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A Hive of Treachery

OOC Date: November 24, 2020
Location: Karideph
Participants: Aryn Cole, Jundani Meru, Avery Ihala Kora, Eriu Jynx, Sajin and Ban Iskender - GM Hadrix Kora

Karideph - Karideph System - Minos Cluster - Rimma and Trition Trade Routes

In the executive suite - Esizi watches camera displays, looking at the lot of them before she turns to Sezji, "Kill them." Words falling without echo with the executive suite vacated by all but the pair - the lift having descended below by several levels.

Passage down the turbolift, to the entry hall and to the ramp from the ship is unobstructed. The guards walk a little more stiffly though, more attentive and with their eyes firmly on the figures they're escorting back into the sunlit starport - landspeeders in position and the man apparently heading security finally speaking as they descend towards the duracrete.

"Transit for passage to the hives at your request." nothing more nor less offered as the soldiers assembled make to let the escorted move ahead - watching like hungry kath hounds. A humming is in the air, like tension born as sound, and even the droid pilots of the transports seem like they're growing edgy by the moment.

Hatches open and a look is shared between the guards.

Ban Iskender is awaiting those within at the speeders. Attired in pale grey dragoon's armor with his familiar green half-cape worn over the left shoulder, the black haired swordsman had watched the tension mount among the corporate security personnel, without his stoic manner cracking. Composed and calm, the gentleman never the less keeps a steady gauntleted hand on the elaborate hilt of his sword as the party emerges. "Your chariots await, ladies and gentlefolk," he greets after the security chief's more laconic summary.

Jundani went along with the rest of the group as they were quickly shuffled out of the building. She kept her head down, still looking as though she was more interested in whatever game she was playing on her datapad than what they were actually doing. But looks could be deceiving, and her eyes darted constantly as she watched the guards stiffening, the droids seeming to stiffen up. There was a sea change coming and it wasn't difficult to feel that. "Are you sure we'll make it to the hive? I don't think we'll make it to the hive," she muttered half to herself.

Aryn walks at the head of the group at a casual pace. While the tension is palpable, Aryn extends her reach to the living force. The ebb of power enhances her, guides her, and drives her forward. When Aryn steps out into the open and returns to their speeders, it is clear that she suspects murderous intent. This is evident by the subtle position of her cape where the curved hilt of her duelist lightsaber remain on display. It was out of character for Aryn to present her weapon, a fact only few knew about her.

"Seeing you again, Lord Ban, eases my tension."

Aryn had no words for the head of security, and she wasted little time in reaching the speeders if only to be closer to the Dragoon's protection. "You might look into the transmissions in the area, miss," Aryn says offhandedly to Meru. The woman had served as their tech specialist, and in moments like these, her expertise were very valuable.

Sajin could feel the tension as he followed along behind Aryn. He reveled un ut. His hand rested comfortably on the grip of his e-11, readybto raise the weapon to fire at any miment. Trigger fingfer rested agaist the guard in a safe but easily turned live position <"Doesn't ease theirs.">> Commented the king of drik off handedly. He keeps close to his group.

If Eriu Jynx feels the tension building, it does not show on that face of perfection as she sticks with the group. She is going to blame her presence on the other Hapan in the mix here and is just smiling, shooting a wink at one of the guards when they look her way. Casually her hand lifts as she adjusts her jacket collar. *POP* Up it goes before wriggling her fingers to add to the wink.

She looks from Aryn to Ban, a curious look on her face as her walk remains casual.

With the passage of the group off of the ramp the security team steps down next before it begins to rise with a rumble and hiss of pneumatics. The speeders themselves well appointed, no other passengers - only the droid drivers, refreshment in a contained sideboard and drink selection.

The head, a near human with metal plating on his head nods to the others, "Gentlebeings, if you'll mount up we'll make sure you get where you need to go." lips pursing and eyes riveted on the show of the lightsaber.

Ban Iskender gives a short bow of the head and shoulders to the band at large. Stepping to one side, he takes a swift headcount, and enters the speeder once the others have. The gentleman places himself nearest to the droid driver. Within arm's reach, if one were gauging such things. Just in case.

