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Space Battle Kashyyk

OOC Date: October 6, 2019
Location: Kashyyyk
Participants: Sajin, Ektor, Lofty

The Trandoshan Slavers are trying to stop a fleeing convoy of rescued Wookiee Slaves that is trying to get back to Kashyyyk!

Some where in the black between Trandosha and Kashyyyk, two planets who have been warring with each other since they could travel between worlds, a heated space battle is taking place. The local Authority (apparently in name only) Is far away and closer to the Wookiee world, seemingly not even paying attention to the conflict. 5 Cutlass Fighters are chasing down Two Action VI's that just blasted (a relative world for the slow bulk freighter) their way out of Trandosha, now en route for towards Kashyyyk. Behind them are 3 Y-wings, a Lambda class Shuttle named (Gnarl Hunt), an old an menacing looking YT-1300 (Scorekeepers Nest), and a equally patch worked YT-1210 (Orgon's Call). They are attempting to retrieve their escaped slaves.

The Escaping Wookies somehow managed to get out a distress call for help, one that reached King Sajin and his Yellow Squadron. Bursting out of Hyperspace is the King himself, in the gunmetal camo with yellow trim E-wing: Yellow 13. With him are 4 more Z-95s labeled Yellow 2-5 and in the same color scheme. Flanking either side of the formation are Two YT-2000's. Mercenaries or otherwise friends of the King. Who knew, they looked used and recently procured. <<"Alright get your targeting computers in order. Give it time to distinguish between friend or foe. I've sent out for more help... let's see who answers.">> The only question now was, who to go after first.

A rickety skipray blastboat with BONADAN CUSTOMS ENFOR--MENT written in peeling letters on the side zips out of hyperspace. Lofty the Talz is at the helm, and behind him running the sensor station is the Sullustan navigator Haoziiplirs Stebbs. "Krak'jya assist here!" Lofty warbles over the public comm frequency. Stebbs says in alarmed Sullustese, "Waru ithano ndungu!" The loose translation is 'five fat potatoes' or five bogies on sensors. Lofty begins to fire up his triple ion cannon.

Another Y-wing- a recon bomber- pops out of hyperspace moments after the Drik squadron and blastboat. <<Whoa, this scrap gonna get real crazy, real quick. Which one of you is the, uh.. King of Drek?>> The engine nacelles flare orange as the ship banks sharply toward the slooowly fleeing bulk freighters.

Lofty eases down on the skipray blastboat's flight sticks, swooping in to try and peel several Cutlass fighters off the fleeing Wookiee transports. One cutlass explodes and sends debris flying. He avoids the exploding fighter and locks on to the second starfighter, firing his linked triple ion cannon multiple times. The Trandoshan fighter (C2) peels off but none of the ion blasts hit.

Sajin isn't the brightest bulb in the bunch and so, what does he do? He dives right into the frey of Cutlass Fighters. Somehow, by chance, he managed to come out of the sun, making it too late for the lead fighter to dodge his three heavy laser canons. The Cutlass explodes in an instant and the King is free to find another target. <<"Welcome to the fight. It is indeed I, King Sajin Kovo Kah-Verni of Drik... I am flying the E-Wing Yellow 13. We appreciate any and all assistance.">>

Hunting isn't exactly going well as his Squadron is now getting eaten up by return fire. "Blast..." He manages some really fancy flying, some that might even impress those onlookers.

<<Okay, lemme know if this is too complicated, but I'm thinking 'Get em', yeah?>> Ektor grins over the comms. Guiding his Longprobe in an approach that will fly past the Action VI freighters in an aggressive escort maneuver. He doesn't immediately dive into the attack, waiting to see which of the pursuit vessels sticks their neck out, first. "I sure hope them Wishbones ain't got angry lizards inside, yeah? Eh, drek looks like they do. HEY HEY," he crows as the lead E-wing annihilates the front running Cutlass. <<Nice teeth, yeah?>> As the hostile Y-wings open ion fire on the wookies, Ektor sends a first salvo of cannon fire at one. <<Making a wish..>> He guides the light bomber out of the fire of a pursuing Trandoshan freighter, rambling, <<Come on, pal: you in the 1300, was you even TRYING to hit me, that time?>> Sajin's response gets a realization: <<Ohhh, *DRIK*? That makes WAY more sense.. I was wondering why anybody would call themselves 'King Drek'... Anyway, nice shooting.>>

Lofty's blastboat rattles as turret blasts from the YT-1300 fly dangerously close. "Where that come from?" he asks accusingly of his sensor operator, the Sullustan named Stebbs. "Igogo rimwe inene!" the Sullustan exclaims. Something about 'one big crow' to describe the pursuing YT-1300. But Lofty isn't deterred; as C2 peels over, C3 is the recipient of ion fire. Bright blue blasts streak from the Mendarn Arms Dar-2 ion cannons and leave the enemy Cutlass fighter a drifting hulk, with ionization patterns playing across the surface of its hull.

