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Silver Lined Snakes

OOC Date: November 15, 2020
Location: Delaya - Alderaan System
Participants: Elrych Cometburn, Aryn Cole, Nerys Greystorm, and GM'd by Bors Thul

The force has those who can feel it's ebb and tug at their cores while knowledge and instinct guide humanoid droid. It is a trek of some time, with several stops needed for the trail to be searched physically and metaphysically alike. The darker sensations Elrych now is unfortunately familiar.

Elrych's experience with the sensations guide his eyes, Nerys's confirmation aiding in confirming and allowing them to travel at speed. A fresh path blazed spotted by Aryn and verified by Nerys aid them to move through suburbs and small commercial structures constructed by workers and into the thicker atmosphere of the city itself. Even within the city itself the signs of passage don't escape the keen human-like eyes of Greystorm.

It all leads towards a facility proudly bearing heraldry of Alderaanian minor nobility. Colors of ashy gray with rose chasing the edges.

And a repulsor sled parked sloppily outside with signs of grass and mud splashed on its sides partially obscuring the seal of Fonnima - a minor family of Alderaan.

Once they were as close as they were likely to get without raising suspicions, Nerys parked the truck, leaving it ready for a quick escape. She and Bitty were ready as she stepped down from the truck, "We need to approach as carefully as possible. If they are smart, they will have exterior defenses which we will need to disable or avoid, lest we risk the lives of any hostages which remain inside." Nerys moved away from the group, using the surrounding buildings for cover, her words coming back along their comms, "I see a lift we might put to use. It would allow us to enter the building from above. I will need to climb to reach it, but it appears large enough to hold all of us."

Adding on to what Nerys said, Aryn points. "There is also a gonk droid entrance just there.." On the side of the building. The entrance likely had connecting ducts. It also revealed that this building's power was provided by external generators, i.e. the presence of GNK droids (since they're portable power generators.)

"It might also be possible to cut the power of the building if we needed some element of control by issuing a command from a droid terminal recalling all of the gonks to a charging pad." Most droids operated on a cycle, one replacing another to form a seamless transition of power. If they all left, no power. No power meant no internal surveillance or external defenses.

"I'm not getting a clear picture..." Elrych says to Aryn as he follows dutifully behind her. The malintent and darker feelings perhaps clouding his senses. Or perhaps there was just too many people inside the facility and he needed a target to focus on to really get any idea of what's going on. "But I can be sure that whatever is in there isn't friendly." Says the Corellian, pulling his lightsaber from his belt and holding it in his right hand, not yet igniting the ancient and fabled weapon.

There is a pause as the Jedi considers Nerys and Aryn. "Possibly set up a remote switch if we need it, or we can just cut the power. But they'll suspect something and what ever isn't automated we will have to contend with. I don't think anyone in there is going ot be overly friendly, like I said."

Quiet descends in the wake of speech, enough for the sound of distant engines to come over the muffled sounds of the industrial district. Some distance off, but moving steadily from the north the almost sea-mammal like form of an old Sienar Zeta-Class appears through smoke and smog from deeper in the industrial zone, distinctive only because of its four lowered stabilizer wings still locked in flight position.

Not an uncommon sight in a place like this - but distinct for it's travel path bringing it closer and not towards normal transport sectors of the city.

The building remains otherwise silent, other than periodic metallic rattles muffled by exterior walls.

Nerys, nodding to Aryn and Elrych, was soon moving in that quiet, careful way she had, heading for the side of the building and the lift. As she moved, Bitty detached herself, the smol droid hovering over in her mistresses wake, though she seemed to have a different intention, as she stayed low, skimming the exterior until she found an access panel. Her smol droid claws worked at the panel, chirping her message to Nerys who translated as she free climbed up along the side of the building, fingers digging into the edges of the old brick as she worked her way up, "Bitty says she's found the plug-in for the GNK droid powering the interior of the building. She is prepared to deactivate the coupling at your command, Doctor Cole." Nerys, making her way to the lift, set about familiarizing herself with the controls to get the lift down to the ground level where the rest of the team could join her, if that was their choice.

