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Alderaan Duelist Championship II

OOC Date: May 21, 2020
Location: Droalder Bay, New Alderaan
Participants: New Alderaan, Hex, Kasia Ashkuri, Naelyn, Rheisa Dirleel, Kirioth Kora, Hadrix Kora, Vhe Tenara, Elrych Cometburn, Ban Iskender, Narsai Ordo, Lozen, Aryn Cole As self, Jitti Tong and Ellaih Danigo

Droalder Bay, the boardwalk and port area in particular, have been decorated for the second Qualifiers for the Alderaanian Duelist Competition. Like before, banners from the great noble house Cole have been strung up and stationed along the walkways. Music is playing, and the general ambience of people talking is loud but not overwhelming. Performers line the boardwalk, performing their trades (whatever it may be) for creds or local currency. Authentic Alderaanian capes are for sale, the rich blue material thick enough to ward off the chill from the Droalder mountain range that looms in the distance, outlining the sapphire blue bay.

The sun is out today, apart from the white puffy clouds that pass by, and the air isn't out-right cold, but there's a nip to it.

The fighting square has been arranged with all manner of seating. Guests of the contenders have a section with a great view of the fights, and are in close proximity to the medical station.

Friends of Aryn, or those of particular noble note and rank, have their own seating as well. It is very similar to a make-shift arena, complete with small buzzing/zipping droids that both record the event and magnify speaker voices for all to hear.

The actual fighting squares are in the sand, marked by colored rope and numbers. Outside the fighting boundaries, with a bit more safe distance, are grills which cook fresh meat on sticks, or giant avian legs of white meat, seasoned and spiced, with expensive alcohol to pair! For effect, or presence, braziers have been placed about, sparking with the crackling of fire with embers lazily drifting skyward from each.

Aryn Cole takes her place finally, and motions for Lord Naran Baliss to begin:

<"Your Royal Highness, Your Grace, my Lords, my Ladies, Sir Knights, and good folk of Bastion, welcome to the duelist championship!-- I am Lord Naran Baliss, and I am honored to have been appointed to officiate the games today. Let us begin with the salute. Those who mean to participate, come out to the sand and present your swords before the Princess of Alderaan!">

The path to march out and salute becomes apparent, and the fighters must pass by all of the crowd to reach the front where Aryn is! A formal song begins to play from the loud brass and wind instruments, complete with an easy cadence beat of bass and snare drum to walk out to.

He's in a suit! He look amazing - because his outfit is spiffy and even with his face looking like he uses it to win most of his fights, rather than his guns. But that doesn't matter! Hadrix is a friend of Aryn! Right?

He'd be let into the special seats, right? Suit! Not armor... Wait he might not be recognized now. But as the warriors come out, he has opted to watch the spectacle, seeing who he might be fighting later.

Its the livelihood of the boardwalk that keeps Vhe's distracted for many many hours. She even manages to acquire a few cups during those same hours and begins to use them as a way to show off her ball and cup trick, drawing her own crowd for some time. Betting may have been brought up. MAY have happened for a half hour or two before Vhe heard the call for the fight.

She rises, "Sorry folks. Thanks for participating in this age old game. But I must go see this." Collecting her winnings she stacks the cups and hands off the ball to the young one that lent it to her before hurrying off towards the gathered. She grabs her shoes on the way by as she hits the sand tries to find a vantage point.

Ban Iskender is elegantly dressed, with a decorative green half-cape tied over the left shoulder by a length of gold cord. The young nobleman wears a sword at his side, but his place today is near Her Highness, among the spectators. He rises when Aryn does, and gives a dignified acclaim to the procession of duelists as the move onto the sand.

Roth doesn't blast in like she did last time. She didn't want to scare anyone and get stabbed. Like is prone to happening these days. She is dressed in her armor, helm still on her head as she starts in. She stops short though when she sees a familiar form up ahead. Her eyes squinting behind the helm and she has to use the HUD to make sure it IS him. "Hadrix." the vocoded tone states behind him, "What's the occasion?" she asks as she approaches him.

All these people look so dignified, all these lords and ladies, fancy people who lead fancy lives, who trained with the best tutors. They look like they belong here. They look prepared to fight for the Royal Highnesses, they look like they've done this before.

Then there's also Heksash'kuri.

Hex, as he's known, is a big green alien build like a refrigerator. He doesn't have the lithe build of a fencer, he has a cigarette and a body that suggests he throws a brutal punch and never says no to pancakes. He has missing body parts that suggest he may have learned to fight by getting set on fire and getting kicked down the stairs. But he's here, and it is TOO LATE to tell him he can't belong!

The cigarette is tossed into the sand and he presents, when requested, a big two-handed vibroblade that is mostly clean. When he grins, some of his teeth are made pointy in the Twi'lek style. He's here for a good time, not for a long time.

