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Aryn and Chani meet a new member of the Order.

OOC Date: December 23, 2020
Location: Hanna City Lighthouse, Silver Sea Coastline, Chandrila
Participants: Aryn Cole, Chani Tahn, Qutha Buvu Pah, Vhe Tenara

The evening hours have found him thoroughly ensconced within the walls of the Lighthouse... and he has made it more literal than it had been before. Qutha has all lights on and even has several candles burning whilst he sits on one of the couches and is fiddling with a long planter - murmuring to himself while he pokes in seed holes, dribbles water, smooths over soil... Gardening work. But it's got him in fair spirits and the zelosian is happy to be kept to it.

For the moment he seems 'moved in' - though it's akin to a staff and bindle of a wandering hobo than a vagabond. But at least there's a fairly cheery air despite the night and the darkness he actively keeps his attention away from.

Entering into the lighthouse from the darkness outside, Chani holds the door for Aryn before letting it slip free of her hand to settle in its frame. Her arm falls back to her side with no sense of lowering it slowly, but the layers of sleeves and the garments beneath keep it from making any kind of distinct noise other than a slight flump. She looks exhausted if the heavy lids and slumped way her shoulders sit. The dark brown shell of her outer robe looks darker in places, and so do parts of the cream attire, like parts of her have been soaked from being blasted with water. "I've never felt so confused about something before. It worked sometimes and then didn't work others.." It takes her a moment to realize the lighthouse interior is so bright. Her chin tilts up towards the illuminated lamps and then towards the candles. "Are.. all the lights on?"

Aryn steps through the threshold with all the poise and posh one might be capable of mustering. She wears green robes, accented with brown, and an elegant cape. Her hands, gloved, have clasped at her lower back and remain so even once she pauses inside and the door shuts. "That is the nature of learning the Force. Having that connection, and marshalling the power you need to shape your will, can be difficult. Factors like emotions, surroundings, or even your own comfort can cause distractions that hinder your focus. That is why learning to become one with the Force is always the first lesson. Other techniques will become easier the more you do it."

Aryn tilts her head up when Chani mentions the lights, Aryn takes notice too. "Hmph.. curious. Is someone here?"

Catching the sight of the two entering the lighthouse from down the path, Vhe is quickening her pace to catch up with a heavy bag in hand. The Ysanna's wild hair some singed away has been carefully wrapped up in a colorful scarf that hides the disarray. The scuffing of her shoes sounds just outside and behind Aryn when she pulls open the door, her pulse up from her jog as she smiles. "Well hello," she remarks upon seeing Aryn and Chani.

The smell of food wafts into the air as she steps to the side and closes the door behind her. "I brought food for our guest."

Guest. That sounds recent.

"Qutha?" She calls out, was if in warning of their arrival. "There is enough for both of you as well if you were hungry."

Standing at the new arrivals, from where he had been in the sitting area, staring at Chani then Aryn with a wide eyed look of sudden guilt when the lights are called into question, Qutha clears his throat. "Ah! Yes. I'm here. I'm Qutha Pah. Zan, Jax, and Vhe directed me here. To stay if I needed, or at Vhe's hangar. I don't have a place of my own and the sun was coming down so I came here."

Bright emerald eyes flicking back and forth until Vhe calls out, "Yes, ma'am. I'm here!" looking chagrinned now and smoothing his hands down the front of his tunic as if trying to look more presentable.

They're spoken at from both sides, leading Chani to angle herself into a neutral position so that it's easier for her head to turn from left to right. She glances first to Vhe, who announces she's brought food, and then towards the guest whose name she calls out and he reiterates. "I'm Chani Tahn," she introduces herself, gaze flicking over him in a brief moment of study. "Did you arrive recently?" To Vhe, Chani lifts a hand to wave slightly back and forth, declining. "Thank you for the offer. We ate after some training and decided to come rest for a little while." Her attention rotates between those present, though mostly settles on Aryn as the one yet to introduce herself. Her arms fold into one another in a sign of relaxed posture.

