Leidhe T'vaact

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Leidhe T'vaact

Title: Aircraft Handling Officer
Race: Devaronian
Sex: Female
Occupation: Lieutenant
Profession: Naval Officer
Homeworld: Devaron
Organization: Resistance
Ship: RAF Renegade

Leidhe T'vaact was born on the planet Devaron in the last days of the Galactic Empire. Okay, technically she was conceived shortly after her father returned to Devaron, following the victory at the Battle of Endor. Both of Leidhe's parents were staunch supporters of the Rebellion, and later the Republic as it formed. Her father travelled a lot (as Devaronian men were wont to do), so she was raised by her mother and two older sisters according to Devaron tradition. Leidhe grew up on tales of the Rebellion and discussion of the forming Republic. Being her father's daughter, she joined the Republic Navy when she was old enough to apply.

Leidhe passed her flight certification, but it was never in her heart to be a pilot. Instead, she came to appreciate the rhythm of a well-run ship. Her first assignment was a Nebulon-B, and it soon became like home.

After some of the people she looked up to the most left the Republic, followed by the destruction in the Hosnian System, Leidhe no longer doubts whether the Resistance is the right way to go. She no longer doubts whether the First Order is truly a threat. There is no question in her mind that the First Order is evil, and that it must be stopped. And she's dedicating her life to help make that happen.