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Aldera Squad: Team Building On The Bail Organa

OOC Date: December 1, 2022
Location: MC80 Bail Organa
Participants: Ejnar Celchu, Bors Thul, Ulani Kalgaav, Zacara Saronno

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca) ]

The Bail Organa. An MC-80 star cruiser familiar to those among Aldera Squad as it serves as their primary dock outside of combat deployments. For those who's enlistment is aboard the Mon Calamari capitol ship, the members of Aldera Squad hold something of a celebrity status among them, the squadron being the star squadron for this sector. Many of them possibly aspire to be part of the Squad and some are probably former members of other Squadrons throughout the galaxy, both civilian and military.

One of the Squad's members, Zacara Saronno, Bluff, Aldera 05, is a former civilian squad pilot turned military squad pilot. As Aldera Squad docks and berths their ships for routine maintenance, as she usually does during this time, the Aldera-Espirion finds her way to the tapcaf, greeting and conversing with some of the familiar faces aboard the Bail Organa along the way. But this time she'd invited her other squad mates, the ones who weren't particularly busy during this dock time, to come with her. Bors Thul, Aldera Leader, she'd met before, but some of the others, such as Ejnar Celchu, Aldera 06, she wasn't entirely familiar with yet on a personal level and perhaps they, with her.

The tapcaf of the Bail Organa was like those found on all of the other Mon Calamari cruisers, though this one was outfitted for an Alderaan-specific palate: heavy on the nerf and thranta, seasonings sourced almost entirely from other planets in the local system such as Espirion and Delaya, and a selection of spirits distilled on New Alderaan, some of which were reserved for Aldera Squad itself. Rows of tables, occupied by sparse groups of co-workers mingling amongst themselves dominate most of the room and a counter set into the wall on the far end is tended two by two cooks on duty as they stock for the upcoming evening meal. At a table near to the door, Zacara Saronno sits in her A-Wing flightsuit, having just docked Aldera 05, with her red and yellow spherical astromech resting on the floor near her foot. She nurses a blue glowing drink of some kind while awaiting those of her squad that were able to make it.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar) ]

Ejnar was promised dinner by his Fiancee when he got back on world. For now though, he'd work up his appetite by having a few drinks in the Tapcaf. Of course, he had to stop at the bridge so his Father Tycho could see him. Second in command to General Cara Dune.

He might have gotten lost once... or twice after securing his E-Wing, but eventually found his way here. He was dressed in his black flight suit, special ops colors considering the multi-role work that the Squad did. It wasn't hard to spot the colored hair and red skin of Zacara. The Lord Celchu made his way over to her and pulled out a seat. "How's it going, Bluff?" He asks with a soft smile behind twinkling ice blue eyes that had a touch of a wrinkle to their edges.

[ Bors Thul (BT) ]

Bors might be well known more for his age than his status as the founder of Aldera Squadron, forty years old and a career A-Wing pilot until being slotted in an E-Wing with the formation, to be able to perform multi-role squad leader duties more effectively. Appearing in his own very different flight suit from the standard squad faire.

Because he was a member of Poe Dameron's Black Squadron before the betrayal by Calrissian. To side with the First Order. After all those years. After the deaths of billions and the end of life in an entire star system. When nearly all of that squadron, including Poe himself, left the NRSFC but kept their suits in memoriam of their comradery.

It was rolling behind him, and his butler droid was close to hand as well; his personal valet in Gravenhiem at present. Walking with all of the proper stride of a noble born to one of the Ancient Houses, one hand tucked behind his back and the other placing the freshly cleaned monocle back before his right eye right as he stops at the table where others are gathered.

"Ere the fates press us together once more, that we be so entwined that it would make outsiders question."

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca) ]

"Hey Mama's Boy!" Bluff's red hand waves in greeting to Ejnar as he approaches. "Going good, trying this Blue Nova thing." She holds the glass up to peer into it questioningly, but, with a shrug, sets it back down, her hand remaining held around it. The glowinness of the blue liquid shines within the glass between her fingers. "Not too bad! Little strong. Get your E-Wing settled in all right?"