"A good point, Elrych. Controlling their power will give us an element of surprise they will not expect should negotiations fail. There is a high probability that they did not anticipate a team to track them. When confronted, and out-paced, they may be more willing to face justice than combat."

Aryn remains by the speeder truck with Elrych, watching as Nerys performed quite admirably, the sneakworks that might prove to be the crux of their advance. "Always on the move," Aryn says endearingly, then she keys her encrypted comms to respond to Nerys. <<"Understood. We may wait for an advantageous use of that. Do let us know when we should approach this lift you have taken commandeered. We should like to join you if the lift is deemed safe.">> Aryn shares a look with Elrych, then angles her eyes back up toward Nerys.

"Mmmhmmm, Kael is a lucky man." Elrych adds to Aryn's comments as he watches Nerys climb up towards the top of the lift. The Jedi gives a nod to the Princess as she gives him that look before his icy blue eys wander around to make sure nothing is sneaking up on them.

Looking towards the SZ as it approaches causes the ace pilot to raise a single brow. "Herm..."

It did not take Nerys long to decipher the controls of the lift. It was not difficult technology. She did test it, carefully, though, to ensure that it would not make too much noise. That would really ruin the element of surprise. Her higher vantage point allowed her to get a good view of the building surrounds and she paused, calling down, 'Zeta-Class, incoming. It does appear the shuttle is heading in the direction of the building." This might be a thing the Jedi wished to know. As soon as the lift was on the ground, she spoke again, 'It is safe to board the lift. Bitty, stay low'. The droid, in answer, retracted hands and legs, tucking herself in against the side of the building, trying to use any overhand she could find close enough to the panel that she could still shut it down if she was ordered to. As the team loaded up, and the hatch opened, Nerys well, did nothing, for now. Short of shooting someone, which might get her the side-eye from the Jedi, she had no skill in manipulation.

No gravity pressure or mag-lev technology on this ride acquired by Nerys, the lift used to rise up along the side of the building operates on a chain lift, spooling through several points and moved by simple gear systems

An excellent view of the west side grounds of the facility provided, if no windows looking through the wall directly. Several workers pass through the area moments before unexpected guests might have been spotted - allotting a narrow escape from early detection. Structural design shows supports built, to support the weight of spacecraft, combined the Zeta still nearing - wings beginning to fold up in preparation of landings.

The more pressing detail, though, being the presence of a near-human female with day-glo pink hair and mauve skin standing next to a human male of clear, lower class, Alderaanian breeding both looking suddenly perplexed by the service hatch opening before they can touch a panel.

With people who don't work there on it.

"Who the stang are you!?" the man calls out while the bright haired woman slaps at her belt, reaching for a stunner staff.

The lift took to the end of its circuit, revealing the team to those neverdowells and vice-versa. Aryn had a bit of poise to her personality, the kind of poise that came from being an entitled noble who thought she owned most everything (at least until she was told differently.) So naturally, or inherently, Aryn approached the confrontational pair from a position that erred toward authority; the cape and perhaps her influence over the force and their minds sold it.

Issuing a casual wave of her hand, Aryn marshalled her command of the force to invade their minds masterfully, and she crafted a response by beckoning their willful obedience to respond back as if her imperative statement was their idea all along.

"You both want to tell us your involvement at this building, what is inside and who you work for. That includes, I daresay, what is happening within the confines of this structure." Aryn's 'waved' hand perches upon her belt, though her cape still conceals the presence of a curved lightsaber hilt.

The lift ride was uneventful, the Jedi simply standing in the back being the tallest member of the group, flanked by the shorter and much more attractive ladies on each side. "They could really use some music in here." He offers, the only thing breaking the silence was the squeaking chain that lifted the contraption to its destination.

As they run into the two people disembarking the shuttle, Elrych has a mind to backup Aryn with her trickery, yet she seems to have it handled so he remains quiet except to add, "You forgot to add that they don't want to shoot us." With a leaned forward whisper to the princess. When he leaned back to his full height he had nothing but a charming smile for the two.

