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A Doctor Crashes in the Forest

OOC Date: February 10, 2016
Location: Conference Room at the Resistance Secret Base
Participants: Ambrosia Greystorm, Delphine Ownnagda, Gaarurra, Gerratt DeLong, Jax Greystorm, Oriana, Sesti Gath, Thomas Mirdan

Apparently I am missing the first round of poses somehow.  If anyone has them, please add them.

"This morning, we received a distress signal from the LAMSEL, a research vessel under command of one Dr. Lester Mortensen. His latest claim to fame is unearthing some rather 'riveting' secrets pertaining to near-human biology," she doesn't actually sound enthralled, "knowledge which could actually be quite detrimental, if entrusted to the wrong brain. In other words, it's nothing but bad news if the First Order or some other sadistic, bastard organization gets its dirty paws on his research. So. Here's where we come in. Welcome to Endor."

Major Greystorm clears her throat, switches the image to an aerial, surveillance shot of the crash site and surrounding terrain, and directs attention to a place in the valley at the foot of the slope. "Insertion point will be here, under what tree cover we can manage in the valley. The goal is to fly as low as we can, keep under the radar of whomever may be watching. Also, it'd be too damn difficult to evacuate the Dr UP the cliff face," she taps a finger through the projected stone obstacle that looms over the wreck site.

From there, our ground team will set out on foot." Her finger returns position to their landing site and 'marches' over to Dr. Mortensen's ship. "I will remain behind at the transport with our pilot, monitor your positions from there, and direct accordingly. I do not need to stress how imperative it is that you keep radio noise to a minimum, but I'm going to anyway. Unless you're reporting to me, feeding necessary information to each other, or I'm feeding it to you - I don't want to hear it." A pause then, to glance at the faces looking back at her (or not).

Gaarurra is running behind due to a side trip he had to take, but he's here standing in the back and listening to the briefing at the subject. He'll shift slightly looking about the room and glancing from the read out to his own datapad and back as the talk continues.

From her spot Oriana would look over to Jax and narrow her eyes a bit. "Don't be jealous," Intones the woman gently to the pilot. "You'll get your chance to smell like the prettiest flower you are soon enough." Eyes flicker to Sesti and she smirks a her roommate a bit. "Glad you're doing better too."

While that was said Delp would of entered and to him he'd get a nod and smile in greeting, noticing how he also takes in the flowery scent. But she doesn't seem bothered by it and eyes Sorsha as she tilts her head back and shakes her head in am amused sort of way. "Hi." Is the reply and then she'd fall silent as the Major breaks out into the meeting, tilting her head and looking over the images, simply sitting there and taking all the information in.

Thomas Mirdan makes his way into the conference room. The tall man finds a chair near the door trying not to draw attention to his arrival. His hand reaches up to adjust the fit of his resistance uniform.

Jax takes a sip of his caf and gives Delphine a salute as he walks in. He sniffs at the air and says lowly to Sesti, "You and me both." A smirk curls across his features at Ori's reply. Though if there's a retort. He doesn't share it as he sits forward to pay attention to the Major.

Delphine sits quietly and nods throughout the mission breifing paying attention to all the details given. He still has his hand covering his nose due to block out smell.

After nodding to Delphine as well, Sesti's attention goes to the Major and the screen in which she lays out the mission. Her lips purse, and she glances to Jax's cup, then back. She gives one shake of her head. "Dr. Mortensen... I tried to get an internship on the LAMSEL. Did not make the cut," she murmurs with a rueful grimace.

"How sad for you." Taking a deep breath - through her nose, no less - Ambrosia returns her hands to a neat fold behind her hips. "Our goal here is to extract Dr Mortensen with all data pertinent to his research, and bring him safely on board. You'll find the terrain sucks, especially near the end of your hike, and as you can imagine, navigating the wreckage of a ship that's smacked into a steep hill and slid to a probably unstable resting place is going to be even more bothersome. Still, it's not outside the realm of your abilities.

The Major sidesteps a bit to escape the glare of the hologram and settles her gaze over couple faces present, naming them in turn. "Garruura," she points to the Wookiee. "You take point. I want your sharp eyes and nose on our path ahead. Oriana, bring some fireworks to this party. In the event we encounter some extreme hazard and don't have time to dillydally with retrieving /all/ of the good doctor's data, we'll employ option 'B' and blow it up so nobody else gets to play. If there are any specimens unable to likewise be retrieved that are critical to said research, I imagine he'll consent to its destruction all the same."

Bringing her arm up to rest her elbow on the arm of the chair Oriana rests her chin in the palm of her hand, mentally taking notes over the briefing. When she learns that she'll be needed to blow stuff up, or possibly be there is an understanding nod. 'I'll make sure all is setup and ready to go, Major." But there isn't hiding that smile. Making things go boom being fun and all.