In complete contrast to Bors, the Alder-Espirion's posture is nonchalant, informal and often times insouciant, which not only betrays her status as a formal Ensign with military rank, but also suggests a lifestyle maintained without regard to ceremony or tradition. Her smirk is a classic smuggler's smirk, worn like a trademark to the profession when she grins at Bors' observation and, true to her persona, a casual, two-fingered salute is offered to him by way of greeting. "Fancy way to say hey, eh Buhbors? Happy you could make it! Cooks are mixing drinks if either of you are thirsty. Should try the Blue Nova." Her eyes drop to her glass again before she raises it to take a small sip. "How are those E-Wings flying?"

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar) ]

"Yeah, settled in okay. I think they're scarring the new guy on the ground crew." Ejnar says as he lounges in the chair, spreading his long legs about so he's not so tensed up under the table. "Told him I was the XO's son and I was a real sun of a gun, you know. Stickler for the rules. He was kissing' my butt while I was shutting down."

Only five years junior to Bors, Ejnar spent the last several in a First Order Prison Camp. A storied carrier in the NRSFC, much like his father before him. His connection to Princess Leia leading him to join the Resistance Cell and pay the price for it. Retrieved by the efforts of his Mother only shortly before the alliance between the previous enemies. Ejnar glances to Bors and gives a smile. "Hey there Captain." He offers in greeting. Looking back to Zaca, he nods. "Sure I'll take one."

One is brought over and he takes a cautious sip before drinking it more fully. "Couldn't be better. Six is purring like she should."

[ Bors Thul (BT) ]

"Cad, no son of mine." Bors notes, since the squadron XO is his betrothed, with the same casual air that juxtapositions strangely to the noble bearing, brow lifting slightly - looking to the drink Zaca mentions and then to LR, the droid bowing its dome head before producing a bottle and a wine flute to pour into.

Being called Captain doesn't register at first, it forces his eyes down to look at the front of his own uniform before he shrugs and takes his seat - libation being placed in an extended hand by the droid,

"Apologies for those who craft beverage and sup, but even in friendly realm there are trusts one cannot embrace and know life long and well." the eye without a monocle winking before he continues, "They are zephyrs that lag only behind the second mark of Wing, outstripping the follied other models, akin to the first generation, so tolerable they are."

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca) ]

Zacara is a terrible smuggler. "I'm terrible with awareness," she confirms, laughing lightly as she looks into her drink. "I'm way too gullible. If someone wanted to poison me.." she raises the glowing drink to her mouth and takes another sip from it to accentuate her point before finishing it with, "well, the opportunities are there!"

The Alder-Espirion, who's red skin and yellow irises set within green sclera would seem out of place on most other ships, or, as is often the case, may be mistaken for a Zeltron, doesn't draw too many glances by the crew members about the tapcaf as most should be familiar with Espirions and Alder-Espirions. They all serve Alderaan, after all.

Bluff laughs when told about the ground crew. "They pretty much treat me like a customer taking her ship in for a checkup. 'Any odd noises?'" She drops her voice an octave or two to mimic the speaking of a crew member. "'Take any hull shots? All right, leave her with us.' But I take care of her! Sometimes do some of the tuneups myself." Beside her, BB-22, Gadget, who's full of various useful tools and accessories within its spherical body, chirps a positive acknowledgement. "Okay, Gadg' helps too. Sometimes. Gadg' keeps pestering me to get something with an astromech slot but I'm just too thrilled with the A-Wing! Flew an RZ-1 with Valkyrie Squadron." She starts to roll up the sleeve of her right arm, a task which seems harder the further up she gets as the crisp material of the suit itself resists being rolled much. She gets up it far enough to show off one of the many tattoos painted on her body. A red finger traces along the line of an asteroid dwelling worm beast of some kind, her fingertip halting just below the depiction of an old RZ-1 A-Wing flying directly toward its gaping mouth. "That was a fun night," she says with a proud smile.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar) ]

Ejnar chuckles at Bors, not sure if he was jesting or not. "No, no. The XO of this here ship. Not the Squadron." The Lord's Father, Tycho Celchu. This was his and General Cara Dune's domain. "Though I am sure you and Ulani would make wonderful parents. Will make wonderful parents." Wink wink, nudge nudge. It's possible things got lost in translation. Bors had a way with words.

