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A Reekcat Rescue!

OOC Date: February 5, 2020
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Vili, Sion, Kaelyn, Tovana



"Here, reeky reeky reeky!"

The transient Zeltron known semi-affectionately as 'Vili' never seems to be able to escape the Ko Hentota District for very long. Mostly because he's always broke, and booze is cheap here. But even when he thinks he's about to turn over a new leaf and maybe get an apartment or something, somehow he always ends up back in the lawless district, rooting through the trash.

This time, however, he's got a more worthy explanation than normal.

As he sorts through one of the trash piles that the lawless district has just out in the streets, he calls sporadically for the Unnamed Reekcat who so recently escaped his care. He doesn't find her there, but he does find an old bottle that might be worth something. Into the pocket it goes, for later.

Meandering down the street, calling out for his reekcat, the homeless Zeltron finds an obliging pole, and commences to plastering one of his homemade signs upon it. On it, the description of the reekcat in question, along with a recent holophoto, and a rough idea of the last place that she was seen. Enough to get someone started, should they wish to look.

"Reeeeeeeky! Come on... stop hiding from papa! You're going to miss DINNER if you don't come back!"

Sion doesn't get down this way often, unless she's riding; the place's lawless nature means no frelling traffic pigs, often literally in the case of Gamorrean enforcers. So she's just dropping from the upper reaches of the place on her bike when she hears the calling for 'Reeky'. Who's /Reeky/?!

She gets it, though, when she sees the one doing the calling. "Vili? Did one of your 'cats turn up missing?" she asks, seeing how fervently he's searching.

In wanders well.. Kaelyn!!! She's on Nar agaaain, though she seldom haunts this planet any more...

Kae hears' the calls for reeky? And blinks as she turns toward it...

As the goofy Sephi gets closer, she tilts her head and notices Sion.. Then Villi... "Oooh!" she then skips toward them, all decked out in Mandalorian Armor..

"Halloooo!" she calls out in greeting.

Lawless or not didn't make a whole lot of difference to Tovana. Nar Shaddaa was already pretty lax on things as long as they didn't interfere with the Hutt's business. So occasionally Tovana would come here to browse the markets a bit. Today was one such occasion. Though she didn't find anything she wanted, she did catch sight of one of those posters while passing by it. She stopped to look at the poster for a moment, blinking as she read it over. She takes out her datapad to take a quick image of the poster. "Feel sorry for anyone that's lost a pet on Nar Shaddaa..." she mumbles as she glances around, then thinks for a moment. "Wait... wasn't Vili that guy trying to sell a bunch of reekcats that one time?" Shrugging it off, she continues on her way, occasionally glancing about for any sign of the cat.


When addressed, the shabby, unwashed Zeltron turns around, a look of expectation on his face. It's almost as if he thought his beloved pet was actually talking to him. Though it's hard to say why he thought it suddenly knew Basic. But... Vili does a whole lot of drugs, so he's had stranger ideas.

"Oh! It's YOU! Praise the Goddess of Fortune!" Reaching into his pockets in a distracted way, Vili produces one of the long black cigarettes that he's virtually never seen without, and sets it on his lip. It seems to dangle there almost of its own accord.

"YES! The poor thing. I noticed that one of them was MISSING, and it's not like her to leave without letting me know..."

There are piles of trash strewn around, and a bunch of sketchy looking people. Few of them are as sketchy-looking as Vili, but a mixed group of assorted aliens is looking at Vili pretty suspiciously from their vantage point around a burn barrel...

"I'm sure someone here has seen her, but so far nobody has been very helpful. But... with you helping, and... this Mandalorian... maybe we can uh.... what do they call it? Track? Is that the term? Let's TRACK! Uh... the reekcat that is. How does one track, exactly?"

Kae peers at Vili and tilts her head... Kitty must be protected! Even if it's a ReekCat... She waggles her arms and proceeds to look around curiously, engaging her T-visored helmet's options... Doop Dee dooop deeee dooooooooop...

Yes she's humming to her self before blinking and peering at something.. Another pause and she's flailing "Eewwwwwwww!!!!" she calls out and points, it's an oblong pile of poop pointing kinda toward the Alleyway!

"Um... I honestly have no idea," Sion replies, frowning and looking around. Nothing she sees looks like a Reekcat, though she might be setting her eyes too high. "But maybe someone's seen her? It couldn't hurt to ask," she suggests, moving to talk to one of the nearby folks. "Excuse me, have you seen a Reekcat prowling around?"

"Hub'h?" the derelict ragpile replies, looking up with bleary, stoned eyes. "Ree'ca'..? S'not m'name! M'name's Hube... Hube... Huberion. Wha'ya wan'?"