Aryn looks to Qutha studying him, though she spots nothing peculiar about him because Vhe is stepping in behind them. "Miss Vhe," Aryn greets and steps aside to make way for Vhe, since she came laiden with gifts. "A generous notion, thank you," She replies in addition to Chani's gentle decline of food.

Aryn turns then to acknowledge Qutha and steps closer with a measured gait. "You are well met, Qutha Pah. I am Aryn." Her hands unclasp from her lower back and one is extended to him in greeting.

There is a sort of eased delight as Qutha becomes more familiar with the Jedi and their members. She shifts to give room as well but slides her feet out of the simple flats and gives a shake of her color adorned head. "No worry. I will store whatever is not eaten and you can have some later if you wish. I did not make this but picked it up on my way here."

She finds a space in the kitchen to begin unpacking, setting out the food. "Qutha, I was not sure what you might eat so I got a little bit of everything and some sunfruit tea." She pulls that out first and sets it aside.

"Aryn is a Knight, our healer. One of the best. Saved my life recently," she remarks and then smiles at Chani. "Chani is new, like you. But she's been through a lot with us already." She pulls out a plate and hands it to him. "Help yourself."

The other two are studied. "Where were you training?"

The offered hand is taken without reservation, shaken and a guilelessly friendly expression crosses his features. "It is a pleasure, Miss Aryn... or do you just prefer Aryn, ma'am?" head turning as answer and question travel hand in hand, "I am yes, new. Miss Vhe found me ah... In a situation and told me this was a place for members of the Order. I was staying here or her hangar as I said..." silencing when Vhe questions about his preferences and thinking for a second.

"Oh. I have no special dietary requirements, Miss Vhe. Flor, fauna, water, drink. I can do with all. Or I can go a month on sunlight and water if it was needed of me." flashing a grin that starts in the gemstone green gaze and fills out the rest of his features. "Not that I think I'd be all that pleasant by the end of that span. So no worries about the right food for me!"

Reaching up to scratch at his beard after speaking, quieting to let them answer Vhe.

"We went to Fountain Park so that I might learn the basics of enhancing my movement through the Force. After that, we did some nightly exercises with our swords. Hopefully soon I'll be more than someone to defend in a fight," Chani muses in a humorous tone, making light of herself and emphasizing that with the way she has a small smile etched onto her mouth. She grows quiet to let the others speak, though her gaze shifts to the foodstuffs that Vhe begins to lay out in curiosity rather than hunger. As the trio talk, Chani steps over towards one of the seats and gathers up her robes so they're not pinned beneath her uncomfortably. She doesn't hesitate to sink into the upholstered cushions, or to recline her head back, crushing the bun that her hair is bound up in for the sake of trying to relax all of her muscles.

"I much prefer Doctor Aryn over miss, or Aryn will suffice. Thank you for inquiring, sir." Aryn released his hand after a brief squeeze, and stepped aside to hinder him no further in acquiring his meal. She had little else to add for it had been said, so Aryn turns from them to look out the window as they talk. She found it curious that Qutha Pah spoke so earnestly about his diet. Furthermore, that he could survive off sunlight. At first, she thought it some notion of appreciation for the sun, but then the scholarly sense kicked in and she pondered. These dietary requirements range a bell but she could not place it.

Chani jokes about being hopeful in her defense forms. Her humorous tone brings a smile to Aryn's lips. "You are a quick learner, Miss Chani. Give it time, and you will disarm Lord Ban in a duel. Give him a scar, and he will be your closest friend." Also said in humor. Alderaanians had a /thing/ about scars.

"Oh good, but there are still choices." She sets the plate down on the counter though gives him a long look. "Just water and sunlight. That sounds like a diet if I ever heard one." Vhe smiles a bit ruefully. The food is quite a range. Fried skewers, salads of vegetables and fruit, even a few deserts but it looks like Ysanna is going to tig into a grilled fish as the steam rises when she peels back the foil. The scent is citrusy and she sighs in pleasure.

But her attention settles on Chani when the trials of her training are expressed. "A lovely place to train, most of mine has happened at the Temple but I had thought about using the hangar and creating a small little section. It doesn't hold as many ships as it used to."

She finds a fork in one of the drawers and begins to pick some of the skin away from the fish to get at the delicate meat. "The mere fact you stand with us is something. What we did on Byss was not easy or for the faint of heart."

