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A daring team infiltrates Rendon lands.

OOC Date: May 1, 2023
Location: Shadow Tower, Delaya, Alderaan Sector
Participants: Tamsin Cas, Bors Thul, Cadogan West, Kol Goren, Orin, Aryn Cortess GM/NPC Livia Rist

Built upon the mountain itself with tall, impregnable walls looms the Shadow Tower, former seat of Rist, now home to the Baronet of House Rendon. Imposing architecture and frightful gargoyles warn off any sign of hope or prolonged light in this stormy region of Delayan country side. It comes as no shock why Rendon mentioned having no city or villages to draw wealth from, the lands surrounding Shadow Tower were swampy, incapable of irrigation, and barren with spiky rocks of onyx texture. Dark clouds hide the night sky, and frequent lightning remind those of the presence of a tall tower and its scant torch light.

"It is good being home," Says Lady Livia, pausing at the foot of a mountain near a river of raging water. Rain falls regularly, giving everything a fresh glean. Even Livia has left her hair to the elements, energized by the gloomy personality of the place and the familiar cold sting of rain. It's the first time she's smiled in years.

"We must cross this ford. With any luck, the creatures who prey on the fish here slumber with full bellies." Without fear, the Rist trudges forward, sinking into the water, the depth rising to her mid-torso. "Old proximity traps linger ahead. Ere we alert the current inhabitants of my home, do not wander far from the shore when we have arrived at the other side. There is a reason no village found roots upon this land; everything here tries to kill you."

Livia makes her way across the water, using her arms to wade forward with gentle strokes.

Achlys moved in silence, following the lead set by the Lady Rist. These were not her hands, and she was not foolish enough to assume that she could handle anything unknown that might decide to reach out and touch them. Certainly not in a situation where stealth and secrecy were required. Clearly, though, as the moved, and the water began to weigh down her robes, it was clear this was not the first such situation she had been in, as she simply adjusted for force and forward momentum of her strides.


Potential flesh eating river creatures? Check.

Warnings of traps that can set off tower alarms? Check.

Warnings that they've entered Murderland? Check.

"I suppose we are in Rist territory." said within his helmet, low enough that his mic doesn't pick up to broadcast his comments. Wading into the river, following Livia's path in hopes of he won't be the one to accidentally set off any sort of alarm or trap. Suit sealing automatically to keep from being loaded down with water, EVA systems serving for more than just spacewalks.

<<"Suggest we switch to comms going forward.">>

Cadogan West wore a plain poncho on over his armor and gear, to ward off the weather. Half his face was painted with a crude skull at the start of their trek, but rain had washed off most of the paint, by now. A wary eye is turned up at the ridiculously ominous castle. "Course lightning goes off right as we look up at it," he mutters, giving a short exhale and nod at word of fording the water. Poncho is drawn off over his head, and Cado swiftly bundles up his pistol, bandolier of grenades, datapad with jack cables, and the gun he carries in case someone found his first gun. Strapping the bundle closed with the gun belt, he carries it overhead in a (probably vain) effort to keep the weapons from submerging as they crossed.

<<"I hear you, Gov,">> he acknowledges Bors' suggestion.

When bodies begin to enter the water, DT-X10 follows after. He does his best to keep his equipment dry but with the rainfall, such things are next to impossible. The water splashes and laps gently at his armored shins. Higher and higher the water rises. To his waist, belly, chest, and shoulders. His head tilts back, sending his helmet to look upward as he strives to keep himself above water for as long as he possibly can. Thankfully his height is enough to at least buy him a little extra distance. A gloved hand shifts to ensure that the knife sheathed upon the left side of his chest is present and ready, just in case he must fall back upon it. The call to switch to comms earns a double click of acknowledgment from a quick swipe of DT-X10's tongue, before again the dark clad trooper delves into silence. He strives to remain close to others; both to prevent their sudden disappearance or being whisked away and protect himself from such an event.

They are not the only ones traveling to the Rendon keep. Members of the Rist House follow along, their stealth generators deactivated for now. Like Livia, they follow into the water, stalking forward without a sound louder than the rushing water or falling rain. Upon reaching the other side, Livia has taken a knee and gestures up at one of the walls they will be running parallel to. <<"We follow the wall, but be on the look out. There is a new surveillance system here, so try to spot the cameras. If you are good at hiding, follow me. If you are not, hug the wall.">>

Without further explanation, Lady Rist moves forward and into the tall grass. The shadowsuit she is wearing, complete with its expensive and exotic shadow silk, make her part of the night with little effort. She sweeps wide of the wall.

