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Chani arrives at the Devaron temple

OOC Date: December 03, 2020
Location: Various Places
Participants: Chani Tahn, Aryn Cole

The air bus from Keren City descends into the terminal from the sky, cradling its passengers in relative comfort as its engines transition to its repulsorlifts. What loose sediments exist on the duracrete scatter away, cast aside by the downward propulsion that prevents the bus from impacting against the ground once its forward momentum has stopped. Those aboard are jostled only slightly, before the lurch of inertia kicks in from a different direction. The bus glides forward to the platform, and a voice inside begins intoning to the passengers that they've arrived at the Theed Public Starport. Outside the wide viewports, thousands of people enter and exit the expansive district of the city, some arriving to Naboo and some leaving in glinting ships that cast themselves into the azure, clear sky hanging over the city.

The hiss of doors opening allows the passengers to disembark, and Chani Tahn files out with them, wearing plain brown clothing in the form of a tunic, breeches, and soft leather boots. She carries a simple bag slung over her shoulder and an instrument case in her right hand. A feeling of deja vu possesses her as the smell of grease, fuel, and nearby food stands assault her. She's reminded of the first time she left her home to travel among the stars. Although only months ago, it seems like a lifetime, and she has that same nervous excitement humming through her now. It's brought on by a sense of the unknown, but she faces it with her head held high. Her dark hair lightly whips about her shoulders and face as she passes through the crowd, in no seeming rush as she heads towards the public service hangar along the designated path signaled by dozens of signs. Her gaze settles on no one, though it passes over families, sole travelers, and the numerous droids moving to and fro as they carry out tasks.

Aryn has stayed quiet for the trip, observing Chani as she makes life-changing adjustments to what she's known to incorporate this new undertaking. A quiet admiration forms as Aryn considers the young lady's devotion to her core ideal: She wanted to help people. The Naboo was resolute in their commitment to service and duty, and those character defining principles manifest from Chani in a way that feels palpable.

These silent observations are made from the darkened confines of a hood that help keep her face from plain view. While not completely obscured, the Lady was content to feel anonymous, like a silent passenger.

When the doors opened and the voice intoned their arrival, Aryn stayed with Chani. When they cleared the initial grouping of people and began to forge their own path unrelated to the others migrating to various terminals, Aryn glanced toward the Naboo native and smiled. "Are you hungry?" It seems apropos to ask given the smell that's heavy on the air.

"I think I'm too nervous to eat anything. I don't want to be sick." While most of the truth, there are other motivating factors behind her decision. Part of her answer is because she'd been forced to have a big breakfast by her parents. Another part is because the day is warm and Aryn is concealed beneath clothing that Chani imagines to be warm. She is not yet versed in the many talents of a Jedi, and had never even dreamed that control of one's own body and whether it was warm or cool could be part of it. Further still, the nervous excitement she feels drives her to continue forward. Lingering will only make saying goodbye to her homeworld again that much harder. She's only vaguely aware of the soft taps of her boots against the ground as they pass through the crowd. The din of conversation, of announcements, and of the sheer number of people milling about make it difficult to hear anything.

"And I'm ready to leave." Though her expression is neutral, lurking beneath the surface is a storm of emotions covering a broad range of feelings. Indecision is one of them. She's already second-guessed herself a hundred times. The solid foundation of her parents' support encourages her to follow what she feels is right, though. They pass into the hangar and Chani's eyes begin searching for the freighter they arrived in. "Thank you for coming with me. I feel childish for asking you to, but I also felt like I couldn't face them alone." As she'd suspected, they had been initially skeptical of her revelation, but the presence of Aryn to corraborate her tale had turned a potentially frustrating conversation into the visit that she needed it to be: a time to reflect with her parents and help them come to terms with this new development. "I'm.. ready now. As ready as I can be, anyway." It's something she feels to her core.

Aryn is amused by Chani's first statement but she does not convey this, though her smile is thankfully hidden beneath the hood's shade. Chani's advance across the terminal is accompanied by Aryn's own steps, her boot heels 'clopping' in time with the other lady's making it further evident that Chani was not alone. Aryn was poetic enough to find it amusing, the rythym a manifestation of solidarity between the two; they walked the same path in more ways than one.

"Your family are wonderful people, and I am so thankful for their hospitality and patience. Their love for you is evident. It warmed my heart."

