs the figure of holo-Malak that appears in front of him, not responding to him via words or action. His presence may be curious to some others that have gathered, as he's traditionally done things on his own. Yet here he sits, a black cloak shrouded around his form, black hair brushed back and lightly trimmed beard... well, neatly trimmed.

His gaze sweeps across to the others that have gathered, before then back to the middle.

One among the chosen squad of elite troopers who will support the Sith lords in their assault is Crassus Vir, one mechanical arm moving with the low whirr of servomotors beneath the silver and black armor. As a precaution to identify each other among any similarly armored foes on the round, Crassus has marked the right side of his helmet with two vertical lines over the right eye slot: one red, one purple. He, along with the other troopers respond to their mission with uniform calls of, "Hail!"

Hyris rises her her seated position as the holo-projection of Darth Malak flickers to life. The woman steps towards the shuttle's table to get a closer look as the message is played. As the shuttle is jostled to one side, she fights to hold herself still, almost having to grab onto something to keep herself standing. Her yellowed eyes shoot over at Crassus and Tai as they cheer for Revan and the upcoming mission.

Targi's master was a loyalist to the Council, but he is here because he feels he believes for what Revan stands for. He waits while they are on the shuttle, nodding a bit from the hood of his robes while he shifts his tunic, lifting his lightsaber while he keeps a paw upon it.

The shuttle has settled and the pilot opens the hatch to his cockpit to yell back. "We've landed, but it's rekking chaos outside. Malak has stirred up the desert sands with his orbital bombardment. It's a rekking sandstorm. Friendlies in the area indicate heavy resistance on the ground. Good luck!" He shuts the door, sealing it, and turns the personnel hold to a green hue by switching the light from red to green, signifying it was safe to lower the ramp.

Upon doing so, the group found the chaos of battle to be just as the pilot described. Torrential waves of dust, sand, and rock sweep by the immediate view as flashes of blue blaster bolts give the team glimpses of the fighting happening all around. Bombing is loud, the ground shakes terribly, and the discharging of close quarters blaster weapons is deafening. HUDs reveal that the path is north, through this dusty fog of war, and into the thick of it.

Rushing the Sith shuttle almost immediately is a small contingent of loyalist Sith Troopers. Weapons are raised and they look ready to engage!

As soon as the shuttle settles on its dampers, Tai's up on her feet, sabers unclipped and ready. She charges out when the ramp drops, glad that she'd gone with the helmet. Having your face sandblasted is kind of unpleasant. The telltale prickle of danger runs through her, and her sabers snap-hiss into life just as the squad appears out of the blinding dust. The zabrak acolyte gives her sabers a twirl, settling into the blades-back defensive stance of her own particular blend of combat styles. The force flows through her, and she opens the gates wide. This is going to be /fun/.

As soon as the shuttle settles on its dampers, Tai's up on her feet, sabers unclipped and ready. She charges out when the ramp drops, glad that she'd gone with the helmet. Having your face sandblasted is kind of unpleasant. The telltale prickle of danger runs through her, and her sabers snap-hiss into life just as the squad appears out of the blinding dust. The zabrak acolyte gives her sabers a twirl, settling into the blades-back defensive stance of her own particular blend of combat styles. The force flows through her, and she opens the gates wide. This is going to be /fun/.

As the ship touches down, Seesh falls into a defensive form III stance as he nears the hatch, his skin turning an angry crimson, almost matching the blade of his saber as he draws deeply on the dark side of the Force. For once the Falleen has given up all pretense of serenity, now is a time for Fury. He focuse that Fury into a protective aura around himself. Convinced nothing will harm him today.

Engulfed by the orange and yellow sandstorm as the hatch opens, Gabriel grimaces in the face of all that danger. He had long ago left this scene long behind, yet... here he is. He must really follow Revan in order to be here right now. As he steps out, not quite with the same vigor of some, his crimson red lightsaber springs to life - cloak billowing about behind him as the bombings cause the environment to stir. Closing his eyes briefly, the Sith Master focusses the force through his body for the upcoming battle. Opening them slowly, he notes the incoming Sith Troopers right in their face!

"Sithspit," He mutters angrily.

Crassus and the the Revanchist troopers with him descend the ramp at haste, blaster rifle at the ready. The HUD inside his visor points toward the northern path, but the squad promptly comes under fire from Council loyalists, and the trooper swings his weapon to answer.