As Achlys was, for the moment, closest to the Rist, she moved with the assassin, helm turning this way and that as she moved, <<"I mark four cameras, with infrared projection capability. My helm lacks the capability to relay tracking information to the rest of the team." She did, however, try to provide a brief general idea of how the cameras appeared to operate. She did not divert away to find a wall.

<<"IR sensor on the cameras.">> Noted when he starts into the tall grass with Livia, marking trails for others with active HUD systems as he slips down to hunker and skulk, drawing his rifle round. Pausing at something, head canting to one side, and then turning, murmuring a low, quick, "Bugger." inside of his helmet.

Shifting, attempting to get further into cover a spot activates, sweeping and halting on the black armored form of Bors Thul in the tall grass, rifle held low still - but now fully focused on by the searchlight.

<<"Well... I suppose it would have been me.">>

Cadogan West swiftly unstraps and shakes of his bundle of boom, blasters and grenades strapped back in place, and the specialized data jack replaced at the small of his back before the poncho is draped back atop everything. A short nod to the plan of approach, and he slips off after Livia. Without shadow tech or ninja training he was not ONE WITH THE NIGHT as the Rist, but he managed to avoid the lines of sight of any described cameras. He manages not to curse when one of his comrades is less lucky.

Having crossed the river without incident, X10 slips across the shore with sheets of water still falling from his black armored frame. He lowers into a squat when Livia lowers to a knee, nodding once at the instructions given. The call to follow into the tall grass finds DT-X10 glancing toward Darth Achlys, nodding, and then breaking away from the wall to move in the wake of Livia. He shifts his rifle around and into his grip once more He does not blaze his own trail, but follows in hers. While the reflec coating of his armor is designed to fool sensor relays and an assortment of other electronic surveillance systems, DT-X10 isn't about to test the effectiveness of it in the field. Trust in your equipment, but never blind faith. It is with that philosophy in mind that despite the armor that the Death Trooper wears, he does his level best to put natural aptitude to the test and to reap the bounty of decades of experience.

DT-X10 freezes however when the spotlight begins to move over the long grass. As the light glides smoothly over X10 without pause, he releases the breath he was holding. Then the light seems to come to a halt. Directly upon Bors. There X10 remains frozen. Waiting. The grip on his rifle tightens marginally, prepared to spring into action if something decidedly more frantic suddenly transpires.

Lights come on along the battlements as alert guards shine their beams down at Bors. It's good he has his helm on, because otherwise they would have been able to I.D. him, and thus, scandal! Rendon had spared no expense regarding security, it seemed, and the naval commander had an alert staff, as well.

Down the line, Lady Livia is slipping her hood and mask on and cusses aloud, <<"Drek.. gig's up, we have to run. Stay close, or you will risk setting off old traps. I mean it, stay close!">>

Rising up from the tall grass, she pushes off and /runs/ parallel along the wall. To their right is the rushing water, and to their left is the wall. Up ahead, the ground begins to get rockier until it drops off rather suddenly. The water made a steep waterfall to a larger, dark shaded lake below.

Livia had intended to climb down the rock face, but there was no time for it. She hefted the coiled rope off her shoulders and yelled, <<"Jump! Worry not about the depth!">> She paces a few steps back, surges forward, and leaps into the open air and darkness to fall into the water below.

All was well. Until all was not well. This, was, alaas, par for the course. many a mission turned sideways when you least wanted or expected it to. But there was only one direction in which to go, and that way was forward. As the Rist Lady called for them to move, Achlys moved, running in a line like an arrow somehow tethered to the woman ahead of her. When they reached the edge of the waterfall, there was a moment, as she likely calculated the odds, and then, she leapt, making every attempt to tuck her body parts in so that she could slice into the water and not hit it like a wall. Despite her upbringing, this was not a skill she excelled at, and she drew on the force to assist. But, in the end, that was what it was for, as she plunged down, and then broke the surface, <<"Check-in. Call out of you need assistance.">>


Language, Bors.