"I'm a service tech... I am on evening rounds." the man says in a half-dreamy voice before looking to Pink-Hair, "this is a Fonnima facility, we manufacture tech-components for Thul's colonist operations on New Alderaan."

"Salza has made inquiry to also begin purchasing components, representatives are here. They requested additional security. I am on patrol."

Both begin to blink and come back to their senses now - movements slowed like one moving under water as they regain themselves. Pink-Hair being the one coming back more quickly. She pauses with her hand on the haft of her stunner, blinking rapidly in the gloom and her free hand begins fumbling towards a shoulder torch.

"Wait... you're..." leaning forward, and so the man does as well, trying to pick out the features of the small blonde before them.

Nerys was happy to let the Jedi do their Jedi thing. Her thing was either getting //into// places or being dragged out half dead //out// of places. So really, she was here doing just what she was supposed to be doing. While she waited for the Aryn to gain the information she needed, to looked down to see what could be seen of the interior of the building and how they might best locate the work being done here and the missing noblewoman. There was no way this was simply a storage facility. That internal comms clicked on, 'Bitty reports the shuttle is half a klick away, moving at port speed. No other signs of personnel beyond these two inside. So far.'. So not full engines ahead but they did not have long. As for Nerys, she moved to try to get a bit clear of the people, just casual like.

"..the Princess, Aryn. Yes, quite right. A member of my court declared their sister missing, and we have tracked them to this building. That member is the Lord of Thul. I find it suspicious they meet without the purview of their Lord." Aryn reveals, pausing to take consideration of Elrych's whispered suggestion. Her eyes turned toward the pair to see if they still intended violence, but from what she observed.. that notion had derailed.

"I would speak with these representatives and inquire on the location and health of the Lady Thul. Will you lead us in?"

"Also, is there a scheduled flight departure today? We observed a shuttle on approach."

Elrych stands sort of awkwardly in the back, tall and lanky. While handsome in his own roguish way, he certainly did not look noble and her certainly didn't carry any type of authority about him. Just that masculine bravado that only an over confident Corellian could muster. A nod and a smile to the lavender skinned female, "How's it going?" That deep voice of his letting the words slide ina buttery Corellian accent.

"I... we." the pair look to one another, as they stumble over one another, the technician blinking with a 'how would I know?' sort of curiosity on his features before Pink-Hair is fumbling again, but now for a datapad pouch.

"Lady Fonnima is meeting with the Salza representatives and..." she pauses, blinking rapidly as she searches memory. "They're meeting within about New Alderaan and the equipment." she frowns, drags the datapad out of her pouch and pauses for a long moment to review, frowning an then scribbling a stylus across several lines before swiping them to oblivion. "If you'll come with me, I can bring you to reception to speak with them..."

The serviceman and pink-haired woman pause when Elrych speaks up, the former looking incensed when his bright coifed companion turns a darker shade of mauve, giggling some and giving a demure look down and starts to sashay away, as opposed to walking, without so much as a farewell to the man now trying to roughly get past Elrych en route for the lift hatch.

Nerys continued along, speaking on internal comms, so as to keep the Jedi updated. 'Bitty, keep us updated on what's going on outside.' If the Jedi were moving, then Nerys was also moving, attentive as the made their way through the building. After she had offered that message, she came on again, 'Who is Lady Fonnima?' She knew it was not a question that either of the Jedi could answer easily, as they had no way to hide their voices. But Nerys knew this was not the name of the woman they were looking for. As she walked, she watched their escort, and Nerys frowned. Nobody liked it when Nerys frowned. 'The woman is not as innocent as she seems. She has sent a message ahead of our arrival. Text comms. The shuttle is still incoming.'

"You want to tell me the contents of the message you sent to the representatives, and if they intend to do us harm," Aryn says as casually as one might talk about the weather. She had been clued in on the message going out thanks to Nerys' keen observations. Aryn's voice was laced with the power of the force when she spoke, and now she had drawn her cape back enough to reveal her lightsaber. Something was awful peculiar about this.