"I'm sure if you wanted you could throw on a little feminine charm. They might tweak things a little faster for you." He wiggled a bit in his chair, his feet swaying back and forth on the heels of his flightsuit's boots. He held his drink in both hands, resting the butt of the glass in his lap. He looks over to her as she shows off her tattoos. A single brow raises before he takes a drink. "Have a run in with an Exogorth?" He asks.

[ Bors Thul (BT) ]

"Admission must be made for status of blood lends to personnel aid for the settling of craft upon the stand at berth." no one but House Technicians clad in the black, gold and midnight blue of House Thul were allowed to service his craft. There might be trust among the nobility loyal to House Cortess, but the Thuls were of those wreathed in the darker histories of Alderaan. Darker and perhaps stranger and Countess Uypiia was a traditionalist for all her flair.

Sipping his wine, Bors looks to Zacara for her answer to Ejnar's inquiry, brow back up once again and an inquisitive half smile was curling one side of his mouth, making it lopsided. A practiced air perhaps.

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca) ]

"That's what it was." Drink in hand, Zacara lifts a finger from her glass to point at Ejnar in confirmation. "Exo-thing. The Valkyries were hired to find this SonnBlas executive's daughter who'd run off with the Captain of a mining vessel. Had his own wing ships and all - a princess running off with the bad boy to get back at her daddy." There's a flash of a rebellious look through her eyes as she says this. Perhaps some experience in that field? "They'd gone and hid on this asteroid, but they weren't the only ones there. We were trying to make it spit 'em out. Got eaten myself, too, for a minute there! Let me tell you," she glances at Bors as though inquiring for agreement, "slamming back on the throttle so suddenly like that in the micro-gravity of an asteroid -- still get headaches sometimes."

The final sip is taken from her drink, but she doesn't get up to get another. Seemingly doesn't want to get tipsy, or is just enjoying the chatter with her squad mates. "Anyway what about you two? Don't tell me I'm the only one that's done something dumb like that! And putting on the charms on deck crew would be dumb, too - my luck they'd tune the ship slower so I'd have to stick around longer," she says with a small laugh. She sits back, pulling the sleeve of her flightsuit down while awaiting input from the others. Saronnos apparently have no problem with others servicing their starships, even doing it themselves sometimes.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar) ]

It was in this moment that Ejnar was happy that Bors spoke a bit more plainly when giving orders over comms. It was necessary after all. Short and sweet or else you were bound to get killed and dying in the middle of hearing some of Bors' more fluffy language was not on Ejnar's bucket list. "Sure." He said, nodding his head as if he understood what Bors had just said (he didn't), a cool sort of look on his face. He looked away and chugged his fancy glowing blue drink down.

He listens to Zacara and raises his brows at the story. "I would just let he knock boots with the Bad Boy. She'd get board and leave eventually." He shrugs with a slight smirk. "Who me?" He asks, tilting his head to the side. "I think the nuttiest thing I've done in a while was blast through an entire fighter screen to go after two Blastboats loaded for Houks." There is a pause, "Well... I mean. I used to take on First Order Tie Fighters in outdated Headhunters."

[ Bors Thul (BT) ]

"At speed I cast myself through lightning storm and hurricane winds in Mark One wing. Passing through thunderhead and gale with the flash of skyfire dashing itself upon my shields to find a craft that housed knaves of dire fearsome reputation. Not quite the terror of a Pamarthen storm or ere kin to yonder that surround Last Light upon Delaya. But my end rode on my shoulder and its cries were vexed when my skill in hand was true."

