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A Lash-ing

OOC Date: March 11, 2018
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Fennix Lash, Yoska Lash, Netep Muri, Explorer's Guild

Explorer's Outpost - Corellian District, Nar Shaddaa

The Explorer's Guild Outpost is a blend of new and repurposed tech, much of it being 'new to you' rather than actually new. Tapestries and curtains hanging from the walls give it an air of the transient, reminiscent of a tent or yurt. The rest is done mainly in wood, some sort of burly, knotty hardwood, with brass plating on the lighting and other metals. The centerpiece of the room is a large round command station, and down in the middle of that, a lit screen displays in simplistic lines all the trade routes, orbital paths, and astral drifts of the known galaxy's planets. A few desks line the walls, and printed-out maps are scattered everywhere, alternately pinned on boards or sprawled across desks. A small bookshelf perches in one corner, housing a few rare manuscripts only available in print, while the rest of the data is stored in a locked closet on a private server stack.

Cloudy day, mild hangover...plenty of reason to hide away from the world for a little while longer. Netep's gone and helped herself to a rare, priceless manuscript to read and is tucked up against her locker with some wooly, scratchy blanket wadded up to cushion the lean. A tepid cup of caf sits on the ground next to her, alongside a halfeaten, spiny mush melon. The delicate paper's got nothing to fear from her stinky fingers though - they've been licked/wiped clean.

Such a relaxing day! What could ruin it? Nothing, she's all alone in the outpost... alone... totally alone.... wait, what's that sound? Over in the corner, behind a stack of crates and supplies, a sound almost like snoring, but with a birdlike, whistling quality to it. You are not alone, Netep Muri!

Netep's fingers adjust their grip on the flaky leather cover as she lowers it a few inches from her face and peers over the top of yellowing pages. She listens for a few to confirm that her ears are not be tricky this AM, then reaches to pull the glasses off her face for a sharper view of the 'over there' corner. She's NOT alone! With a flip of the wrist, she's folded the lenses and tucked them between current pages as placeholder then veeeery gently puts the book down in her groat wool nest. The nerdy space gypsy pushes ungracefully up into a crouch and arms herself with caf in one hand, pistol in the other, then creeeeeps over in that direction to investigate.

Netep might be a nerdy space gypsy, Yoska is more of a 'steal your stuff and laugh at you before leaving the area at firm police suggestion' space gypsy. And that is exactly who she finds over in the corner behind a stack of boxes in a nest of his own, Yoska Lash. He clearly crawled over here from Pakkos and then just passed out, and now he is curled up like a dormouse in a bed of packing material, in a fetal position with his tail all the way up to his face. He is the source of the snoring. Asleep like this, he looks a lot younger, like a little kid. It's cute. But it's guaranteed to not stay cute once he wakes up, so it's not too late to shoot him.

OH, fer..sigh. Muri holsters the blaster clumsily by feel while she observes this nesting Ryn around a sip of blegh. This tasted so much better an hour ago. If she were mean spirited, it might be funny to go ahead and keep that weapon trained on him as a little heart-stopper to wake up to, but she's nice and so it's just her shining, tatooed face he'll see (IF he wakes at all) after she thumps a crate solidly with her toe.

  • Thump*

Yoska Lash crawled in here post-Pakkos, made himself a bed out of packing material behind some crates, and went to sleep. He was enjoying that sleep, thank you, with whistley little snores, but then Netep kicks the crate with a thud. Yoska wakes up and sits bolt upright with a surprised noise that's somewhere between a snnrrrkkk and a 'tweet!' and looks around wildly, hair sticking up at all comical angles. What is happening?! What, who is this woman.... Wait, something seems familiar, she was at the bar. He drapes an arm over the top of a crate like the casanova he is and greets, "Heeeeey, was it good for you?"

On the opposite side of the room, near where that rare manuscript was left abandoned beside the half eaten melon... there comes a loud set sucking noise and quiet moans of pleasure. Somewhere in amidst the time it took Muri to walk over to investigate the sleeping Yoska, Fennix has crawled around the desks unseen, and is currently in the process of finishing off what is left of that melon. He has left his coat somewhere and wears only his vest with no shirt beneath, his chubby belly proudly on display. His pants are unbuttoned and his toes wiggle freely. Melon juice dribbles down his chin as he sucks happily on the fruit, spattering on his chest and belly, though the Elder Lash apparently has not a care in the world.