Elrych had left Vhe to get some time in with the crowd. Perhaps he wasn't aware she was doing her trick, or just thought of it as a sport for her. Either way, he didn't bother to scold her or anything. He simply went to the boardwalk to get them a nice sweet frozen treat before the tournament resumed. "Hey there you are... have fun, any luck?" He hands her the small dish of desert giving her a smile once she makes it into the boardwalk proper.

Turning when addressed by Roth, Hadrix's brow goes up, "Occasion? I'm not fighting. Figured I could dress in a different suit for the occasion." straightening the cuffs of his suit before he looks out at Hex in the field. He ate all his meals. He gets back into his living!

"You're still not fighting I take?" no derision there, mere curiosity, hands folding behind his back with a mild expression when his gaze goes back out to the fighting squares.

Lozen paces in, clasping a small clutch which makes her dress. Large slate eyes observe how more stately ladies move in their dresses and she drops the hem of hers which she'd had lifted as if afraid of getting it stained or caught. Following the example of others she simply pads in and scans the crowd. Deciding perhaps to forgo hunting for a seat just yet she lifts up on tip toes to try to peer to see who might be the competitors tonight.

Sand can be cold? The texture and the temperature are NOT matching up in Rheisa's Dirleel's book of 'Life and its many textures underfoot'. Because bare feet.

The Togruta is here in support of her fellow-pointy-toothed friend, because nothing is more entertaining than watching big males beat the snot out of eachother. Or whatever this is. Something involving blades, which is spelled b-l-o-o-d in her brain.

If she could spell.

Rheisa vacates the grill area as the announcer gets things rolling, fingers full of two large avian legs and a chunk of something juicy on a stake. Her bare shoulders are draped in the snuggly warmth of dead animal fur - so plush and supple. It doubles as a coat AND a bed - perfect for curling up in bleacher nest when her belly is full and the bloodsport over.

After all this time, combat without her armor was...strange to Narsai, but it was the rules! There was no plating on the redhead, no armor or even concealed weapons, instead the Ordo woman was almost looking more like an Echani for the simple tight black shorts and workout tank she wore.

Awaiting her turn, she sat with her Beskad across her lap, hands busily securing her hair back in place.

"Ohhh.." the sound of credit chips clattering in the cups might hint at what she got up to. Parting people eager for entertainment from their money. She smiles up at him and setting down the cups and shoes, she takes the treat and inclines her head, a grin spreading to her lips. "It went well actually. Cover the fuel back at least." she promises and then clears her throat, taking her first bite with a greater interest for those stepping forward.

"Lovely beaches..." she says around a mouthful of the tasty treat. She glances about the other spectators, looking for familiar faces amongst the masses before she leans over to speak with Elrych.

Kasia is seated among the fancy peoples for the fight, nobles, friends of Aryn, and one fancy woman from a very sketchy moon who is happily observing the ceremony and snacking from a small bowl that she may or may not have produced from her purse. Spying Hex out in the sand, she lifts the non-snack holding hand to wave to him and offer an encouraging smile, then drops it to resume nibbling on the small orange and red cracker looking things.

Elrych raises his cup of sweetened ice towards Hex and some others he knows, marking a greeting to them. However, his attention remains on his partner in crime, the dark haired Ysanna by his side. "Well that's something at least." A chuckle and a charming smile for her... and anyone really. He's missing those shades of his, the ones he used to like to wear... and maybe still does. Either way, they weren't hiding his icy blue eyes which turn to look over Vhe. "D'qar is a beautiful world. Or, New Alderaan is a beautiful world I should say."

Roth takes a moment to remove her helm and runs a hand through her hair to let it untangle from the tucked in hairdo that she wore when she was in armor. "Much better." she mutters. Then her white gaze goes to Hadrix, "Oh, well, it's just really nice." she smiles to him. "And no, not fighting really. Should I?" she asks him as she looks to the Beskad at her side. "I'd just get wrecked out here like I do in real fights." she muses to that. "Think I'll save my energy for when we need it." she adds with a bit of a nod to him.

Elegant Caligraphy in Ryl is painted across a green banner that just says 'Attack like they stole your dinner. Devour like you stole it back'. And then in basic 'Go Hex'. It flutters slightly when waved on the thin flag pole like sticks used to hold it up there. - This is being held however, by a slender figure dressed in black and red...androgynous, with long hair brushed and braided out of their face. Naelyn, is here doing what he does best...looking pretty and being supportive.

Ban Iskender comments quietly to Aryn as he notes Elrych and Vhe in the crowd, "A goodly number of familiar faces gather to behold the day's sport, my Lady," subtly seeking out the eye of their compatriots, and making an inviting gesture toward those known few standing among the commons.

"Ridiculous reasoning, Roth." Hadrix frowns, at her, "I went out there, I could have lost." he looks now to see Narsai in her glowing pale gurl ginger grandeur. Blinking and then looking to Roth again. Space which one of them was whiter... Really. Hadrix is Neon White. But this. This is crazy.