Lifting his flute before he takes another sip, arm swiveling out to have it refilled before he'd even stopped moving. The butler droid somehow giving off a smug air for its skill but remaining silent. No whirr of servos nor even the scuff of adjusted stance on the floor.

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca) ]

Red eyelids powdered with a darker red eyeshadow narrow in concentration while Zacara listens to Bors, her concentration divided between what he's saying and what he means in Basic. It helps some that his words appear to her like blue wisps of smoke twisting irregularly out of his mouth which syllable. A pink brow quirks with interest. "Think if I fried my shields to lightning, you'd all change my callsign," she says with a self-deprecating snicker. Then her quirked brow turns to Ejnar. "These days taking on anything in a 95 would be laserbrained. Think even an R-41 outguns those things, don't they?" She's referring of course to the Z-95 Headhunter Ejnar once flew.

Beside her, Gadget rolls along the floor near to Bors' serving droid and its magnetically-gyrating head unit tilts backward a bit to get a look at the other droid with its photoreceptor. It chirps an inquisitive tone at the other droid, seemingly fascinated with the other's efficiency. No doubt Gadget perceived some of that smug air and converted it to curiosity. Zacara doesn't seem to notice her droid's nosing around.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar) ]

Ejnar eyed Bors as he told his story, obviously listening carefully. There's a slow nod. "Nice." He compliments, pursing his lips and nodding in approval towards Bors story. Though, those around him knew how obvious it was that Lord Celchu hadn't any idea what the story was. "When I was with the SFC back in the day. Did a few patrols. Just me and one other pilot. Man, things could get hairy out there really quick. Especially if your ran into some pirates. Usually we were outnumbered." There is a look to Zacara and a chuckle, "You'd go from Bluff to Zap, I'd think." He gives a smirk.

Ejnar adds, "THey're about the same. IF you stack the Light cannons of the R-41 they'd only work about as well as one of the canons on a headhunter."

[ Bors Thul (BT) ]

LR's head turns to look down at Gadget, there's a moment of hesitation before the sound akin to a sighing, growling, grunt is issued. The tone rolling and one might think if he had them it would roll from one side of his lips to the other.

Bors pays it no mind.

"Headhunters are a chariot most gallant, I myself soared in the confines of such for years ere the fates plucked me to my intended seat." shoulder lifting in a slight shrug, "A most harrying time, ne'er to be sullied by the seat of it's younger sibling before I was placed in my beloved, my first." reaching up to casually tap the A-Wing patch worn proudly on one shoulder.

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca) ]

"Well," Zacara sits back a little, reclining within her seat, "withing having flown inside either of them, I've flown -against- 95's and 41's. My impression is that the '41's are nimbler and faster." She's wrong. "But I'm probably wrong." She is.

Nearby, Gadget squeals a short, surprised warble and quickly rolls back near the foot of its owner. Its little head unit rolls along the side of its sphere to peek out from under the seat, watching the Butler droid with mild paranoia.

"But if you two vouch for them!" Aldera 05 reaches forward to grab her empty glass, raising it in salute. "Flew a Preybird as a trainee in Valkyrie Squad. Trained in a Star Saber in flight school. Those were not nimble." She winces as though the memory brought actual pain. A-Wing pilots value speed and maneuvering above everything else. At least, this one does. She always was a bit of a daredevil.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar) ]

"It depends on the pilot, I suppose. They do have a better turning rate perhaps." Ejnar mentions with a shrug. He's sitting at the table with Zacara, his legs stretched out resting on the heels of his boots. His back against the chair rest. He cradles a blue luminescent drink, freshly topped off.

Lord Celchu looks towards Bors, "Yeah my Father was a little put out I didn't take up a strict liking to the A-Wing. I actually have a soft spot for Y-Wings. Though, I can't speak highly enough about my E-Wing. It's honestly the best of both worlds." He shrugs, "I've flown them all. They all have a place in a Squadron."

"I went up against some Preybirds on those small Patrols. Sometimes I was in an A-Wing. They can take a punch and dish out some hard damage."

