Log:A Reputation to Keep

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A Reputation to Keep

OOC Date: August 4, 2019
Location: BHG Compound, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Boba Fett, Sumi Kora

Sumi Kora is just coming down the ramp of her Pursuer, the Kyber Heart. Like the others, it appears a formidable ship with limited cargo space but ample weaponry. Sumi's purpose in being by the bird is not to admire the sight, but to offload some of the gear she had taken from the Coronet compound. She's in a simple jumpsuit, its center zipped up to about her collar, which is on display. Her hair, a dark straight design, hangs over a portion of her otherwise scarred yet youthful face.

Sumi sets aside two large cases in particular. One bears the sigil of the BHG and is recognizable as the travel case for the BHG armor. The other has no emblem upon it, and is in an old beat up case that's seen some years.

Gor Bullet is a fairly common sight around the complex here on Nar Shaddaa, though he's prone to boarding that heavily armed and modified Firespray-pursuit special of his, and blasting off toward the stars without anyone knowing where it is he's going. As of now, that very same ship has recently returned to the BHG complex and is visibly parked inside of the open hangar, with the interior lights of the hangar shining down upon its silver, gold and black painted hull.

Gor is walking down its ramp, stepping onto the tarmac beneath the ship and setting down a carrying bag. He takes a moment to seal up his black spacer jacket and then gathers up the bag and starts to walk for the landing field. The aged human male's eyes are wandering left and right, his expression is calm but gruff as ever. He notes Sumi's presence, along with many others, but he makes no real gesture toward her or them. They can speak to him if they wish or need to, he's always told people that much.

It's by chance Sumi catches the passing male in her peripheral, and she waves. "Mr. Bullet, sir." Her voice is accented, and if he had an ear for such a thing, he might have placed her from Arkania. She steps closer, her progress unhindered despite using a sleeve from her jumpsuit to wipe her brow. He's not much taller than she is, but Sumi still has to look up to meet his dark gaze. "I was wondering if you had some time? It's my understanding that you have an interest in the armorer trade; that's the word around here anyway." She props her hands against her hips, hooking her thumbs to her utility belt. Her expression stays neutral, and without any armor on, Sumi holds her shoulders humbly. One would not consider her a confident warrior at first glance.

Gor saw the approach coming before Sumi spoke, his eyes went to hers and when she greeted him he stopped. He listens to her question and after a moment he nods his head to it. "Yeh, a bit." He says back to her, his own accent is hard to trace its origins unless one is quite familiar with that war torn part of the galaxy. "I've owned weapon and armor businesses, here and there." He glances past her toward the crates near to her ship's landing ramp, he knows that ship is the one assigned to her after all. "Is your guild armor defective?" He asks, taking a reasonable jump in logic as he can see the box for it, but she doesn't appear to be wearing the set.

Sumi follows his gaze after taking a thoughtful moment to place the accent. It's not the first she's heard of its like, in fact, she thinks of her friend Sana. The thought is fleeting when her gaze narrows on the pair of crates, then she looks back to him, shaking her head no. "No sir. I've come across something that means a great deal to me. I lost mine, some thirty cycles ago after an unfortunate chain of events." Her hand rises up to touch the scarred part of her neck where a collar had once clamped itself. Slavery. Switching languages for a moment, she turns and steps to his side, pointing toward the unmarked crate. "Beskar'gam." She looks back at him. "It's not properly fitted to me though, and wearing it has caused some difficulties. Comparatively speaking, it's a little outdated. I was wondering if you could size it to me, and perhaps look at possible upgrades for it. Armorer was never a trade I picked up, and with something so precious.. I dare not try now and ruin something in my own ignorance."

As she relays the information, Gor's eyes remain on her own and his graying brows raise up a little causing the wrinkles on his forehead to become more prominent. He doesn't react to what she's saying in any meaningful way, he simply stares at her with a cold detachment that he has become known for around here. He's notoriously a loner who doesn't keep company, only does the business he has to do and moves on. After she speaks of the armor, he glances back to her ship and notes the other crate. "That it?" He asks her then, his eyes and gaze going back to her. He shifts his weight from one black booted foot to the other while his non-bag holding hand goes into a pocket on his dark spacer jacket. A second later and he pulls out a small device that he looks down to and starts to thumb options upon, adjusting settings on the item.