Sajin is able to notice that the real threat to these Escaping Wookies are the Y-Wings with the Ion Canons. They were pressing them hard in order to stop them from getting to Kashyyyk and the persumed local authorites there. He turns in on one and lines up his retical, blasting a damaged one into oblivion. <<"Splash another...">> He was up two kills.

Miraculously, Yellow Squadron is able to turn the tide before the Cutlasses can regroud and eats through the majority of the halved enemy Squadron. The only remaining Cutlass goes after Lofty, scoring a hit with its laser canon but only managing to ware the shields down on the beastly Skiprey. Ektor... is fine. Doing thing unhumanly with the joystick in the cockpit of his Y-wing. The YT-2000's manage to one hit the YT1210 that was hanging in the back. Cowards always die first.

Ektor cracks a crooked grin and cackles to himself as the Drikish E-wing tears through a Trandoshan Y-wing. <<Yanno, you shoot real good, King Drik. I know you gave your whole name and drek, before? But no lie, I can't remember all that stuff.>> His cannons are having little effect on the battle, but Ektor is continuing to draw fire away from the fleeing freighters, while easily juking the incoming attacks. Switching back to the public comm channel, <<No lie, lizard guys- and lizard girls, I don't judge- this is just getting embarrassing. Here's the deal, just go home and sleep it off, yeah? You're drunk. Except that last Y-wing, can I have that one?>>

Lofty's blastboat really rattles as a Cutlass patrol fighter's laser cannons impact its shields. "Ni aroka!" his Sullustan sensor operator wails over the comms. 'He is coming' is the loose translation. The Talz uses his massive paws to veer off, requesting assistance over the pirate channel. "He on my tail!" Catching the Cutlass is difficult for his less-maneuverable blastboat, so he brings the ion cannons to bear on the YT-1300 supporting those Y-Wings and fires. FOOP FOOP FOOP. Ionizing energy crackles across the YT-1300's hull as her shields collapse. What a hit! "RANGÎRÎRIA!" his co-pilot Stebbs says with excitement. It's a Sullustese phrase, roughly translated as vigorously and forcefully stepping on something.

Sajin angles in on the YT-1300, seeing it weak. The Light but dangerous E-wing is too fast and nimble for the old Corellian Freighter to do much of anything. THe heavy canons rock into it in one section, but not hitting anything vital. The Z-95's turn in on the Y-wings, sworming them, but only managing to do a miniamal ammont of damage. <<"Yeah... Addict Shaak. I appreaciate the help. We're doing a lot better than I expected.">> He watches the YT-2000's unleash a barrage of Quad Cannon fire into the Freighter, and is subsequently explodes half way through the volly. The Lambda scores a hit on Ektor. Meanwhile Kshyyyk grows closer, the action being attacked manages to restore some shields.

Ektor peers at the comm unit in his fighter as Lofty calls for assistance. <<That you, Fluffy? Holy drek, has that been you this ENTIRE time? Arright, looks like Yellow squad is on these Wishbones, come around to... point nine, I'll be right there.>> The Longprobe banks hard toward the Skipray and its pursuing fighter. His shields tame a hit in the process, but he only grins.

"Who you think is?" Lofty warbles over the radio. More laser blasts flit past his aging starfighter, which must have been originally made before the Battle of Yavin and sold to the Bonadan customs police. Then resold to Lofty on the used surplus market. He brings the ship around as Ektor suggests, but in passing he fires off a few blasts of those triple ion cannons at the pursuing Lambda shuttle, smacking it HARD.

Sajin leaves Yellow Squadron for the Y-Wings who are fairing the best out of all the ships that have so far attempted to attack the escaping wookies. Knowing now they are not long for this mission they forget about ionizing the freighters. Instead, they now are just opting to destroy it. At least it'll up their numbers with the Score Keeper. They attempt to get a missle lock.