Taking off after Livia, the old man creaks within his armor - thinking long and hard about those HRO treatments again. Something for the old joints, or maybe some... modifications of a mechanical nature. That might save him the aching muscles of his much abused right leg.

Running full tilt after Lady Rist, noting the rocky ground and the approaching cliffs edge. Don't worry about the depth. Wait how deep does that mean it is? Should he be ready with a grapnel? Oh Mother he's too old for - WHUP!

No time to speak, he runs right off the edge - foot curling around it as if he were going to run right down it. Like he was going to sing disturbingly to some girl he stole the kid brother of. Except he doesn't keep running, or walking. Nor does he even get to sing before he's headed down, down, down, down.

Arms and legs pinwheeling, the only alert he has of the impending water surface is the proximity warning on his HUD that makes him instinctively engage suit seals, moving to bottled air before he hits. Face first - his suit absorbing much of the shock as he torpedoes down.

<<"Ow.">> head already beginning to ache. Finding himself with lakeweed wrapped about him, forcing him to shimmy and shift, freeing himself little by little. Able to keep calm with his personal atmosphere to work with. <<"I think I yet live.">>

Cadogan West slips briefly in the mud, but recovers his balance with admirable nimbleness and keeps pace with the clan of shadow killers. If anything, he's running *too* well, as the young man runs off the edge of the cliff, rather than executing any sort of more deliberate leap. "Ohhhhh drek," he mutters, in the awful few seconds of freefall before he hits the water. He didn't quite hit the surface hard enough to skip like a stone, but it's several long moments before he surfaces again. Every stitch and scrap of gear is wholly sodden, possibly broken, a d be looks like he's been slapped across the entire right side face. <<"Real glad no one is ever gonna hear of this, yeah?">> Thank GAWD for secret missions.

Like a pack of herd animals sensing a predator; there's a sudden burst of movement in a single direction. Much like those same animals they all follow in the same path, with only minimal deviation. X10 does his level best to remain with the herd when the call to move is given, glancing aside only briefly when Cadogan begins to slip, but swiftly uprights himself anew. Across the rocky terrain he goes, his bootfalls meeting with only the most minimal of sound as the trooper surges after Livia Rist. When she makes her daring leap from the cliffside, to his own credit DT-X10 does not hesitate in following.

Maybe he should have hesitated.

He plummets swiftly and after what feels like only a pair of pounding beats of his heart, the Death Trooper impacts with the water. The clatter of armor along with the slap of a heavy object striking the water's surface sounds off. Soon after the belch of the water's surface can be heard as the heavy weight impacts and then promptly sinks beneath the surface. He does not resurface. To his credit at least: he never releases his grip on his rifle. Which may be part of the problem. Without his hands freed to drag himself to the surface, the surge of his kicking feet is not enough to propel him to the surface again. It's terrifying, really. The optics of his helmet permits his vision to pierce through darkness as he stares down into the depths and the swaying kelp reaching up to wrap itself about his feet and legs amidst his furious kicking.

It's only when the first inkling of dread begins to bleed into his psyche and his breathing begins to elevate that there's a sudden movement visible before his helmet's visor. One hand releases his rifle, though not both. He reaches for it, he clings to it. His hand wraps about the searching fish and only there's a sound of triumph within his helmet, followed by a report in as instructed by Darth Achlys, <<"Mrglrurl drgrlrlr!">>

The fish jerks away suddenly and with it DT-X10 is jerked along, as though he's on his way to discover a long forgotten piece of jewelry buried within the mud and muck of the river floor. The disorientation of being underwater is seen snatched from his mind however when he's able to breath water, but only after the torrent of water rushes from within his helmet and creates enough space for him to steal breaths. Bruised and battered, he continues to clutch to the fish-turned-hand as Livia Rist hauls him free of the river's embrace. Claiming new breathes, he nods his helmet a number of times - with exaggerated movements - to illustrate both his appreciation and that he is, in fact, still functional. For the moment he's busy reclaiming his breath to impart some verbal appreciation for the assist.

DT-X10 still has his rifle though.

Surfacing for the second time, Livia's hood was weighed by the water and pulled back, revealing drenched black hair. She motioned for everyone to move beneath the waterfall. They find that the rocks there form a natural cave that is pitch black for the moment. Livia is seen pulling herself from the water as lightning flashed, then she disappeared into the darkness.