"Win, lose, whatever. You went in and stuck it out. You come out the other side of blenders all the time."

Behind Hex, five other competitors follow. One, an anointed Knight, is only wearing a green and white tunic and is heard mumbling on the way out. This gentleman is Sir Jitti Tong. Jitti, or Jitters as those in the crowd start chanting, is a small man of no fabled size or strength. He's ugly in that way only his mother would love him, if she hadn't given him up for adoption! His hair is sandy blond, stubble covers his face, and his teeth? We won't discuss those.

"..wow there's a lot of people here.. did you get an invitation to the first one?.. yeah I didn't either. I wonder what they're cooking.. oh, I'm next.." He clears his throat, takes hold of his ornate sword and draws it out, saluting. "Your Highness!"

Aryn had first regarded Hex as he came out by waving uncermoniously toward the big Twi'lek. It was clear she favored the fighter, or at least, knew him! When Sir Jitti, and the other two contestants, made it out to salute, she returned the gesture by regally dipping her head in return. When they were all done, she rose to speak, and the music tapered off.

<"Gentlemen, it is my honor to hold the final qualifying matches for New Alderaan's Duelist Championship. Today, we uphold the history of our people by lifting up this sport and honoring those who came before. Today is not about winning or losing, but about taking a stand on that sand and showing your skill. If you earn a scar, then you have earned a story to tell your children, and their children. So, give each other stories to tell, and make them tales worth sharing for generations to come. Lord Baliss, if you will, sir..">

<"Of course, your Highness. Participants in today's event, please listen to your assignments and go to the fighting square I assign you."> Naran says aloud, his voice more official now and booming, he's clearly a very practiced speaker.

<"In square one: The honorable: Sir Jitti Tong of New Alderaan and master Heksash'kuri of Ryloth.

In Square Two: Sir Janev Bey and Sir Leto Tovar.

And Square Three: Narsai Ordo, Alor of Clan Ordo and Commander Ellaih Danigo, Knight Commander of the Queen Mother's Royal Hapan Guard.">

<"Please take your positions, ready your weapons and await the call to fight. To our spectators, today's festivities are made possible by the Aratech Corporation's dampening field generators. Despite the obvious prowess of weapons you see here, their blows will be non-fatal. No one will die, but they may still be injured. Our medical staff will see to their needs.">

Commander Ellaih steps to her squard and draws the finely made rapier, rotating the weapon in a flashy manner and saluting her opponent. Sir Jitti kneels down to collect some sand and looks to Hex. "Not the face, okay.." Said with a toothy squint. "May not believe but the ladies love me. Scars or no, that drek hurts." He straightens and spins the sword in his grasp, saluting Hex.

"There are indeed," Answers Aryn to Ban.

Vhe is busy studying the crowd around her when she finally catches Ban out of the corner of her eye. The motion for them to join is seen as she leans in to Elrych. "Goodness they are always a lovely couple. Sir Ban is easy on the eyes." She lifts her hand cheerily and rises onto her toes as she waves towards the two. "Come on!"

She gets all of two feet ahead and has to turn around to tuck her treat into the crook of her arm and grasp up shoes and then three stacked cups with credit chips jingling about inside before tilting her head for El to follow before crossing the distance, weaving her way towards the nobles...and royalty as it were.

"Princess..." Because Doctor Cole won't cut it anymore. "Lord Iskender."

Lozen continues to hold tightly to her clutch with both hands infront of her. Becoming aware she sticks out like a newb standing there indecisively she scurries forward and looks for an open seat-that is until she notices there are some areas which are sectioned off. So she finds a nice shaded spot to stand instead, occasionally lifting up on tippy toes to see over the shoulders of those infront of her.

Hex short poses while dealing with RL, and makes his way to his designated fighting square! He points at his eyes, two fingered, and then points at JITTI TONG. Watchin u. This is gonna GO DOWN.

"Scuse" Rheisa politely nestles her way back through the 'fancy people' section, montrals giving fancy hats a run for their credits in regards to just how ANNOYING they can be to try and peer around. Toooooooo bad. The gruta perches alongside Naelyn and his artistic sign and sinks her fangs into the meat-on-stick first. It peels off in skewered chunks, where her bristled tongue lies in wait to dislodge piece from tooth and swallow it more or less whole. This snack won't last long, but that is why she's got the other hand full of bonier bits.

"KENO! YHE'NA!" she warcries on Hex's behalf when he and his opponent take to the fighting square. Only a little meatjuice spit gets cast off onto the body in front of her. She was careful to swallow first, because polite.

Roth gives a look to Hadrix and there's a moment she was going to shrug, but she doesn't. Instead, she poses a soft question, "I don't want to go out and fight. Is that enough of an explanation?" she asks him. She wasn't upset, she just wasn't sure what the issue of her not fighting was. Especially in a tournament for a world she wasn't much a part of. "I'm sure they'd get a kick out of it. But, I'm just here to support some people." she smiles to him. There's a bit of a moment where she's wondering if she would have got stuck with Jitti Tong instead of Hex being stuck with him, that makes her look back to Hadrix, "I'm good." she shakes her head. "How is the babe?" she asks.