Oh! A task. She loved tasks. They were bonus levels on this game right? Jundani looked up from her datapad, glancing towards Aryn. her head bobbed, which was as good as a nod, as she swiped right on her game. She'd come back to it and started tapping away at her pad, looking up only briefly as she saw the speeder they were being herded towards. She didn't rush towards the seat, despite her seeming love of being seated, but then, those seats had no wheels either, She budged closer to Aryn, keeping her voice low, 'Encrypted comm chatter, I'm working on it. So far, we're to be driven towards the hives, but..." She didn't have to finish, did she?

Aryn climbs into the speeder and seats herself, then slowly pulls a glove over her dominant hand. When Jundani nudged her, Aryn was testing the tension of the glove by making a slow formed fist. She nods her head to show she has acknowledged Dani. "When we arrive, you should find something hard to put between you should the tension not pass. Corporations like these have everything to lose by us speaking with the Royal Hive. We must be vigilant now."

Sajin is just about to move into the speeder, turning his head just a moment to catch EJ slink on up next to him with that way too obvious wink. The Armored King double takes, almost a slow turn of that helmet. <<"There... where... you were...">> He sighs and shakes his head. trouble makers will always be as such, at least in this Hapan's case. She had disappeared from the ship once they landed and now reappeared in the group, likely doing some stealthy something or other...

He has to really SQUEEZE into that speeder, being large and in some serious armor... all those weapons... that cape. The jetpack with a ROCKET. Yeah... some physics bending would have to be done. Eventually, all scrunched up in some sort of armored ball, Sajin awkwardly sits across from Aryn, clearly dwarfing her.

Don't fart.

Boarding near the back of the others, she finds the best place to lean into to show off. Eriu may not be a strategist but she knows how to distract those who are - or so she thinks. As she tries to sidle into a good position next to a tense looking guard her classy boot gets stuck and she makes a sound of dismay as she can't quite get the hip pop she wants. "I am sneaky," she replies to Sajin when he can't quite form his quesiton. TWIST.

There is a subtle twist of her ankle and it locks into the small space further - opposite of what she wants so instead of batting lashes and doing the subtle flirt she ends up jerking her leg with little hip turns to get free. It does not work.

"Blast it.." she mutters beneath her breath and bends over to use her hands to help press and dislodge her foot from its present location. Once her foot is free she hop hobbles to the side and bumps sidelong into Avery. "Pardon me, sorry.." she tries to fix things by grabbing at his arm and pushing back then smoothing his attire with her palms until she recognizes him. "Oh hello there. Good to see you again." Flirt is back on.

An additional figure comes jaunting up to the group, obsidian Mandalorian armor dully gleaming in the reflected light and a multitude of weapons strapped wherever they may be easily grabbed. <"Sorry I'm late, got off the turbolift on the wrong level."> Avery shifts the Tracker on his shoulder back into place, the carbine having dislodged slightly as he hurried to catch up. A smile creases his lips as he scans the group, a wasted smile that was hidden behind that darkened T-visor helmet. There are times, however, that the obscuring of his face comes in handy for the young Mandalorian. One such time would be when his dark emerald gaze lands upon the person colliding with him and interrupting his preliminary scan. The black helmet does well to hide his blush before a quick cough comes, more of a clearing of his throat, and he nods to the Hapan. <"I eeeer... EJ, uh... h-hi. Nice to uh... nice to see you, um too." So smooth... the ex-Trooper thanks the stars that he was able to maintain his composure as he moves, unsteadily at first, toward the speeder entrance.

Once all are settled into the speeder the hatches snap shut and it sets off at a sharp clip. Engines humming and soon joined by the sound of another taking off close behind - security detail ensconced within. Fortunate to have thought ahead perhaps? Perhaps not?

The travel is smooth to start, slow descent from the port to an avenue that exists briefly above surface and swiftly descending into the depths of Karideph and the beginning of the hives. Spiraling and swinging through what might normally be a sort of avenue of sorts. Devoid of life or activity when the internal comms click on.