Meanwhile, up above, men with lights have sallied out with weapons and battle armor to give chase only to find prints in the mud leading toward the cliff. "Form a police line," yells the sergeant of the guard, and the group of soldiers do just that. They move forward, scanning for any sign of life.

When one of the Corporals spots the rope, he breaks rank and points, "Sergeant, there's ro--" A mine bounced up, triggered by the weight of his treaded boot. "GET DOWN!"

An explosion of shrapnel followed the sudden ejection and levitation of one mine that spun a fragmentation ball up into the air, at eye level. The explosion triggered two others to go off simultaneously. The top of the cliff, for any that still observed it, lit up with orange as an explosion caused the ground to tremble. It was unclear if the men above survived, but thunder rumbled low like a satisfied purr that death and danger persisted in this twisted part of Delaya.

A low-light lamp of violet turns on from one of the Rists that followed, and it reveals where Livia is in the cave. Moving a snake off the stone with careful ease, she pushes the stone in and triggers a solid wall to disappear, like a holo. Low-lights flicker to life inside the new opening, revealing a long hallway carved from the stone with shiny paneled flooring. The other assassins move inside, and Lady Rist motions them inside.

<<"This way. The code has changed, and I believe a member of my estranged House lurk inside. That said, we must face our guardian droids within. Ready your weapons, we become the hunted.">> Something in Livia's expression conveyed joy if her tilted smile was any indication. Whilst her assassins moved in silent as the grave, she walked forward.

Perhaps it could have been less of a struggle to make her way out of the rushing, swirling water, but Achlys' first instinct was to get out in whatever way was the most expeditious and not in a way which would alert those above that there was movement below that was not the waterfall churning up the water's flow. So, the cave was achieved, and Achlys reached into sodden robes, retrieving a sealed container or two from within its folds. "I will treat any injuries before we proceed." The tone was one of 'This is non-negotiable.' Given the danger ahead, going in already ailing...not a good look. Once wounds had been tended to, then, she would move to follow the Lady Rist.

Walking part of the way, beneath the surface, biting a tab and blink shifting through suit system commands; left hand working against the heel of his palm. Causing his oxygen mixers to begin filling his suit within the bodyglove, turning it into an impromptu ballast to help raise him to the surface by the time he reaches where Livia has climbed out.

<<"I understand jetpacks and the love for them now.">> amazing he doesn't already have one.

Coming up to where Achlys has stationed themselves, helmet coming off to be provided medical care before they proceed.

Cadogan West scrambles up the wet rocks to slip behind the curtain of falling water, remaining still against the stones and silent save for his low breathing. Once the detonations flash high above, he hustles into motion toward the revealed passage. He tries to shake the worst of the loose water out of his blasters, with a terse sigh. With visible dread, he checks on his data jack. "..Bloody hell," he mutters, carrying a pistol in each hand- unsure if one or both will misfire, he's playing the odds- leaving wet squelches and damp bootprints behind him with every step.

  • squeak*
  • squelch*
  • squeak*

The explosions illuminate the area and for only a fleeting moment DT-X10's boot is visible in the glow as he pulls himself behind the curtain created by the waterfall. He leans one shoulder into the cave wall, while his right hand clutches at his side. When Achlys' comment is made, he offers only a distracted nod of his helmet in answer to the insistent statement. There he remains, one hand clutching his rifle at his side. Nursing his aches and pains, catching his breath. When it is his time for his injuries to be addressed, DT-X10 remarks simply, <<"Hit me with a stim.">> The 'please' is surely implied. Judging by the voice that's clearly speaking through grit teeth, pain is likely creating a far more succinct and terse creature of X10.

Only after he's been hit with a stim that seems to cause the pain to recede and for him to at the very least ignore his injuries for the time being, the black clad trooper readies his rifle and falls into formation. The advanced reflec coating of the Death Trooper's armor is a great been when fooling sensors, but it isn't the only tool within the trooper's arsenal. He readies his infiltration protocols and a shift of his helmet takes in those around him before he asks, <<"Who's taking point?">> While presented as a question, it likewise seems to imply that he is prepared and willing. Maybe because he's feeling a bit jacked on the stims. His enhanced physiology would make short work in stabilizing his levels back to more acceptable norms.