"It was an amusing sight, if that's what you me--HEY!" Netep jerks around mid snark to see the last of her breakfast oozing a trail between mammavian chest fuzz. Where did THAT one come from?! "Get away from that!" she shoos in a panic and marches herself hastily back to protect her corner of stuff. Sloshed caf dribbles in her wake. Sorry, Corr. "DO you two sleep here now?!" She can't help but self consciously wonder in this moment if /her/ freeloading stays inflict such an inconvenience. Surely not.

Yoska Lash yaaawwwwwnns, revealing pointy canine teeth, then crawls out of his makeshift lair to perch on top of the crate and scratch. "I signed a paper from Corr, I can do what I want," he announces, apparently finding nothing odd whatsoever about the fact that Fennix is stealing Netep's breakfast. As soon as she's distracted by that, in fact, he's reaching over to try to take her manuscript. "What are YOU doing in here, anyway, huh? This is for Explorers or something, okay. Like me and Fixy."

"Move your seat, lose your feet!" Fennix yelps out hurriedly as Muri turns to stalk his way, hastily cramming every bit of melon that he can into his mouth, causing his cheeks to poof out widely and preventing his lips from being able to close, which of course causes even more melon juice to dribble out and soak his chest. "Mmmkrrifff," he mumbles, looking for something and seizing a piece of paper off of the floor(rare manuscript) and using it to wipe his chubby belly off before pushing it into his belly button and ringing it around with a finger. He only then seems to spot Yoska reaching out for it and he makes an apologetic melon-mouthed expression before handing the paper out toward his brother.

"/I/ WORK here...sometimes," Netep huffs indignantly, bent over to rake up her blanket in arms, but then two sets of careless hands are grabbing at the book and she's fumbling the blanket/caf trying to swat Yoska's back, only to witness - audibly before she can see around saggy blanket lump - the ultimate crime of desecration occuring.

Her world is shattered.

An abject look of horror replaces what was formerly just 'annoyed' on Muri's face. She's frozen, forced to watch in seming slow motion as that page swabs out a sticky, nasty navel. *Splut* goes the caf cup to the floor, all over her shoe. The breaths to follow come in suttered form and she stiffly turns to track the transfer of ruined page to the younger brother's hands, where the rest of the book is now clutched...and her glasses. "D-do.."

After handing that manuscript page over to Yoska, Fennix obviously doesn't notice that he had committed some terrible tragedy of destruction of ancient and invaluable history. He smiles up toward Muri, bringing his hand back to his belly and mopping his bare finger into his belly button now, trying to spoon out what remains of that melon juice with the digit which then goes to his mouth to slurp clean. "What?" he asks the woman happily, then jolting backward as the caf splats to the floor and almost gets him. "Hey! Watch it baby! Are you okay?!" he says.

"What's this say?" Maybe Yoska can't read it because it's in another language, ancient, or maybe he can't read it because Fennix ruined it with melon juice and belly grime. Quick hands are turning the page to and fro, curious, but Netep can probably snatch it back. "Is it dirty? I bet it's dirty. Heh heh."

"N--no, NO! No this is not okay!!!" Netep finds her voice at Fennix, barely, one hand now pressed to heart, then face in total shock. She pivots, unsure which beaknosed disaster needs supervision the most in here. This is so bad. "Frinking...GUERFEL!" she goes shrill in her shouting and snatches not at the page alone, but both of Yoska's hands to try and /gently/ remove it from his grasp. "This is /written/ in Olys Corellisi!" she flaps the paper around for emphasis like that's gonna help the dunces know what that is. "It's certianly dirty /NOW/..." Her desert lass complexion's gone about as gray as theirs.

Fennix blinks at Muri dumbly, clearly not really understanding what it is that she's talking about. He looks toward Yoska... back to Muri.... sucks on his belly button finger.... back to Yoska. "A Guerfel is a rare bird," Fennix explains with the air of one who is used to educating the younger Lash sibling on such things.

Yoska Lash surrenders the paper. His nails are long, somewhere between claws and nails, and he's very lightly furred, with way too much jewelry, and probably long overdue for washing those hands. Sensing opportunity, he switches teams to Netep's side, and folds his arms, glaring at his shorter, older brother. "YEAH, it's written in Oily Corellias," he agrees. "What is WRONG with you, Fennix?! Why would you do that? Why would you destroy this priceless artifact? That is priceless, and... also an artifact?" Then Fennix tells him a super cool fact and Yoyo lights up with a smile, that makes it clear he really is 6 years yonger and is never going to learn. "Is it really?!"