<"You're about to lose radio contact with the surface, too much ground and rock interference. Thank you for meeting with us. Reports of your accident will be sent shor-KSRSTST"> the line going dead as if on cue when the droid, also, suddenly seizes and sparks before 'fairy lights' shower from its head - sending the landspeeder into a slewing turn angling towards a cavern wall.

With the speeder at last underway, Ban had quietly turned his attention to the droid operating the landspeeder, and the layout of the controls. Discreetly, he had activated his armor's interface, to monitor the status and outputs of the vehicle. Thus, when their mechanoid chauffeur is forcibly deactivated in a spray of sparks, Ban is able to lunge of the controls and avert an immediate collision, bringing the vehicle generally back into course, even if he isn't yet able to take the driver's seat, leaving his lower half still in the passenger section. "Our pleasure," he returns drily to the thanks offered by the deceased droid.

Jundani, who had sequestered herself off in a corner of the speeder, was still hard at work on her datapad when things went sideways, and so she did, literally. Except she did not really fly into the side of the speeder so much as she sort of drifted vaguely sideways. if anyone caught it in the speeder, it was a truly unsettling sight as she simply seemed to conform to the side of the speeder, her body shifting in odd, uncoupled ways as though her skeleton was, for the time it took to dissipate the force of the impact, more rubber than bone.

Aryn did not pay attention to Jundani any longer, her attention shifted to the front where the speeder /was/ being driven by a droid. When it showered the console with sparks and Ban took control of their vehicle, Aryn had spilled over to the ground and struck her face on the arm of a seat. Blood colored one side of her nose as she rose up and observed Ban trying to take the driver's section though the droid was preventing him.

Aryn stretched her hand out and influenced the droid out its hatch, spilling it lifelessly over the edge to fall below and freeing the driver's spot for Ban to take. Aryn then began to tend to her nose, annoyed that it was bleeding and still hurt!


That's the sound of the heavy bulky piece of hardware known as Sajin leaning to and fro as the speeder turns and jerks about, likely leaning uncomfortably against whoever was next to him. There is a glance towards Avery as he and EJ speak, a note there... but he in turns speaks to his fellow Hapan. <<"Yan tells me it's time. He didn't say much.">>

This of course asked just as the droid sparks and dies. Thankfully Ban in there and there's only a slight moment where he thinks this might be the end. He refused to show bad face even in death, tensing up every muscle in his body.

Thankfully his pincered form was what kept him from smashing about the cabin and mashing into everyone there.

Avery's stuttering is adorable and Eriu might 'awww' but does not - instead it shows on her face as she pats his arm. She tosses her hair back a moment and glances up at Sajin and is about to introduce him to the other man. "Oh yes. 'Time'." That's when the droid suddenly sparks and goes dead.

That's a problem.

As the ship suddenly careens she barely catches sight of some strange thing Jundani does for she's using the back of the seat to rumble gracefully and come up with her feet planted and her hands keeping her in place. The executed controlled tumble puts her against the wall of the ship while Ban manages to get their transport under control. "This is completely suspect," she says loud enough for everyone to hear. "Who do we blame again?"

Avery's stuttering is adorable and Eriu might 'awww' but does not - instead it shows on her face as she pats his arm. She tosses her hair back a moment and glances up at Sajin and is about to introduce him to the other man. "Oh yes. 'Time'." That's when the droid suddenly sparks and goes dead.

That's a problem.

As the ship suddenly careens she barely catches sight of some strange thing Jundani does for she's using the back of the seat to rumble gracefully and come up with her feet planted and her hands keeping her in place. The executed controlled tumble puts her against the wall of the ship while Ban manages to get their transport under control. "This is completely suspect," she says loud enough for everyone to hear. "Who do we blame again?"