Mandalorian Armor was surprisingly surviveable in Water. A built-in rebreather and a strength enough to swim, Orin rises up to the surface of the water in the Doomseeker armor of his people. Sleek and well-plated, the T-visor helmet keeps his features firmly hidden and protected. In his arms in a modified rifle, a scanner in his visor examining his surroundings as he takes a slow breath of air.


Orin willingly accepts medical treatment from previous dangers, nodding once to Achlys. <<Gratitude.>> He remarks in a serious tone, swiftly following the Lady Rist as he turns to look at Cadogan. <<Operational?>> He asks of the data jack as he moves with the group.

The way ahead was eerily quiet, and the space behind them, where they had come into this solemn place, closed and sealed again, a solid structure slipping in place and locking so they remained unseen, unfound, and forgotten. While Livia walked with purpose, her assassins moved with more efficient combat readiness, using straight edged blades and suppressed weapons poised to fire. Several took 'point', leaving the rest of the party to fill in the gaps on the flank. As they come to a wide atrium where the roof disappears in the darkness, and the path ahead takes them to a bridge to another doorway, but outside the door is a caged in armory with racks and racks of weaponry, all locked away.

Figures on the bridge stand at alert, humanoid in shape, but dressed in all white bodysuits. Their face, if one could call it a face, was absent any feature, even eyes. They were armed with a number of weapons, all of which were holstered on a body rig in random places. As Rist's party came out into the open with intentions of crossing the bridge, a voice spoke to them.

Graveled, pretentious, and Core-ward accented, he said with obvious affection, <"Livia.. I thought you would be dead by now.">

"Not yet, Uncle."

<"Soon, then. We heard about your return. A shame the Alderaan you stood for no longer stands with you.">

"If that is not the Quacta calling the Stifling slimy." Livia responds.

<"Fitting you will die in the place you were born."> Her uncle comments as the guardians come to life.

"Funny." Livia responds, crossing her arms. "I was just about to tell you the same thing."

Twenty (20) Snow Wights come to lift, some eerily pulling out straight-edged swords, others dislodging SMG shaped blasters from each thigh. <"Think you still have what it takes to call yourself Rist?"> Baits the Uncle.

"We shall see." She triggers something to break off the intercom with a jolt, killing the power in the area with a sudden charge. Emergency lighting came on in the atrium and the bridge. "You face our Snow Wight guardians. You must keep moving to fight them. They sync target rooted enemies. Violence of action is constant movement; do not stop until they have been defeated."

As the showdown began, it was not the words which Achlys cared about. Words were only passing barbs, not the sort that did any true damage to the sound mind. So, she allowed the conversation to go on, remaining silent, still as a shade. And then the hammer fell, Achlys moved into action, surging away from the group to engage the nearest battle droids, the enemy coming to instant life and moving in the way that droids sometimes did, which made landing blows more difficult than one would imagine. One slash of the blade passed a droid completely, but Achlys sliced through it on the backswing. The sudden impinging of her senses that told her to avoid the enemy's 'blood' caused her third strike to go wide. As she fought, her voice came across the internal comms. <<"Lady Rist. I can sense his presence. Your Uncle waits for you in an observation room, high above the killing floor."

The sight of the eyeless figures is enough to raise his blaster, resisting the urge to drop to a firing kneel when dealing with Rist soldiers. Glaring behind his helmets visor for the effort being put to foiling them... That is likely his fault.

Well done old man, clearly you are still young enough for this, mmm?

Bors is moving once it all sets in motion, though, rifle raised and sighting down the barrel for the closest figure bracketed by his HUD when they start to charge. The reek of burning tibanna and -whatever- these things are mixing when acid sprays over his armor. Jumping back, resisting the urge to try and wipe it away and glad for his suit filters for the expected stink and toxic smoke likely rising off of him.

"Well and fully rekked," Cadogan mutters in answer to Orin. Then it's time for spooky ninja shit talk! "Snow whites?" the Tionese slicer echoes incorrectly, as the fight erupts in earnest. Blasters blazing away with more enthusiasm than accuracy, the outlaw opines, "This is the *worst* quiet data grab I've seen all day." Diving into a shoulder roll to one side, he doesn't hit anything, but at least keeps one of the death machines busy.