"Lord Bang is easy on the eyes? Huh..." Elrych says, raising an eyebrow in a bit of surprise. His blue eyes turn to reguard the Aldaraanian. Of course he notices Aryn too. "Aryn pretty easy on the eyes herself... even with that scar." He winks to Vhe, giving her a nudge with his shoulder. As Ban approaches he gives a lazy salute, "What's happenen' Lord Bang." A smirk, one of those cocky annoying Corellian ones.

"I'm surprised you're not competing."

"That's a much better reasoning, Roth." reaching to rest a hand on a shoulder pauldron. "It's not an excuse - if you don't want to fight, then you don't want to fight." Hadrix's head turns to gaze around, pausing as he thought he saw something or someone,

"I get those days as well, vod." half grinning now as he shrugs himself, "Believe it or not." But they're rare days. Always remembered. Well, at least Narsai didn't have to worry about coming up against some stuffed-shirt tryhard noble! She was truely in for a fight with no jetpacks, darts or other tricks to help her.

Drawing the thicker blade of her beskad and giving it a little twirl to loosen her muscles, the Ordo woman steps into the square and then nods to Commander Ellaih before lifting her weapon and exhaling.

No banter in this square, time for her to concerntrate!

Ban Iskender greets, "Mistress Tenara," and "Master Cometburn," in turn. "I pray you both, observe the duels from here, if you wish: you shall find no finer view of the contests." Looking aside to gesture toward the nearly Kasia, he makes brief introductions, "Are you yet acquainted with Madam Ashkuri? A friend of Her Highness, and ..gracious minder of one of the day's duelists." As for himself, "I would not find it fit to compete, myself."

Vhe gives Elrych a look, a smirk playing across her lips as she huffs out a laugh. "Mmmhmmm, she is! I agree entirely." Once they get near enough to view from the new vantage, the Ysanna casts a look back at the duels. "So you are right," She remarks to Ban and sets down her shoes beside her before setting the cups down - credit chips and all. Straightening back up, the intiate turns her attention to Kasia and tilts her head. "I...hmm I do not think I have?" She smiles though, the uptick of the corners of her mouth coming swiftly as she reaches her hand out to greet her. "Vhe Tenara."

Aryn rises as the snare drums cadence the march to the battle squares. The crowd begins to cheer, and it grows louder and louder. All of the fighters have taken their spots. Sir Jitti 'Jitters' Tong keeps spinning his sword in hand, the blade spiraling in his palm as he looks over the fat Twi'lek and gets a bit worried. His namesake tendencies take over and he casts his cape aside, lifting his chin.

Commander Ellaih smiles as Narsai's focused expression. The Hapan is a perfect beauty in every way, and her sleek form and graceful movements emphasize a fighter that has been trained from childhood for this very thing. A carefully placed bare foot steps out, and she makes a kissing face. "See you on the other side, beautiful." Ellaih cast back her perfect brown hair and smirked.

Aryn gives the /wave/ for the fights to begin, and fireworks erupt from the braziers as tall blue flames ignite! <"Fighters, engage!"> Yells Lord Baliss who brushes his cape back to observe with a fresh hot cider in hand.

Aryn waves at Elrych and Vhe, and Kasia! And there's Hadrix and Roth! "Hey everyone!!" There were others she didn't recognize too, but they're waved at all the same. BUT THE FIGHT HAS BEGUN! Aryn gets into the spirit of the sport and tries a frothy beer..

Hadrix Kora has been drinking spiced blue milk out of a flask this whole time. For realsies...

Lozen spies Hex's rubeneque form out there and suddenly her interest is caugh. She wiggles forward through the crowd and moves along to side a bit to get a better angle, flipping her braid over her shoulder and almost smacking someone standing behind her in the face with it-obvlivious as she watches with sudden interest. She'd fought that man once and he'd soundly smacked her into the sand like it wasn't a thing so she's very interested to see if anyone can stand up to the Lekku'd Ashkuri.

Kasia's snacking comes to a pause as introductions are made. She takes a moment to study Vhe before she smiles. "We have met once before, but it was during a stressfull and busy time, so I'm certain there were many more important matters to consider than the woman wearing a dress in the jungle." The wave from Aryn is answered with a wave back, but then her focus goes to the fight as it begins. It's not that she's actually that worried for Hex here, but every fight comes with some degree of risk, so she's definitely a little bit worried.