He had started to enjoy the travel, doing his level best to keep his eyes off EJ and allow his mind to concentrate on the matters at hand. Fortunately for his attention, but unfortunately for everything else, the droid fizzles out in a hail of sparks and the speeder begins to drift off of course, out of control. <"Well that's not good."> He comments off-handedly, arms flinging out to brace himself while Ban shifts over to gain access to the panels and direction of the ship. Avery glances behind him, out the window, trying to locate the vehicle that had been behind them, attempting to get a good look and, if need be, aim at what most likely would soon be assailants.

Turns out his thought was spot on and he unslings the weapon from his back, the barrel easing out of the window to take aim at the speeder closing in behind them, its own weapons extended and ready to fire. <"We have more of a problem."> Comes a measured statement as the blaster in his hands looses a couple of bolts. The first strikes a goon who happened to be rather unlucky as he stuck his head from the vehicle. The second bolt flies wide, striking rock nearby, as the rough ride causes his aim to go awry.

One dead, head simply gone, the speeder in pursuit swings to one side away from Avery's second bolt. This wasn't the plan, obviously, and the attack against them was an added 'bonus' to the grand prize of poor fortune coming their way. There is movement from behind tinted windscreens, weapons coming up - including those mounted to the front of the ground craft.

No words, banter or the like now - just the intent for a good old fashioned murder now that droid failure is off the table. Because; who loves murder?

They're still organizing though - lending time for the pursued a chance to strike back.

"Many thanks, my Lady," Ban offers evenly as the robotic remains are removed by an unseen hand. The speeder wobbles units path slightly as the nobleman settles into the seat properly, then levels out. "We are once more on course for the Royal Hive-" though his words pause as Scary announces more of a problem and the high speed shootout begins. "How many more problems, would you guess?" Their speeder accelerates. "Beginning evasive maneuvers," he earns the passengers, before guiding the speeder through a defensive pattern that can only be described as... nice.

Jundani, who was now a prisoner in the not quite runaway speeder, carefully tucked away her datapad, reaching into one of her many pockets and slipping a small blaster from her thigh pocket. Cargo jumpsuits were the business, ya'll. She was no great shot, not by a long shot but stopping that speeder was more. So, she fired. And missed by a country mile. Oops. "If you intend to do a flip," came her voice, now lo longer that ditzy slightly distracted nerd girlv, "let me know so I can tuck and roll."

Now they have problems. Plenty of problems. Aryn detaches her lightsaber hilt, holding it in her gloved hand and inactive; she calls to her other hand the sleek silver pistol settled within her holster. Stepping between Ban and danger, she takes aim and fires at plate-face. Her first shot hit, and if that wasn't enough, a second sank into their frame too. Her third showers sparks off the side of the speeder but Aryn observes her target go down. "One /less/ problem now, I suspect.." Aryn calls out in a posh proper tone. "More yet try to kill us. Mother's mercy, I hope they see reason soon."

What ever it was Eiru and Sajin were speaking of is ominously and mysteriously left behind... like that of the droid Aryn yanks out with her skill in manipulation of the Force. Sajin was still kind of getting used to all that. <<"Too many people with laser swords these days...">> He comments, grunting to move to provide himself as a bit of cover for the Hapan Duchess. "That dumb et chuta we were talking to up in the tower. From the company that's taking over here." He answers the thief before raising his E-11 and raining down a furry of bolts upon the speeders chasing them. They zip past the machine and smash into cavern walls instead.

Braced in her new position, the sound of Avery's weapon and then the others going off she comes about. Her hands slide quickly beneath her jacket and her hands hold the jagged edged throwing stars. The flirty redhead is no longer making eyes - not in that awy. Instead she's quickly throwing one, which sinks into the armor and then the other glances and falls to the side doing no harm save just adding to debris.

She moves then, attempting to get into a position to defend their driver. She would hate to break her nose let alone a nail if he lost control. Then she finds the big Hapan before her and she is not one to toss aside the aid knowing her gear is not made to take hits.

