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OOC Date: Sept, 2015
Location: Golden Orb, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Jax Greystorm, Qadira Suuryet, Rheisa Dirleel

The Golden Orb - Corellian District, Nar Shaddaa 

The Golden Orb is a somewhat respectable place for dining and peace. You enter in here to find a barlike restaurant with tables scattered about the floorspace and a central bar with stools surrounding it. Each table has its own central light fixture hanging suspended in air by unknown forces, the light fixture is a golden orb that almost makes it look like a sun, perhaps each table is meant to feel like its own 'system in space'. The company here is mixed in species, mostly human or near human though. The conversations are light and there are rarely any scuffles.

Kadi tilts her head and then finishes the mouthful of juice that is left. "Well, you are a scruffy nerf herder, aren't you?" Her eyes dance briefly, before she looks at her plate. "Are you full? I didn't even touch half of this, if you want more? And you know, I could handle another glass of juice, maybe?"

Jax Greystorm stops, "Alright," He says looking at Kadi's plate, "Slide it over." His wallet going back in his pocket. He waves to the waitress, "We could use another jama juice and a cup of caf." Kadi and Jax were sitting at a table eating breakfast. Kadi's R2 is running around nearby. He digs back in the nerf chop.

The R2 unit is standing next to Kadi, keeping an eye on Jax apparently. Or Kadi. It beeps occasionally, in some comment or other. Kadi slides over the plate, leaning back and relaxing. "No rush to go back and get to cleaning again, is there?"

A Mirialan and Togruta walk into a bar...

"It's a more quiet atmosphere," Veela assures her companion, whose wide, glazed eyes and twitchy demeanor tell tale of sensory overload. Rheisa limps lightly in after her guide, looking everywhere and at everything. While the artfully dressed Mirialan - wearing much of her creative wares to function as a mobile vendor - hunts for a free table, a barefoot Rheisa pads nervously after a new object of curiosity - an R2 unit. It's there that she hovers, a couple meters away to stare rather deliberately in fascination, while crouching to rest haunch on heel. Much like one might when trying to coax a stray animal to come hither. A firm grip on her staff keeps her balanced.

Veela, for the time being, is ignorant of her 'adopted' innocent's social faux paux.

Jax nods, "I guess your right. There you go getting me into mischief." He says to Kadi. Then he looks up catching sight of the Mirialan and Veela. Then Reisa is looking at Lily, Jax waves. "Kadi, I think Lily's got a friend."

Kadi looks at Lily as Jax mentions her name, and she blinks briefly. "Hi," she says, with a small wave. "Is everything okay?" She looks back at Jax, then to the guest somewhat perplexedly. Lily is ignoring everything, so long as the little R2 unit doesn't feel threatened.

"Oh dear," Veela sighs and abandons her prize of a table to reclaim the distracted Togruta. She stops a few feet shy of intervening quite yet, choosing instead to wave back silently and wait to see how Rhesia handles herself.

Rheisa glances up, meeting the eyes of those who must own this little creature. Timidly, her left hand raises in mirror image. Her lips peel back with a toothy smile and she points at the droid. "Name?" Meanwhile, her eyes have broken contact with the human folk and have turned to study their tabletop spread. Nostrils twitch.

Kadi glances at Veela, at her wave, nodding her head. She then looks back at Rheisa as Lily beeps away in Binary. "This is Lily, and I am Kadi. Jax over there is still eating. And who might you be?" She offers a gentle smile, though there is a bit of wariness bout it.

Jax grins, "I'm Jax." The pilot says. He decides to sip his caf and it was Kadi's droid. Let her handle the situation. He decides that he didnt' want to cause some issues with the two ladies. So he sets back and lets Kandi handle it.

The Togruta's lips move quietly in mimicry of the names given, while she looks to the droid's mechanical banter with brightening eyes. Eye, anyway. "Rrrheesa," She trills in reply, dropping her hand out of its frozen wave to touch her brow. She rises and takes a step nearer with a hand tentatively extended towards Lily. "Leely," she echoes, canting her head aside in study of it. "See many Leelies, out. Not in. Can touch Leely?"

Jax nods, "Nice to meet you Rheesa." He looks up at Veela. Then gives her a grin and takes a drink of his coffee. "If you guys want to join us. I think it's alright." He looks back at his food and eats a bit of it. But he figured the best thing for him to do right now is shut up.

"Nice to meet you, Rheesa," Kadi echos Jax. She looks at Lily, as the R2 unit beeps some more, and then she turns back to Rheisa. "Yes, you may touch. Gently. And always careful - they can - sting." A pause, and then, "They have self defensive systems built in, if they feel threatened." A glance over to Veela and a nod. "Sure, come have a seat, and join us."

"Thank you," Veela nods and with an amused smile at Rheisa's reactions, she takes a seat at the table and busies herself with spotting a member of the serving staff. "She hasn't been here long. Still learning the urban lifestyle, as it were. I think."