Tovana overhears something and turns to spot a twi'lek by the burn barrel muttering something about a reekcat. It was worth a shot. She wanders over to the twi'lek and offers a small smile. "Hello there, did I hear you say something about a reekcat just now? Did you happen to see where it went?" she asks him. Realizing he might not understand basic she then asks again in Ryl. "See... reekcat... where?" She wasn't used to speaking Ryl.

Fortunately, the Twi'lek vagrant DOES speak pretty decent Basic, and points Tovana down the street a bit, to the alleyway where Kaelyn found the evidence of... recent reekcat activity.

Unfortunately, Sion and Vili had a bit less luck, though Vili gives poor Huberion a couple of credits for the disturbance. After all, just because Vili's homeless doesn't mean he isn't well-mannered.

"Oh look! Our Mandalorian friend seems to have found something! Excellent tracking!" Vili looks legitimately impressed, but he's pretty easily impressed by anyone who knows 'outdoorsy' or 'combatty' things, as they didn't teach those in his school on Zeltros.

Practically running toward Kaelyn, he takes a look at the evidence that she's found. Suddenly, he seems a bit less impressed.

"Huh. So THAT'S how to track. In that case... I don't think I ever want to learn the art. But... that means she was HERE! Maybe... one of you should check to see how long ago that... uh... dropping was dropped?"

"Thanks anyway, Hube," Sion says, with a quick little wave to the vagrant. Fortunately, Kaelyn seems to have found a sign of passage... literally. "Ew... is that Reekcat drek?" she asks, moving to join the Sephi.

She doesn't have to bend down to smell it, and the surface is still glistening with moisture. "That's fresh. Looks like Reeky left us a trail down the alley," she says. "And not long ago, either."

She steps into the alley, eyes peeled and ears alert. This isn't the nicest part of Nar Shaddaa, after all.

Kae blinks and shrugs "Definately Cat Poodoo, look at the hair innit... My guss is whatever was here, went this way." She says and hooks her thumbs in her utility belt and proceeds to wander down the Alley, looking around curiously as she does... "Soo what color is this cat?" She asks curiously. So yeaaah, she's virtually vibrating and such at the thought of well, kitties...

Tovana blushes slightly and smiles sheepishly as the other twi'lek gives her directions in basic. "Th-thanks..." she replies, then makes her way toward the alley in question. It was hard to miss it what with the figure in Mandalorian armor standing nearby. The figure was pretty easily recognized though. "Hey Kaelyn, found something there?" she asks, then looks toward the... reekcat poop and wrinkles her nose. "Guess that's a yes..." She doesn't try to get a good look at it though, at all. Especially since Sion was there too and pointed out it was fresh. "Sion too?" She blinks. "Are you both looking for the reekcat?" she asks them, then looks off further down the alley to see if there's any further sign of it.

"Fresh!? Then we gotta hurry! The poor thing is probably LOST!"

Without waiting for an answer, the greasy Zeltron makes his way hurriedly into the alleyway, looking around for her frantically. He doesn't seem to see her, but it'd be hard to find anything in a trash strewn alley, particularly for someone who's so addled that he hasn't even lit his own Dejarik Black yet.



The Zeltron calls out earnestly, hoping in vain to hear any sort of response. He looks a bit deflated when he hears nothing.

"Damn! She must've gone further into the alley? I've got to admit, I'm a little out of my depth here... what do the three of YOU think we should do?"

Sion flicks her glow rod's beam around the alleyway, frowning as she sweeps the place with her gaze. "So much for the trail of drek..." she murmurs, glancing back. "To? Kae? Do you see anything?"

When she turns back to the task, Sion herself does. "Ooh... guess Reeky's drek-maker was feeling a little empty. She got take-out," she says, pointing out a ripped-open trash bag at the side of the alley. Bits of local barbecue sauce encrust some of the ancient, stained duracrete, contributing their own stains to a patina that must predate the Sith Empire. "Sambor's Bar-B-Broasting stand, by the smell. At least she's got good taste!"

Kae is looking around curiously now, and then siiiighs... She makes sure to leave her helmet-on. The T-visored mask taking things in and even shining a bit in the darkness as she calmly draws her Carbine... "Umm folks? We could be in a lil trouble down here." She whispers to those nearby....

Tovana just shakes her head at Sion, then blinks when she notices the ripped-open trash bag Sion points out. "Still on the right trail then..." she notes with a small nod, then blinks when she sees Kaelyn pull out her carbine. "Wh-what? Is there someone else here?" she asks, falling in behind the armored woman while she fumbles for her own blaster. Tovana was -not- a fighter and it showed from the way she shakily held her modified DL-30.

"HEY! Who the hell is you callin' REEKY!"