<"Eh.... I'd say a few problems. Definitely more than a couple."> comes the reply while the dark armored Mandalorian sights down the driver of the speeder. Two more blaster shots fly from the opened window to assail their enemies. The first red bolt finds another individual who flies backward from their perch, out of the window, and plummets lifeless to the cavern floor below. The second, a wee bit more successful depending on your view of death, nearly evaporates one of the assaulting goons, his weapon clattering against the side of their pursuer's vehicle before following his fellow as he falls. <"Well, correct... now at least a few less.">

Not many now, their numbers much better than half thinned and without their commander to boot - the speeder swerves and slews behind the other while the driver tries to keep low, attempting to get a bead on the craft that was supposed to be a -simple- box kill. SIMPLE.

A body tumbles out the side, bouncing and rolling boneless after it hits the ground, tumbling in the wake of the other speeder as those very few trying to take out the fleeing group begin opening up with rifles of their own. Repeaters mounted begin a staccato shriek as green darts rain all around, mixed with scattered shots from those now leaning out of a side port and another through a roof hatch - scoring our hero's own speeder with their failed attempts to strike those within.

Ban Iskender indulges in a small, short lived smile at the posh report that their problems are dwindling in number. The speeder weaving and accelerates, managing to avoid a salvo from the craft in pursuit. "I daresay they shall behold either reason or ruin in short order," he returns to Aryn, nodding once (not that Avery can see him nod) to acknowledge the second report.

Still locked inside the speeder, Jani had braced herself against the side of the vehicle, trying, still poorly, to get a good bead on the speeder. Any shot that might disable it was a good shot. Once again, she fired, the bolt from her 434 aimed like an arrow, aimed to wreak havoc...on the already dead body that was clearly not dead enough. That would show that goon.

Aryn watches a bolt intended for her rebound against the exterior hull of their speeder, and she tracks it back to its point of origin. Their eyes meet a moment and she raises her weapon to fire, they duck; she fires anyway. Two of her three red bolts strike the speeder they are in. "I believe if we focus our efforts on their craft, we will not need to worry about the individual shooters."

To Ban now, "You are correct, sir." Turning from the display, Aryn holsters her blaster and places a hand on the seat so she can brace AND watch Ban's driving. "How far are we from the Royal Hive?"

Old Imperial Crap...

That's probably what most people thought of the E-11 and possibly what Sajin was considering as he watched his finely tuned composited refurbished civil war era weapon he yanked off the corps of a snow trooper on Hoth miss both shots towards a large object.

There is a grumble as he looks over his shoulder at EJ, <<"I promise you, this /never/ happens...">>

The King of Drik makes a few adjustments to the advanced sight he's places on top of the E-11's action before raising the carbine again. In quick succession after Aryn's bolts hit the Speeder, so does his. The first smashes into the driving column, the other right into the fuel cell.

There is a secondary explosion and suddenly the skiff veers side ways and flips, smashing into the ground, and tumbling violently. Metal debris goes everywhere... and some might see bodies get smashed into a bloody pulp as that happens...

Eventually they leave the wreck behind as Lord Bang continues to fly. <<"Well... that was a poor attempt at assassination. Wouldn't you say Jynessa?">> Hapan's knew all about assassination attempts. It was kinda a tradition.

recklessness," Eriu replies easily to the other Hapan, giving him a look when he glances back at her. She looks ready to release the starts she has magically in her hand - pulled free of her jacket. That nice piece of fashion hides some deadly intent.

But as the other vehicle sparks and suddenly is gone, Eriu turns her head and ducks to be sure no shrapnel goes flying their way and impales her. This is how she is found when Sajin speaks about assassination. "Well, I have been through a couple of those. Wouldn't surprise me if there were more intended to be spread out through my life."

To Aryn's suggestion, "Well, that's a better idea than picking them off one by one." Avery grumbles in a low reply from the depths of his helmet. 'Work smarter, not harder.' He turns the Tracker toward the scorch marks caused by the previous assault and.... he didn't pull the trigger but the speeder still disappeared. Well, disappeared is the wrong word... exploded, exploded again, crashed, flipped over, and tumbled was more accurate. After a few heart beats his weapon is lowered and he turns to adjust himself comfortably in the seat. <"Hopefully it will now be a more pleasant ride. Without the impending threat of doom being so... impending. More delayed, presently.">

"I cannot say how far removed we remain with scopes and comms so disrupted," Ban answers to the prompt for how much longer until the Hive. Yet the answer is had in short order as they emerge into the populated area of the native hive, Ban decelerating smoothly when bathed in orange light and faced with the insectoid guards ahead.