"Yeah... our abilities make it seem kinda like cheating. I'd feel bad... also I was never one for competitions..." Elrych says nodding in agreement with Ban whether or not those were his reasons too. Elrych probably just hated to loose... it doesn't sit well with Corellians. Okay, Corellians loose a lot. Let's just let it go. "Hey... yeah I know Kasia and Hex... oh look he's about to fight." Vhe and him moves to the stands just in time to catch Kasia and look on to the fight. "Heya Kasia." Vhe introduced herself. "Yeah you all have probably met in passing before. So much happening all at once tough to remember sometimes."

Jitters is a quick little guy and while he very, very narrowly avoids getting skewered by Hex's second swing of the vibroblade, fate or the Force is with him and his little bug-eyed stubble-jawed weak-chinned self is /just/ able to sneak out of the way. Such attributes this man has. And his teeth. His teeth! His teeth should not be looked at directly. They should not be thought of alone at night. Even though Hex knows better, he





And then a blade slices him right across the leg! Ohhh! Bright blood spills into the field, that was his one organic leg! Hobbled, he hops back a pace, and it will be hard to recover from this blow!

Roth gives a soft smile to Hadrix, "Thank you for that, vod." she tells him. Then she's looking to the fighting grounds when she sees the flash of red and blood. "Ouch." she winces at that. She didn't get stabbed...but she knew what it felt like!

Begin. The call is given and Narsai flashes forwards, meeting her opponent in a clashing of Mandalorian iron beskad and steel rapier. Slashing against thrusting, Guard Captian against Clan Leader. Narsai's strikes are parried, deflected and redirected until she pivots and lifts the blade, 'catching' the lighter weapon with her own and forcing it upwards before slicing down. Success! She'd landed a hit, but she was swiftly forced backwards and on the defensive as Elliah counter attacked!

"Ach," Rheisa grimaces around another mouthful of food, watching Hex's blood cut a fine arc off the blade of man with terrible teeth. What his name is? Tog'na? (Tong)

"Dau nu tog'na, neh neh na!" she shouts after swallowing. "Like his name say!" It doesn't. The daughter of Shili tucks her heels up under ass and gathers fur around self more snugly, like a pod. The meat's empty skewer is dropped somewhere underneath that wearable blanket and the first drumstick inserts into maw. Her eyes...never blink. Just twitch to and fro, marking every motion out there on the sand.

"Did we?" Vhe hesitates as she stares at Kasia as if to summon the image of her. "OH...oh yes. Forgive me. Not the best way to meet honestly but here we are now and can properly share company..maybe. Wait..you know that one out there?" Meaning the Twi'lek fighting. "Hex." She says the name and then nods before she takes another bite of her treat in hand.

The fights are off, and Aryn is already asking for another beer as she rises from her seat and comes down to join the others. "Sorry for all the pomp, everyone. These fights are intense. Ooof.. Sir Janev is down."

Just as Aryn says this, Janev takes a blow across his stomach, folding slightly across the mid-section before it's followed up with a finishing blow across their back. Sir Leto, who stands over the toppled Knight! Leto plants his sword in the sand and offers to help Janev back up to walk him to medical.

Cheers erupt in the stands as only two fights remain.

Sir Jitti 'Jitters' Tong is ////quick//// and slides long ways to avoid the heavy pass of Hex's blade. When he's straightened, he has a puckering moment and makes a toothy face, avoiding another heavy swing!

Jitti's attack is two-fold, swinging hard low only to miss his cross. Despite his outward appearance, Jitti moves with the grace of experience, and Hex hears the whistling miss of the sword in question as the Knight chases after the Twi'lek for the 'kill'. Bug eyes and all.

The Commander and Narsai move like a dance. Ellaih is quick, elegant, and her strikes are consistent and precise. She shows wonderful skill in 'tapping' Narsai's blade at key points, manipulating it away from her. The fight takes a bad turn for Ellaih when a blow is struck. Her arm, damaged, releases the sword to catch it with her other hand. Her stance takes new form and she circles Narsai with a newfound respect. "Well struck, Alor."

The Hapan's perfect grin seems genuine as she lightly steps forward for the next bout!

Another nod and Hadrix smiles back at Roth, "Don't worry about it, vod." head turning to the fights and whatever next was to be said next? Lost. "After all that time with Zul I thought their kind I expected disturbing fungus ooze." Hadrix's lips twists, "That they have blood is more disturbing."

And then Narsai is out there, and swinging, "Oya! NAASTAR'KAYSH!" pumping a fist into the air as he bellows, "CUYIR'ADENN!"

"We did," Kasia asides to Vhe with aan easy going smile. "But it was brief." The question of whether or not she knows Hex has to wait, because he's just gotten sliced in the leg and she sits up a little straighter trying to see just how bad it is. He's not dying, the leg is still probably attached, she grimaces and nods at the same time. "Yes, I know him," she say. "That's my husband."

Elrych winces as Hex takes a hit, "Ouch..." A shake of the head. "You know out of all the fights I've seen so far, Hex's is probably the best... Well. I mean Grom's was good too. There's so many Royals about. Like there's twenty kings here or something." THe Jedi moans, as if nausious, his head about ready to explode at thinking about all the fancy people in one area.