There are homeless people virtually everywhere in the Ko Hentota district, but most of them are just the downtrodden poor who live off the refuse left behind by their corpulent Hutt overlords. Harmless, really.

But those aren't the types of homeless people who look up as the group gets deeper into the alley, apparently having heard Vili calling out for his beloved reekcat.

In retrospect, maybe it wasn't that smart calling that particular name out in unfamiliar territory.

"Why... hello there... gennnnnnntlemen."

Without missing a beat, the Zeltron gives the two violent-looking homeless men a smile, exposing the yellowing teeth behind that greasy beard of his. Aside from being florescent pink, Vili basically looks like any other homeless guy on Nar Shaddaa, wearing the same ruined clothing every day and virtually never bathing.

For a second, it looks as if the goons recognize him as one of their own. Especially when he finally lights up his Dejarik Black, and thick, purple smoke pours out of his nostrils.

"We're a bit lost, boys, just looking for a friend. Perhaps you'd be willing to accompany us as we look? I'm sure I could think of some interesting ways to repay you..."

The goons look at each other, then back at Vili. The Gamorrean doesn't really say much, just sort of grunting. But the human actually licks his lips, and gives Vili a nod that's somehow both curt and suggestive.

"Excellent! Come with us then, we've got a reekcat to save!"

Still confused, the Violent Homeless fall in with the search party.

Sion keeps her hand near her own blaster... but it looks like it's not needed. Vili has this in hand. Or whatever. She gets back to work. "Hey, look... this leads to the Undercity. By the looks of the sauce stains, Reeky went this way," she says, gesturing to the entryway.

Tovana lets out a sigh of relief as the two homeless thugs are seemingly placated by Vili. She didn't care how or why, but at least no one would be shooting anyone. Amazing how someone so confident in the gunner's seat was so timid in a firefight! Re-holstering her pistol, she looks around the alley again and doesn't see anything, but she hears something and finds herself looking toward the Undercity. "I think I heard something from that direction too, sounded like a cat howling," she points out.

Kae blinks and follows along with the other folks.... "Sooo yeah lets go to th cat howling, get the animal and get out of here? I really dun likes it down here." She says as she looks around curiously..

Now that the goons are placated by Vili's Dubious Charms, they suddenly seem especially helpful. The Gamorrean in particular has lots of sound advice to give the search party, and quickly gives it to them.

"Reeeeee! REEEEE! ReeeEEEEE! Snokt! Snokt! Snokt-snokt!"

Vili doesn't speak Gamorrean, unfortunately, but he smiles pleasantly. The Human, however, does, and translates for them.

"He says that he saw your cat earlier, but Crazy Egna took it down into the Undercity with her." He's looking in the direction that both Sion and Tovana have indicated, a look of trepidation on his face. "But we ain't goin' down there with ya's. Crazy Egna's... a... she's a real piece of work, and we don't wanna talk to her. She's usually hanging out around the Old Bilgewater Tavern. You know, the one that got boarded up on account of the rat infestation."

Vili exchanges a few more pleasantries with the men, before heading toward the Undercity, a plume of purple smoke following behind him from the excessive puffing at his Dejarik Black.

Kae is looking around,s he looks and looks and looks, and then sees a Dowutin?

She blinks, pauses and grins cheerfully, not that it can be seen, still though, she's hopping while happily flailing "Lookie Lookie!" She says to the others happily.... She then points..

How very... Un Mandalorian of her!

"Crazy Egna... now there's a name to be careful of," Sion mutters. "But I guess we don't have much choice if we want to get your reekcat back, Vili. Down we go..." And through the arch she steps, her eyes sweeping the area. But there's some walking involved before she sees what they're looking for. And the crazy-looking Dowutin woman who's holding what they're looking for. Whom Kaelyn is pointing at. Eep. Wincing, she clears her throat and approaches. "Good day, Ms. Egna. I'm sorry to bother you, but you have our friend's pet."

"With a name like that she either keeps an army of reekcats... or is going to eat it," Tovana mumbles, shaking her head. She doesn't draw it, but her hand does keep close to her pistol as she follows Sion and Kaelyn further into the Undercity. "A place infested with rats does sound like the kind of place a reekcat would like to call home though," she muses. And then she sees the woman in question as Kaelyn and Sion point her out and her eyes widen. "Umm... hi..." Tovana greets the massive, crazy-looking Dowutin sheepishly. She notably moves her hands -away- from her pistol now to avoid looking threatening.

Rocking back and forth, Crazy Egna is hard to miss. For one, the Undercity is largely abandoned. For two, she's an especially large Dowutin, wearing tattered clothing. Each of her hands is big enough to crush a normal-sized man's head, or a normal-sized reekcat. However, she seems to just be petting it vigorously for now.