[ Ulani Kalgaav (Ula) ]

Of all her tutelage with the Thul clan, one thing Ulani has yet to master is how to be fashionably late. There is an art to it. To be late enough to give the air that one has half a billion things pulling them in all directions, unrushed to show one maintains their composure, yet not so late as to have caused insult.

Ulani was late to land. Late to get in the queue. Late to help with the repairs. Late, late, late. No surprise to anyone that when she finally arrives after her duties, she is still drying her hands after attempting to wash most of the grease off. "I hope there is some food left. I am absolutely famished." She approaches the table with a grin to her comrades. "I see everyone else is far more punctual."

[ Bors Thul (BT) ]

"Memory drifts to times when at Lord Dameron's behest I cast myself towards the fore to be the eyes of Black. Adventures that threatened be the end of us all, traveling across waters stilled until our passing. A submariner I nearly was, an unexpected but avoided threat of testing the seals of the Mark Two against depth and pressure." skimming a palm over the table to show the path and the narrow distance he claims to have flown at from the surface.

Ulani's arrival bids him to stand in proper manner, offering a slight bow at the waist and a smile to brim full across his features, "Thee would starve methinks, but nary a morsel I have touched, only slaking thirst while speech dries our throats." moving to pull out a chair for the redhead.

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca) ]

True to her overall nonchalant nature, Zacara offers a casual, two-fingered salute to her XO when Ulani approaches the table, plate in hand. "Hey, Techie! Good to see you." Waiting for Bors to see her seated, she asks him, "wait - I'm still .. you mean, literal submariner? Like those Naut. ships?" Referring to Nautolans, of course, and the craft used on Glee Anselm. Her pink brow quirks once again as she considers the concept. "Suppose it's not too different from flying in space.."

When 'Techie' is uttered, Gadget, Zacara's BB droid currently hiding under the table from some kind of ire it perceives to have drawn from Bors' serving droid, swivels its photoreceptor around to glance at Ulani's form, recognizing her signature as the squadron's XO.

Above the table, Zacara motions a hand to her empty glass. "We're just telling stories while we wait. How's your X-Wing flying? You and Three make it look so graceful when we're in the thick of things. I'm just thrillseeking up there," she admits with a small laugh.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar) ]

Ejnar gives a warm smile to Ulani as she makes her way to the Tapcaf. There is a raise of his hand before he takes a sip of that blue drink. "Plenty of food, I think. Vega said she's making dinner for when I get back on worlds. So," He nods to Bors, "Just drinking like Lead here."

He looks over to Bluff, his brows narrowing a bit as he thinks on Bors' words. "I think he means he was in an area where he couldn't see... or had to be silent otherwise get detected." He shrugs, "It's like combining Aerofighters and old Naut tactics together. Indeed." He pauses, "I really should take my X-17 our for a spin more often."

[ Ulani Kalgaav (Ula) ]

Ulani stops herself from giving the squadron leader a kiss in welcome, but the smile he gets in return is the next best thing. "I've yet to master surviving on a liquid diet, so if you don't mind, I think I will partake in whatever the kitchen is serving." She takes her seat next to Bors, pausing a moment to give a little wave to Gadget. "Hello, Gad. How goes the functions?" She'll never miss out on a chance to talk to any and all droids around her.

"Oh, sharing war stories? Mmm, I suspect many of you have much larger archives than I do. I will admit, the air battles are blurs to me. Like tunnelvision with explosions all around. As Lord Bors can confirm, I am the least thrillseeker you will ever meet. And I will put credits on that."

[ Bors Thul (BT) ]

"Mine was an A-Wing, not of Nautolan make, but I skimmed the water surface so close that I nearly should have swapped for amphibious steed." looking then Ulani, Bors shares a 'look' for the other two pilots,

"Nary Lady Ula ne'er even stomachs well a simple landing if control is at my hand. Wailing like the spirits of elder ages for the fear that they carry in their inconstant breast. Clutching at her sides and crying out in protest for so easy a landing for the grasps of my skill and confidence in motion."

