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Adventure Time!

OOC Date: 11 February 2016
Location: Private Hangar 04 - Vaelus - Starport District, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Rax Vaelus , Maeve Zavir

This is a large private hangar where ships can slide themselves into the massive structure that is the Parmac Starport. The starport is a very tall skyrise building that has many hangar berths of varyingg size and this particular hangar is large enough to fit several ships.

Rax is in a white undershirt, rugged khaki pants, and a toolbelt as he looks up at a loose panel on the brooding ship looming in the far corner of the hangar. The entire ship is on a lift that can sink into the hangar to create more space, but it's currently in 'ready status'...supposedly so Rax can hold a hydrospanner to his head in confusion as he looks over the exposed innards. The hangar is sparsely decorated, with reed mat paintings, scrolls in alien languages, and training mats of various sizes and shapes. Suspended along the roof are several, large, pre-fab colonization pods, repurposed into apartments.

Stepping quietly into the hangar itself, Mae pauses as she turns in a slow circle, taking in that which is easy to observe and ends up facing Rax and the.. whatchamacallit that he's holding near the exposed innards of the panel that's spilled open. The sound of her heels is probably the most noticeable aspect of her arrival until she joins Rax under the ship. "Is it dying or are you killing it by accident?"

"Oh it's fine... There's just a blinking notification to perform routine maintenance to the hydraulic valves here and...ah..." He looks down at the datapad on a stool, that shows a woman fixing something -similar-. "...This is pretty old tech. It's not the same, and I think I'm making things worse." Looking back up at the open panel, Rax turns slowly, looking the doctor over, "Doctor Zavir... Is there something I should know from my last visit, or are you just starting to check in every few days to see what new wounds I've collected?" He smiles faintly, tossing the hydrospanner into the toolbox.

Tipping her head back, Mae slides her sun shades off of her eyes and clips them to the front of her blouse, looking up at the innards of the what ever. "How old is it, this ship, that is?" she wonders and tips her head back to eye the image on the display. "Old tech does not mean that it has a built in obsolescence rate, some old tech is built on the premise that it should run until the ship around it disintegrates and the wiring remains intact until it gets pulled apart at the salvage yard." She picks up the datapad and backs up the image to play it forward again, "No, and yes, in order."

Maeve tests her Computer Use skill at a 80 difficulty. +SUCCESS+ (85).

Rax blinks as the sun shades are clipped and he shrugs, eyebrows lifting, "About 80 years, at least. Seems to be from around the time the Trade Federation blockaded Naboo. You know, the prelude to the Clone Wars." He tinks his knuckles against the plating, "One of a kind. They don't even make manuals for it. The Seinar rep I talked to at first didn't believe me that it was a real ship." Watching her for a moment, Rax raises an eyebrow, "You never did say why you're here... Something I should know about, doc? I don't have an incurable disease, do I?"

"Is there something I should know about that has you so worried about your health in the first place?" Mae replies as she glances away from the innards that Rax is working on. "If you had an incurable disease that bacta couldn't tackle, trust me, I'd have hauled you back into my clinic, kicking and screaming if necessary. Never underestimate the determination of a surgeon, for one. And never underestimate the applications of sedatives and duct tape," she adds with a brief flash of a grin. "Now, do you want me to see if I can help with this or do you want to riddle you way through it on your own? Also, you need a physician to ride along with you when you go out and get shot at. Your little excursions tend to end up with wounds and those wounds would be lessened to you and who ever is accompanying you if you had a physician on the spot instead of waiting for a half day or two before you seek adequate medical attention."

Lifting his hands helplessly, the large, broad-shouldered man shakes his head, "Hey, why else would you pay me a visit? As you said, I tend to attract wounds and strange occurances." He grins a bit nervously at the talk of determined surgeons, sedatives, and duct tape. "Ah...yeah... Ha ha. Ah, why do I go to your clinic again...?"

It's said jokingly, though, and Rax smirks, gesturing to the ship, "Be my guest. I didn't know you took an interest in starships as well as people." Stepping aside and back, and not at all so that he's partially behind her while she works, Rax clears his throat after a moment, "And, uh, yeah... The Kath Hounds taught me that trying to be an amateur spelunker could easily leave me dead, if I broke a leg or pierced an organ all alone out there."

Rax looks at the ship for a moment before blinking over at her, "Wait, would you..." He hooks a thumb into his pocket, "Would you be interested in signing up with the Explorer's Guild, Doc? We could certainly use a professional medic on hand."

"Because I'm the best surgeon on this moon," Mae replies without glancing over her shoulder and, instead, continues to stare upward at the wiring. "The vid clip is exceptionally well done, she's very good and explaining and demonstrating the different types of repairs that would require access to this panel and the various methods by which to address the repairs themselves," she hands the datapad to Rax over her shoulder. "Thingamajig," she wiggles her fingers for the hydrospanner he's holding. "I'm not a mechanic, so couldn't and wouldn't want to build or repair an engine. But it's not that big of a leap between nerves and connective tissue to wiring and connection points," she turns now and shares a brief and rather wry smile. "Yes, I would be. And, I am a professional. So, thingamajig?"

