Log:A Negotiator, a Diplomat, and a Liar

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A Negotiator, a Diplomat, and a Liar

OOC Date: September 13, 2019
Location: Fortress of Binding - Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Gooza, Coh'Xeeth, Maxim Zell

(SUMMARY: Maxim Zell approaches Gooza looking for work and luxury.)

As is typically the case at this hour and at this place, Gooza's palace is a den of debauchery and sin. Several dozen bounty hunters, gamblers, and nefarious types line the place, either drinking at the bar or gambling at the nearby tables. The band plays a high-tempo, screeching tune, with the beat of several low-bass drums reverberating off the walls of the fortress.

The central spectacle, of course, is Gooza himself. The Hutt is situated on a plush velvet throne, elevated on a dais. He smokes from a ten-foot-tall hookah pipe, and drinks frothy booze from a four litre tankard. "LIVE SNAILS! BRING ME MORE SNAILS! ARE YOU TRYING TO STARVE ME?! Hahahahahah." Gooza bellows his order toward the bar, catching the attention of several nearby slaves.

As slaves scramble and scatter to obey Gooza's bellowed order, one in particular merely misses a step. The mixed blessing of catching Gooza's attention has a senual-bodied blue skinned half naked Twi'lek girl by the name of Coh'Xeeth bound to Gooza's throne by a chain attached to her collar, giving her enough leeway to do what she - arguably - does best, which is dance her little heart out for the satisfaction of a loathesome slug.

Moving to a slower, more relaxed tempo, her graceful performance is a more sensual affair; more of a suggestive swaying of the hips and elaborate movements of her body between briefly held poses for the appreciation of her Master and those whose attention she's drawn. Though his bellowing does visibly make her flinch and hesitate briefly. In her defense, she's been at this for a good long while, and as of yesterday she's under a lot of pressure to... 'practice' for the upcoming event.

Can't beat the view though.

One of the Hutt's trusted guards makes his way in, escorting Maxim Zell. Maxim is a tall, athletically slender human man with fair, smooth skin and dark hair, framing a handsome face with tired blue eyes. He's dressed in tight, dark pants and boots, along with a button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled to his elbows. No weapon is worn. He bows deeply and respectfully, even as the escort announces his presence.

"Maxim Zell, a human from Coruscant, seeks the benficent word of the great and splendiferous Gooza The Hutt." With that, the escort bows deeply and backs away, retreating to leave the man to his fate. Once he has bowed deeply, Maxim glances about to take the place in a bit better. His bright eyes land on the dancing Twi'lek, and he grins a hint to himself as he admires her before his attention moves to the Hutt, waiting to be allowed to speak.

A couple Twi'lek slaves, eventually, run up to the dais with an overflowing bowl of wriggling and live snails. Gooza hungrily and unceremoniously takes the platter from them, shooing them away without a word of thanks. "Hahahahah. Good." The Hutt's beady eyes focus on the guard as he approaches, even as he brings the tankard of overflowing alcohol to his lips. Pouring the liquid down his throat, the Hutt lets out a loud belch. "Human from Coruscant?! That is not a title. That is just a description of your body parts and where you're from. What do you want, -human- from Coruscant? Hahahahah." Gooza sets his eyes squarely upon Maxim.

At least for a moment, that is. The Hutt's attention is soon diverted to the dancer, as he stretches out a fat hand that's clasping a bowl of live snails. "Well?! Are you going to make yourself useful or not? Get up here and toss these into my mouth! I'm -hungry-! Hahahah." The Hutt drinks to that.

Coh'Xeeth's golden hued eyes watch the human arrive with some curiosity, unable to resist a bit of a smile when he looks back at her. The moment ends, however, when Gooza bellows at her, and she briefly looks like she's been struck with a taser, clasping her hands at chest level and straightening up immediately. "I- Y-yes, Master Gooza!" her pretty voice stammers as she steps quickly towards him, only t briefly recoil at the sight and smell of the snails in the bowl before her.

Wincing a bit, she nonetheless manages to keep a smile on her face as she reaches her slender hands in to... to... *touch* the awful things, carefully depositing them into Gooza's mouth whenever he isn't speaking. "Are they to your satisfaction, Great Lord Gooza?"

