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A Reckoning: Better Uses

OOC Date: August 19, 2021
Location: Deep Space
Participants: Bizz Bliptettjupp, Sumi Kora, Avery Ihala Kora Hahtavi Kora, Valeska Jaivon, Narsai Ordo and Hadrix Kora as GM Clan Kora Mandalorian

<<"Unidentified craft this is your last warning to power down weapons and shields, move to two thousand meters and submit for scans!">>

The Sienar travel station hung in void, turrets swiveling towards the Mandalorian craft that had arrived in system - scant moments after the Galofree 'Drifter' had disengaged from docking. Preparing to move for the jump point and out of the mass shadow of the asteroid the station was built into.

The Old and Busted's raptor lines providing an intimidating shadow from which fighter and board craft have been emerging from. Opposite the distinctive forms of Sienar's own (in)famous TIE craft launching from the station. The defensive capabilities of the marauder warding off the station defenses, turbolasers threatening the simple defense turrets of the refueling outpost.

It was a rare day that Hadrix let someone else drive his baby. But Pheegus and Greeza were in the ARC-170, playing fighter screen as the Woor'tra while the turrets were handled by the big man.

<<Hahtavi get us just abaft the control cabin. And don't scratch my ship.">> that's HIS job... to scrape it up.

It's a bumpy ride zipping in and around fighter screens. Hahtavi has been getting a lot of practice flying frieghters lately but the Woor'tra still isn't his more familiar Tal'onidir kimogila. She responds entirely differently. Focused, this Kora weaves through the TIE fighters, using the Woor'tra's cannons to help blaze a path. Both gloved hands on the ship's yoke, Hadrix using the dorsal guns to help with clearing the way!

<< "I see it. Coming in on the Gallofree's dorsal lock. Brace yourselves." >> Just incase it's a bit more impact than soft mating of hatches. Or maybe just to make Hadrix nervous! Even so, Hahtavi manages to swing the Woor'tra's starboard side around and slows at the last moment to ever so carefully line up the airlocks. << "Mating. Clear to breach when she's green!" >> There's the soft bump, then the seals matched up. For the boarding party it's a matter of an additional two or three seconds for the red light over the airlock hatch to turn from red to green - green to GO!

Shields on full, Hahtavi secures the yoke and prepares to seal the cockpit to move on back and join the tail end of the boarding team.

t wasn't the Thunderheart, nor was she in command or piloting, so Narsai was left awaiting the touchdown and gripping her weapons' hilt in preparation for the landing aboard the vessel. It was strangely comforting to be doing something they'd done so many times in one way or another, but jetpacking in and breaching the hull might not have gone quite so well with all the fighters Sienar was ready and willing to launch in responce.

<<Good luck out here,>> she offers to their fighter support, then the redhead Reviver leader and Alor of Clan Ordo moves through the boarding tube as the light goes green, breaching in to whatever may await them.

Bizz is smoking up the cargo bay of the VCX-350 with a globular censer of Dagoyan incense emitting silvery-blue smoke as he meditates. His information is in those Sienar-Jaemus computers. He can't trust a droid to do the hacking. And good relations with the Mandalorian(s) he has. Under his holy robe is a set of light armor designed to take a few hits. And aside from his walking stick, he has a stun baton waiting to be unleashed. "Green means go!" the Ugnaught holy man splutters, then starts waddling toward the tube!

Sumi is a part of the ground teams, and is currently dealing with the preparation of her gear, weapons, armor, and the last of her smoke. The smoke is smothered against the bracer on her arm to put it out before she pulls down her helm and grabs the E-11 out of the locker. Its sling is cast over her shoulder and torso, and her cape is brushed back to allow free movement of arms and hands to grab the vast selection of weapons harbored upon her belt. With everything shaping up, she seems prepared to disembark when they're in range. Close quarters was her specialty afterall.

<<"Commander, I am in position.">> several turbo blasts the size of snub fighters cross the distance between station and corvette, one aimed to slam against the asteroid and set off impact alerts. <<"Hahaha! Look! I suspect they're all shaking. We'll keep them from bringing about their turrets.">> one of the tractor arrays of the marauder latches onto a TIE fighter in passing, holding it shaking while missile tubes begin firing warheads at TIE craft to scramble them aside Pheegus and Greeza's work.

The side docking tube doors of the blockade runner are open showing the clean white walls and floor of the industrial transport craft, the black gridwork of the floor tiles standing out and the alarm klaxons suddenly audible within the Woor'tra itself.