The fighting breaks out and DT-X10 had done precisely what he was trained to do. Attack from advantage, when and where possible. He had clung to the shadows and his armor had aided in his positioning. He was moving even before he'd been instructed to stay on the move. Adjusting his position that he may offer optimal engagement if or when a threat presented itself. When the white figures suddenly become animated and surge into action, X10 wastes no time beginning to move upon feather-light footfalls. The T27 repeater begins to chirp harshly as the burst of blaster bolts practically explodes the torso of one of the seemingly inhuman defenders. He begins to move, approaching Darth Achlys while his rifle shifts and tracks. Another chirp of blaster fire here, then another one there. Targets of opportunity that may present themselves are addressed with the report of the T27 while he moves to the orbit of the lightsaber wielding Sith.


Orin remarks to Cadogan based on the status of his data jack. Though Orin looks up and witnesses the discussion between the Lady Rist and her uncle. The guardians come to life, twenty Snow Wights armed with straight edged sowrds along with blasters.

<<Good. Should be challenging.>>

As the Wight moves to attack him, Orin can /MOVE/, speeding himself out of the way as he lifts his Galaar-15 to fire off two bolts, both of which miss. So, he grabs a bigger gun off of his back and re-steadies himself to strike again!

Snow Wights move with fluid grace, irregular and inhuman despite their human like forms. Each pass of their sword is distinct, quiet, and brutal as one Rist assassin comes up unprepared and loses both legs before being decapitated. Everyone is moving appropriately, avoiding the sin of rooting themselves in one place to attack, and Lady Rist is no different. When the Councilor confirms the location of Uncle Rist, Livia responds, <<"Heard.">> Then she runs into the thick of the battle engaging her foe with a suppressed weapon of her own. She moves in perfect shooter-form, firing twice and only scoring a single hit. The shot lands in a way that the Snow Wight is blown over the railing of the bridge to land in the water far down below. In one moment, Livia is seen wading into the moving sea of chaos, then, she is gone.

Meanwhile, those remaining with the sixteen (16) Snow Wights must remain moving to avoid being struck, shot, or stabbed (maybe all three).

The location given, Achlys returned her attention to the battle. Lady Rist had her own war to fight. For now, Achlys did, not what she was best at, certainly, but what she had, at least in this moment, been brought here to do. The next in the line of robots was engaged, cut down, the sith's body slipping away before the acid of the robot's blood could damage them. But the need to avoid not only the weapons, but the very ground she was now =fighting on proved to lead the next two strikes awry. Such was life. There would always be another chance to raise her saber.

<<"Sergeant...">> Bors manages to get out, strafing to one side and trying to keep watch of all the movement and draw a bead at the same time. When one of the wights comes for him the pilot, become commando, become... man-at-arms he dips back, nearly spilling himself on the ground.

Landing on one knee and firing in the same moment - blaster bolts flying close enough to trace a black line along one of the attacker's shoulders but little else before he is up and rushing for another position, <<"Or... Mr. West... was it?">> grumbling under his breath and adjusting his firing settings, considering going to the blade.

"Ground war is for droids." said low enough to keep his mic from picking up.

Cadogan West was doing well keeping distance from the machine that was after him, but his inexperience in such melees is clear as the young man loses track of what's ahead.

Another eerie battle droid lurched ahead and struck with a blade, eliciting a cry of pain and outrage: "That bloody Snow White just stabbed me!" Not a series of words previously spoken, not even on Batuu. Gouts of acid are blasted out of the humanoid body, but the wight remains functional. <<"Aye, Gov?">> he returns to Bors, distracted.

In his bid to reach Darth Achlys and his position revealed, DT-X10 suddenly surges forward. Now in the midst of a pitched battle, the trooper can operate with greater freedom than under typical infiltration protocols. When one of the Snow Wights had began to approach Darth Achlys from the rear, that was all the motivation that DT-X10 needed to spring into action. Following his position being revealed his sprint carried him toward the masked Sith. The butt of his rifle is brought around at the end of his charge, knocking the Wight away and to the ground. Now covering the space behind Achlys, X10's rifle is brought to bear once again. The barrel levels away and lowers as he sprays a tight cluster of blaster bolts into the torso of the fallen faux lifeform. The spray of milky white substance showers in X10's direction, only for him to reflexively twist aside and out of its path as it goes hissing by. He stays on the move, though seems stick to covering the back of Darth Achlys amongst the pitched fighting. He maintains his movement, his rifle shifting and his torso twisting to accommodate aiming at sharp angles. His helmet does twist at the mention of a 'Sergeant', searching for the source, before focusing his attention back to the fighting all around himself.


