Log:A Senatorial Request

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A Senatorial Request

OOC Date: May 15, 2020
Location: Chandrila
Participants: Bizz Bliptettjupp and Septima Carnine

Septima's actually out of the apartment and been doing Senate business this afternoon. The brunette that was recently shot by dug in Stormtroopers looks a bit better and she's healed, but there's a few tell tale signs of weariness from being sore. There is a tall and dark haired older man that shadows her as she moves around, but, he's not really hovering like he was the last few days.

Bizz Bliptettjupp, a holy man of sorts, enters the Senate building. In his right hand he holds a simple uneti-wood walking stick. In his left are lacquered wooden prayer beads that click and clack as the short monk moves. He wanders around, looking for a certain representative, or her office at least. "Yes, I am seeking Senator Carnine, yes," he asks random people. Some are helpful, some not so much.

Septima's not hard to miss really, and she notices Bizz given his robes and things, "Hello." she waves when he enters closer. Then there's a bit of a look around and then back to him, "That's me. I'm Senator Carnine." she admits. "What can I help with?" she asks him as she makes her way over to him.

Bizz adjusts his robe, taking out a small holo-projector from his bandolier. "Senator! I am a brother of the Guardians of the Whills. Our order is based on the Pilgrim Moon of Jedha, a place where the FORCE verges. It is a holy place. But it has been invaded by the First Order." He activates his holo-projector and the faint blue image of Jedha and a single Star Destroyer in orbit appears as a 3D representation. "Members of my order say that some peoples are fighting the First Order, and dying there! And my orphanage filled with Jedhan orphans is there, in the midst of the danger."

Septima is dressed plainly, not as flashy as some of the other Senators, but, she gives a frown to the man as he speaks, "Welcome to Chandrila, Brother." she states as she greets him. She goes quiet though as she listens, her frown deepening as she does. "Yes, I had heard through the news networks that New Jedha City had fallen." she tells him. Though his explanation of /why/ they are there clears up a lot of things for her, "We have not talked on that situation yet. Is it something that you are wanting the Senate to discuss?" she asks him.

Bizz leans against his walking stick as his simple blue image flickers. "Oh yes. The Senate must discuss it! My people are in great danger. I am willing to testify in a closed session if it is not public, but I fear my people would be put in danger if I publicly testify. Jedha was traditionally part of the Freestanding Subsectors, but the protection of the New Republic would be most important to them."

Septima gives a gentle smile, "Sadly the Senate has to discuss it. And I am sure that the others would be willing to do a closed session. I could contact the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor to see how soon they could do it as this is something that we should at least be looking into." the woman states. "Are you a representative for them or are you coming of your own free will?" she asks him. "Just so I know what to tell the others." she adds.

Bizz squints his green eyes. "Jedha is the Pilgrim Moon. It does not have a true government. We have our religions of the FORCE, but also the mining guilds that mine Kyber crystals."

Septima listens to him and there's an ah, "That is interesting to know." she tells him. "And it is not hard to guess why the First Order has done what they did with the planet, though no one should be occupied by them. I will do what I can to get you in a private meeting with the rest of the Senate." she states to that.

Bizz fingers through his wooden prayer beads. "Thank you! The FORCE will be with us, I am assured. But why the First Order desires our moon, I can only assume they want the Kyber crystals. I will find lodging in this city and await the summons of the Senate."

"There is no need to thank me, it is my job as a Senator to make sure voices are heard and this situation with Jedha is distressing. I can only imagine that it is more so for you." Septima tells him. "Could I have your name so that when the other Senators answer I can send for you?" she asks him with a soft smile.

"I am Brother Bizz Bliptettjupp, of the Guardians of the Whills. We are a holy order. Some persons know of us and our worship of the FORCE, but our numbers were greatly diminished during the time of the Empire." The short, squat, and balding Ugnaught bows his head politely, then starts wandering back to the exit. His prayer beads clatter as he goes.