She does not seem concerned with his detachment. Bounty Hunters were not known for being compassionate people. They did their duty, and got paid. The endgame was always the focus. "Yes sir." She answers back, and even walks over to the crate to bring it closer. She isn't certain if he can make the adjustments here, or if they needed to visit a shop of his. When close, she sets it down gently and uses the toe of her boot to trigger the case to open and reveal the set to him.

Gor only glances up to the woman as she starts to push the box toward him. He doesn't make her have to bring it the while way though, he starts to walk toward her and that crate of armor. When she opens it, he glances inside it before he just nods his head to her. "Your fittings for the guild armor were taking, yes?" He asks her. "They should be on file." He holds up the device in his hand, he aims it at her and he activates it. A blue light emits from the end of it and in the haze of the air around them the scanning device sweeps up and down Sumi's form before he thumbs it off again. "I'll send a droid out to get it, have it sized for you and brought back to your ship." He then quietly states before he shoves that scanner into his pocket, having taken a reading on her just for certainty's sake.

"Understood. If any of the components from my Guild armor may enhance this one, I am happy to add those. For instance, the interface with the guild bounty registry? Not to impose, of course." She raises her hands in a polite gesture. Her foot comes up then and shuts the case, which locks it. "Yes sir, my measurements are on file." Her gaze follows the gestures he makes with the device until it's taken from view and stored safely away. "As an aside, Coronet is ours again. I got the coroner's report back from D4; the Doc's confirmed it's Aresa Gal. Some of her effects were revealing. After reviewing the data, I've come to realize that this was no random target by an upstart street gang."

She produces a holo-device and replays a brief news broadcast from Coronet Daily, where they are speaking about the Guild's compound being lost to simple gangs and questioning their resolve to deliver like they have in the past. Sumi cut the report off with a sour look. "I put an investigator to look into Gal's private banking and found sizeable payments made from a free company named War Song. I ran an analysis with the group and saw that they've been picking up bounty contracts across the galaxy, particularly in each location we have a compound. I believe they intend to move in on us, but I'm not certain yet."

The information about Corellia is taken in and the holo imagery is watched. After a moment of thought, Gor looks off to the others walking around the landing platform and he glances back to her. "Admittedly I have little interest in the guild operations that existed on Corellia. Corellia is a boiling pot, ready to spill over its edges because of the First Order's control over their fiercely prideful people. Its a mess of a place."

A breath is taken in then and he reaches into his pocket to pull out a handful of credits that he thumbs around in his palm before he offers them to her. "But its good for the guild's public facing reputation that you're helping to take care of it and clean it as much as it can be claned." He offers her the handful of credits. "Take this, to fund your efforts." He then nods to the armor in the crate. "I'll make sure it is connected to the guild network." He adds then.

Sumi accepts the payment and pockets the cred-chips, not bothering to look at the amount. "I'll keep you informed of our efforts. For now, the Coronet location is closed off to the public, but I've asked that contractors keep the landing open to hunters who are staying in the area. Boiling pot or not, CorSec is drek at policing their own, and there's still creds to be made and justice to be dealt. The contractors at the compound or returning it to its previous state since the gang trashed and looted a lot of our gear. I brought back all the sensitive data we had at that location." She hikes her thumb back to the larger crates set aside. Looking back to him. "If this War Song is moving in on us, we should look into their proximity to us on this moon. The last thing we need is another incursion of street gangs to sour our reputation."

Gor adjusts the bag he's holding from his left hand to his right then as he stares at Sumi whilst she speaks of this. He gives her a pair of quick nods and motions toward the guild building beyond them with an upnod. "Round up as many of our people as you need to investigate, and push back. Be ruthless, but fair. Our reputation must be one of professionalism, but unyielding in our goals. Petty gangs and the average street riff-raff will crumble at the first sign of real capable authority." He then glances to the armor and motions to it with his newly freed hand. "I'll send for that, it'll be delivered to you when its done." He starts to step away then. "Keep me updated." He adds before starting to walk again then.

Sumi dips her head then and steps back. "Yes sir. Good hunting." Sumi takes a moment to watch him walk away, then picks the box containing her beskar'gam and hauls it back to its original spot, next to her BHG armor. Then, it's back to business. Getting the crates containing all the sensitive gear inside and properly stored. Work was never done. [Language: Mando'a]