Sliced between armor plates, Orin roars his pain. He manages to avoid an additional strike as he tries to create distance, but he quickly lifts his rifle to fire another shot, but he misses clean! His jetpack is helping him move around, but for the moment, he's hoping for the best!

Two Rists fighting alongside the party cut down a pair of Snow Wights. One had stabbed the automaton through the chest, abandoning their blade to draw another as the malfunctioning warrior fell, spraying acid. Meanwhile, the other is shot down in a trio of blasts from a distance.

Snow Wights dance through acrobatic means, firing and swinging their swords to damage the party. Their unnatural movements allow them to attack at random, but thus far, none of the party have allowed the Wights to hone in on one target. This is good.

Livia has not been seen since, but the doors at the other end of the bridge have been opened, revealing a staircase that circles like a spiral, leading up. Snow Wights block the path with constant shifting in the ranks.

Not all battles were a sprint. Certainly, no war was. Not on the galactic scale. Not even on the planetary scale. And when it came to families? Those wars were the slowest of all. Achlys, sensing the approach of X10, factored his presence into her movements, as she cut down another robot, kicking it off and into wherever it was such things went, when the lost their footing and an abyss was beneath. Alright, not an abyss, but it went over the railing, okay? The second proved more nimble, and Achlys moved to give herself more room to maneuver, as they traded blows, the robot parrying well.

<<"Dost thee have ordnance? Or are we restricted to blasters?">>

Asking for a friend.

Keeping himself mobile as if the idea of being still were absolutely abhorrent to Bors. Ducking back when a blade whirls past where the mid-point of his head was.


Lunging forward into a combat roll when blaster fire comes his way and reaching out to open fire, stitching blaster boltsup the torso of one of the droids. Having enough time to see it start to fall and being forced to leap to the side once again, to avoid the arterial spray of corrosive fluids meant to make opposing forces hesitant to attack them.

<<"I suppose it's a non-issue soon!">>

Cadogan West tries to backpedal from one of the oncoming machines, successfully evading a sword slash, but landing hard on his wounded hip as he dives out of the way. Climbing back up to one knee with gritted teeth, he fatefully remains kneeling while blasting away with a pistol in each hand, showing dogged aggression, if not melee awareness. <<"I got grenades an' a shaped charge, yeah?">> he shouts back to the pilot.

X10 knew that when Achlys moved away, then it was for good cause and often it was best if he did not get in the way. As a result he remains rooted in position. Perhaps without thinking and out of pure habit. Suddenly one of the androids leaps at him with its pair of blades stabbing downward with murderous intent. Thankfully the leap was predictable enough that DT-X10 is able to bring his rifle up, catch the attack across its length, and with a powerful thrust of his foot send the Snow Wight tumbling away. He regains his position, brings his rifle forward and down, and then with an angry series of chirps from the T27 assault weapon that slashes into and through the wight. The spray of acid that launches from it peppers his chestplate and helmet, sizzling but not burning deep into the material. He forgets to move still, because now he's busy considering the battlefield and the targets on it, and using that moment to breathe to answer the question regarding ordnance, <<"The risk to ourselves is too great. Blow these things up and we'll be showering ourselves.">> His answer is cool and calm, despite the circumstances.

Orin manages to dodge underneath a Snow Wight's blade, sliding along the ground until he was back on his feet. He lifts his weapon and fires a few bolts,but the With is /FAR/ too quick! He looks around and intends to pick his next target. <<Agreed.>> He calls to DT.

Two of the party rooted in place, the Snow Wights turn in unison to focus their efforts on Kol Goren and Cadogan West. Just as they were about to fire, Rist Assassins dispatch the remaining four with extreme prejudice, wrestling the automatons over the edge of the bridge to fall lifelessly into the rocky chasm and water below. The smell of burning metal fills the air, the sizzling of acid prevalent.

The way up to where Livia presumably traveled to fight her uncle is open, and the party is able to traverse the stairs and arrive within a large control room with countless instruments. The sound of encrypted communications is continuously pouring out from various monitor speakers, the voices in varied languages but all using interrogative sounding sentences.

Livia is hunkered over a central console, pressing several buttons until it's clear that the mic is hot, and the screens conveying data about the foreign speakers is muted briefly.