Hyris had begun to strip away the outermost part of her robes, a dark hooded cloak. That was, until the ramp door opened with the sand beginning to blast around. The woman instead adjusts her cloak back into place as the wind knocks everything about. Her right hand drops to the side and her lightsaber seems to poof into existence. It isn't until she steps through the shuttle's exit that she ignites the crimson blade.

Targi meditates upon the Force, while he begins to stand up, lifting his lightsaber while he ignites the weapon with the snap-hiss, not able to bring his shield about him while he maneuvers along with the team.

The Abyssin is a bit different -he neither meditates nor calls upon the Dark Side prior to the battle. And, although he leaps out of the shuttle bearing robes of the Sith and a grin of too many, too sharp teeth from his towering and frankly intimidating stature, he relishes the opportunity and the sheer violence that surrounds him. A press of the button on his hilt, and a golden blade bursts from his saber, resonating in the sandstorm as his single, vivid yellow eye narrows to more keenly take in his surroundings.

Loyalist Sith Troopers. Not really the enemy. But 'Number Sixty-Three' felt little care about them his gaze turning northward, and body moving to follow suit.

Tai bats a few stray blaster bolts out of the way, before pushing off from the ground and almost blurring as she leaps into the fray. Her sabers spin and flash as she flows through the formation, shifting from backhand slashes to stabbing thrusts, one particularly unfortunate trooper taking a spinning kick to the head before he flies apart in two halves. In as many seconds, three of them are down.

Seesh leaps out of the Hanger, switching from Form III to form IV almost as soon as his shield is assured, he moves with the power of the Force pushing him to greater speed than he'd normally hope, he cares nothing for defense, the rounds that should hit him having no effect as the Force protects him. He cuts down his first Trooper before leaping to bisect a second before a leaping thrust takes out a third.

Gabriel ducks and swerves underneath the blast bolts that shimmer through the dust that soaks the atmosphere of Korriban. Unlike a few more of his showy companions, Gabriel's attacks are direct and clear. There is no leaping or running. Instead he just strides up to his enemies, swinging his blade down upon the poor troopers that dare stand in his way. Each are cleaved into seperate pieces as he marches through them, eyes occasionally darting to the side, but also looking for that Temple which they are meant to hit to lower the shields.

"Does anyone have eyes on the temple?" He calls out over his comms, squinting to try and get a better reference. All this smoke and dust in the air made it hard to see anything!

With a wave of his hand, the Sith Master attempts to clear the air as much as he possibly can, dipping into the Force as he does so.

Crassus Vir ducks reflectively into a semi crouch as the shooting starts, advancing northward, even as he and those with him return fire to the Councilor troops. His bolt does little amid the storm, the sand, and so many hungry lightsabers, but the trooper keeps moving. He can take ground, if nothing else.

Hyris holds out her lightsaber as she approaches the line of loyalist Sith Troopers. The woman waves her free hand before one of the troops as she tries to fool them. "You've been tricked." She declares in a loud voice. "You've picked the wrong side in this fight, and it is time to redeem yourself." Her gaze looks to the line of other anti-Revan followers. "Turn your sights, take aim, and fire!"

Targi maneuvers about into the fight while his weapon spins about, swinging into Sith Troopers while he begins to shift his robe. Then he's deflecting a few of those bolts that come his way. "FOR REVAN!"

Eosys has no such words for his opponents. His saber is several series of flashes and slashes of gold as he cuts apart three soldiers, a rumbling growl emanating and bubbling from deep within his massive chest as he does so. When the soldiers fall lifelessly to the ground, cut down from the Abyssin's blade, he resumes moving Northward, a growl resonating from him.

With the Sith Troopers obliterated, the team moves forward through the valley, being witness to all the chaos happening around them. The troopers moving with the team are privy to the radio chatter of familiar voices shouting in panic as loyalists all over the region are being slaughtered and overrun by droids, troopers and Sith Lords all loyal to Revan.