"NO!" Netep exclaims with the exasperrated air of one who is at a loss for what to do with the remaining howevermany hours of her life til Waldin comes back to find this and kills her. Or kicks her off team payday. S'bout equally worse.

"It's an insult, originating from /this/ language," she snatches the book next and quickly flips through to retrieve and inspect her glasses, "one which Fennix's 'intelligent' translation of perfectly proves." She's not nice anymore. She sounds mad. Also like she might cry. The in-tact lenses get shoved into place on face and she holds the damaged page up against the nearest light for inspection and estimation of just how dead and/or fired she's gonna be.

Fennix glares at Yoska, then reaches out to shove him in the face with a belly juice sticky hand. "Shut UP!" he says in a whistley whiney tone. He turns his eyes back toward Muri as she starts to get upset and he places his hands on his hips, his belly pouched out and still gleaming with the juice of the melon. "If it was so important then /why/ was it on the floor?" Fennix says with all of the patience he can muster. "I mean, come on, sugar cheeks," he says, gesturing with his hands toward where he picked up the paper, "Whoever put this on the floor obviously knew that it wasn't that important. There are probably a...a... kajillion copies of that around here. Don't worry, baby. It'll be okay. Let Fenny give you a kiss and make you feel better."

Yoska's gold eyes flicker back, forth, back, forth between the two of them, as he's slowly starting to catch on that like, Netep is unhappy and maybe Fennix isn't always telling the truth. This impression is solidified when Fennix shoves him in the face, resulting in flailing as he staggers back a step, then frowns, then tries to wipe his face on the forearm of his sleeve. "Don't do it, he's disgusting," Yoska advises Netep in a loud stage whisper, complete with the one hand held up sort up in between him and Fennix like that will make it secret. "Run away with me, I have drugs and a toothbrush."

Drugs. Netep could totally use some right now. The page is hopeless, but maybe she can transcribe it onto another and tape that into place. Dropping arms weakly to her sides, she tosses the book onto the lid of her locker and lays the sticky paper alongside it. "I was /reading/ it on the floor, you dolt, and NO." Fenny's lips are cut off from advancement by a defiant palm, while she thinks long and hard about Yoska's noisy whisper.

"What kind of drugs?"

"You don't want anything that he makes!" Fennix says quickly, looking from Muri to Yoska. "He makes that shavit in the bathtub! But /I/ make my own booze that is wicked awesome! I just sold a line of drinks to a club over in the Starport District. A /real/ club. They paid me big money for my stuff. Yossy's stuff only kills people or doesn't do anything!"

"Like Yossy himself! Ha-haaaa," Yoska beams, hands outstretched like he's completed a circus trick, big smile. Then he turns his attention back to Netep, "No but seriously I have things I didn't make, too. What about some nice Marcan Herb? Nice little smoke, bake it into some biscuits, whatever, you're all warm and gold for a while, ya feel me? It's nice. Excellent product. Reasonable prices. Fenny, what the hell club would buy your shine? I literally can't even with you."

"Gimme a sample of each and I while I won't be forgeting all /this/, anytime soon," she motions to her wrecked sanctuary of pages, "I just may claim ignorance when your new employer inquires about the state of his 'artifact'." Netep folds her arms decisively over chest and sidesteps to lean a hip against the desk, raised brow offered to each brother in turn.

"Now you wait just a minute, sugar tits," Fennix says, lifting a finger into the air. "You're cute as can be, but you just need to hold on before you start trying to manipulate the Lash's with some kind of bogus threat regarding the new boss. Faldin hired the both of us. He obviously trusts us. Now it isn't /our/ fault that there were priceless and expensive books left laying on the floor with half eaten food like they were just garbage! So maybe it's us that needs to be playing dumb when it comes to /your/ screw ups, eh? We'll give you some booze and drugs... because we like to party, okay? The Lashes are the mother-kriffing Kings of Party. Well... I'm the king. Yossy here is still just a Prince, but he's on his way up. He's got potential. But what are you gonna give us, huh? I mean... I'm sure we can work something out, you know?"

Yoska is a turncoat. Sometimes he's on team Netep, with his offers of narcotics and dental hygiene, and sometimes he's on team Fennix, cued by language that indicates at the end of the day, family is family among these garbage boys. Ride or die! "Yeah," he voices agreement, then again, "YEAH," and then, "I'm the prince of this flavortown!" He then starts rummaging around behind the crates he was sleeping in and produces a small pink bag, through which he rummages. Presumably in search of Marcan Herb.