Rheisa makes a happy hum of a noise in the back of her throat and approaches the R2 unit with care. She bends to a knee again and gently reaches with long, nimble fingers to stroke the conical 'head' of the droid. "Does Lily eat? Not feel...alive."

Jax nods, "We haven't been here long just a few weeks." He shrugs, "Nah she's a droid. So they don't eat. Well not like we do. They have to recharge." He considers for a moment to drink a cup coffee.

Kadi blinks as Rheisa comments that Lily doesn't feel alive. "Oh. No, Lily is not - alive. As Jax said." Lily beeps several times over and Kadi smiles. "She says she is smarter than many who are alive." Kadi looks over at Jax, smiling, and she might be taking liberties with the translation of Lily's beeps. She sips some of her juice, and watches as a waitress is flagged down by Rheisa's companion.

"Passing through then, mm?" Veela bobs her head. "You must be tied to the shipping and 'trade' industry. No one comes here for the scenery." Smiling wryly, she leans towards the waitress and places an order for an ale, a water, and then queries "...what of your meat selection?"

Rheisa's hairless brow wrinkles in thought and she retracts her hand from the not-alive Lily, who despite being not alive, continues to chatter. "Re charge?" She side steps from her crouch into the remaining seat and takes another look about the room, headtails flexing a bit this way and that while she processes the other sounds. "Like eating?"

Jax nods, "And sort of like sleeping at the same time. Droids run off of batteries. They plug into energy sources and power down to recharge." He says looking at Kadi and then to Lilly. "She said she was smart than me specifically didn't she?" He really didn't argue with the droid that it was smarter than him.

Kadi glances to Veela and grins. "I think that makes sense," she says. "I suppose we are tied to the shipping industry." She grins at Jax. "Hey, I was being nice. But - since you ask, yes, that's what she said." Kadi thinks for a bit and then reaches out to thump Lily's chrome dome. Not hard, but enough that the metallic clang can be heard. "Metal," she says. "Droids are - artificial. But still intelligent."

"Yes well...let me ask her." Veela reaches across to wave a hand more or less in Rheisa's face to steal her attention back from wherever it's wandered. The moment it gets within a few inches of her montrals though, the Togruta snaps her head around.

"Any," she answers to Veela, having heard her discussion with the waitress. "No cook with spice." A disapproving nose wrinkle and finger waggle.

"The Nerf chops are good." He says eating another bite his breakfast. Well Kadi's breakfast that she gave him. He looks at Lily and points a fork at her. "I watching you Short circuit. I thought we had an agreement that hurt." He says with a laugh. "Well what do you two do for a living?"

Kadi laughs hard at Jax's comment to Lily, who whistles and beeps back. That just makes Kadi laugh more. She shakes her head, but doesn't translate. "They are good- there was just too much," she adds. A glance towards the new arrivals, as her head tilts with polite interest, given Jax's question.

"Do?" Rheisa questions back, losing interest with the waitress in favor of paying interest to those generous enough to share table. "Do many things, for live. Like eat." She gestures blatantly to their mostly empty plates. Even through the accent, her tone translates well enough that she finds it a silly question.

Veela smirks, shaking her head quietly and tapping the waitress on the shoulder before she leaves "Rare, please." Then, to the little redhead and her chop-chomping companion, she elaborates on what Rheisa said. Her fingers thread through the assortment of hand-crafted jewelry strung about her neck and little baubles hanging from her waist. "My husband and I belong to an artist guild. We sell here and there, but have tried to restrict our outings to some of the less seedy portions of what society's to offer, after picking up the stray," she indicates Rheisa, who's again peering at the droid. "Until she gets better oriented to the 'wonders' that Nar Shadda has to offer, anyway. She's some talent, herself. Not sure how long she'll last here though. Air seems a bit harsh for her. Gotta take the damn taxis most anywhere."

Jax nods, "I'm glad she meet some some kind folks on Nar Shadda. That's a rarity on this moon." He hears a ping on his intercom. He opens it up and listens for a moment. "Kadi, we need to head back to the Phantom. Seems the power went out on her. Something’s shorting out." He looks at the two ladies. "It was nice to meet you." Then he drops enough credits on the table to cover all the meals. Then goes to escort Kadi and the droid out.

Kadi grins at Rheisa's answer, and then nods to the other lady. "Talent is a good thing, especially when honed into skills." She pauses, listens to Jax, and sighs. "See, an engineer's work is /never/ done," she puts in, mostly dramatically. "And thanks for breakfast, Jax. That was sweet of you." She gets to her feet and Lily moves on those nice sturdy treads of hers, turning so she's also ready to follow.

Rheisa may have a poor understanding of the economical system, but Veela knows it well. Eyeballing the credits deposited, she frowns softly, but stands to bid the duo farewell. "For your lady friend, then..." She directs to Jax, unlooping one of the necklaces from her head and extending it to the man. It's a braided, green leather thong with an array of glass beads and reworked metal woven into the mix.

Rheisa watches the exchange, and imitates the Mirialan by standing and bows her head forward a touch. "Take...careful?"