Lozen's eyes widen and her mouth forms a small round 'o' of suspense as she watches Hex's match, seemingly awed that Tong is able to evade the big but deceptively fast Hex.

For a guy who can barely move his right leg, Hex is moving alright! He doesn't manage to score any blows on Sir Jitti Tong, for whom he now has the most profound respect and admiration, but Jitti - Fast as his jittery self really is - doesn't manage to get one back on the injured Twi'lek, either. Red blood continues to soak into his boot, into the sand, but he doesn't seem to mind. Fighting is wired into him, one way or another, and when you hurt, you know you're alive.

Rheisa gnaws that birdy leg more quietly through the next exchange of metal, but she is literally balanced on the edge of her seat. Such suspense! Toes curl adroitly for grip.

A nod, a smile upon her fair features. Narsai was having fun, but that didn't mean she was taking it any less seriously. That her opponent had kept fighting, that they'd lost none of their ferocity for having taken a blow? That made it all the more enjoyable. There was respect returned, but no talking just yet as she shook her head to clear a rebellious bang of her red locks that had escaped her hairpins and then surged forward to continue their 'dance'.

The Hapan was clearly good, but with an injury now it was like blood in the water and Narsai decended a little more viciously, slighter strength but a heavier blade letting her manipulate the meeting of their weapons enough to batter through the guard and land a single hit before Ellaih was off the back foot and forcing her to defend again. Narsai was vaguely aware of the fighting in the other squares and the suspense of Hex's injury along with the battle between Leto and Janev, but as the cries of the crowd mingled (with the exception perhaps of some familier Mando'a) her world had mostly shrunk to the square of sand she was fighting in.

"Not bad, master Hex!" Commends Jitti, whose toothy grin paints his expression to focus! Solid blows are swung by both men, each a connection of loud metal that sparks.. and when it misses, creates a WHOOOF as sand is left to blow in its wake. Jitti Tong moves like a stalking predator, turning his body for momentum to spin into a heavy strike. Big guys like Hex understood big hits. They hurt!

Meanwhile, in Narsai's square, the barefooted Hapan dances back from another successful biting blow of the Mando-iron sword. Frustrated that she can't figure out Narsai's style, or how she knows to move so quickly, leads the Commander to rethink her strategy. Stepping lightly again, the dark-haired beauty circles Narsai and her blue eyes narrow.

This was not the toughest fight she'd had, but it was climbing to that reputation. The Hapan Commander leads in again, stepping lightly and showing the prowess of an honorable and deadly fighter! "Ayyyyy---AH!" Swing and a miss! As Roth goes off into the crowd, Hadrix finds a place near the rail to stand, leaning to rest his palms there and let his eyes move from one fight to the next. In truth it was getting his blood up. Combat always did and he couldn't help but want to leap over, in the sand, pulling steel to rend, rip, tear... Crush.

Hadrix is breathing hard and he shakes his head and begins murmuring old mnemonic phrases to himself. Deep breath. Not a hard breath. Head down while one eye closes and the other shuts down.

"Tcha, Mr. Jitters, you're not so bad yourself!" Hex praises Jitti Tong, whose titles he cannot remember and perhaps never knew. Harsh blows strike back from the two-handed vibroblade, once and again; this won't end with Hex the only one who is bleeding into the sand.

He is bleeding more though.

And when the next strike comes from JITTITONG, Jitters, Jittong, the Jitmaster, he hits the same leg as before. Hex goes down on one knee, and he should yield, so of course, he doesn't. If he pulls through this one as a victor it will be due to miracles and probably also drugs.

Barefoot warrior women crossing blades in the sand, some might consider it bloodsport at its finest! Narsai and her opponents are both quick-moving participants in a dance of ringing swords, but with every blow landed by the Mandalorian unweighed by the Beskar'gam she'd practically been born to, it was clear that the commander was getting frustrated. Narsai's blood was pumping, her world around her was blurring down to motion and breaths between every meeting of their swords until finally the Hapan leaps in for the kill.

A fluid step sideways, Narsai's sword clashes down, diverting Elliah Danigo's sword into the sand with a stinging blow to her forearms.

A dragging of her weapon as she steps by, the draw-cut bites into the upper shoulder until Narsai twists and whirls herself behind her foe.

Two-hands on the hilt of her clan Beskad, the Alor Ordo carries the motion upwards and slashes across Elliah's back. This was sport, not lethal, but it was going to require some treatment!

Lozen spots Hadrix and notes the familiar body posture. She glances back to the fight and sneaks quick glances around trying to spot any of Hadrix's usual entourage. As each quick flicked glance away from the fight turns up none she reluctantly turns her attention from the fight and moves towards Hadrix. She reaches out a tiny hand as if to touch his arm but thinks better, "My h-ah," She grimaces and tries again, "Hello, Hadrix. Are you alright?"