<<"Copy. Be ready, Gallofree are supposed to only have seven crew, but it's a Sienar operation.">> Hadrix is moving, within the Woor'tra, shifting to the fire control stations on the bridge to begin setting turrets on tracking the tiny fighters rocketing about. <<"Expect some stiff resistance. Once you're all aboard I'm breaking the Woor'tra free for screen support. Take the bridge, plug in Heiyuu's hypernavs for Mandalore">> information upload data scrolls across HUD screens. <<"Good flying, Hahtavi.">>

As the Mandalorians, and Bizz, pile out into the freighter the sounds of footsteps are closing in and a eight sentients in Sienar Security Armor appear; blasters drawn as they move for cover and prepare to open fire on the boarders. "Turn back now or throw down your weapons sleemos!" brave, or paid to be.

<<"Understood, Al'verde. Vor'e!">> Hahtavi's boots thunder on the Woor'tra's decking plates as he heads for the hatch to join the assault. His gloved hands pull his Galaar around and snap it onto the tacitcal rig, ready to go. Get her to Manda'yaim, got it.

As soon as the Sienar Security address them, Hahtavi's pulling his rifle up <" Surrendor or die - for Manda'yaim!"> These guys see a bunch of Mandos charging into their ship, they know the osik is hitting the fan.

Hahtavi's Galaar barks twice, hitting one of the Security team and just missing a second. The Kora doesn't have cover yet so he presses forward.

No cover, Narsai was at the front. Hell, wrapped in her Beskar? She WAS cover to those behind her. Still she surges forwards, her Beskad drawn into her hand while she rushes close and delivers a rapid onslaught of slashes to the first target she meets. Getting up in their face was the plan, and clearly she was intending to draw more than a little fire!

Bizz waddles out after Narsai and a few others, looking for acceptable computer ports to steal his vital information. Maybe they'll take the bridge later. He takes a glowing purple ball from within his robe and, thinking of Sienar-Jaemus employees as nearly as bad as the First Order and Sith for supplying their war machine, throws one ball at the group of them! It explodes in a purple-blue mess all over them. "Yes, take the bombad grenade!"

Boots called into action, Valeska swings her rifle into her hands and follows the group onto their objective. This is where she shows how useful she is. Well, that's always the plan, anyways. It doesn't often pan out that way but hey. It's a team effort, right? She hits the deck blasting; a bolt ripping from her rifle at the exact same time as she lands. A grunt is given a quick lesson in flying that he won't soon forget.

Sumi doesn't charge out so much as walk briskly following the Mandalorians that lead the charge. Still quiet, her focus settles on the revolver she's holding, the last of the slugs fed into the cylinder before its spun shut. She locks the hammer back and pauses, extending the heavy pistol out to engage one of the grunts up ahead. The slugthrower makes a very distinct noise with each discharge, and of the three, only one finds the target and knocks them back. Sumi mumbles something about being rusty, but just locks the hammer back and pursues.

Avery is late to the game, having had to go back for his weapon before debarking into the freighter. He had thought he attached it to its holster on his back but alas, when checking over his systems and armament, the E-11 was noticeably missing. Still, though he may be late he came prepared for battle.... eeeer, looking past the forgetting his weapon bit.

The Mandalorian Slicer follows the rest of the crew through the hatch, the systems in his Y-visor sweeping over the mostly incapacitated resistance. There was however, two remaining foe, one looking scared but still able to fight, the other looking like he was doing his best to cling to life. His trusty carbine lifts and, with the depress of its trigger twice, finds the last two crumpling to the ground, parts of their body missing from his assault. <"It may be obvious now, but we will take neither of those options. Oh... I should have said that first and then shot.">

A vibrating 'THUNK' runs through the industrial transport as the freighter approximately a third its size breaks free. Locks closed on either end, but the need for quick exit while the TIES scream in, filling space with cannon fire that hues emerald and ruby as the ARC-170 takes shield hits and weaves seemingly at the same time; the Woor'tra suffering shield strikes and a shaky draw-away to get to maneuvering distance.

<<"Woor'tra clear, Old n'Busted, angle a tractor on them.">>

<<"Copy, Commander...">>

Another shaking sensation on the gallofree when magnetic beams are projected to force a course correction for the massive craft. The boarding crew clear to make entry without interference for several junctions until the massed eyes catch sight of overturned tables and ship storage crates at the end of a hall.

More defense guards on a bloated ship crew, though not the numbers one might expect for a staunch defense crew, with approximately a dozen weapons firing down the corridor on the Mandalorian approach.

They've cleared the first obsticles and move on towards the bridge - only to find the next ship's corridor blockaided. <<"They've got cover!">> Hahtavi initially starts to reach for a frag grenade, then thinks better of it. Explosions on ships can go either way and they need to get through this corridor. So he slaps his jetpack control but nothing happens.