As they walk, the pink-haired security guard's voice coming again in distracted but now annoyed fashion, "I told them Princess Cortess was here, trespassing. I had no guest manifest including her. I am bringing you to where this situation can be handled by my superiors..." confusion lilting into her voice at the last.

The two lefts and then a singular right bringing the quartet to a small round chamber with two figures in different house colors present. One in Fonnima and the other in dark blue and gold of Salza - neither looking particularly important and likely directed to allow 'the big kids to talk' in a manner of speaking.

Fonnima a banner house of Thul, Salza one for Rist.

"You Highness, we are surprised by this - a royal inspection? We have no confirmation of this and so we must assume you are doing this in utterly clandestine fashion in that Thul has no word on this? Or they have been instructed to closet your intentions and obfuscate for us as well?" The Fonnima representative sniffs, a young man in a 'snotty' sort of age or a noble.

The Salza man remains quiet, though the sight of Aryn does bring a 'dropping beneath the nose' sort of frown.

Behind them, a young raven haired woman sits at a reception desk, watching all with raised brows but slit lids, expression sour.

Elrych gives Aryn a wink as the female sashays away after giggling clearly enamored by his charm. The ex con-man can't help himself sometimes, he really couldn't turn it off sometimes. Getting people on your side and to think you're interesting was a good distraction tactic. It also made them want to kill you less. But usually Elrych's loud blunt mouth, void of metaphors and flowery language like that of Lord Bors and Ban, undid any semblance of charm or flattery he mustered with that handsome smile of his.

As Aryn asks her question, he raises his brows and reaches out with the force towards the room they were being lead to.

When they enter Elrych has nothing but a cocky Corellian smile for the lot of them. He's quick to lean in and say quietly to Aryn; "They're really miffed about us showing up like this and that one..." He upnods towards the woman behind the reception desk, "Really wants you on ice."

There is an interesting look towards the Fonnima rep, "Oh my..." HE steps forwards and addresses them personally, "You have a mind that's like a Kushiban's hole."

Elrych Cometburn already had his lightsaber in hand, the weapon barely peeking out of his voluminous sleeves.

"And you the tongue a Corellian dockworker seeking congress within the chambers of his betters for sake of winning a braggart's trophy at the local lum hole with your reeking fraternity drunk with a glut of the finer things yet ever to be brushed against, yet never grasped to hold." her expression growing stony.

"What is the -meaning- of this invasion, your -grace-?" the Salza man sneers, hands tucking into the sleeves of his robes while the receptionist watches and Pink Hair slips out, tucking a flimsy-card into Elrych's hand as she goes.

Hostility bubbles to the surface there, hands tapping at desk panels all the while.

Nerys, who looked as though she was about to step forward suddenly turned moving off at a sprint towards the door as though determined to get through the door before the Pink-haired woman could make it through and shut them in. As she ran, her voice came on the comms. 'The shuttle is landing, they are lifting cargo to meet it. I will try to intercept.' Watch out, Pink. Murderdroid incoming.

"Lord Thul is my bannerman, and the components of our relationship is sacred through fealty. I need not his approval for it was the Lord himself who dispatched us for help. The Lady Thul was waylaid at her wedding, her retainer murdered and her ship wrecked. We have tracked them to this building. You insinuate my dishonesty, but I approach you with truths and facts to our findings." Aryn addresses the first, then shifts to the Salza man, looking up at him with a neutral stare. "I admire your wit and attempt at bandying words with my companion to incite a reaction, but your effort to vituperate, Lord, falls short. You speak to an anointed Jedi knight. You will find no opponent there, unless of course you intend violence. That said, if I find that you are aiding and abetting fugitives, you will face justice. All of you. I have spoke plainly and truthfully, and invite you to do the same."

Just as this is said, Nerys is on the prowl and moving after someone. Aryn is brought into understanding by the comms, to which Aryn replied, <<"Now might be a good time to initiate our plan, Miss Nerys. Please have Bitty proceed.">>

"Is there to be violence now? Has diplomacy escaped us?"

