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OOC Date: August 24, 2019 (Optional)
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Fivv'c Tull, Jarret Sur, Caim, Kaelyn

Trader's Way - Starport District, Nar Shaddaa.

The events of yesterday still playing over in Fivv's mind, she grins, showing off her teeth.

Dressed in her armor, she is expecting some sort of blow back from the altercation yesterday, after all, her 'special victim' made enough threats to the sort.

Fivv doesn't seem overly concerned, more amused, if anything.

The six foot tall, ugly enough to scare children, female Barabel leans on the railing that looks out into the chasm and cityscape, though she is aware of who and what are around her.

She sniffs the air and lets out a long and loud cackle.

People on the street stop and stare, then quickly shuffle along.

The safety strap of her DL-30 is off so it is easy to access if need be, but whatever is coming, and she knows it is, she can smell it.

There is no threat. Just Mandalorians.

In white armor Jarret comes, flanked by a pair of figures in similar armor - though his is more modern, it seems, and their armor bears colors as they tower behind the human-sized ghost. They walk the street, these three, slowly traveling along the sidewalk. In no hurry, them. Just out for a stroll.

Caim came out of the spaceport and walks along. He has a bandage on his rear and he is hobbling on a cane. He nods as he watches the crowd. "Vod." He says as he brings a fist to his chest. "I trust you are doing well?"

Fivv turns her ugly scaled head in time to see the group of Mandalorians approaching. She cackles again, her mouth wide open showing off all her sharp teeth.

She shakes her head and stays where she is, unbothered by their arrival.

The day might just get interesting!

The Barabel continues to stare out at the city below, her tailtip slowly moving ever so slightly from side to side.

<< Alor, now, vod, >> Jarret says to Caim as he passes the man, the baritone voice that issues from his helmet faint and soft as it issues from his helmet. << I must attend to something. >>

The trio approach Fivv'c, though they are smart enough to give the towering reptilian sufficient space as not to be within close combat range. Jarret looks at the woman for a long moment, and then speaks.

<< I bear a message from the Cartel, >> says Jarret. << You have assaulted a friend and associate of Begula the Hutt, Lord of Spice, and executed unlawful arrest upon her person. It is expected that you explain yourself. >>

"I suggest doing what he says. The hutts arent people to be trifled with though they are all cowards." Caim says as he walks along and looks to the reptilian woman. "A female Barabel. Seems nar Shaddaa is getting smaller everyday."

Fivv is not at all suprised by this news. She slowly turns, still leaning on the railing, her hands are respectfully clasped infront of her, showing the bounty hunters respect and no desire for this conversation to turn violent.

"Thisssss One will explain herssssself, but only to the Lord of Sssssssspice, and no other." she hisses as politely as a Barabel can hiss.

"Thissssss One sssssstandssss by Thisssss One'ssss actionssss and doesssss not think it unlawfull to arresssssst sssssscum."

Fivv cackles again, open mouth, showing off all her sharp teeth.

She does not seem bothered by this situation she seems to have gotten herself into.

<< You belong to no agency that has legal standing to do so on a planet where slavery is legal, >> the Jarret points out. << You are on a fool's errand - one that is likely to get you killed. But. If you will explain yourself, then you are expected to report to Veck Warmu in relation to your offense. You may ask for him at the court of Begula the Hutt, where he serve as security chief. You will also give to me your name. >>

"Considering Barabel's reputation as an aggressive species, we are lucky she is cooperating." Caim explains. He smiles as he watches the female. "What brings you to the smuggler's moon?" He asks curiously of the reptile.

Turning towards Caim, Fivv grins. Obviously a thing that she enjoys doing, despite how painfully ugly she is.

Fivv answers him in a word, "Opportunity." she says and leaves it at that.

"If it isssssss all the ssssssame to you, bounty hunter, you /may/ call me either LAW or Thisssssss One. Lone Barabelsssssss do not have namessssssss." she hisses a responce to the to the man who is all business with her. She can respect that.

Everyone has a job to do, he is just doing his. She can't help but smile a bit that he felt the need to bring back up though, after all, what damage can a six foot tall lizard do anyways? Especially a female at that!!!!

<< I see. >> With this, Jarret nods. << You have been instructed. Speak to Veck Warmu at the Court of Begula the Hutt. I hope not to see you again on this matter. >> And with this, the trio of Mandalorians turn to go, backs almost - but not quite - turned as they walk away.

"Barabels have a unique system of mating. Its actually quite clever." Caim says as he watches the woman and then turns to look to Jarret and waves. "Take care Vod!" He calls out as he turns back to fivv. "So want to tell me what you did to warrent a hutt wanting your butt?" He asks curiously.

"Thissssss One keepsssssss her word," Fivv calls out to the bounty hunters as they depart.

She cackles again.

Still leaning against the railing, she turns to Caim. "Asssssss I sssssaid, I arressssted ssssscum." she grins, quite relaxed.

Ever see someone in some slightly form-modified Skyripper armor litterally skipping down a street with a t-21 blaster over their shoulder? Well now would be the time, as Kae can be seen litterally skipping out of the auctionhouse, and carrying well, a t-21 light repeater over her shoulder, both hands draped over the massive rifle as she bounces while hopping one foot in front of the other. Skip.. Skip.. Skip... Skiiiiiid! She skids to a stop as she notices a couple folks...

Kae pauses, watchign the Mandalorians wander off, then peers at the Barabel, then peers at Caim.. "Look! Folks I know!" Another pause and Kae takes a deeep breath before calling out "Hallooooo!!!!!"

Fivv cocks her ugly scaled head to the side as she watches this humanoid skipping up to where she and Caim are currently located.

"Greetingsssssss," she hisses at the familiar Selphie.

"You remember me don't you? I'm LAW," Fivv says and raises a hand to wave.

"Well there is plenty of scum on this world." Caim says as he nods to the woman. He then waves to Kaelyn and pulls out a blaster. "Thanks for selling this to me. I dont know if I had better armor already but my weapon of choice was a holdout pistol." He says as he holsters the pistol and watches the selphie.

Fivv reaches up and rubs her neck. "Thissssssss One getsssss to go ssssssseeee a sssssslug named Begula. Have any sssssalt?" she cackles, that open mouth all teeth laugh.

"Thissssss One might have you mod a pissssstol if you have time.." Fivv hisses polietly.

Kae pauses and peers at Caim and the pistol and armor and grins, giving two thumbs up "I couldn't sell you the sky-ripper, it was awarded to me, and I don't think it's shaped to where it could even fit you... I just happened to come by the westar and the armor you have though!" She says cheerfully...

Kae peers at Fivv... "Yeaaaaaaaah, sooo, don't go throwing salt on a Hutt, lesss you wanna get hunted down and die in the worst way possible.. Well, that or unless you think you can take out that Hutt and earn the favor of another Hutt before that Hutt's minions or organization can't get to you first...."

"Understandable." Caim says as he watches the woman. He then looks to Fivv. "The hutts are a difficult cancer to treat. While they may seem to be corrupt and unforgiving, they do support their own organizations. By taking one out, you must take out all that support it and quite frankly requires more then your able to do." Caim says to the reptile. He then clears his throat. "I am a doctor for hire, if you need treatment I can treat you." He says to the two.

"A doctor?" Fivv looks at Kae, "Didn't our bosssssssss sssssssssay we needed doctorsssssss?" she tilts her head at Kae and then sighs.

"Thisssss One ssssssshould be on the way to sssssee the ssssssssslug. Thissss One wondersss though, if a gift would be... appropriate?" Fivv hisses thoughtfully as she moves away from the railing, looking around at what is availible to her for a gift to the Hutt.