Rax Vaelus blinks and reaches quickly for the hydrospanner, once he realize what she means, "Ah, here." Watching her work, Rax's eyebrows slowly lift. "You...are? I mean, that's wonderful! Great! But..." He lifts his hands again, trying to keep his eyes above waist level as ordered the last time he was behind the doctor, "Are you sure expeditionary stuff is really your thing? You could get hurt, or..." Rax trails off, glancing aside, "Oh..." He looks back over, then quickly looks up, "...Right. Medic." He nods, "Well, sure. We're thrilled to have you aboard!"

Tracing the connection points, Mae locates the loose wise then strips the end of it, cleans the connection point it links to then hooks up the wire. "You should re-wire this panel, by the way. They're standard lines, it wouldn't take a genius to match the wires and redo the panel. It would increase the over all performance of this junction and prevent circuit over load in the long and short run," she advises and turns back after tapping the hydrospanner thingamajig against the palm of her right hand. "Run the notification check again, see if the alert pops up again," she continues to thumb through the video clips on the datapad. "I have thrill issues, Rax, and I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Most surgeons are; I hate to lose. Just don't get me shot, if you don't mind. Also, nothing with bugs, I draw the line at bugs and spiders. Especially spiders with those hinged legs that can both scuttle and spring. There should be a rule, Rax. They should be allowed to scuttle OR spring, not both."

There's a blank stare on Rax's face. Should he tell her about the fire ants? ...Probably not. "Yeah, no, I haven't seen any large spiders. None at all." He nods firmly, eyes slightly wide. "Nope, no spiders." Then he gestures aside as he turns and walks to the remote terminal, "Adrenaline junkie though, eh?" He chuckles and starts the notification checker, frowning at it as he waits for it to boot. "Yeah, we'll have you covered there... I can't promise you won't be shot at...but we're hiring people to cover that. Meat shields and hunters, both. Security specialists." The console beeps green. Rax blinks in surprise, before looking up at the open console. "...Huh, that actually worked."

Casually, Mae flicks the hydrospanner and raps Rax on the shoulder with it, "You sound shocked. Or stupefied, possibly both," she then reverses her grip on the hydrospanner and offers the tool to Rax. "There. Fixed it. And excellent. Who's part of your crazy group. I may have to pack species specific medicine."

Faking a wince when she taps him, he smiles and takes back the spanner, "Right now, it's you, me, Oriana, a wookiee named Kyanggha, Kael Greystorm, and that's it. We have a lot of interest, however. I expect many more to sign up in the coming days." He grins, "And I won't lie, I'm a little surprised, yeah. You're a woman of many talents."

Tipping her head back again as she walks slowly around the perimeter of the ship that is apparently his pride and joy, "I don't think I've met Oriana but I know everyone else you've listed. I especially like Kyanggha, we're talking about an excursion to Kashyyk to go tree climbing. Do you know how tall those trees grow?" Mae wonders, sounding delighted by this prospect. "And of course I am. I'm a surgeon. Like I said, I'm the best. I have many skills. I'm NOT a psychiatrist or psychoanalyst or any type of therapist, so there will be no long heart to heart talks. Make sure that your people know that going in."

Rax rubs the side of his neck at that last bit, "I'll, ah, make sure to let them know. No heart to hearts, eyes above the waist, the Doctor knows what she's doing." He gives a thumbs up with his other hand, dropping the first one from his neck. "And Kashyyyk is a wonderful place, so I hear. You should check out Naboo as well. I doubt the worlds we'll be visiting will be so calm."

Laughing, Mae circles around again, "Well, of the group so far, no one else has that issue," she counters with a grin. "And see, you have manners, you just had to be reminded that you have them. So," and she circles back, "when are you planning your next danger danger excursion, and where too?"

Folding his arms, Rax grimaces, "Hey, you've got distracting hips! It wasn't my fault!" But he does keep his eyes respectfully above the neck, even if his brow is a little furrowed. Considering her question, however, Rax glances aside, eyebrows lifting once more, "I really wanted to get a feel for how many people were going to sign up for this thing... but considering interest is so high, I may try tackling something a little harder than what I'd originally planned. I'm currently weighing my options, but there are a couple worlds I have nav routes to that I'd love to crack open. One of them is called Korriban." Flashing a sidelong smirk at the doctor, Rax adds with a light shrug, "But we'll need backers to start, so it'll really depends on what kind of contract we get."

"I'm pouring all of my profits into my clinic, so I'm not going to be able to help much there, but I'm along for the ride, and you don't have to pay me when we're on a job," Mae offers with another of those easy grins. "And I do not have distracting hips. You have wandering eyes and a over enthusiastic testosterone level." She rests her hands on those NOT distracting hips, "Korriban. Don't think I've heard of it, personally. Nothing impressive, scientifically speaking, or surgical technique wise, is out of there, that I'm aware of."