Night training. The idea gives Qutha pause and even a bit of a shiver as he continues on in guileless polite conversation, "Doctor Aryn then, or Aryn if I need to be expedient. No need for thanks, it's only polite. I am fine with just Qutha - but back home some just called me Thaw." broad grin still firmly in place as he begins to bustle. As if he needed to be a host while making room for Aryn to sit or go for food, waiting some before he makes to get any he wishes.

"Just not Mister or Master, or Sir. I have nor need any sort of title." a curious glance at the mention of scarring a man to gain their friendship before he is headed to make a plate of all sorts, humming to himself all the while.

"I'm sorry if it's too bright here... I can try to do what I can. I suppose for most it seems like far too much.

"Disarm Lord Ban?" Chani laughs at the idea, eyes closed and body refusing to move from where it's relaxed into the cushions. "I think I'd have more success with those droids from Byss." Her lashes flutter and eyes open to look towards Vhe. "It was peaceful, if.. wet." One of her hands wiggles free from the sleeve until it descends down to her elbow, exposing her slender arm. She touches against one of the still-damp places on the robe. "I'll meditate on it later, I'm sure." Qutha apologizes for all the lights and Chani again lifts her hand to make a dismissive gesture. "No need to worry. It was just surprising to me at first. It's not bothersome at all." She grins, then. "Though, Aryn will probably call you Mister or something. She's quite formal." That same look of amusement remains as she looks to the Alderaanian noble.

Aryn smiles slightly at being called formal. "My mother taught me to address people proper.. /properly/." The last part is hided with a slightly higher pitched posh tone, as if mocking the Duchess Marian Cortess, the woman Aryn called mother. Aryn turns to share the smile, showing it was all in good form. "The gentleman has asked I call him by name. Just so: Qutha.. may I ask where you are from? Unless I am mistaken, you speak like you are Zelosian." Aryn stays oriented toward the trio now, though her hands have stayed clasped over her lower back, pinning her cape for now.

Vhe is quick to slip to the side when their new companion seeks the food she has laid out. Quick is her fork that pulls off a bit of flesh and puts it into her mouth after using her free hand to act as an aid or impromptu plate. She mmms around the food and steps aside as she leans back against the counters and considers the far more cultured and proper ladies, a smile quirking the corner of her mouth. She makes a motion with her fork, "Chani, if you ever wish to train together, I would like that. I have a feeling Qutha would wish to as well, if he chooses to stay. It is your choice after all. And should you do so, we will go to the Temple tomorrow."

She turns and quickly leans, trying not to get into his way to scrape some more of the meat free. "It would be nice for all of us to visit. We are not often all there at the same time," she remarks to Aryn but includes the others with a sweeping of her gaze before she eats what is on her fork.

"In the same, yes, Doctor Aryn, Zelos II, southern regions and all that." picking up a bit of meat to chew on while giving Vhe space to do the kitchen work she'd assigned herself. Bowing his head in gratitude before he is headed to sit down and take a load off himself. "I should like to see this temple, meet more people. I admit that where I am from much of it is facts blown into massive children-story tales of Jedi and the like. If I show to you all that I have the potential it would be foolish not to at least pursue to see where my talents may, or may not lay, yes?"

Settling in to eat more, and allowing his thoughts to percolate, "If Miss Chani would have me as a training partner and does not feel I would intrude, I'd like that as well. Learn in groups, study alone. That's the old family adage." nervous still, all sorts of new people. Probably the most non-zelosians he's been around outside that one market near where Vhe found him.

"I asked you to call me by my name and you still say Miss," Chani says with exasperation, but never losing that humorous tone or the smile to soften any kind of negativity Aryn might draw from her slightly higher pitched claim. She hardly moves from her position of relaxation, attention swinging to Vhe. "I've been meaning to return to the temple sometime soon. There are more texts that I would like to read. I'm happy to train with anyone. I've got a lot to learn." Chani groans when Qutha uses 'Miss' to address her. "Please, just Chani. Miss sounds so.." Her face scrunches up in clear dislike. She doesn't finish her statement, but instead sweeps her hands across her robes in a quick couple of brushes. "I wouldn't mind training with you."