There's a grimace. Without missing a further beat, Hahtavi just starts firing and closing the distance. His first shot takes one of the Security team down hard, but the second shot misses when the target ducks down. This Kora is marking targets for his team mates as he sees them popping up to shoot.

Narsai's feet are at a run at the call of cover, weapons raised their way while the blaster bolts fill the corridor over her head and grenades are hurtled past her. Sometimes it paid to be a more petite ball of Beskar and murder!

Her feet leave the ground as she kicks off and a burst of jetpack-fueled speed sends her amongst their cover, her first slash landing before she'd even touched down and then a second strike ending the man. She turns, slashing low and cutting deep across the leg of one of the remaining grunts.

<<Close distance, I'll keep them distracted.>>

themselves in a corridor on a Gallofree transport. "By the FORCE!" He hurls another Gungan boomer ball like a shotput over the enemy's makeshift cover, hitting a few of them and blasting them with Naboobian core energy.

One round of carnage deserves another. Only these various goons and grunts have learned from the mistakes of the predecessors and have taken cover. Admirable but ultimately useless. Valeska kicks her rockets into action, soaring up and over to hover above. <"I mean, you tried,"> she offers just before her rifle sends another goon on an impromptu flying lesson. Backwards. Always backwards.

Hmmmm.... overturned tables and crates at the end of a hallway, the usual tell of hiding and covered enemies. At least they didn't disappoint when about a dozen faces and weapons sprout from the hastily setup blockade and begin firing back toward the Mandalorians and Bizz. As most of the rest have done, Avery ignites his pack and flies beyond their cover, two blaster bolts sent into the mix from his E-11. The first finds its target, sending one of the sheltered ones down to their knees, the second was not so accurate and scorched the ground nearby. At least the rest of the group was whittling them down, less return fire to contend with as the defense crew gain their backbones.

"Shields are going." "Yes, I can see that flat-worm!" "Hey!" "Fly better! I'm gonna have to get on it!" Greeza and Pheegus arguing amid the blasts chewing away at the Ka'Shukalar's shields as much as they are able to carbon score fighter armor.

Screams of security troops flailing in the viscous goop of the Naboo planet core and repeated blaster fire the alarms continue to ring - a turret blast flashes close enough to the gallofree to set off warnings - a note as if Siener were more willing to lose the ship than their pride or cargo - an action silenced by a massive turbolaser blast erasing the offending turret. <<"Old and Busted, Commander - working our way through missile stock.">>

The Woor'tra finally gets lose of the docking coupling that the Drifter had attached, with a wrenching scream of metal before bucking through fire and returning some of its own to create clouds of blink-burning fire and shrapnel in space.

With the Mandalorians so close and two wearing armor so distinctive to the old holos, the one in 'command' pips on his security suit turns, wounded, bleeding and opens fire on the closest, sending a shot for Valeska's abdomen while calling out, "No quarter! No QUARTER! They're going to kill us all! Drop em!" drawing a spray of fire at the Mandalorians in proximity, the mad monk with ordinance forgotten.

<<"Commander, boarding team. Getting thick. Get the bridge and let us know when you're getting ready to make the jump.">>

Now he's moved up closer but still outside of the confined cover where most of the others have jetpacked into, Hahtavi closes up and fires at closer range - almost point blank. Right into the face of one of the security grunts just as she pops up to try and take a shot at him! At least it was over fast for her!

Then Hahtavi's barely shifted his rifle and shooting another one at close range, almost leaning over the tables to pick them off, burning another one. It's a slaughter and these people clearly rue the day when they ever laid eyes on a Mandalorian boarding team!

<<"Cleaning up the last in this second corridor, Al'verde. Still not to the bridge yet but I think we're close!">>

In the mix of bodies and blaster bolts, Narsai is still swinging and slicing her way at the assorted Sienar grunts and goons of their security force. Exhaling a breath as she ducks low and stabs one of the men winged by her comrades through the chest, her next swipe misses its mark, clanging against some of the cover the target had been attempting to make use of.

A little pull of her lips to a frown behind her T-Visor, the redhead gives chase, ready to try and amend that missed stroke.

Bizz puts away his Gungan boomer ball and clicks out his intimidating wood-paneled riot baton. The fat monk hops over the barricade and, with a spin, jabs one of the goons in the belly. He goes flying back with a crackling blast of stun energy. Then the monk of the Whills whirls his baton around, smashing down twice on a grunt with a satisfying BZZZZZ ZZZZZZ ZZZZZT.