Rax lifts a finger and takes a deep breath to retort. But after a moment of silence, he just drops his finger and exhales. "...That's a fair assessment." He shrugs, "I know nothing about it either, but it was in the databanks of a derelict Jedi Starfighter, so it ought to be interesting, at least." He grins, "We'll also be chasing fables, tall-tales, and hear-say." He shrugs slowly, re-folding his arms. "But you know what they say...behind every legend is a nugget of truth."

"Hah. Every nugget of truth is buried under a mountain of slag and waste," Mae counters with a mild shake of her head. "Well, you pick 'em, we'll chase 'em. You're looping Ax in on this? Also, did you shake the chrome drones or are they going to show up at random points and confiscate your gear without warning?"

Rax Vaelus grins, "Fair enough, doc. Fair enough. And...what chrome droids?" He looks a little confused at that. Then he shrugs, gesturing aside, "As for Ax, well...I still need to talk to him. It never seems to be a good time, lately. We've both been very busy."

"Chrome drone, the spiffy one with the buffed shiny armor at the spaceport," Mae reminds with a mild eye roll. "And by that i mean the high stepping boys and girls of the First Order," just to clarify. "Make the time," she advises. "It'll be worth it. If you need, I can find a padded room to lock the two of you in. Blunted weapons and all."

Rax Vaelus ahs, "That one... Never learned her name. No, they'll almost certainly be back... But they weren't here for me." Rax trails off there, as if he knew more, but wasn't saying. "The First Order is always bad news. Groups like that always are." At her adomishment to make time, however, Rax sighs, glancing skyward, "Yes mom." He grins, "I am, however, pleased that Ax survived... I understand your...oh..." His eyebrows shoot up. "That's right... I nearly forgot." He points directly at Maeve, "THAT'S what our first assignment was going to be. We're going to get you some bacta. If you're up for it, that is."

"There we go, that's something I can on board with, immediately!" Mae replies with a sudden flash of a grin. "Not only yes, am I up for it, but sign me up, I'm on board, and hell yes. Finally!" She points one finger at Rax, "Not your Mom, either," she adds with a laugh before she sobers. "Why do you think they'll be back?" she wonders with a trace of a frown. "Do you have any idea when we'll be able to get that show on the road?"

The former pirate shakes his head, "They were looking for someone... We're lucky that Kyanggha pissed them off, that Ax was enough of an asshole to get them to shoot first, and that we were able to drive them off planet." No mention is made of some crazy guy with a lightsaber maybe being involved in that fight. His eyes lift toward the suspended apartments, "The First Order will return... And they'll bring a batallion next time. So we should get moving on that bacta as soon as possible." His eyes drift down to her. "Don't suppose you've got any leads, or know why your shipments are blocked, do you?"

"The Hutt cartel runs this moon, and none of the bacta suppliers will ship to this moon because of the hutt syndicate," Mae answers with a slow shake of her head. "Simple as that. None of my contacts can divert any of it to this planet either, for that exact reason. They can't risk being cut off from the supplies that they need as well. And I won't put them in danger." Mae exhales a quiet sigh, "Why, in the name of all that is logical, would they decide to return, in strength. Why do the Hutts not do something pointed to keep them off their door step. None of it makes any damn sense."

Rax smirks, "I imagine it has to do with the First Order paying the Hutts an awful lot of credits for free passage. The Hutts have never been shy about letting credits grease their wheels, and the First Order is willing to throw an awful lot of credits at getting what they want from this place." Frowning then, Rax looks thoughtful, "So...where did you get the bacta you were using? Did it come with the tank or something?"

"I purchased it and the majority of the supplies I acquired for the set up of my clinic while on Corellia. I didn't have to say specifically where my clinic was going to be established. I may have alluded to setting up a clinic near the hospital where I was in charge .. anyway. Purchased everything there, shipped it all here," Mae adds with a shrug. "And if there's one thing I know about the Hutts is that they never mix business with anything other than profit, or at least make sure that's on the top of the list."

Considering what the doctor tells him, Rax folds his arms, cupping his chin with one hand, "All right... So we just need to convince a bacta supplier to give us what we need." He smirks a bit, considering the options while looking at the floor. "Yeah. We can do this." He looks up. "Give me a couple days to put something together. We'll need a plan."

"Ax has a lead on some, we just have to see if it'll pan out. If it does, it'll address the immediate need. But it won't address a long term need, let alone if we start seeing a genuine deployment of First Order boots on the ground. One tank cannot keep up with the potential demand upon limited, very limited, supply. So a long term solution is really the only end goal that can be focused on," and as she agrees she paces around the ship again. "This is what I get for being stubborn and deciding to open a clinic here."

Rax Vaelus touches his side lightly, "Well... I for one am personally glad you did..." He smiles ruefully at that, watching the doctor walk around. "I'll keep you posted doctor. And thank you. This could be the shot in the arm that the Explorer's Guild needs to really get off the ground."

"Rax Vaelus, Tomb Raider, head of the Explorer's Guild and adventurer extraordinaire!" Mae waves her hands in a gesture to indicate a banner and grin. "In fine print are the words: expert medical care provided to members of the guild!" She grins and heads toward the entrance to the hangar, "Keep me posted. And don't forget, re-wire that panel. Better safe than sorry!"