The 'human from Coruscant' slowly straights his back and focuses his attention entirely on the Hutt. He offers a small smile, and then responds to the question. His voice is deep and smooth and pleasant, and it carries the clip of an upper-crust Coruscanti accent. "I have no title as of yet, O Great And Terrifying Gooza, because you have not granted me one."

He clasps his hands behind his back, his posture very proper. Even though he wants to be admiring the slave girl, he focuses his attention on his target. The one he wants to impress. Gooza.

"I have come to offer you my services. You are a great and brilliant being, and yet you have been barred from the galactic stage..." He glances from side-to-side to regard the various servants of the Hutt. "...Because you have no servants smart or experienced enough to put you there. You are being held back...because you lack one who is loyal and informed enough...to remove your obstacles so that you might crush what waits before you. -I- am that servant, O Inspiring One. A man from noble birth with knowledge of the upper-crust and their doings. I know who to speak to and what to say...and exactly how to say it. I can help give you what you deserve...if you would bring me on to your Court.

"Hahahahah." The Hutt Slaver crunches down on several snails before speaking, grunting his satisfaction to the Twi'lek dancer as he eyes the noble from Coruscant. "So you are what? A diplomat? Negotiator? I am not trying to take over the galaxy, Human from Coruscant. It is enough for me that outsiders don't interfere in my operations." Gooza brings his overflowing tankard to his lips again, guzzling the bubbly liquid and taking up his hookah pipe.

Blowing several coarse smokerings toward the man, Gooza switches his gaze between him and the Twi'lek dancer. "You are an ambassador of sorts? And you are more mobile than I am. Hahahahah. Why do you want to work for the Cartel, Human from Coruscant?" The Hutt eyes him critically, crunching down on another dozen snails as they're shoveled into his gaping maw.

Coh'Xeeth can at least keep up with this work; fishing out these slimy snails is more of a test of will than anything, and she's a Twi'lek who never got around to learning a free person's sense of shame. Still, she keeps glancing curiously at the odd human, finding his bold claims and dramatic posturing rather interesting!

He cocks his head to the side a bit and considers. A Hutt who isn't a total megalomaniac is somewhat odd, and it means he has to change his tactic a hint.

"I am a negotiator, liar and seducer, Great Gooza. I have also found my skills and interests entirely unused since I left my family to seek my own fortune and interests in the galaxy. I figured that you would be able to help me find a life of prosperity and enjoyment...and in return I could grant you my skills as a negotiator, diplomat...and liar."

"Hahhahah. You have come to the right place if you seek a life of enjoyment, Human." The Hutt crunches down on several snails, protruding his tongue and extending it toward the Twi'lek dancer, before retracting it and gulping another hefty pour from his drink. "What do you think of this one? I employ only the best slaves in my palace." The Hutt indicates Coh'Xeeth with his beady eyes, before baring his yellow-tinged, sharp incisors in a grin.

"I am the Labor Lord of the Hutt Cartel. Chief Slaver. So, I expand labor operations, and keep an eye on any self-proclaimed liberators who would like to disrupt my operations. You are interested in this line of work?" The Hutt prompts the Coruscanti with a laugh, drinking again.

With the snails momentarily forgotten in favor of drink, Coh'Xeeth nontheless extends her hand to touch and 'support' the bottom rim of the tankard, with her free hand touching Gooza's flabby body; a subservient gesture more than anything, as Gooza certainly doesn't need the weak Twi'lek's support. When Gooza calls Maxim's attention to her, she pivots her upper body in his direction with a respectful and, frankly, demonsrative little courtsey and a soft smile.

Her survival instincts are well honed, though! She's already got another snail ready to throw into the furnace of Gooza's gullet.

Maxim's gaze shifts from the Hutt to the slave again. His eyes dip slowly over her, considering every inch that he can see. "I think that you have excellent taste, Lord Gooza. She is the kind of girl I fantasized about growing up." His tone seems to say that he means it.

He considers for a moment before he turns his attention back to the Hutt, and he nods. "If it pays and pleasures...absolutely."

The Hutt laughs boisterously at that, with the deep rumbling sound rumbling off the bulkheads of this place. "Good, good. Slaves! Get this man a drink of his choice, hmm?" The Hutt shoots his gaze over toward a trio of Twi'leks, who approach the Coruscanti man to take his order. "We'll be throwing a party in a few days, human. If you want to be the spokesman and greeter for all manner of folks, my eyes and ears of sorts, I think you may be worthwhie. A one-man intelligence agency for Gooza the Hutt, mm?" The Hutt Lord laughs, drinking again and taking up his hookah pipe.