Her flying lessons are not appreciated, it would seem. Valeska's helmet jerks towards the leader as he calls for the full brunt of his forces to open up hell. She raises her rifle towards him, but he's faster. The force of his shot finds an opening past her armour and scores her in the abdomen. With an audible grunt of pain, the impact sends the crimson Mandalorian backwards -- ironic -- and her jetpack sputters out.

Hitting the deck less gracefully this time than she had when she first arrived, With effort, Valeska pushes herself to her feet; wobbling a bit. <"Kriff..."> The next shot misses. Predictably.

Sumi lands in stride, gunning down the final grunt in a hammered pair of heavy slug shots. She casts her cylinder chamber open and shakes out the steaming empty shells and begins to fill in 8 new ones, one by one. When they're all in place, she spins the chamber again and jerks her hand back to one side to prompt the cylinder back into the chamber. Her thumb locks back the hammer and she moves forward, eager to reach the bridge. <"We good?">

The silver and blue Y-visored helmet snaps to Valeska's position when she gets blasted in the air, dark emerald eyes narrowing before turning back to the hutt-sucker that shot her. Avery swivels fully in that direction, E-11 leveled and intent on bringing the fellow down, when a hail of blaster fire and slinging of swords reduces him and the remaining defensive crew to pieces. <"It seems we are good."> He replies to Sumi before lowering his weapon, eyes now affixed to the end of the hallway ahead. <"You alright, Val?"> Comes Avery's voice through the voxcoder, an unseen eyebrow lifted while hoping the response that comes back is, 'yeah' or something akin.

After assuring himself that there is not like to be a dozen or so more baddies pouring out of some door or another, Avery moves down previously mentioned hallway and slips up to the pad at the side of the door. Out comes the interface line built into his armor and in goes the end into the socket on the wall terminal, the readout in his HUD flaring immediately to life. It's not that difficult of a task with the help of his suit and systems and, after a few presses of the keypad on his bracer, the doors hiss and click as they unlock. <"Entrance granted...">

Explosions in space send concussive shivers through the Drifter while the fighters, and one fat afted freighter, juke and dip around one another.

<"Shields back up."> <"Better late than never.">

Missiles pump from the marauder craft - Sana at one of the helm stations next to Fae, guiding their target locks and observing two of the enemy fighters becoming a singular number while the other spins and bursts engines at full speed away from the flaming bright warhead chasing it.

<<"Commander the remaining fighters appear to be breaking off.">> <<"Acknowledged, good work Sana, Fae.">>

The bridge doors open to show the wide constructed command center with obvious civilians arguing with one another, trying to shove a man with captains ranks squares on his sleek black uniform towards the door - though the pistol in his hands is numbly dropped to the floor. Fear can practically be tasted on the air as the seven sentient flight crew look on, resignation on their features - standing up with their hands raised and the captain's joining them.

What little courage they can muster fails though and they turn as one and run in opposing directors for hatches marked 'escape pods."

As soon as Avery has the doors opening, Hahtavi who had stacked up to one side with his rifle ready, starts to advance into the bridge. He hesitates, ready to pull flexcuffs and start securing those who are surrendering - until they suddenly loose their nerve when faced with the advancing Mandalorians.

Hahtavi doesn't seem to care and let's them head for the escape pods. He himself heads for the navigational computer and takes a seat to start inputing the data to get it working on a jump for Manda'yaim - only to find it's locking him out.

<< "On the bridge. Osik, Avery - come use your magic with computers, elik?">> Hahtavi gets back out of the seat and looks for the piloting controls instead.

Narsai moves up towards the bridge, her own blade held at her side and still noticably 'recolored' with the goons they'd dealt with on her way here. Narsai's eyes drift over the space, but the retreating men headed for the escape pods had surrendered and were quickly dismissed. Hahtavi's own movement to the Nav computer is watched, as are the flashes of red and harsh beeps of denied access, but as the man calls for a hacker she moves up, her hands making to take the controls first.

Clan leader she might be now, but Narsai had been the Pilot, mechanic and all-around ship geek long beforehand. A few taps of the keypad and the computer opens, coordinates swiftly entered by the redhead who grins behind her mask.

<<Sienar products have a factory admin code to create a new user. Sometimes they forget to remove it...like today.>>

Bizz finds a terminal socket away from the main piloting computer. He pulls an old and banged-up Xcalq-3GA portable computer, hooking it into a data spike, and shoves the spike into the socket. There is some beeping. The screen of his portable computer is cracked and nearly unusable, and the lower portion flashes with DATA DOWNLOADING as it hoovers up the cracked information Bizz requires. "Shiin will know what to do with this!" He'll have to take the data back to the Mos Eisley library.