When they arrive before the Rainstorm, Aryn stepped in front of Chani to pause their advance a moment longer. "You are," Aryn confirms, and adds further, "and from here your life changes. We do not say good bye to what rests behind us, though. It comes with you too. Becoming Jedi is not about uprooting what makes you unique; from this point, it is about expanding on what you are, who you are. I ask that in our travel you look inward and remember what it is like to be a student. What you know, and what you have seen in your lifetime to this point is about to become much more complex."

Aryn raises a gloved hand to lightly cup Chani's arm in a show of guidance, and she side steps to gesture toward their ship. "Come. We will learn together and be better for it." Automated security modifications initiate when Aryn has come within range of the ship. The ramp lowers, its path outlined by blue lights that flicker in sequential order as if beckoning them back aboard.

"They're used to knowing famous people, but I think this time they were a little out of their depth." Chani allows a small smile at this revelation. Seeing the shocked look on her parents' face when she introduced her guest is a memory she won't forget for a long time coming. She just hopes that she doesn't end up regretting everything in the end. Chani's right hand fingers flex, adjusting the swiveling handle of the instrument case she's carrying so that it's not pinched against the skin of her palm where it's subtly valleyed by the way her hand is curled up. It's the absence of footsteps next to her more than anything that causes Chani to pause and glance over her shoulder in the Princess' direction. Seeing Aryn halted brings her to a halt.

When she faces the older woman, it's evident by the unwavering gaze and the seriousness of her expression that she's not just hearing the words, but considering them. She's a studious individual with the wherewithal to know that she has much more to learn about the galaxy and everything in it. Enough to know that what she does now is not something to be taken lightly. She has no response to Aryn except to nod her head after taking a deep breath in through her nose and letting it out through her mouth. Still, Chani's steps can't help but be a little heavy as they ascend the durasteel ramp, thunking against the extended tongue that takes them up into the depths of the ship that will carry them to wherever they're going next.

Silence was always a good answer, it implied the other participant was listening, and listening was good. Aryn, convinced the moment had found purchase, turns her attention to the ship and climbing up its slight ramp behind Chani. Upon reaching the top, Aryn gave Naboo's public hangar one last look before initiating the ramp to close and seal them inside the vessel.

She finally casts back the shade of her hood revealing the state of her hair. Unlike the day before, where her hair had been braided in order to keep it from cupping her face, it now hung freely and slightly wavy. Moisture and humidity had this effect on her hair, but Aryn did not seem to mind or care. She unclasped her cape and hung it up, then brushed her hair back lazily to draw it into a tail that hung loosely against the wake of her neck. Revealing more of her pale face accentuated the scar of her eye, and showed more of her youthful features that otherwise went unnoticed beneath the confines of bright blonde.

"Are you staying in here while I get us underway? Or would you like to be in the control cabin with me?" Aryn asks, silence following until her droid rolled by warbling. It made Aryn laugh. Who knew droids could possess a sense of humor.

After one last inhale, Chani didn't bother looking back. Like Aryn said moments ago: this wasn't goodbye. She stops by the same area she did the first time to stow away her bag and the instrument case containing her hallikset. She'd debated, for a long time, on what instrument to bring, if any, and decided that her latest endeavor was the best choice. She pays special attention to make sure its secured and won't go flying when they go underway. Freed of luggage, Chani steps back into the middle of the corridor and sets her sights on Aryn, who has shed her cloak. She feels some small sense of blame for the state of the woman's hair, as she had asked the very well-known Princess to join her, but she answers the question rather than apologizes. "Up front, if you don't mind. ..I'd like to learn to pilot a ship some day. Watching everything was more interesting than I thought it'd be."

"Of course," Aryn says, seeming tickled by the notion of learning to fly. "If we manage to align schedules, I might be able to arrange some classes with the best pilots in the New Republic fleet. Who better to learn from?" Aryn turned and began walking down the corridor to the control cabin. When she passed the threshold of the door, the lights began to glow brighter and the canopy's shade grew more transparent. Aryn found her seat, like before, and continued the ritual of safety by strapping herself in.