Well, it was worth a shot, but it's two crazies against one Netep up in here, and it looks like extortion is NOT in her cards today. The urge to pout is strong with this one. "Fine, Fuzzbrain," she concedes to the King of Party. Appraising eyes make short work of the bling the brothers seem to have an affinity for, then she unwinds her shlumpy shawl and shrugs out of her jacket.

Fennix blinks as his ploy seems to work, the elder Lash brother apparently not used to such attempts working out in his favor. He has even bowed his legs in a little bit to keep any kind of foreign attacks from finding it's way to the Lash Family Jewels. "Uhhh..." he begins, looking toward Yoska for a moment before he pulls in a deep breath, his slender chest swelling. "Yeah! Let's get this party going then!" he says, looking around for a moment for his jacket before his brows lift and he says, "Oh yeah..." His hand reaches inside the front of his still unbuttoned pants and he pulls out a silver flask. He unstoppers the top and takes a swig before offering it out to the other two.

Yoska Lash spends a few moments retrieving various items from his pink bag and inspecting them. Powders, dusts, capsules, liquids, little colored squares of paper. Eventually he discovers a little tiny vial with some kind of plant material within and hangs on to that, dumping the rest back into the bag and closing it up, slinging the bag over his shoulder. He steps over to grab the flask from Fennix and swigs deeply, then coughs, coughs, COUGHS, eyes watering badly. "I hate you," he wheezes, then tosses the little vial toward Netep. "Catch," he advises. Then he tries to wink, but the moonshine's still doing a number on him, so it isn't as cocky as he might have hoped. "And try not to catch anything from him, ya feel me?" He sniffles, which has a reedy whistley quality to it, then heads for the door and pushes out, too good for this party!

After dumping the outer wear into a heap at her feet, Netep extends her arms in offering. They are totally decked out in bangles of bronzium, chrome, gold, leather, and all multimedia-crafted forms between. No two are alike. Her left hand makes a grab for the tossed vial then, head turning to follow the younger Lash out. "Yeah, thanks," she grumps, before sniffing it suspiciously and taking a cautious sip.

WOAH! She sputters but keeps it down and her gaze steady with a nod to Fennix. "Go ahead and pick one for each of ya," she wiggles her arms and the few pieces NOT tightly squeezed 'round her limbs clatter and jangle at her wrists. "I like to pick things up when I travel. Name's Muri."

Fennix is clearly under the impression that this is going somewhere entirely different than the direction Muri does. As Yoska leaves, he watches his younger brother with a grin and a muttered, "Sucker." Looking back toward Muri to find her still dressed, his face falls for only a moment until he spies all of the bangles and jewelry the woman wears across her arms. He marches closer, hands still on hips as he studies her arms, leaning closer to examine a few of the designs cut into the bangles. "Hmm..." he says appraisingly, his golden eyes squinting as he seems to mentally file away each piece. Finally he points to about four of the more expensive looking ones and he says, "We make it two per Lash. These four right here. I'll throw in as much Shine as you want, and whenever you come over to my place, I'll steal you some of Yoska's drugs too. He thinks he's so sneaky, but I know where he hides his stuff. My name is Fennix," he adds on at the end. "Fennix Lash. My poor dumb brother that you met is named Yoska. He can't help it that he's an idiot."

"Yeah, I'd already pegged /you/ for Le...Fennix." Dammit, Corr, you read the paper wrong in your message. Clearing her throat, then again because it /burns/, Netep twists her arm this way and that to figure how the hell she's gonna even get one of those four OFF her arm. "You bring some of his smokes to a neutral location of my choosing /instead/ of your place and you have yourself a deal, Mr Lash." Jangle jangle, all that glitters is gold.

Fennix feigns as if he has to really consider Muri's counter for a few moments, a few moments in which he pulls either side of his vest open to expose his chest and belly while placing his hands on his hips. His tail swishes to and fro behind him before he cuts Muri a rogueish wink and says, "And here I thought that we were really going to be friends, Muri. I thought Old Fenny'd take you out on a date sometime. Treat you real nice, you know?" He shrugs his shoulders before he says, "Sure. Deal."

Mm. How can Netep resist...all that? Her yellow eyes are fixed for a long and painful moment on that sticky pooch of belly when it's pretty much thrust out there and mouth struggles real hard to maintain a neutral line. Her throat bobs a silent swallow of sickly feels, then she snaps out of it and hastily works to shed the selected bracelets. Once the rearranging is complete, she offers them up on a finger. "It's settled then. Now, if you'll take care to give me some peace here, I've got a book to mend."