Their path takes them further into the valley, passing the ancient looming statues and excavation yards where bodies lay everywhere. The troopers leading bring them to a large tomb that has been blocked by debris brought down by all the bombing. Before they can move any further, they're pinned by a sudden ambush, but not taken off guard. A sniper shot from not far away topples a single scout, and a familiar voice is heard over comms. <<"OYA!.. You all have company.. western flank and moving fast! Hahaha!">> It was Sara Kostas, a Mandalorian turned to Revan and helping with the fight! Just as she warned, some 15 more troopers charge down a thick hill to engage, but the Sith Lords and company have the advantage.

Before them, the path is blocked by debris, and they are being ambushed from a western flank by 15 troopers! Whatever will they do?

Tai grins as the voice comes over her comlink. <<"Nice shot, Kostas! Oya!">> The Mandalorian battle cry sounds a little strange in her throat after all this time, but it seems about right. She bounds up the hill, dodging and batting blasterfire away, before going low and bisecting two troopers at the waist. Never do the same thing twice, being predictable kills.

Seesh shifts from form IV to his traditional form V as the fight moves forward, still moving with the confidence of someone who is proof against their blaster fire, his attacks are quick, his blade an arc of crimson that cuts down one foe after another with a detached casualness the violent crimson of his skin the only sign that the Falleen feels anything.

With more people ambushing the group, Gabriel turns to swing his lightsaber a bit more! His first strike hits home, though his eyes raise in mild surprise as his second misses! "...impressive." He mutters, before following up the missed strike with another to make sure that the man who dodged his attack is now well and truly dead. See? That's his head rolling across the ground.

Crassus' rifle is already swinging westward as that sniper shot drops a silver-armored trooper to his left. The moving of stones is beyond him, but a blaster battle is not. His shot takes one of the charging Councilors in the leg, sending the foe tumbling downhill, though they begin to rise again, once the tumbling stops.

Hyris waves her free hand down at one of the misled Sith Troopers. The woman smirks as the ground beneath the soldier cracks and crumbles with the force. The poor man is pushed into the sandy rock with a ridiculous amount of force. A few audible pops are heard...and he collapses under the pressure. The Sith looks over to the others, watching as they slaughter the majority of the ambush with their blades.

Targi maneuvers then from the fight with the troopers to another few, while he begins to sweep along into them, his weapon twirling about. Then three of them begin to take the floor while he shifts his stance a bit defensive.

A grin of delight and savagery alights on the Abyssin's face. Another series of three golden slashes, another three dropped bodies, every flash accompanied by a gurgling cry of pain.

The last of the ambush is taken down when the injured soldier begins to get back up and shoots at one of the Sith Lords. A blue bolt smacks in him in the chest spilling him back. <<"OYA! Take that to your council! Hahahaha!">>

Ahead of the group lay the obstacles blocking the path. Two massive statues were crumbled and in the way.

Stopping at the blocked path, Tai extinguishes her sabers before reaching out one hand. A good chunk of the smaller rocks shift and slide out of the way, but the big chunks probably weigh more than a starfighter. Each. <<"Oy, Kostas! Got some ordnance to clear the path for us if we can't shift it?">> Turning, she focuses on one of the larger chunks and lets the force wash over her. This... is tough. Her hand may be shaking slightly from the effort.

Seesh lowers his saber, the blade pointing towards the ground as he right hand rises to focus on the rocks before him, his eyes closing as he draws on that tightly controlled knot of fury that sits at the back of his mind pretty much constantly these days. He feels the Force flow through him senses the block slowly beginning to move as he also feels others lend their strength to the taks.

With as much effort as he can muster, Gabriel tries to use his telekinesis to move the fallen statue. In the end he cannot (damn that thing is huge!), but he can at least move a few of the smaller boulders out. "Everyone focus to get this hunk of rock OUT OF THE WAY!" Gripping with renewed vigour, the sands begin to stick on Gabriel's face as sweat starts to form across his pores. "Hnnnnhgh!"

Crassus rumbles at the rest of the squad to help clear the path, while preserving their demolition charges for the eventual shield generator, within the grand structure. His rifle is slung, but the going is slow, his mechanical arm groaning at the awkward task, before the trooper's brute strength (and squadmates) assist their betters in forcing aside the first ancient statue.

Hyris approaches the large statue with the rest of the group, holding her activated saber with her right hand. The woman initially tries to move a pile of debris from before the statue...but then Tai moved it. She switched her target to another pile...then Dren moved it. She held her irritation inside before when the team of Sith moved the largest piece as a group, saving the anger to help move the massive relic out of the path. Targi lifts up a hand while he begins to shimmer away the bolt that was also coming to him. When he manages to dissipate the energy from it, he maneuvers to the people all doing telekinesis upon those nice rocks. Then he's offering his power into it as well.