"You will have to prove yourself, of course. For all I know, you're just here to spy on me and steal my slaves. But if that's the case, your life will be short." Gooza's laugh booms again, and he crunches down on several more snails. "Have you practiced your dance routine for the feature performance, little one?" He directs the question to Coh'Xeeth.

Coh'Xeeth can't suppress a little bit of a blush at the handsome human's appraisal, the Twi'lek biting her lip for a moment and lowering her head with a smile.

Though she can't help but flinch a little and lose the mood when her Master threatens to kill him.

Still, she smiles and looks up at Gooza and nods her head, answering "Yes, Master Gooza! I'm sure that you'll be pleased!"

Maxim bows to Gooza and smiles. "I would be honored, Lord Gooza. I am here at your behest and service..." He trails off when he is asked a drink, and he glances at the slaves. "Nice, cool Coruscanti wine if you have it. If not, then something crisp and strong..."

The man turns his attention back to the Hutt and chuckles. "I am a survivor, Lord Gooza. Betraying one such as you is not a smart survival tactic..."

"Good, good." Gooza voices his approval of Maxim's response, as a few Twi'lek slaves go scurrying off toward the bar, and come back moments later with a pint glass of brightly-colored, chilled wine. "Why don't you have a seat, hmm? I am sure my slave would like to introduce herself to you." The Hutt casts his beady eyes to the dancer and then toward the newcomer, as if confirming his words.

"I am interested in killing or enslaving all of the so-called liberators on this moon. You may have heard of them. They say they want to liberate my slaves, but in fact, they are only interested in taking them for themselves and selling them at a higher profit. So, I need to find out who they are, and deal with them. I am hosting a party in a few days which I think will assist in this effort, and where your skills might be useful." Gooza puffs on his hookah as he speaks, eyeing them both.

Coh'Xeeth smiles a little as the other Twi'leks scramble to serve the handsome arrival - a position she would have likely been in just the other day had circumstances not changed - only to look at Gooza in time to meet his gaze, causing her to falter and look downward for a moment before looking at him again with a more confidant attempt at a smile meant for him.

She seems surprised, however, at the unspoken but - in her mind - clear order from her Master, and bows to him as soon as her chain is released before stepping down from the stage and moving to Maxim gracefully. "Come!" She says gently, and takes his free hand in both of hers to guide him forward, leading him to a seat on Gooza's dias with a soft smile before she kneels in the space between him and Gooza, bowing her head low. "My name is Coh'Xeeth, sir. I am very pleased to meet you."

The man reaches out to take the offered drink, and he takes a long pull from it. Maxim glances at Coh and grins a bit to himself. He smooths down his pants and focuses his attention on her while responding to the Hutt.

"My skills are at your service, Lord Gooza. I will help you root out your foes so you can do whatever you want with them. How would you want me to go about it?," he asks curiously."

He lets her take his hand and he follows along behind her until he takes a set on the edge of the dias. He brings his drink to his lips as he watches her. He reaches out to brush his fingers over her leku before he leans back a bit, nodding to her. "Coh'Xeeth. Pretty name for a pretty slave. Stunning, even." He glances over to the Hutt and nods in approval before returning his attention to her.

"Hahahahah. At least initially, I could see you as a host and high etiquette sort, hmm? Help my guests feel comfortable and make sure they enjoy themselves. All the while, of course, you are gathering any useful information and reporting it back to me. This sounds acceptable to you?" The Hutt Lord's eyes stay focused on him as he drinks, alternatively taking up his hookah pipe and blowing coarse smoke toward them both. "You think she's stunning now, but you haven't even seen her dance. Hahahahah."

Coh'Xeeth smiles widely as she complimented, and makes a little noise as her sensitive lekku are touched; flattered and flustered as she says "You are very kind, sir. And very handsome." She says with another little bow.

When Gooza mentions her talent, she cranes her neck to look back at him, one lekku draping over her shoulder, reading him to determine if that was - or will be - an order, or simply a boast for now.