The mission seems rather straight forward to him but still these things have a way of getting tricky without notice. Gaarurra looks to the others from the ground team and nods to each havning worked with them in general a time or two. So they are building up trust and chemistry.

Jax Greystorm raises his hand, "Major, The Moon of Endor is pretty renown for the local inhabinates and cultures. Did the crash occur near a population center? Are there any chance of native Endorians being in the area?"

Delphine is still concentrating on the mission briefing and what is being said and all the questions being asked.

At Jax's question, Sesti looks to the surveillance photo again, and then back to the Major. If the remark was meant for her, she doesn't seem to realize it.

"DeLong," Amber directs to the Master Sgt (assuming he's present at this since he's gonna participate), ignoring Jax's question for just a moment. "You watch their flanks. Once they've entered the Doctor's ship, I'll want you to find yourself a comfy place to perch until they come out. Keep your rifle at the ready, eye on the scope. If something looks your way, moves, and doesn't exactly give you the warm fuzzies, you neutralize the threat before it becomes a pain in the ass."

She nods at Jax. "There's a chance that those little buggers are anywhere you see dense tree cover. Which brings me to my next point," a 'fond' memory tugs her lips into a sideways grin, "of Watch Your Step. The locals are pretty good with their snares. And it ain't the Ewoks you need worry most about, this time. They aren't the only race with a decent intellect on that moon, though from what our culture 'specialists' tell me, the nastier ones tend to stick t'the lower elevations near swamp land. My advice? Find a pokey stick and sweep the ground ahead of you if you don't trust your eyes. In the event a friendly local /does/ make contact - and believe me, those little guys come out of /nowhere/ - do your best to keep it distracted, shut up, and out of the way. I'd rather we not injure the natives by leading them into something hazardous, but don't waste time trying to lose them off course, either. You'll never succeed. I recommend carrying a few extra snacks on person, for that potential scenario."

Looking away, Amber adds "Maybe something shiny."

Oriana nods as she listens while the meeting goes on, nothing to add yet.

Jax Greystorm nods his head as his head at the mention of extra rations and shiny objects. He falls quiet and decides to let Amber continue with her briefing of the mission.

"Shiny objects?" Sesti hurms at that one, but leans back. "What about the larger residents, Major?" she asks. "Ones that might think we are the snacks?"

Gaarurra looks over the collected people and then down to the gear he's brought for the occasion. He seems mostly satisfied with what he has so far, though he will stop back for a few final things before they leave. The questions asked brings his attention back.

There's a sly glance flitted Sesti's way, but she puts up a finger to hold that thought. "Pilots," Major Greystorm looks to Delphine, in particular. "I want you on standby. Ideally, you won't have to break cover, but in the event things turn south, BADLY, we will be radioing for air support." Nodding for emphasis there, she exhales sharply and (maybe for grins) switches the image to reflect a historical moment. 3PO being mobbed and 'ornamented' by Ewok youngsters.

"One more thing. Those woods are full of curious locals - good and bad. Cute, and..." something else pops up on screen. It's also fuzzy, big-eyed, but possessing an arsenal of teeth that make shrapnel look cuddly. "Cute! Some of them are sadly hazardous to your health. So we've taken precautions to narrow that down a bit, reduce the odds of something other than myself /wanting/ to track your progress."

Breaking for a moment, she beams a too-gleeful smile directly at Sesti, then turns her back and reaches around behind the podium. "These." The woman hefts a crate into her hands and waddles it across the floor to the center aisle. It 'thunks' down, more awkward than heavy, but sends up a fluff of that 'intriguing' scent...in case people hadn't had enough of it already. Wordlessly, she unpacks the aromatic contents and hands them out to her ground team according to size. They're forest-camouflaged dusters, meant to be tossed poncho-style over the trooper armor. Also? They stink. Maybe the Major wasn't lacking in personal hygeine afterall. Maybe, someone mistook the uniform rack for a urinal, in the drunken dead of night. There's no effort to hide her grin now. "Tailored to each of your specifications..."

Jax Greystorm eyes the crate and thie major then the crate. He wrinkles his nose. His voice low for Sesti, "And it times like these. I remember my Dad's advice to me when I was a kid. Son learn to fly. The After Action reports are no where as bad as having to explain what that smell is."

Hearing the Major's words to him, master Sergeant Delong nods. "Aye Ma'am. Recon motto. If it moves, it's mine ma'am." surreptitiously rolling a quid of tobacco in his jaw, Gerratt goes back to watching the group.