Pre-flight was a simple process for the learned, and she began to bring all the subsystems online while testing the dexterity of the yoke. <<"Theed control tower, this is Rainstorm. Requesting a flightpath to exit the system and permission to leave the starport, over.">>

The response came back accented in the tone of native Naboo. <<"Rainstorm, this is the tower. Your flight path is assigned and permission to depart is granted. Be safe during your travels.">>

<<"Tower, Rainstorm: Understood. Be well. Rainstorm out.">>

Repulsor lifts come to life and the ship lifts up with a sudden rumble. Aryn pulls back on the lever controlling the landing skids and orients the craft to slowly fly out and into the open. Coordinates a prepped in the nav-computer and the canopy darkens to avoid being blinded by the bright Nabuu star. Holo-projected flight details appeared before them and Aryn flexes her gloved hand, obvious tension in the leather, before regripping the yoke to take them up. "Here we go, Miss Chani.." Forewarning as she reached out to take hold of the throttle responsible for engine output. Once aligned with their flight path, Aryn initiated the thrust, putting them back against their seats and angled into the sky. The ship rocked through choppy air dipping and rising in a manner that felt akin to sudden drops and gradual adjustments.

To that, Chani has no answer, but she imagines the question is rhetorical. She knows little of being a pilot or who the best pilots in the New Republic fleet might be. To her knowledge, she doesn't think she's ever even met one. Not dwelling on that part of the conversation for long, Chani follows Aryn down the corridor, hair subtly bouncing against her tunic and tickling against her cheek in the process. Unlike the Princess', it's too thick and long to have been much affected by the heat. She, herself, seems to have developed little in the way of moisture on her skin despite the warmth of the day. The echoes of their footsteps in the ship are far louder than in the open air of the spaceport, and Chani muses that they're in rhythm with one another.

Entering the cabin with much less fear than the first time, Chani still steps nimbly to avoid bumping into anything. She, too, straps herself into her seat, though this time, instead of turning her gaze towards the viewport to admire what's outside, her head is turned and her chin dipped so she can watch the Princess' fingers move with practiced ease over the various switches. Some only make clicks. Some cause a series of muffled, but rumbling whines to emanate from somewhere deeper in the frame of the freighter. She can feel it as rumbles through the cushions of the seat. Intimidated by the number of processes the pilot has to go through just before she even begins to take off, Chani nonetheless tries to discern some meaning from the formula of actions taking place. She doesn't really glean anything from it except a sense that it will be a complicated process to learn.

To her credit, Chani's knuckles don't turn white this time as the freighter lifts off from the duracrete its been sitting on and begins to float out of the hangar. The bright white lights from the ceiling pass by in flickers, until the natural light of the sun is cast down on them and the instrument panels before her. She still loses some of her breath when the engines kick on and momentum pushes her back into the seat. Aryn's words dredge a realization up in her mind, which takes her attention partially from the lurching of her stomach when they hit natural pockets in the air that make the craft dip and jostle around. "I never asked where we're going."

"I am taking you to the Devaron system. The planet shares the same name. It is the location of one of our temples, and the crux of where we Jedi train. Have you ever seen the jungle before?" Aryn asks just as their view of the sky segues from blue to the black of the void. The Nav-computer indicates the jump is ready, and when Aryn brings the ship out of the gravity well, she pulls back on the throttle for the hyperdrive and sends them into hyperspace with a sudden launch.

Like before, the cockpit is flooded with cool air, and the instruments idly blink and beep occasionally. Aryn adjusts her seat back and sighs out softly. For the first time since they have been together, she seems tired and sounds it. "Devaron is a dangerous world; well it is dangerous if you leave the temple and venture out into the jungle. Much of the wild fauna remains unfazed by colonization developments and villages. The natives make quite the living through hunting and gathering. We Jedi make use of an old temple there. It is a peaceful place and full of useful knowledge of how enhance your connection with the Force. That will serve as the location of your first lesson as a Jedi: perspective."

Chani doesn't recognize the name. She racks her memory for anything she might have heard about it in school, but finds herself with only a blank in place of anything that might be useful. "Other than the forests of Naboo? No." It's arguable she even experienced much of that, in truth. The 'forests' had been a carefully built and well-maintained preserve meant for school children to visit so they could be exposed to flora and fauna in a controlled environment. Chani has never been exposed to, or seen, what could be construed as 'the wilds'. While a crash course might not necessarily be in her future, a redefining of her understanding of the concept is certainly in short order. It's almost enough to distract her from how tired Aryn looks.

Almost, but not quite. Gently pinching her brows towards one another, Chani thinks to ask after the Princess, but she's speaking before Chani can, and so she remains silent. She's not quite sure what to make of the concept that she's going somewhere dangerous, or even really what that entails. For Chani, she's walking into this whole thing from the perspective of the blind. The depth to which she grasps words like 'danger' and the other things Aryn explains to her will be in question probably for some time. She supposes that's what the training is for, though. "Perspective?" She obviously understands the word. What she's more curious about is the specific way it applies to the situation.

