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“There was a star riding through clouds one night, & I said to the star, 'Consume me'.”

Virginia Woolf


Liss' childhood was one of hardwowrk and strong familial bonds and expectation. Summers away from the Dantoo schooling centers were spent mostly helping out with the livestock and crop processors. Whenever she could get away from her parents, though, she'd sneak into town and hang around the spaceport, an ever-present nuisance to the spacers passing through further into the Outer Rim. Otherwise, she was a rather well-behaved kid. At least, into her adolescence.

In her later teens, Liss joined up with the first crew looking for a new spacehand to bring on. Her skill with fixing pieces of old machinery made her pretty valuable early on. Of course, she didn't know that she'd crewed up with a gang of smugglers, until a confrontation broke out between them and New Republic authorities. Confused, desperate, her attempt at self-defense ended with her arm vaporized in a tibanna gas detonation and put her out cold for weeks. A brief trial ended with her being put out on probation, her measly savings from her time with the previous crew used to hook up a skeletal cybernetic arm, and a new place on a more legit freight vessel.

Right now, Liss is just trying to secure where she's at. Work is getting sparse with the growing escalation between Resistance and First Order, and it's making the time between meals and pay that much longer. SHe's had to start taking up brief stations on smuggler craft to keep herself fed, and this has brought her to brush shoulders on occasion with the Resistance. While she might just say that she wants to keep her head low and wait for things to boil out, her own private, personal goal - more of a fantasy in her head - is to use what she's learned in her craft to go out and aid the Resistance against the encroaching forces of evil.

RP Hooks
  • Liss is a freight rat. She's been on just about any and every non-descript ship flying to and from the Outer Rim since her mid-teens. Maybe you're her new boss -- or a stowaway on their latest run.
  • Despite her current job as a spacehand, more than anything she dreams of taking the fight to the remnants of the Empire, whether it be through the Resistance or any other means.
  • Whatever her feelings towards the First Order, Liss still chafes under strict authority unless it aligns with her compassionate and libertine worldview, leading her to sometimes dealing with criminal elements or illegal dealings to accomplish whatever task she's got at hand..
Adhar Gann - My new boss. And a lot of other people's boss, apparently. Smells like overpriced cologne.
Name Annalisse "Liss" Ardaine
Occupation Freighter Spacehand
Species Human
Gender Transfemme, She/Her
Height 5' 10"
Weight A twig.
Eye Color Speckled green
Hair Color Reddish-brown
Apparent Age Twenty something
Played by N/A