<<"All field operatives,">> Livia says, her voice modulated to sound like her Uncle. <<"Due to a brief power malfunction, comms were disrupted. The situation has corrected itself. Resume operations and a new frequency will be provided to submit situation reports. Be advised, Shadow Tower will be shutting down, so use the new frequency. Rist Out.">>

Screens began to switch back to orange before going to green, each operative (of which there were hundreds responding) spoke back acknowledging the new order. Livia turned off the mic, walked over to another console, and pulled the dead body that had been her uncle off the console to land on the floor. She drew out a data prism and pocketed it, then flipped a large switch to begin a countdown to scuttle this secret location.

"Our time to leave rapidly approaches. Through these doors is a secret hangar, we can escape with one of our shuttles. Fly low to avoid sensor detection; let us depart."

With the last of the threat eliminated, by their hands, or the hands of their current compatriots, all that remained was to ensure that the Rist with whom they were not working had been eliminated. Not, it would seem, something that the team needed to worry about. But Achlys did not extinguish her lightsaber. They were not amongst friends, and who knew what else this place had in store. The transport? That she would move towards. Nothing was taken, and nothing explored in the room. This was Rist business, and she was not one of that number. <<"I will tend to the wounded as we depart.">> And ensure that everyone who had come with the team left with the team.

A shuttle.

<<"I'm flying.">> Ser Bors was already heading towards the hangar in question, <<"And we need only fly low when thee hasn't a pilot of such a caliber as presented today, Lady.">> pointing towards the Death Trooper, <<"Sergeant, a gunner may be needed as well.">>

Slinging his rifle once sure of their no longer needing such a thing, for the moment at least. Or at least he has no need, being dead set on getting back to his passion project, <<"Unless someone else has talent I was not aware of for gunnery position, astounded and overjoyed I shall be to know the additional aid for positions needed.">>

Now if the shuttles aren't as capable as he is expecting from Rist, his disappointment shall be beyond comforting.

"Assuming they'll still go off after that bath-" Cadogan mutters of his explosives, before Kol (and the abrupt end of hostilities) render the subject first unwise, and then unnecessary. Which was good, as until that Rist had intercepted the murder bot, Cadogan was stuck briefly immobile one knee, and had a clear moment of 'welp, I'm screwed' writ on his face. A long exhale, and he voices to the unknown Rist, "Whoever you are, I owe you a drink or five."

Working back up to his feet with a short lived grimace before hastening toward the hangar.

As the withdrawal begins, DT-X10 turns back for a moment. After he has created adequate distance on the tail end of the withdrawal, he begins to strafe the seemingly inanimate droids with blaster fire. If that isn't enough he continues his slow and steady backward withdrawal, his helmet shifting ever so slightly in the fashion that may indicate that he may be speaking and his head's movement is part of that fact. What follows is the sound of a concussion grenade being fired into the midst of the broken, pierced, rended, and demolished forms of the Snow Wights. DT-X10 pauses for only a moment following the percussion dissipating, ensuring that they would not be followed or pursued. Satisfied, he turns and begins to pursue the exfiltration with long strides. During his movement he begins to reload, ejecting and placing the spent power cell into an empty ammunition pouch. Another is slapped into its place.

He moves along at the rear of the team, sending frequent glances back to ensure that beyond the destruction in their wake; they leave no other tangible evidence behind. For the Death Trooper, having never been there is a mission priority.

The sound of his boots thumping up the shuttle's boarding ramp announces him and through the team's shared comms he announces, <<"Last in. All clear.">> Despite that assurance, his rifle remains at the ready and the barrel of it protrudes from the open access point of the boarding ramp. DT-X10 is prepared to lay down fire until the hatch closes and their exfiltration complete. He casts a glance in the direction of Bors, but offers only a slight shake of his helmet from side to side before returning to his position.

<<Come on, I don't have all night!>>

The enemy was fast, but the party was faster. Before they can make further actions against the Wights, they are swiftly eliminated by Rist Assassins. Cocking his blaster rifle, Orin scans his perimeter for a moment.


He turns to Livia. <<Understood.>> Abd with the others, he immediately begins exfil. <> Orin suggests to Ser Bors. He'll do exactly that, doing his part to protect his compatriots.

A job well done by all.