Once it seemed as though the speeder was coming to a halt, Jundani put away her pistol. Much good it had done for her. And it would not do to be killed now when they were just getting started. And so, she took the path of least resistance, remaining, for the moment, in the speeder, allowing others who were possibly better suited to deal with the creatures ahead. She did, however, pull a translator droid from another pocket, reaching forward to set it beside Aryn. Just in case. Once that was done, she turned to studying the cavern in which the had found themselves, the brightness of the lights playing havoc with the actual outlines and features of the hive.

As the speeder came to a stop, Aryn took hold of the intercom so she might address the species that seemed surprised to receive them. With no communications down here, the natives were left in the dark. Thankful to have Jundani's translator droid, Aryn speaks.

<"Good folk of Karideph, we arrive peacefully even if it seems we do not. We are victims to a plot orchestrated by the Corporation that intends to do evil upon you too. We wish to share the details of their plans. We hope your Royal Leaders might grant us an audience. Please, permit our speeder and inform your leaders of our request.">

Aryn cuts the intercom feed after the droid finishes. She looks uncertain they'll be able to move beyond this point.

Sajin is starting to get a bit closterphobic. You see, it was still hard to move with all his gear on and inside that smaller speeder not meant for battlefield ammount of weaponry and armor. So as soon as Ban brings the vehicle to a stop, he's moving towards the door. <<"Yeah... had my fair share too.">> The soor flops open as Aryn speaks over the intercomm. He pusehs him self out, but armored shoulders get stuck. He grunts and strains as he tries to fit through the door. <<"Jynessa... a little help?">>

With a little encouragment from his fellow Hapan, out pops the King and face first into the ground with ass up.

He sighs and makes his way to his feet, turning to look at the group of Insectoid Guards. <<"Yeah... all that... and they're totally trying to kill you and us.">> A pause, <<"Also... I'm thirsty... man...">> He starts to walk towards the guards.

"I think I got it," Eriu remarks as its Sajin that is getting caught up on the door and not her. Eriu follows after him, dragging herself out of that wretched vehicle and all too glad to be on her feet as the others present themselves as diplomats. She runs a hand through her thick auburn hair to sweep it to the side but instead of attempting to woo again she glances around, her eyes flitting up to the ceiling at one point and lingering there.

"Huh," she says audibly outloud. She is so distracted she nearly bumps into Sajin's back as he is physically starting to follow the power lines that are chaotically woven together but heavily insulated. "Those are some thick power lines." She points up with a manicured finger - throwing stars having been stowed away at some point.

And it was a pleasant enough ride until they arrived at the next obstacle: guards. Avery shifted casually in his seat, the Tracker in his lap sneakily lifted to the ready... just in case. The Mandalorian isn't really expecting trouble, but it does pay to be prepared. He tilts his head to regard their new contacts, the HUD in the helmet giving basic readouts on random mundane facts. Dark green eyes shift to his companions, gauging their reactions to being impeded and wondering what to expect if they are aggressively so. Honestly, he can't blame the guards for their caution, Avery's sure the outside of the speeder doesn't look to innocent all covered with scorch marks. An eyebrow lifts at Sajin's speeder dismount, suppressing a chuckle at his misfortune. Still, he waits for the guards' response, not moving until an answer has been given.

Stopping to stare at one another, the creatures chitter and stare with unblinking eyes at the gathered group, one with a staff shaking it as the translator droid chirps in,

"Weapons away and hand up. Out of the speeder. You come, they will see and pass judgement." the droid's voice speaking just in the wake of the clicks and jittering sounds coming from the insectoids. Staves remain held ready and blasters held up in cautious aim for those who are claiming to deliver such dire news to the hives. "We take you, you will not have transport - no tricks!"