"Perspective," Aryn repeats in a matter of fact and confirming way. She sits back up just before the ship emerges to realspace and Devaron is before them. It is a green emerald colored world with a small fleet of Republic ships above it. They're scanned almost immediately, and a warning prompts this fact in bright red in front of them, indicative to this ship being used long ago for nefarious purposes.

Aryn engages the impulse engines and brings them to the ship's max speed, angling toward the world to align with an encrypted signal appearing from the surface. It reads Temple of Eedit. There are no towers to coordinate with, so they begin their approach through the atmosphere.

"Your perspective of the Force and how you perceive the world has to be revealed. Like a realization.. where you become aware of something you did not know co-existed with you all along; an inherent sense, a connection, even. When you realize it, and embrace it, you perceive the world in a way you have not before. You can feel life... death, nature, and balance in a way that spiritually binds itself to you. Things that take up space around you become an extension of your senses, and you can feel when they move; and in time, you can move them without touching them with your hands."

The Rainstorm dips beneath a thick layer of storm clouds and flies toward the green jungle sea toward a distant tower that barely peeks over the horizon. It's revealed that this tower belongs to the temple, and when Aryn lowers the ship for landing, they see other ships parked in fighter berths with droids and tall Wookiees walking around. One Wookiee holds a pair of glowing batons, directing Aryn on where to guide her ship until the skids touch the old, ancient stones.

The transition from hyperspace to realspace is fascinating. Chani watches it with no small sense of amazement, briefly forgetting everything Aryn has just said regarding danger. A measure of that returns moments later, though, when red Aurebesh appears on the console in front of them and Chani's gaze quickly scans over it. Her heart leaps into her throat over the message, but when they're not atomized out of the sky and Aryn's behavior doesn't change, she begins to suspect that this little notification is nothing new. She wonders why she didn't see it on Naboo. It's something she casts from her mind when the nose of the craft dips towards the atmosphere of the planet and the spheroid in the vacuum of space starts to loom larger and larger.

"..If I didn't know better, I would say that sounds crazy." Although the Jedi are not a myth on Naboo, the conjecture surrounding them sometimes elevates into the absurd when it comes to hyperbole. "So I'll take your word for it." She's been good today when it comes to speaking with Aryn. Perhaps it was the intimacy of hosting the Princess at her home or just a growing sense of familiarity, but she's managed to drop using 'Your Highness' every time she speaks with the woman. She's happy to lapse into silence as they dip beneath the clouds and begin approaching their destination. What seems as onl a little speck on the horizon steadily grows bigger, and Chani tries to compare that to how the world itself had seemed relatively small when it wasn't taking up their entire view. Chani's lips settle together as the ship's weight is cushioned by its landing struts. Now that they're finally here, Chani is revisited by the anxiety of the unknown. Still, she's not hesitant to undo her restraints or rise from her seat. "I see what you meant by jungle," Chani remarks as she does, trying to keep a light air about her. "Where I visited on Naboo, I could still see the open fields. I don't think there's any open fields around here."

"I once thought the same," Aryn confides, smiling. She powers the ship down and the canopy blacks out, lights inside glowing brighter. She rises up from her seat and begins to make her way to the back of the ship. "Here, there are jungles everywhere. The jungles have jungles. It is easy to get lost if you are not keenly aware of your destination and where you are on a map. Thankfully, our visit has us relegated to the temple for now."

Her cape is left to hang on the hook she placed it on, and she begins to roll up her sleeves, drawing her gloves from her hands and lightening up on clothing. "It is.. kind of hot here. No need to change though, I plan to take you past our quartermaster to see about some more customary tunic and robes. They will have fabrics and such to choose from, and.." Aryn says, turning back with a cheeky smile. "..new boots! There are all kinds of shoes to choose from. Not all are stylish, and I should recommend you pick those which serve you the best, but I love shoes."

Aryn leads the way to the back of the ship to begin lowering the ramp. Hot and humid air rush in making Aryn sigh heavily and picture a hot shower in her future.