"More then acceptable, Lord Gooza," the man says, as he watches her. He chuckles softly and nods at the mention of seeing her dance, and he brings the crisp, cold drink to his lips. He notes the sensitivity of the lekku, and he teases fingertips across them as his gaze dips down over her. He waits for whatever is coming next as the man nurses his drink. This is already much, much better then his recent days. "Hahahah. Good. So, you are willing to be loyal to me? If you sign up to work for me but then decide to cross me, you'll find yourself fed to one of the Cartel's rancors. So, you should be certain that this is something you want to do." The Hutt lord puffs on his hookah, watching them with beady eyes and drinking again. "What do you say?" He shoots a look to the Twi'lek then, laughing heartily. "Well?! Are you going to give our new friend a preview of your dance or not?!"

Coh'Xeeth was expecting the bellowing command this time, but it still makes her wince a little. Still, she springs eagerly to her feet as she answers "Yes, Master!", folding her hands in front of her and bowing once to Maxim; then turning on her heel to bow again to Gooza.

She strikes a bit of a sensual pose, cocking her hips to the right in time with the next few beats of the music being played before the right note hits and animates her body into a graceful, sensuous dance of remarkable skill and, frankly, sedutive qualities; as if her body alone could tell a story of yearning and desire; moving her remarkable body with perfect control and coordination as she moves with the music, purely to entertain a horrid slug, a total stranger, and - as it would happen - a crowd full of Gooza's staring guests and patrons.

"If this is the sort of life I can expect in return for my service, my Lord, then I am loyal." The nobleman grins a bit to himself, setting aside his drink as he focuses the whole of his attention on the Twi'lek slavegirl.

He grins softly to himself as he watches her, the man admiring every movement of her perfect form. There is a reason her species are sought after for things like this, afterall. He reaches up and brushes his fingers back through his hair, completely absorbed in the show.

The Hutt lord considers that for a moment, guzzling his booze and taking a puff of his hookah pipe. "So you are only loyal if I supply you with dancing girls, hmm? That is not particularly convincing to me. The question remains -why- you would want to work for the Hutt Cartel. Of course, I do not doubt that you enjoy my beautiful slave, in that quite alluring outft of hers." The Hutt laughs again, with the sound bellowing throughout the hall.

Coh'Xeeth brings her hands to the back of her head, her eyes closed, lost to the dance as she often is, briefly pushing her lekku up and together as she moves her hips to the music before she lets them fall and swing wildly behind her as she throws her upper body into more intensive movements to keep them moving like velvet ribbons behind her, chasing after her ever-moving body before the music comes to and end at the exact moment ahe sinks to her knees, arms swept out behind her in deference to her Master and her audience.

The girl must have memorized every song they play around here, she's immaculate at timing the end.

Sadly, though, she was a bit too caught up to notice where their discussion had gone, and as she peeks her head up to look at them, she's a little perplexed by the added tension in the room.

"I told you that I want a life that provides a nice living to me, Lord Gooza. Every person in this court wants something from you to secure their loyalty. If they say they do not they are lieing to your face. I know that you are the one who can provide for me the best life...and that means you get my utter loyalty." His tone is very matter-of-fact. "Unlike your enemies...I'm honest in my greed. Sating that greed earns intense loyalty. I take loyalty very seriously." His tone, once again, is honest. "Also, I feel I need to say this: I didn't come to this palace to serve the Hutt Cartel. That is simply a byproduct. I heard rumors of you and the world you surround yourself with. I came to serve -you-."

He says all of this while his eyes are locked into Coh. Even with the intense discussion, the girl has his attention. His bright eyes dip slowly over her perfect form, and he lets out a small, pleased sound before he grins at her.

"Hahahahah." The Hutt Lord lets the laughter hang in the air for several moments, ambiguously, before he drinks again. "You are an honest man and will serve me well. Good. Welcome to your new position as the Host of the Fortress of Binding and the Court of Gooza the Hutt, Human." Gooza's laugh echoes throughout the chamber as he smokes, guzzling the last of his drink and looking down toward the bar. "Another!"

"Your suggestion is correct. The Cartel is a collection of Hutt lords, each to some extent independent. So, I suppose you have found the right one!" That seems to please Gooza, judging by his continued laugh. "And I cannot blame you from enjoying the company of this one. Most of my slaves have a lot to learn from her, hmm?"