Delphine nods as the major adresses him "Sure no thing I got cha covered" he says in a nasely voice still covering his nose. His eyes light up when he sees the source of the unpleasant aroma. "Never in my life have I ever been so glad to be a pilot. Good luck wearing those" he says while laughing.

Sesti is really glad she isn't drinking anything, because she would spit it up as she chokes back a laugh from Kort's advice. She grins, then looks up, giving Gaar a sympathetic look. But then... "Oriana, I hope you take a few trips through the refresher before you come back to the room," she tells the woman with a grin.

Her leg would shift so both feet rest on the floor, that arm comes off the arm of the chair and her hands come together on her lap as she leans forward a bit. Those crates, that has her curious. Cringing a bit at it there is a clearing of her throat. "Well," She says with a growing frown a hand coming up to rub the side of her head. "If I'm stuck wearing that I'll do all I can to pull it off." Best she can make of this stinky situation. Turning to look at Sesti she grins a bit. "Well don't worry before I get back to the room I'll put on some of Jax's perfume so I can truly smell pretty when I get back." Because he was such a fan of that flowery smell, right?

"Add these to your gear and learn to embrace the smell," Ambrosia finishes the handouts by plopping one into Sesti's lap. A wink, as she mouths 'just in case'. Raising her voice, she backsteps out of the row and retreats down the center aisle to the holographic display. "Just might save your ass. The lovely 'musk' you're likely tasting is produced by a creature /nobody/ wants to tangle with. The Condor Dragon," she flips the image according to show the bipedal, winged creature as it munches a spindly, 10 foot tall arachnid, "is truly a force to be reckoned with. Much like us. So, as you're trekking through the underbrush, you'll be leaving a scent trail that masks your own and puts in its place something terrifying. Ought to keep critters off your tail. If 'experts' in the field can be trusted, it is not the dragon's breeding season, so...yeah. Shouldn't have to worry about one getting a little too curious in love. They tend to hunt small game, for the most part anyway, but in the rare event that one is sighted, act big and use excessive force to let it know you aren't worth the time."

Taking his own Poncho/duster, Gerratt makes a face for a moment. taking a deep whif of the thing, the Master Sergeant winces, takes another whiff, then removes the tin of tobacco from his back pocket, removes a pinch and stuf a bit of it up each nostril. This apparently makes him feel better. "Pardon the question ma'am. but if we all go in smelling like this and leaving a massive scent trail. the only Condor Dragon we are going to attract is the king of all of them. Permission to acquire extra grenades?"

The outfit is placed on her lap, Oriana had sat back when it's put down and stared at it. She clears her throat once more and brings up a hand to rub her nose, trying to get her sense use to this particular scent. Then Major mentions the drag and eyes raise to the image, her mind stops at the part about love and there is a shudder. Bad guys and possible horned up dragons, this'll be something! Shifting in her chair a bit she rests her chin on the palm of her hand, doing her best to deal with the smell. Looking to Gerratt there is a smirk. "I'll carry some too, of course, if permitted."

Jax Greystorm looks at Sesti, "Thank she got Adder to do it?" He shakes his head. "I feel for you guys."

The zabrak almost scrambles from her chair as one is dropped in her lap trying to get away from it. "What?" She blinks in dismay, the laugh at Jax’s comment fading from her face as she looks at her feet where it dropped, and reluctantly bends over to pick it up with one hand.

Delphine can't help but laugh as the urine scented Conner Dragon uniform is passed around. The smell is still unpleaseant but now it seems to be enjoyable knowing that he won't have to wear it. He inhales deeply through is nose accepting the aroma embracing it almost.

"A legitimate concern, Master Sgt. Fortunately, I've dosed you all with a fairly dilute solution. Compared to surrounding flora and fauna, your combined odor won't be but a tickle to those up in the clouds er...wherever it is they perch. If even that. Mostly, it's to keep the spiders off your back." Still wearing a ghost of a smile, the Major cuts the holo feed. "Keep in mind you're going to be hiking and climbing over some obstacles. The less baggage you carry, the better, especially if a sudden slip sends you sliding into your teammates. Also, there's matter of stealth. Get too bulky and that's gonna be a problem. But yes...you will be equipped with a little heavy firepower. Remember: if hostiles do happen to appear, in overwhelming force, the fighters can -and will- be called in to bombard the hell out of whatever ails ya."

Clasping her hands at the low of her back in the same manner with which she began the briefing, Amber jerks a dismissing nod to the room. "Daggers, get your gear together and load up. Once on board, we'll go over a schematic of what we /think/ Mortensen's ship layout is, according to make and model. Given the sensitive nature of his research, don't have much detailed imaginery to go on, from inside, so we're going to have to do a little exploring. Pilots, you have your orders. We'll meet you on the tarmac."