"That has /got/ to be the longest run on sentence I have /ever/ heard. At least Sith Lords and Knights of Ren know their Grammar." Elrych says holding up his hands, follwing the previous scatthing burn with: "I get it... I get it... you're upset. It wasn't an insult. It just meant you've got a really strong mind. There's not much coming off you." The Jedi is all smiles and cool demeanor. Perhaps Aryn spoke too soon. Elrych came from a world where trash talk was king and if you weren't good at it you were not good to anyone.

"Need I remind you al..." Elrych says as his lightsaber petrudes more yet does not activate... "That we are both Knights of the Order cloaked in immeasurable power-" Eyes notice the nervousness of the two represtantives but it's the eerie calmness of the Receptionist that really catches him... "Prepare yourself Aryn... I think negotiations are about to become... aggressive..."

"Ah yes - there runs the river of arrogance that brought low the Republic elder and thus the death of our world. Thank you so kindly, Knight of the Fallen Order - we are eminently in your debt for how your 'Immeasurably Powerful' order fumbled what was once Democracy into fascist regime that brought with it the slaughter of innocents innumerable." the Salza snarls before the Fonnima representative places her hand on his chest, and shakes her head.

"We are Bannermen to yours, Princess Cortess; why would scions of Thul be taken and held by us? Joyous was the news of Qel-Nosh and Thul binding tighter in these troubled times. We mus-" her voice stops, eyes wide as the sclera are clouded by red.

A sensation like hands reaching to crush throats befalling the Jedi. A whisper of lips that seek to seal over mouth and nose to breath into them. An instinct screaming to cease their breathing, escape. The panic of a miner in deep bowels of stone and soil seeking treasure only to see their songbird suddenly fall from the perch within the bronze wire cage.

Jaws dropping and becoming apoplectic, the representatives look to one another to see blood leaking from tear ducts and tongues swelling. Behind the desk, the receptionist wheezing out, "Hail Rist... Death to the throne stealers." before she too is taken by an inability to breathe.

In the hall? The pink haired woman has her pistol drawn, no kill toggle - only stun and oblivious to the meeting room calls out, "Stop! Stop! I'll stun you! You need to stop!"

'Bitty, shut down power to the building!' Nerys did not need to say //now//. Bitty was a good droid and she did what her mistress told her. Nerys who did not look at all like the happy, usually jovial woman she usually seemed to be, reached out, drawing her dagger and slashing the woman's arm down to the bone, forcing her to drop the pistol, "Take me to the damned lift that's heading up to the shuttle or I will make certain it isn't just your arm you need to worry about."

The explanation was ignored when Aryn sensed impending danger. She takes a step back drawing her lightsaber to her hand and activating it in a sudden SNAP-HISS. Just as the power cuts out, and the lights die, they are cast in a hue of bright sapphire blue, which is plunged into the floor as the one in front of Aryn begins to choke, unable to breath. Aryn held her breath and traced a circle, near perfect, into the floor and kicked it free from its hold.

She raised her hand once the opening was made, and struggled to focus. It took a great deal of effort to influence the struggling and dying to move through sheer will of the force. Aryn drew one to her, then dropped them down the hole. She remained in danger hoping to stay long enough to capture the third and bring them below too. It was the right thing to do.

Elrych was totally about to sling an insult back. He seemed to be reveling in the frothing of the mouth that the representative was having. Fuel for a fire with someone as practiced at drek talking as he was? That was a bad move...

But just like Aryn he sensed the Danger. Taking one last deep breath he held his breath, his lightsaber coming to brilliant life just as the lights went out and the room became dark. The blue mephite blade casted an calming glow across the room.

Just as Aryn cuts a hole in the door, his hand reaches out and grabbed hold of the receptionist, not really being gentle about dragging her over the desk and across the floor then down the hole with the force. He jumped down then after her and looked for his fellow. Seeing she was staying he waited bellow, looking up the hole back at her.

The GNK Power Droid's reaction to Bitty's sudden severing of the power line is distinct and eloquent, "GONK!" before the droid turns and sparks from the feedback caused by the sudden cut-off. Lights go out within the building, save where metal glows from lightsaber cuts and emergency battery lighting ignites - bathing halls and rooms in a steady red that sets heavy contrast of shadows to create directional paths.