The Abyssin forgoes using the Force to use his brute strength, more comfortable in muscles and brawn than the continuation of using the Force outside of combat. Why should he? He is a massive, hulking creature. Why bother? So enormous muscles ripple visibly beneath taut, green and leathery skin as he exerts pure physical strength on the rocks, his eye squinting and shutting and the rumble of his growl bubbling from the barrel of his chest.

One statue is set aside after a great deal of strain and influence of power. Those who put a concentrated effort into it (110 diff) are feeling the strain on their body. (They inherit a +5 diff to all rolls moving forward.) The bombing and fighting in the valley has not died down, but their area remains relatively peaceful despite the chaos. The fighters scream by overhead, and several corvettes have moved to loom above the valley, firing batteries into random quarters of the Korriban grounds.

Kostas is seen joining the band, pulling a sack of explosives from her back but waiting to see if they wish her to blow up the last large statue. When given the go ahead, the Mandalorian approaches. <"GET BACK.. THIS WILL KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF, YEAH? HAHAHA!"> What's she doing exactly? That's a thermal detonator. Taped to the statue! The jetpack on her back ignites then, and the warrior takes to the air, skipping backward to find cover. <"TAKE COVE--"> She was not hit. Sound simply cut out for everyone when a bright, mini-nuclear explosion manifested from the sudden fusion weapon.

A wave of concussive energy shot dirt and rock into the air in a tidal wave of discontent as the sound was heard from kilometers away. The /massive/ explosion expanded skyward, at first a bright white light that could be seen from orbit as a small dot, then an expanding mushroom cloud that swept the smoke and dust storm away with its own storm.

The statue? Gone. Everyones' hearing? Gone. Kostas? She charges ahead toward the opening of the tombs, marching right into the darkness!

The trek into the caves is not as romantic or eventful as one might hope. There was no hidden power here, no ghosts or haunted presence. They were caverns that twisted and turned, heading down, up, around, in circles. Critters and animals moved from the crew's path, but they eventually made it through to the top where the Temple was, and the generators where shield around the temple was powered. A platoon of troopers and 6 Sith Lords, guarded this bay. Both crews had seen each other, and they all charged forward. This was the moment that would win the battle of Korriban. If this crew could defeat the platoon ahead of them.

Tai's heart pounds in her chest as the group rounds the corner and sees the forces arrayed among them. The Force thrums through her, and her teeth are bared in a snarl inside her helmet. This is it. Their goal is ahead. <"Oya! Par Revan!">

Launching herself forward, two more troopers go down in a pile of disconnected limbs, and Tai finds herself facing off with a Devaronian Lord armed with a lightsaber pike. The zabrak acolyte flows through combat, nimbly dodging and deflecting the strikes from her larger opponent. Driven into a rage, the man howls as he brings the weapon down in an overhead swing. She catches the blade on her left saber, dropping to a knee, before her right comes off and removes both of his hands. The ill fated lord has just enough time to howl in pain and range before his head rolls.

Moving into the breach once it's formed Seeshon moves towards a human Sith Lord. He looks the human over and smiles as he changes his stance, taking on the Makashi form he salutes the Sith before lunging forward, into several quick thrusts. His opponent favours form IV, leaping and slashing only to move again, Seeshon becomes the calm at the centre of the storm, defending in fractions of an inch, each strike against him seeming to almost land, Seesh seems to find the whole exchange amusing, taking the time to kill a couple of troopers as he gracefully flows across the room with his opponent. Then suddenly, his opponent leaps lands with his blade raised for a quick slash, just to find a thrust from Seesh's saber take his heart. Seeshon nods to the Lord as he falls. "I haven't killed a Sith since the Great Sith War, funny how it comes back to you."

Breathing heavily after the focussed telekinetic attack, Gabriel strides into the cavern with renewed grit. The crimson red lightsaber he wields springs to life as he walks in close to one of the Sith Lords, a grit of his teeth made as he comes down upon his enemy like a wave on water. The flash of lightsabers is clear as Gabe's attacks hit his enemies. For a moment his foe can actually hold his ground, but it doesn't take Gabe long to skewer them down. With an angry swipe he goes for a Trooper next, but upon missing him? Follows it up with an even BIGGER slash! This one gets him. "...mmmmhmmgh." Panting under the effort and hunched forward, Gabe whirls about to face what's next.