Aryn catches Vhe's look, and the suggestion they all attend the temple together. Aryn's expression goes more neutral. "Were it easy to amend schedules, that would be a fun prospect. Alas, mine is a harder thing to tame what with the recent unexpected visits to the hospital."

Aryn moves her gaze to Qutha when he answers her question and she nods her head understanding more about who he was. Physically, that is. She does not utter anything more about it though. "I, myself, have never been. What I know of your people, or the world for that matter, I found in the pages of a book."

Chani's exasperation causes the Lady to smile in return. "So it is with regret that I admit my mother's lessons stuck too well. Apologies." When Chani further disdains the Miss nomenclature, Aryn makes note to never forget it again.


A brush of her cape reveals a datapad she disconnects from her belt and glances at the screen. "Speaking of,.. it appears I am needed for another procedure. I beg your pardons, but this is where I must depart. Be well.." Aryn says curtly, waving briefly before walking toward the door to leave. She clips the datapad back in place before shutting the door behind her!

"I understand and it is unfortunate but there is always the hope," Vhe remarks to Aryn about her schedule. A nod of her head and she smiles to Qutha as he goes on, reaching out to scrape some of the flesh from the fish again, careful to cup her hand to keep it from spilling to the floor. She takes the mouthful and mmms at Qutha. "Then if you so wish, we can make that trip tomorrow and you are welcome to come as well Chani."

The offere made she looks up in thought, tapping her fork in the air as if making silent points to herself. Aryn's departure draws her attention and the Ysanna lifts her hand to wave her off. "Be well, Aryn."

Her own hand falls to her neck, brushing at the burn scar before itching at the skin. Her hand quickly drops away. "If you would like to go back to the hangar, there is a bed there and I can walk you." She turns about and moves to get a glass of water. "Water, Chani? Qutha?"

"OH! I am very sorry, Chani. Turned about myself and all - remembering titles or lack there of." Qutha's expression abashed, reaching up to scratch at his jaw again. "I'll do my best to remember." Nodding and lifting a hand towards Aryn at her departure.

Eating and drink stop with a grinding halt when she mentions going to the hangar. "When the sun is coming up, please." swallowing and looking towards the windows. "Not in the dark. I can't go in the dark." absent mindedly brushing hair out of his face before he gets the gumption to eat againn.

"Water is fine, yes please."

"I will join you at the temple if it's possible," Chani nods to Vhe in gratitude. "I have a few things I need to tie up before I can join you, so I will meet you at your hangar once that's taken care of. May I ask what time you plan on leaving?" Glancing to Qutha, Chani doesn't quite laugh again, but there's a slight exhale of one. "It's alright. I'm not offended or bothered. I do prefer just Chani, however. I appreciate you making the effort!" Chani also rises from her chair and smooths her robes out, gently shaking her arms to help the outer shell fall into place. "It was nice to meet you, Qutha. I look forward to training with you and Vhe sometime." She says nothing of his distinct discomfort with the darkness. She's not here to judge or question someone's fears. "I'll take off for the night. Hopefully I'll see the both of you tomorrow!"

"Probably just after midday meal, if you can make it we can take two ships in case several can not stay long. Cloudburst and the Nomad will work well for us all," Vhe says with a smile that quirks to one side and dimples her tanned cheek.

"Then in the morning. I can stay here and alert Rune that he will be alone for the evening." She remarks and and then rubs a hand up over the silk wrapped head. She tugs at the edge of the silk before she nods. "Be safe Chani. The Force be with you."

She looks to the young woman with a nod before she turns to gather up a glass of water and set it before Qutha.

"Be well, Chani - bright sun and warm skies." head bowing slightly, "I will look forward to seeing what I can learn with you, my friend.: Qutha still gives that sheepish look before he adds to Vhe,

"I will remain with whomever is flying. I don't know how to fly remember." chuckling. "I can direct livestock, don't know my way around ships." rubbing at his eyes. "I may need to get some rest myself to prep for spaceflight." setting his emptied plate on a side table before sipping at his water.