The pink haired woman in Nerys's grip coughs and looks close to sobbing with panic - just a security guard, but she motions numbly towards a corridor, trying to lean on her attacker while her other arm hangs limp. "Th-this way... Please. I'm just. Don't kill me. Please?" eyes shining in the crimson glow.

The room Elrych, the Fonnima rep and the receptionist tumble into is cold, antiseptic smelling and full of shrill cries from first the sudden darkness, then the clatter of falling ceiling... and then bodies. A half dozen females of mixed human and non-human species are all standing with refresher stall doors opened, shocked and appalled by bodies falling and then the young man with glowing saber. A seashell, one of three from a stall, is cast at the man in panic and more screams join.

Above, the Salza rep spasms on the floor, eyes bulging and lymph nodes in his neck rapidly, and noticeably, swelling as whatever biological agent invading him continues to overload his respiratory and immune systems.

"Do not give me any reason to." Nerys made no promises. When it came to fulfilling the mission, Nerys Greystorm made no promises that she could not keep. Instead, she simply pushed the woman ahead of her, "We are running out of time. I suggest you hurry." And if she had to bleed out a bit, well, perhaps she could have thought better of coming into work today.

Aryn is able to hold out longer in the dangerous room, drawing upon the Force to move Salza rep from their spot to the hole in the floor and down to Elrych below. Once clear, Aryn drops down too, landing nimbly and bending her knees from her modest weight. She deactivates her weapon and looks around to get her bearings.

"No need for panic, but we need your help. The room above is spouting poison air, and these people are dying from it. Please help us move them to safety and everyone vacate this room before it becomes filled with the poison too. Please.. move quickly!" Aryn casts a towel to one of the not so decent females and motions that they help. She moves to the door nearby to open it and give them a way out.

When Elrych realizes what's going on and where he is, the shell hits him in the chest and he winces slightly having not quite detected it. "Sorry, Jedi Business!" He offers.

A nod towards Aryn, "It's as the Princess says!" The ladies could now say they got to share a bathroom with Princess Aryn... oh the Gossip. And who was the Studly Knight with her? Rumors abound...

Yeah Right.

Pointed tip of a blue lightsaber points towards the receptionist, a Rist assasin. "Just like I suspected. Rist... I'll keep track of this one." He grabs her by the collar with a free hand and attempts to walk out of the bathroom.

Pink sobs, trying to hold her arm and avoiding it at the same time as she stumbles and leads Nerys down a twist of corridors. Blood loss is notable and after long moments she just collapses onto her left side to protect her right. She looks down the corridor, "There... down there. Just get... get out. Go..." head falling to rest on the tile floor.

She's telling the truth at least by what can be seen down the way. A turbolift on emergency power, for obvious reasons, and the roar of wind, engines, and docking clamps lowering into place.

The ladies in the fresher, cleaning up after their shifts, listen to the calm tones of the Princess, looking around to one another and then the hole. Toxic air. They shuffle and hesitate as they fight down panic with the help of Aryn's words before they make to help the house representatives towards the door - pumping a manual door crank to get the pneumatics open, to help everyone get into a locker room.

The receptionist, shuddering and getting her breath glares daggers at Elrych, tongue finally drawn back for her to bare her teeth with a crackling crunch. She smiles, briefly, before she lets out one last scream preceding the terror of her lower jaw opening between the bones, melting tongue falling through as her throat erodes like ice under the focus of a hand torch.

No final words. Only blood and gurgling as she begins to go limp.

Nerys allowed the woman to drop. If all else failed, she would quite likely kill her in the morning. But now, she was climbing, her comms to Bitty clicking on, knowing she did not even have the time required for the new nanoseconds she needed to translate and their chatter was in Binary, 'Bitty, tell Kael..." But what Nerys meant for the droid to tell Kael she never said, though the droid chirped a response, as she took a leap at the container, flinging herself out into the void, in true space raider style. She stabbed with the blade, trying to sink the weapon into the side of the container but it was simply too tough and she fell away. She did not tumble down into the shaft though, as she kicked out with a foot, pivoting to shift her momentum and catch on to the rails of the lift. She would just have to climb. 'I can't stop the cargo hoist, I am trying to keep it from reaching the ship!' Just so the Jedi knew what she was doing.