Ellaih ended up in the sand, and she did not rise on her own. Two medics rushed forth to collect the Hapan, and they managed to take her weapon too. Narsai was hailed the winner of her bout with loud cheers from the crowd. The Hapan was taken to the aid station to be brought back from unconsciousness. She was bleeding, bad, but it was managable and treated the moment the fussy medical droid began to spray numbing kolto solution and bacta. Her younger squire, a perfect blonde beauty in wonderful attire stayed beside her, wiping away the sand.

"OooHOOO... OW..watchit--OWOWOW!" Yelled Jitti as he ran in the direction of the twin blows. Like Hex, he was cut up, and his nimble frame revealed beneath the formfitting tunic shirt. A dark hairy chest, muscled but not overly so, and now dashed with blood from deadly blows!!

Jitti returned the favor, sliding beneath Hex's reach and cutting along his favored leg. "Sorry, pal, it's not personal." Jitti looks to finish Hex off and MISSES. "What?"

Vhe has settled in to watching what is going on, her eyes tracking Hex' movements. A thoughtful sound is made as she slowly deposits another spoonful into her mouth and then lowers it, tucking it into the bowl. Her attention occasionally strays down to the cup with its credit chips, her bare foot used to adjust how it rests before she settles her attention on the fight between Narsaid and the Hapan. A grin spreads over her lips as Narsai wins. She can't really clap for her hands hold food and she cheers out.

"Leh'na! Et keetch," Rheisa issues compliment where due as both big boys show impressive feats of speed and dexterity. Leaking wounds, and all. She's moved onto the final drumstick, belly pooched with tonight's future meat sweats. Nothing beats /fresh/ but the grillmasters came pretty close.

That's a voice that was unexpected in all of this din. Hadrix stops cold. Everything in him stops cold. Even the metaphorical beast always straining at the chains goes still. Eyes opening and turning back online, respectively, the big man turns and looks down at the flash of silver before his jaw drops open and both eyes are wide.

"You kept the dress..." The eye with lids blinks rapidly and in a small voice he continues, "I didn't know you'd be here. I would have brought Kar..." brow knitting, clearly not knowing fully what to do now, "You look good. Have you been doing good?" That's right. Awkward.

Now to try and be not as awkward? "I've been doing good... I." Good job, meat head.

Lozen's cheeks color. She doesn't mention that every credit not needed for expenses was given to him for childcare and there's no way she's dropping credit on a new dress, "Of course. You have a keen eye and it still fits." she shakes her head, "He is still very young for large crowds, I didn't mean to disturb you I only wished to make certain all was well. I have been well, yes, thank you. Yourself? Ah, excellent." She smiles then in relief, "You look well."

Hex is not going down without a fight, no! He managed to cut up his new friend Jitti, he dodged the return blows -- but it couldn't last forever, not when he is hurt this badly, and he fails to strike Jitti Tong back a third time. Hardly surprising, since he can barely move, and will probably be in a lot of trouble with his wife on the state of that leg. In the end, breathing hard from the hurt and exertion of a good fight, he has Jitti's blade at him and he has to yield, dropping his own weapon to indicate the surrender. There's blood everywhere and the sky is so bright, almost looks like home, so bright.

Oh, the edges are going a little dark - He should be careful how fast he stand---

Hex passes right the hell out, into the red sand, and someone is gonna have to carry him. He is 260 lbs of somebody else's problem.

Narsai herself was sweating, but luck and skill had kept her from injury. Lifting her hand in thanks to the cheers that errupt at her victory, her blade is wiped clean and sheathed once more in its simple housing. Her steps take her from the ring, towards the Medic's tent where her former foe and the young page rest and she bows her head in respect. "You were a fearsome combatant," she speaks to the commander, even as she's treated by the fussing bots. "I hope to cross paths with you again."

The short Mandalorian turns now, offering a smile to the young attendee. "Learn well from that woman, and when she recovers let her know I'd welcome a chance to drink or fight with her once more."

With that? Narsai's headed to change and move to where the combatants who'd finished their rounds were instructed to wait.

Elrych had been on the edge of his seat the entire time, both fights being lengthy and well fought by both sides. It's hex's though that draws the most attention from the Jedi... "Oh... OH!?" He might make it... but the finally outcome is not for the Twi'lek... "Oh man... we should go make sure he's okay. I mean... Aryn will make sure he's okay..." HE scratches the back of his head, wincing still. "Yeesh."

Hesitation is not a common thing for Hadrix and when it happens now he turns to one side, then the left, what to do. Inside his head? One could imagine a command station filled with tiny Hadrixes, a scenario visited before - but apt. The captain in the command chair is screaming into comms for engineering to give him manual motor control while the forward operations officers have fallen to the deck in blind catatonia. The sensors operator is screaming, hands in his hair, and in engineering a lone tech is trying to get things to work while the shadows from the dangling legs of his fellows sweep back and forth over him to the soft cadence of straining, twisting rope.