As Lofty defeats the Shields on the Lambda, Sajin comes in and attacks it as well, his heavy canons ripping into it. Ektor annihlates the last Cutlass who was a wiley fighter in all this. The YT-2000's, pressing their luck, turn and angles their turrets at the Lambda. It explodes in the barrage of Quadruple Quad laser fire.

The Action's were almost there... almost there.

Ektor's Y-wing screams past Lofty's Skipray, with each hammering the craft chasing the other. Ektor's forward cannons blast the Cutlass into scrap, to a wordless hoot of triumph. <<WOOO hoo!>> the Tionese pilot crows, flying through the fireball and banking back around to the dogfight that has grown significantly one-sided in the last handful of moments. <<That's how we DO it, yeah?>> His preening is interrupted by his Astromech who warbles that the remaining slaver fighters were establishing missile locks on the Wookiee freighters. "Why, you Hutt-sucking sons of- That's it, no more playing around.. Gimme open comms, Genius." To all, the Longprobe broadcasts, <<Kick their faces off quick, they getting missile locks!>>

Lofty banks his blastboat again while his sensor operator howls. "Niwega muno!" he says in thanks at the cutlass is destroyed. But now Stebbs detects the targeting computers and tells Lofty, "Kai utanahinga murango?" The Talz brings his old combat ship up to bear on the slow Y-Wing craft - thankfully only a little more maneuverable than his GAT-12j blastboat - and fires multiple blue ion bolts into the vessel's shields. But her shields hold.

The Y-wings are on the bloodpath, and even with Sajin and Yellow Squadron swarming them, it's difficult to take the old Fighter/Bombers down. They were build well and it's why they are still used today. Despite his partner getting killed in the turret seat, the pilot rallies on. His Wing man finally succumbs to the better piloting and teamwork of this rag tag group of PRo Wookiee's, exploding in a brillian display of violent cheical reactions. This just as the Y-wing still alive gets a tone and lets two torps flie. THey slam into the Action VI but don't manage to do anything but really ware down the shields. That Trandoshan must be really mad... Instead of turning about or retreating... He cranks the engines in his heavily damaged fighter/bomber and moves in for a suicide run.

Ektor unleashes a furious torrent of cannon fire on the bombers threatening the bulk freighters, managing to chew through stout shields and making a ruin of the fuselage underneath. The killing shot comes from a Drikish Headhunter, who earns a drawled, <<Good on them guns, Yellow Three. Somebody finish off that last Hutt-sucker before they fire->> Too late, he sees the first pair proton toroedoes streak from the Trandoshan bomber, and he curses. "Genius, their shields strong enough to take that?" The astromech chatters that it will, but they won't take more.

Lofty's next volley of ion fire is too late as the proton torpedoes streak toward the bulk cruiser and impact on the shields. But the last Y-Wing is disabled, crackling with severe ion damage, her computers fried. "Action VI, can you make home?" he warbles over the general comm frequency. He veers away from the dead craft as it continues hurtling through space, leaving it to Sajin or Ektor to finish off the filthy Trandoshan and his lack of opposable thumbs.

Ektor banks in on the last bomber just as Lofty kills its ability to avoid him. The Longprobe's cannons blast the slaver apart in a short lived fireball. <<Last one down, your big furry ass is clear, Action VI.>> A sharp exhale and he grins to Genius, "NICE little dogfight, yeah?"

Sajin watches from afar as the Torpedo's streak towards the Action VI. He lets out a breath in relief though as he notices they don't penetrate the shields. Thankfully, the beastly Skiprey and the crazed Y-Wing pilot take out the psychotic Trandoshans before they can do any real damage.

The Action IV's respond over the comms in a number of growls and roars as Wookiee's do. Some sort of thank you, one would presume. Sajin still barely understands the language himself. Switching to the comms for the allied group. <<"Nice Work, everyone. Addict Shack... Skiprey... I can't pronounce the name. I will go to the surface and make sure they get out okay and back to their homes. If there's any rewards, send me your information and I'll make sure it gets to you. I'd scram before the FO gets too interested in what just happened. Yellow 13, out.">>

Yellow's 2-5 form up on Yellow 13 and head down to the surface, finishing escourting the Action VI's... The two YT-2000's jump to hyperspace without preamble. The Kashyyyk system was quiet once more.