Aryn is thankful for Elrych's presence there with her, but judging from Nerys' voice and situation, it seemed like he might be needed to help her. Aryn is needed here among the poorly dressed women and dying sentients. When they got through the door and to relative safety, Aryn shown her wrist light down at a spot. "Put them here.. hurry."

With the pair set down, Aryn began to look over their vitals, making use of a scanner she plucked from her belt. They required immediate treatment to survive, and she injected their necks with bacta, then applied epinephrine to jump start their system into recovery. Each one was examined by pulling back their eye lids to observe a reaction with the light and their eyes.

"Come now, my friends. Find life again.." She said softly, not wishing ill of either. Aryn was not aware the assassin had passed, but she may not have even commented about it. House Rist were renown for their killers, and the brutality of their training. Chances were, she was just a pawn with a mission. They'd not send noble blood to do their dirty work here. Alderaan was too fragile for such sacrifices.

"Oh you tricky Et Chuta..." Elrych says as he watches the Assassin poison herself with a false tooth. With a exaggerated sigh, he lets the dead weight fall by just dropping her body. THUNK. Nery's call does not go unhearaled as Aryn start her treatments, he runs towards where the redhead is. The wind created by his force pushed running causes a bit of a refreshing breeze to blow back towards Aryn and her patients. He's quick, spotting Nerys once he's arrived at the shaft. With a deep breath, he gathers the force some more. Muscles beneath his robes start to grow and become more taught. Bending knees he jumps, rocketing through and up the shaft where he needs to be.

Nerys and Elrych at the roof with the cargo craft preparing to pull away. The massive container beneath it locked in place and not lacking for a long gouge down one side from vibrodagger slicing into thick durasteel without finding purchase.

The winds of the rooftop landing pad whip hair and clothes in a whirlwind before them all as the ship begins moving as if making to make a hasty takeoff. Doors are sealed and gun-ports remain closed with the movements of the pair, and the lightsaber of one. Panic is in the air suddenly but from mixed causes and sources. Enough that one needn't concentrate on their senses to feel it.

Below, with Aryn tending them, eyes open slowly, breath a thin whisper in throats but gratitude from one and a grudging cousin it from the other. Lives saved while people gather around in the locker room as others seal the hatch behind to keep the poisoned air from traveling after them.

It's a narrow thing on both sides, but there is a chance - and sometimes that is all that is required.

Damnit, Nerys. Do something! She was climbing, but the lift was simply not stable enough for her to cling to it with her legs and pull her weapon AND fire it with enough bracing to avoid being blown back down to her death. Choices. She frowned, pulling her back around as she rummaged in one of her pockets. It paid to be an Irregular. She still had one of the trackers she had been issued for an old mission. Nerys never threw such useful things away and she double-timed it, giving herself just enough reach and space to slip the tracker in between one of joins in the container. Hopefully hidden, hopefully stable enough to do what they needed it to do. But then the maglocks on the ship chunked into place and the space raider's tenuous hold on it slipped. And so did she. Only to find Elrych rocketing up almost past her. But not quite. Nerys not at all as graceful as she usually was, somehow still managed to kick at one of the rails, as she did what amounted to a jump onto Elrych's back, ending up looking like a child taking a piggyback ride. "And that's why I'm the jetpack!" The end of Elrych's jump landed them on the roof and Nerys let go. Because strangling a Jedi who was only trying to do the right thing was just going to get all of the disappointed looks from Aryn. "I got a tracker into the container. if we get moving, we can find out where they're going."

Elrych does land with a loud thunk on the roof, securing Nerys onto his back by holding her just under her knees. Piggyback indeed. "There you are..." Said the Jedi, somewhat out of breath from his run and big jump. "I've been looking all over for you..." There is a nod to her words. "Let's get the people inside medical attention, and local authorities... then we can worry about the tracker." He starts to walk them back to where they can get back and help Aryn.