The baddies neutralized for the moment, Valeska's rifle slumps a bit on its shoulder strap, a gloved hand pressing into the cauterized wound still burning into the flesh of her abdomen. <"Kriff me..."> That's pretty much a 'yeah, I'm totes good' for the situation. Following her teammates, Valeska leaves all the computerizing to those who know what they're doing and instead sets her sights on the fleeing crew. Most in particular...

<"The captain goes down with the ship, you cretin!"> Some people just have no honour left. A blast of delicious blue donuty stun energy projects outwards yet the determined bugger keeps running. How... how dare he?! <"What the--- you kriffer! Avery!"> She shouts to the silver Mando nearby. <"Be a doll?"> Her helmet nods towards the target.

Sumi holsters her pistol the moment she sees the crew surrender. No sense in needlessly killing them. Moving for the pilot's station, she takes the co-pilot chair and begins trying to adjust the ship toward an escape vector. It's not moving, and she wonders WHY it's not moving. Glancing over at the arm of the console, Sumi makes an 'aha' sound and flips the switches to initiate the impulse engine output. There's a subtle rumble that trembles through the ship but they begin to move. <<"This is a big huttsucking ship.. moving to escape vector now..">> Sumi pulls back on the impulse lever to give it more juice. <"Let me know when coordinates are set.">

Avery passes through the doors after everyone else, the blue of Valeska's stun blast reflecting in the darkened tint of his visor. <"Looks like our friend here has that covered this time, vod."> The Mandalorian Slicer replies, watching as the Ugnaugh works his magic on the systems. But what does seem to need some attention is the Captain Val had tried to bring down getting away into one of the escape pods.

<"Got it... Hold up a second there, sir."> Avery requests, flicking the toggle on his E-11 over to stun to blast an azure circle of his own at the retreating officer. His donut collides quite solidly with the fleeing foe and drops the commander immediately to the floor. The man crumples to the floor, well and thoroughly stunned, while Avery turns his helmet to Valeska, giving her a nod.

<<"Sana, Sumi - Copy; reading your coordinates and slaving drive sequences to the Old and Busted.">> Sana's voice, a little breathless from the rushing to and from consoles. <<"We register escape pods firing. Assume we'll leave them be.">>

<<"Suggested we don't. Sienar is going to be upset with us as is.">> though the rumbling growl of Hadrix over comms holds no tone to suggest he has concerns with this. The Woor'tra swinging up to move into flank posture on the side to put the corvette between his ship and the station while Greeza and Pheegus's fighter make for the landing bays.

The captain lays face down, muffled groans escaping him in-between twitches from the ionization cramping muscles and making neurons misfire. The other crew are gone, fired away in small cylindrical pods awaiting pick-up or destruction while the Mandalorian craft begin swinging about.

<<"Commander, Sana.">> <<"Sana, Commander, reading you.">> <<"Sync with the drifter completed?">> <<"Copy, Commander - we await their engagement.">> <<"Copy.">>

And alert icon appears on the flight and nav consoles of the Drifter - mixed with angry voices on comms from the station demanding that the boarders stand down and leave the ship. Only a push of a lever away from sending the craft away and towards delivery.

While Narsai's got the nav computer sorted out, and Sumi's taken the pilot's consule, Hahtavi's parked himself at the co-pilot's station ready to assist in any way he can. Piloting is really what he does best though Sumi's got this. The huge ship slowly starts moving, hauling one heck of a lot of mass in armor ship plates. Haht monitors the various readouts and makes sure the life pods that were going are away.

<<"Bridge secured. Making run to jump, over.">> Hadrix can see that for himself but he asked to be informed when they were about to bang out. Hahtavi turns his head as he listens to the coms chatter to see how Valeska is holding up.

<"Thank you."> With the mission completed, Valeska finds the closest, abandoned seat to plop into, a cringe of pain and her hand pressing back into the wound. She glances over at the captain with a frown. Not quite sure what they can do with him, but maybe there's a use. Just something in her wouldn't allow that kind of cowardice to go unanswered. Or at the very least unpunished.

Three ships of varied size flicker, ignoring the calls of the refit station. A final gesture towards Sienar as the attack craft and their prize move in a phantom flash before they surge forward and become pinpricks of light in the distance. Leaving only shrapnel and four small pods in their wake.

Headed for Mandalore to help The Reckoning be refit and returned to it's proper glory.

For whatever purposes Gor Bullet and Dailo Fett have in store for it.