One of the chubby bugs waddles up with a flask of sorts, offering a sweet smelling drink to the King of Drik, antennae waving pleasantly for him.

Ban Iskender exhales slowly as the initial discussion goes well enough. A short nod to Aryn, to whom he quips, "Next time, the overracer." Rising from the driver's seat, he was a careful to keep both hands visible to the natives as he disembarks the vehicle, offering a gloved hand to the assistance of any others who wish it in climbing down. The sword and pistol at his sides remain sheathed and untouched, dipping his head to reflect acceptance of the guards' terms. "We will come."

Jundani, who had already put away her weapon, was more than happy to make her escape from her speeder prison. And this was easier, as it did not require oozing through the crates in the plating. Bonus. She stepped out, straightening, and mocing to stand with the rest of the group. She showed no ill intent towards the bugs, that was for certain. And she tapped her leg, ensuring that her datapad was still where it ought to be. And as the party moved, Jundani returned to her heavy looking around, her eyes much better adapted now to the odd lights and shadows in the cavern.

Jundani, who had already put away her weapon, was more than happy to make her escape from her speeder prison. And this was easier, as it did not require oozing through the crates in the plating. Bonus. She stepped out, straightening, and moving to stand with the rest of the group. She showed no ill intent towards the bugs, that was for certain. And she tapped her leg, ensuring that her datapad was still where it ought to be. And as the party moved, Jundani returned to her heavy looking around, her eyes much better adapted now to the odd lights and shadows in the cavern.

Aryn replies, "Aye, the overracer next time." She follows Ban out, raising her hands and letting the thirsty King and the Duchess take the lead. Aryn did not say anything else as it was up to the locals to judge them for their word or not.

No guns? <<"Alright.">> Sajin said calmly enough, raising both his hands and letting them odified carbine drop limpy against his chest plate in its quick responce teather. He turns his head to EJ and looks down at what she points out. <<"Huh... well they /do/ build lots of computer parts here. The power required must be immense they need all this insulated cable.">> The hapan was not an expert in electronics... blaster wepaosn yes but not wiring in general.

When the drink is brough to him, he unhooks the Helmet's stray, like that found in gas masks of different types, and partakes in the sweet smelling beverage. <<"Thank you antenna man.">>

"Makes you wonder," Eriu remarks to Sajin but she holds up her hands. Those throwing stars are going to be hard to note. No weapons here. The red head lowers her hands then, looking at the others that have more weaponry than she does and smiles. "Sheer will gets me through these situations. Lets hope that holds out."

She matches pace with the others. "Judged. I am judged just fine," she murmurs, glancing aside at some of the creatures. Judged indeed.

Avery doesn't like the idea of stepping into any situation unarmed, much less with hands up. It's obvious the Mandalorian slicer is having a bit of an internal wrestling match, the blaster still held unwaveringly at the ready.

<"Fine..."> is the resolution, deciding that going with the group and stepping out 'peacefully' would most likely yield the best outcome of this situation. He doesn't have to like it and the grumbles that quietly sound from within the armor certainly reinforces that point. The Tracker is slung once more and his hands are 'raised' as he disembarks from the speeder. It might be more fair to say that his hands lift away and out, not immediately near a weapon but definitely close enough to draw if the need arise. He scans cautiously over the group and follows the rest, a final glance given to their speeder as they step away.

More drinks are given by 'antennae men' as the 'intruders' are encircled by staff wielding kari move the lot to an automated causeway to take them deeper, and yet, deeper into the hive. People movers, and even open lifts moving on diagonal tracks further into the cold and dark. Lanterns on poles are provided to give light for those who cannot see in the dark.

The sounds of machinery dully thrumming surrounds and branching tunnels run in some sort of mad sense only the locals seem to understand. Untold millions working steadily in causeways filled both work stations, service counters or just space to walk.

All until they are brought before great durasteel hatches - etched ornately and seeming enameled with some material that the natives likely see different. Guards with markings on their exoskeletons stand, pole-arms crossed and awaiting for the 'guests' to be brought forth... and further for admission between the Royalty Castes...