LR has a glass down before Ula already, issuing another sighing growl before headed for the counters, lifting a tray and likely tight beaming over an order.

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca) ]

Zacara pats a red hand to her mouth as she recalls some of her peculiar missions. "Can't say I've had to dive under the water yet, but, who knows what our future holds, eh? Bet it'd be fun. If it weren't for the whole.. flooding the drives with seawater thing.." Her expression grimaces a bit, somewhat disappionted that her preferred interceptor isn't capable of such a unique maneuver. "Maybe if you were going fast enough..." Pink brows slowly rise as she mulls the thought over, dangerously.

BB-22 rolls out from under the table, the overhead lighting of the tapcaf reflecting off its red and yellow paint. It approaches Ulani at a slow pace and offers a series of positive chirps in her direction before coming to a stop nearer to her than to its owner.

"Did manage to short out my starboard nacelle once," she remembers, still thinking about making a nautical dive. "Freighter we were supposed to be protecting ended up being sabotaged from within. A Nestt," she clarifies. "Holds were full of water being imported to Coruscant. Cargo containers blew, globs of water all over orbit, being pulled down to the atmosphere. Flew through one of the bubbles and lost my aileron on that side! Had to quick-fix while the Squad Leader yelled at me to pull up."

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar) ]

"Lord Bang's vessel, The Cophrigin Echo, is of Mon Calamari make. Just like this cruiser." Ejnar starts as he speaks to Zacara. "My beloved Vega's ship, the Charybdis, is also of Mon Calamari make. I know hers and Lord Captain Iskender's are capable of underwater travel." He looks around at the ship they're on. "Not sure about the big Bulk Cruisers like this. I know a good number of the old fleet were converted cruise liners. So they probably used to." He shrugs.

He downs the rest of his blue drink and leaves the empty glass on the table. A look between Ula and Bors before his icy blue gaze settled on Ulani. "I'm sure you have some good stories. Sometimes the best ones aren't about doing something crazy." He chuckles.

[ Ulani Kalgaav (Ula) ]

"I have every faith in your ability," Ulani replies to Bors from over the rim of the offered drink. "In the pitch of battle, I will be on your wing even if you were flying into a volcano. However, there are certain limitations to what a shuttle can do. More so what a bottom-heavy salvager can do. I am cursed, you see--" she offers to Ejnar and Zacara "--with the burden of knowledge in regards to the stress endured upon vehicles. It is as if I can hear the ship itself begging to fall apart whenever he attempts to double roll into a starport. He claims to love me and I am sure he means it. But I do believe he gets glee from seeing me turn a specific shade of green."

Beep beep boop gets Ulani's attention as if someone were talking directly to her. Because they are. Blue eyes lower to the BB unit with a tilt of her head. "A pleasure to see you, as well, Gadget." The rest of the bloops and whistles does cause a crimson brow to raise. "Mmm. I will certainly tell her for you."

And that 'her' is Zacara. "I understand the flight of an A-wing pilot is as addictive is deathsticks for the thrill-lovers." A knowing glance and smirk to Bors. "However, it would seem your loyal companion is a bit sad to be left out of your tales of daring do, Miss Saronno. Perhaps you are not the only one who seeks high adventure for the memory banks."

For Ejnar, Ulani nods gently. "I have a few, though they are often ground endeavours that I recall more. I suppose there's less of a disconnect for me on the ground. Flying is almost like a haze. A dream."

[ Bors Thul (BT) ]

"Pah and piffle. The Thranta has been put through paces akin to any fine craft helmed at my hand." one hand waving as though to say Ula's complaints of his flying their personal craft was all unfounded, lifting his glass to sip from with the other. He even leans back, slightly in his seat with his little jest.

"I am nigh unmatched and there nary should stand any contention with my flying, yet there are woes cried out of for the strain of craft that I know so intimately."

Another lift of his shoulder, "But I think secretly the years that ring me like a tree's is what she truly fears, aging as I am." head canting to one side, "The bane of all, gnawing at bones and soul alike. Cruel time."