Crassus and the squad of silver-armored Revanchist troopers charge into the fray with all the reckless ferocity one would expect of them. "Fight through to the generator- whoever reaches it first, all the others defend," he bids the squad

Hyris holds her lightsaber directly in front of her as she sprints at a grouping of loyalist Sith soldiers. She keeps her one-handed strikes as tight as possible, using little motion to maximize her effeciency. The woman is getting worn down from the task at hand, feeling the strain of constant activity. "Your poor...life decisions have led to this moment." The Sith mocks as she pushes through the group. "Maybe you should have chosen to serve a stronger leader."

Targi looks to the Sith Lords when they come from those rocks to face all the foes. Then he takes a moment to focus upon the Force, while he maneuvers forward. With a lift of his foot his weapon spins about while he meets lightsabers, shifting them away to shiak his weapon into one of them, then he cleaves about through another, with a shift of the hip while he slashes upwards along the next. Three Sith Lords are taken to floor by his blade while he motions to the Sith Troopers, Dun Moch in practice. "You will submit or you will follow your Masters!"

With a growl of irritation, perhaps even of annoyance, the golden-bladed Abyssin outstretches his green hand and palm toward one of the Sith troopers in vehemence. With a violent and deafening crack, tendrils of bright blue vividly arc out of his fingertips, smoldering and cooking the trooper as he convulses violently.

Okay, While she was finishing off hers, it looks like the other sith have fallen, leaving just the traitorous troopers remaining. Besides the strain from lifting the statue, she's still not tired, and the force surges along with her emotions and launches her back into the fray. Three more troopers bite the dust.

Seesh is hit by a Blaster bolt, his anger and skill with the Force making the attack harmless to him, though it does for a moment disrupt his flow, only one of his next three targets is dropped, he lets out an annoyed grunt, though soon enough he's looking for more targets.

Hyris holds up her free hand to bring up one of the troopers with the force. She looks at the loyalist with a curious look before flicking her wrist, sending the poor trooper flying up and out the hangar door. There is a brief scream...but before too long the howling is likely too far away to hear over the blasting and explosions. The woman takes in a long breath to try to capture some energy for whatever may be left to accomplish.

Stalking towards his foe, Gabriel looks towards the injured trooper on the ground. With a scowl the Sith Master lifts his hand up and squeezes it. Just like that? The injured Trooper is flung right into the wall of the cavern with a sickening CRUNCH.

Crassus dodges a pair of blaster bolts during his dash through the one-sided battle, letting his rifle fall beside him as the trooper readies the heavy explosive charge. Lights begin to blink red as the device is placed and armed. <<"Explosives placed. Primed. Armed. Counting down: GO, GO, GO.">>

Targi begins stalking forward while he then lifts up his lightsaber, swinging that into that direction of the Sith Troopers. The weapon begins to twirl and also cleave into two of them, while he lifts a paw to pick it up when it comes back to him, then shiaks right into another of the foes. For a Warrior, it looks like he has a lot of skill.

Another two sweeps of bright golden light and the final two troopers are felled, the colored arcs slicing through their bodies and causing them to crumble bodily in heaps. Again, a low growl rumbles from deep in his chest, twisting his bald head to hear the instruction of the trooper readying an explosive charge. His blade clicks off, and the creature is moving quickly.

With the troopers defeated, and the Lords placed there cut down, the generators are all that's left to take care of. Their destruction is made possible by Captain Crassus, who has his men covering him while he rigs the explosives. When they are triggered, the explosion is contained and not over the top like Kostas might have done. The power begins to flicker and turn out and all at once, the Phantom craft named Fallen Star appears, landing just inside the hangar. When the ramp lowers, a bronzium styled bipedal assassin droid emerges carrying a massive cannon in its hands. Red eyes glance from right, to mid, and left. "Statement: All these meatbags are dead, master. Please tell me there are more.."

Revan appears behind the tall droid, walking forward and past the droid. <"Worry not, HK-47. There are plenty more where that came from.">

"Declaration: I'm going to enjoy this, Master."