Seeing the Princess of Alderaan in a state one might consider giddy is something Chani's not sure she ever expected to see. She follows the blonde woman from the control cabin, boots tapping their rhythm on the deck plating of the corridor. She's dressed for warm weather with light fabrics, but Naboo warm weather and warm weather on a jungle planet are not necessarily the same thing. She knows that much from Rori. She reserves any adjustment to her clothing in lieu of seeing what she's dealing with, and the only time she stops is to gather what meager belongings she brought along with her from the place she stowed them near the ramp. The bag is slung over her shoulder and the hallikset case is hefted in hand. "I'll go for something comfortable, I think."

Aryn chuckles and leads the way down the ramp. A big Wookiee roars upon seeing her, and at first it sounds threatening given the sentient's 8ft height and massive arm span, but after Aryn giggles and hugs the giant furry mammal, any sign of a threat is diminished. "Keenooka! It is so good to see you again, my dear friend." The Wookiee practically engulfs Aryn's small size, concealing her with hairy arms that pat the small blonde's back and shoulders. When they part, Aryn gestures to Chani. "I have the pleasure of introducing Chani Tahn of Naboo. She has come to join us; Miss Chani, this is Miss Keenooka. Keenooka handles much of the security around the temple and protects us from everything that fancies us for dinner." The Wookiee responds with a low growl that seems friendly and welcoming. Keenooka waves at Chani, then makes a gesture and growl that's akin to 'I need to go.' Aryn waves in return. "Sorry to keep you, Keenoka. Please be safe."

Their path to the interior of the temple leads to a lift, which Aryn triggers at the touch of a button. The sounds of the jungle are all around them. It consists of the loud croaks of amphibians, the squeals of avians, and the distant unknown sounds of other fauna. The air here is humid, heavily humid and the heat is intense. That changes when the lift arrives, offering the first hint of indoor climate.

This is not her first time seeing a Wookiee, but it is the first time she's seen one so close. It requires her to look up a great deal, and it has everything to do with the fact that there's nearly a total of three feet difference in their height. She feels small in a way entirely different than how she'd felt upon viewing space for the first time. A nervous smile is her offer to the exchange, and she raises her left hand in a semblance of a greeting. "It's nice to meet you." The introduction is short, however. She understands nothing of the growls being directed at them and remains quiet beyond the pleasantries. Watching the Wookiee leave, Chani is forced to speed up to catch Aryn, who heads for the turbolift. She squeezes in and beyond the blonde, placing herself near the back of the tube rather than remaining at the front. What surprises her the most, perhaps, is the noise. It's nothing like Theed's spaceport, but to say this place is quiet would be inaccurate. "Does it always sound like this?"

Aryn steps in behind Chani and the doors shut. "At night, it is louder. There are more nocturnal animals in the jungle than daydwelling. They make all manner of noise. It can be.. distracting." She laughs and reaches forward to trigger the fifth level. The lift does not take long, and the doors slide open to reveal a stone corridor with artificial lighting. There are a group of young people dressed in robes standing with a Twi'Lek young man. The group turn to regard the pair, and Aryn waves. "Mr. Jett.. class.." She greets, and a shrill female voice announces Olaa Farcastle, a small dark haired girl that came running to Aryn. "LADY ARYN!"

Oof, Aryn is hugged tight by the girl and she laughs. "Mother's mercy you have grown, Ms. Oola!" Aryn kneels down in front of the child fussing with her dark hair a moment before smiling. "And what lesson are you learning here, hmm?"

Oola answers, turning from Aryn to point at Jett. "Jett is teaching us about the equipment you can carry on your belts like rebreathers, and datapads, and hunting knives, and comm links, and--" Aryn laughs. "..lightsabers, and blasters.." Oola continues and suddenly looks to Chani. "Who are you?" She asks abruptly. Aryn straightens, entirely too amused by the youth.

Chani barely notices the turbolift doors whisking shut. Her mind is cast back again to only a few years ago, when she was a student in a classroom. Terms like nocturnal, diurnal, circadian rhythms, and other associated words fill her head as she tries to get a grasp of what Devaron is like as a planet. So far, all she has to go off is that Aryn's said it's dangerous and that it's hot and noisy. Still, Chani knows she should be cautious if a Jedi is saying something is dangerous. The young Naboo woman reaches a hand out to the side to brace it against the railing around the tube when it begins moving, swaying briefly with the motion as it runs along its track towards its destination. Counting the buttons on the panel gives her some clue to how many floors there are, even if they only go one down.