Coh'Xeeth, panting softly and glistening with a light perspiration from her efforts, bows deeply and replies - a bit breathlessly - "You are kind, Mighty Lord Gooza."

A duo a slightly-struggling Twi'lek girls bring another tankard within Gooza's reach as Coh'Xeeth saunters back to her Master, giving them a sympathetic look as she kneels in front of him, facing away towards Maxim with her hands folded in her lap.

"If they were all as sexy as she was..." He trails off, shaking his head a bit with a small smile. Maxim frowns softly when Coh makes her way back over to her master, and he clears his throat a bit. He turns to watch her, his gaze dipping slowly before he glances back to the Hutt.

"I am very happy that we see eye to eye, my Lord. I will serve excellently..."

"Hahahahah. She is the best. Even a slave lord such as myself cannot make every slave into this one." Whether that's kindness or just boasting from the Hutt Lord, he extends a fat hand and places it on the dancer's shoulder. "So! There is a party here in a few days. You are the right sort of person to help me advertise it, with her help." Gooza shoots his eyes between Maxim and Coh. "Maybe you have her pose for some seductive hologram ads, huh? I leave that to you. I think we will have a very profitable relationship." He takes up his new tankard and drinks to that -- clearly amused, judging by the smile that spreads wide on his face and bares his yellow-tinged fangs.

Coh'Xeeth looks a little concerned seeing Maxim's frown, but is in no position to do much about it as Gooza's large hand touches her bare shoulder, drawing a soft whimper from the Twi'lek who nontheless inclines her head into his hand in a reverent little nuzzle of her cheek. Her eyes are narrowed, somewhat; she's not a hundred percent successful in hiding the... unpleasantness of the feeling, but luckily she's facing away from the creature who might take offense at it.

"I am certain I can come up with something for you, my Lord." Maxim smiles softly and drains his glass.

Maxim notes the expression on the slave's face and he considers it as he sets the empty glass aside. "With my mind and her...everything...we will lure them to your Palace, and then we can find out who needs to be dealt with in this sort of situation.."

"Good. We have an agreement, then. I don't know what you want in terms of salary, but I'm sure we can make it work. This one doesn't earn salary, apart from free board and lodging." The Hutt addresses Maxim with a nod to Coh, guzzling his drink again. "I think you will work well together. Welcome to the Court." The Hutt's fangs are bared in a sinister smile toward Maxim, as he grabs Coh's shoulder and puffs on his hookah.

Coh'Xeeth is oddly lucky, in this instance, that she's not quite mentally capable of being tormented by her lack of freedom. So it's actually with sincerity that she gently notes, "I am grateful, Master Gooza." before the grip on her shoulder pulls her body back firmly against him with a soft grunt, but no protest.

"I believe we can come to terms on a nice payment. You have the credits...and I have the needs." He chuckles lightly and rises to his feet. He bows to the his new boss and smiles, straightening again. "Perhaps her and I should go discuss the best way we can bring attention to your party, Lord Gooza?", he asks, cocking his head to the side.

He glances from the Hutt to the girl and back again.

"Hahahah. Yes. Yes, you should use this one in the advertising. That is a good idea." The Hutt pats the Twi'lek's lower back before guzzling the rest of his drink, letting out a loud -belch- as he sits on his plush throne. "I have a feeling she'll bring in quite the crowd. Which means a hefty stack of credits for the palace, hmm?"

Coh'Xeeth perks up a little, her eyes curious and thoughtful as she puts one hand to her chest and gently tugs at her collar with one finger. Advertising? Posing for holopictures? She's never done anything like that before, but... it's a little exciting! She only ever gets to see such things on the paths between clubs and palaces! "I... I think I could do that! If Master Gooza wills it." she says, sounding eager, if a bit nervous.

The man nods to that. "Exactly, My Lord. Exactly."

He glances to the slave and nods before he turns his attention back to the Hutt, rising to his feet. "Well, I agree with Lord Gooza that you'll bring in a lot of credits if you're in the advertising..." His gaze dips over her.

"You might want to have her bend over for at least some of the holopictures -- she's good at that!" Such a gentleman Hutt, Gooza is. Having finished his drink, he puffs on his hookah and shifts his eyes between the Twi'lek and the newcomer from Coruscant. "We will get along very well. I look forward to profitable ventures, and loyalty." The Hutt's smile stretches across his face, and he seems genuinely contented.