"Eat POODOO, Sleemo!" Staring right at Sion, Crazy Egna doesn't hold back with the verbal abuse. Clearly, she's not won over by Sion's diplomatic prowess. "And drink PEEDEE! Nasty SURFACERS, think they know everything! Well if you're so smart then why do you live up THERE!? That's where the Hutts WANT you to live, so they can control your mind with their advertisements and their processed MUFKINS!"

She's really petting hard now, but the reekcat doesn't seem to mind. At least not yet. In fact, the reekcat looks kind of... happy?

A bit out of breath from all of this walking, Vili sidles up as close to Crazy Egna as he dares to get. Offering her a cigarette, which she refuses, he gives her his best Used Freighter Salesman Smile.

"Why, I don't think that we've been introduced, Mizz... Egna. My, that's a lovely name... isn't it a lovely name, ladies?"

"And their processed bath water, no doubt..." Sion mutters, wincing at the odor coming off the Dowutin. Redolent is putting it mildly. "How does the reekcat stand it?"

She glances at Tovana, grimacing. "I hope this doesn't come to violence..."

And Vili's starting in with the charm, and the audience participation lines. Hope dims.

"Yeah it's, uh, a lovely name alright," Tovana replies, smiling sheepishly. "And, well, guess that makes you smarter than us, huh? living down here... away from the hutts..." There's a faint, nervous twitch from the twi'lek's eye and she gives a nod to Sion in agreement. "Well, not too long ago he was looking to sell reekcats, right? Maybe they can come to some kind of arrangement..." she mumbles.

"I might have, on occasion, parted with a few reekcats. To good homes. And might have charged a nominal fee. But... SELL my cats? Never."

Vili looks a bit shocked at the very suggestion, as if he is personally offended. But, consummate Used Freighter Salesman that he is, he keeps his smile plastered on his bearded face, and sidles up a bit closer to Crazy Egna.

"I can see that you're a very... discerning young woman. A strong, independent woman, at that. But even a strong, independent woman like you must need a bit of company, from time to time, am I right?"

Vili is getting dangerously close to Crazy Egna now, so close that he can smell her Homeless Aromas. They don't seem to bother him much.

"A reekcat won't satisfy all of your companionship needs, but perhaps I might be able..."

Vili gets cut off by a Rude Elbow to the gut from Crazy Egna!

"Piss off, Pinky! I'd crush your pelvis WAAAAAY before I ever climaxed! Last thing I need."

"I think it's safe to say she's fonder of the reekcat than you, Vili," Sion notices. "And Reeky certainly seems happy with her. Maybe this one should be a gift?"

Kae is flailing, waggling and otherwise being very distracting "Oh please give us the kitty!?!?" She's naturally, and unintentinoally bouncing in maaany ways, and well kind of being seductinve in a hyperactive armored, curvy sephi kind of way! "We'd just want the kat, I'm sure Vili can spring and get you another one, but he really wants his kitty back!"

Jawas were pretty good at haggling and getting people to buy things they shouldn't. Like broken down droids. And Tovana learned much from them. However no Jawa has ever had to try to sell a reekcat to a Dowutin that was already in possession of said reekcat. So Tovana's haggling skills pretty quickly fail her. "If... if you want the reekcat... umm..." She looks the woman over, trying to figure something out, then cringes at her response to Vili. Pausing for a moment, a nod is given to Sion in agreement. "Right." To Vili, she then says, "May I suggest a new strategy? Let the woman have the reekcat."

"Can't give her back... no... she doesn't want to go. Came here for a REASON, she did. Good reason. Not just to get away from the HUTTS! No... she knew it would be SAFE here. She knew Egna would keep her safe. Her... and her little kittens. Isn't that right, Floofykins?"

Crazy Egna might have nothing but harsh things to say to the rest of them, but it can't be denied that she's very gentle with the reekcat. Even a giant monster apparently is capable of taking care of a small animal, and Sion is right: The reekcat seems happy with her.

Vili looks a bit put out, what with being shoved and all. But he also looks a bit saddened by this outcome. Just a bit.

However, he arches one of his blue eyebrows when he hears... kittens?

"I'm sorry, Mizz Egna... did you say kittens? But she's not..."

"Oh yes she is! Lookit her, about to drop a litter! Probably in a few hours. Maybe you and your friends can come back in a month... pick out a Brand New Reekkitten?"

Vili looks suspiciously at the giant monster woman, and then at the cat in her lap. True, she does look like she's about to give birth, now that she mentions it. Somehow, Vili didn't notice. But it's not really his area of expertise.

"Well.......... okay. I guess our work is done. Lovely to meet you, Mizz Egna, and you take care now!"