Emerging behind the blonde, Chani takes in the group of sentients before scanning the architecture, and her focus returns to the latter once Aryn begins to speak with them. She stands behind and to the side, an outsider around people familiar with one another. Or tries to, at least, until the young girl is abruptly asking her identity. "I'm Chani." A simplistic answer, but the best one she has to offer. It takes her a second to give a response, so caught off guard by the suddenness of the question.

"I'm Oola," she replies, hooking a thumb back to herself. She looks up at Aryn. "Is she to be a Jedi too?" Aryn nods her head yes, smiling. "But we have said enough, Oola. Rejoin your class. We can catch up later, okay?" The child is reluctant to leave the pair, her eyes settling on Chani to study her with a lot of curiosity. Aryn cups a hand over her shoulder (Oola's) and urges her to rejoin Jett. Jett bows his head to Chani quietly, as do the others in his charge, and Aryn mouths 'SORRY' in passing.

They reach a quartermaster's chamber where robes of all shapes, colors, and sizes hang from racks. There's boots too, belts, and other items much like Oola had recited to them. Aryn took to standing at the center of the room and made a sweeping motion of her arm and hand. "I hope you find something to your liking, Ms. Chani. Please take your time."

"It's nice to meet you, Oola." She doesn't condescend to the younger girl, or attempt to lower herself down to speak with her. In that, perhaps, the Naboo are unique. Some of their most famous and influential individuals are many years younger than the galactic standard. A genuine smile is given, instead, and Chani once again lapses into silence as they begin to file away to go to whatever class it is they're supposed to be attending. She returns respectful nods to each of those that give her one, and when she's left again with Aryn, the smile remains on her face. "I.. didn't expect this. I think I expected something more solemn?" She's not sure if that's the word she's looking for, but it's the one she gives. As usual, she follows Aryn's lead.

Entering the room she's guided to, it takes her a moment to discern what all she's looking at. These must be the clothes that the woman was speaking of before. "These, at least, look familiar. There are depictions of Jedi in our history classes. Most always they're wearing robes of some sort. I remember a holo of Freedom Day depicting them." As she muses, she moves about the room, searching for herself. "Is there some special order to things?" She tries to cast her mind back to what she saw Oola and the others wearing. It seems far more complex now that she has to choose for herself than when she just saw them initially.

"Our existence is small, but it is a cheerful one. We have come across many throughout the galaxy who share our gift and our desire to help others. Learning the Force, and how it can help people, is a lifelong pursuit. Some have started young, others have come into our service much like you have. Everyone is eager to do their part, and learn." Aryn explains kindly, pivoting to trace Chani's movements. "There is a guide in the changing area there, just inside. It tells you the traditional way to wear the robes, and the precedence of each article. And over here.." Aryn walks to one of the walls and pulls out a small datapad, bringing up the screen and handing it to Chani. "This is a list of everything you will need. We can get it all packed up, and after you have your room, you can get changed if you like." Once the datapad is passed off, Aryn locks her hands to the small of her back once more. "That is helpful." Taking the datapad from Aryn, Chani uses it as a guide as much as the display in the changing room. She consults both, but she doesn't spend an overly long amount of time gathering the things. Most of her time taken is discernment: finding the right sizes rather than worrying about a style. She picks neutral colors. Creams and soft browns, with the darkest being the belt and the boots. She knows that getting hung up here and being worried about what she should wear is a pitfall if nothing else. There are far more important things to concern herself with, and right now she needs to worry more about moving forward than stalling out on step one. The only thing she tries on are the boots to ensure that they fit her feet properly and are not too big or rub in unfortunate ways against the hotspots of contact. All in all, she's done and ready without Aryn having to wait overly long, and the bag she's carrying with her has more than enough space for her to place the things that she's selected from the room.

When Chani returned to Aryn with all things gathered, Aryn was holding a new object in her hands. It appeared to be a flashlight, or a hilt of sorts, with a common design and large red activation stud. She did not share this item with Chani yet, but she intended to. "Alright Miss Chani, just follow me and we can sort out your room." There was an unintentional posh tone to Aryn's accent as she pivoted to lead the way out. She slowed just enough so the two of them could walk side by side and return to the lift. She continued to twist the device in her hand thoughtfully, like holding it was somehow nostalgic in one way or another.

Nodding to Aryn to show both her understanding and compliance, Chani joins the blonde woman as they exit this floor and go to the lift. The pack on her shoulder feels heavier in more than just the way that it's laden down with other things. Again, the sense of responsibility is starting to set in. She realizes where she is and what she's here to do, and she can't help but think about the seriousness that all this represents, no matter how much things seem so light-hearted with the students. On board the lift, Chani's gaze flits to the object in the woman's hands. "What is that?" She recognizes it at least so far as the shape goes. It's almost mirrored in what the woman is wearing on her hip. Her gaze lifts after, studying the blonde's face.

"It is your weapon," Aryn says carefully, glancing back to Chani with a more neutral look. "The weapon of a Jedi, though one intended for practice. We call it a stunsaber, so you need not worry about actually harming yourself with it. This will be a tool for you in the coming months as you begin your training. I do not suspect you will have need of it yet, but I would like you to become familiar with it." Aryn does not hand it over yet. It seems she intends to wait until they are within the confines of her quarters to do so. "I understand the Naboo abhor violence, hence my hesitation. I do not like to call this a weapon, in truth. It is a tool: A tool intended to safeguard the innocent. We Jedi do not seek violence, but we must not shy away from it either. There are foes who do not listen to diplomacy, who harm for the sake of harming, and it is in those moments when all lesser means have failed to disrupt their course for violence that we present this in a manner of defense."

Chani does not look on the stunsaber, as Aryn has called it, with disdain or anything else. Instead, she focuses on the woman. In the time she's known the Princess, she's known her to be forthcoming, but this topic in particular seems to draw more words out of the woman than any so far. Chani wonders if this is a lesson. "Perception." It's a simple statement. Chani could choose to see it as a weapon, as many consider the lightsaber and its ilk to be, or she could consider it what Aryn is calling it: a tool intended to safeguard and to aid its owner in survival. She makes no move for it. Instead, she seems content to let the other woman worry over it while waiting for the lift to put them out at their destination.

"Just so," Aryn responds, smiling slightly at Chani's echo of the lesson. The dinging bell announces their arrival and the doors slide open. Aryn steps out thoughtfully leading the way to the directory for Chani to select her quarters. These are spacious, the hall quiet and cool, and a rug quiets their approach. When Aryn arrives at the directory, she brings up the screen and eliminates the rooms that are already occupied, leaving Chani a choice to make of those remaining. "Here you can select which room is yours and it produces a key."

Following Aryn out into the corridor, it's here that Chani feels some of the somber mood she expected in the first place. Here, however, it makes sense. She imagines the living quarters anywhere to be somewhere where others try to afford people respect with silence. Even her footfalls seem a little more muted, though that might more be the open nature of the hall rather than anything special. Once they arrive at the screen, Chani glances over it before selecting her favorite number out of the mix. Lifting her hand, she inputs the information into the registry and waits to take her key, selecting room number seven. It's not next to any others occupied, but that's less about her desiring any kind of separation and more just whim.

The keycard is produced and the light above room seven changes from green to red, meaning occupied. Aryn walks toward it and waits for Chani to open the hatch so they might go inside. She continues to lightly rap the weapon's edge against the meat of her palm, still in quiet thought. Perhaps it was the ambience of the quiet corridor that made Aryn remain quiet. When Chani looked back her way, she offered a reassuring smile and straightened. "I have a call to make soon. So I figure I will leave you to get settled in your room and make things feel more.. comfortable. Here.." She offers the stunsaber to Chani. "It is yours. In time, I will help you learn how to wield it properly. For now, keep it nearby."

Keycard in hand, Chani moves to the threshold and presses it against the panel. There's an audible click as the locking mechanisms undo and another whisking sound when the door retracts to allow them inside. She enters first, eyes sweeping around the interior of what will be her new home for.. she's not sure how long. Setting the hallikset case near the bed and then discarding the bag over her shoulders onto it, Chani turns to face Aryn, watching as the woman continues to fidget with the cylindrilical object in her hand. Chani finally focuses her attention on it to the exclusion of all else. In truth, she does see it as a weapon. But she knows Aryn is right, too, and everything is about perception. With a measured amount of hesitation, she reaches out to accept the stunsaber. "I hope that I will learn, too. Thank you for all your help."

"It has been my pleasure, Miss Chani." Aryn smiled, then dipped her head in a curt nod/bow, backtracked a few steps and walked out. A casual wave of her hand once outside sees the door shutting in her wake, and Aryn's pace picks up so she might head back to the ship to make a call home. Her hands return to the small of her back, and when she's in the lift, the doors are open long enough to show her turn about and look ahead, then they're shut and the lift goes up.