    • 'We're not prepared for this! WHY AREN'T WE PREPARED FOR THIS!?'** a bridge officer screams while the Captain throws back his head in a panic'd howl and the ships doctor screams repeatedly,

Then Hadrix blinks and does what comes naturally and whether she lets it happen, ducks, punches him right in the tenders... or a sweet echans, or teras kasi, throat chop... those look cool; the big man moves to wrap Lozen up in a hug.

Kasia is on her feet as she sees Hex start to topple over, pushing her way out of the super fancy special seating and to the sand. "Someone get him help," she issues an order with a degree of authority that she doesn't have here, or probably anywhere but maybe her apartment and ship. Which is to say she sounds super serious, and is crossing the ground to get to him as quickly as possible. "You just did this to get out of having to clean the ship later," she tells the fallen Twi'lek, who may or may not be able to hear her, but then her tone softens as she crouches beside him. "As long as you don't die I promise not to be too cross about having to pick up all the toys for a little while."

Hex did not hit the ground completely. Jitti lowered his sword and recognized the look on Hex's face, his own bug eyes narrowing a bit. He discards his own sword and catches the Ashkuri before he lays flat. "Get a medic here.. a couple medics.. several /strong/ medics.." He amends three times and chuckles. "Hey, you did well." Said to an unconscious warrior. Jitti stays to help the team move Hex from the field.

A concerned Aryn rises when Hex falls, but she's thankful the dampener is in place to prevent super fatal injuries. She clears her expression and addresses the crowd.

<"Well fought! All of our participants fought, and lose or win, they can go home proud knowing their opponents will remember that they fought. Come, celebrate with our participants, drink their woes or drink to celebrate the wins, but more importantly, drink to living! Alderaan endures!">

Aryn waves before making her way down to help with Hex.

Meanwhile, fireworks start to go off, confetti shoots out from the stands, and music starts to play. The grills are fired up again, and fresh beer is being brought out to celebrate. The boardwalk comes to life as guards in blue capes start their patrols once more.

Lozen watches Hadrix with mounting worry, her pale brow aquiring one wrinkle at a time as her concern for the big man slowly increases, "M-" She grimaces and forges ahead "Hadrix?" A pause "HADRIX! Are you-oh!" blinks in surprise as she's suddenly scooped up there's a moment before she siiighs and hugs Hadrix back tightly. She may or may not takes a big inhale of the big man's familiar fancy-event scent. After a long moment she pats his shoulder, "They might need hel-oh, no, they have him. I do hope he's not dead, I'd hoped to challenge the big twi'lek to a rematch some day. Do you recognize the man he fought?"

The dark-haired commander opened her eyes as the celebrations were underway. Still in her fighting attire, her young squire was cleaning her blade of grime while Ellaih sat in silent contemplation. When Narsai arrived to say her words, the Commander rose up to address the Alor of Clan Ordo.

"The honor was mine, Mandalorian." She says elequently, bowing in return. "A shame you all usually wear armor. We're left to miss the treasures beneath." Ellaih straightens then and smiles.

"We will find each other again, I'm sure. Until then, walk with honor, Ordo. You fought well."

The blonde who rose with her master, bowed as well, taking to heart what the redheaded Mando said. "I will. Safe travels, Mando." The youngest of the trio smiled then.

Rheisa sighs her way obliging off her ass and slumps along after Kasia to see bloodless Hex carried off the field. "At least he not die," she offers condolences.

"No, the bug eyed man with the perpetual look of frustration is unknown to me. He looks jittery..." Hadrix is still holding Lozen up and there's a moment where he can't help but bump his head against hers before he realizes and sets her down gently. Head ducking a moment, then he's standing back up with a somber expression.

"I'm sure Hex is alright. It seems the two of us are ridiculously difficult to kill, even when being knocked down with multiple stab wounds. Jaw dropping for just a moment then snapping shut again.

Lozen pats his shoulder and turns her face away, biting her bottom lip and flushing. She watches "It looks like a very serious injury. If you are friends with he or his wife you should send them well wishes. OR. Ah." Her lips press "Condolences. PErhaps wait to see which first, eh?"

Eventually, Narsai would make it to the crowd. Still lacking her armor, still holding the sheathed Beskad, the Mandalorian woman moves through the path...but that doesn't stop her from spotting Aryn and giving her a little salute. From pupil to Princess? She was going to have to talk to her about that sometime when Aryn can slip away!

Onwards for now, her motion takes her towards the pair of Lozen and Hadrix, raising a hand in greeting just after the embrace parts. No words yet though, even a Mandalorian in the post-battle rush could recognize a 'moment' when she saw it.

Aryn returned the salute having felt a familiar presence and looking in time to see it. Aryn paused long enough to watch Narsai walk away, then the young blonde was making her way to the palace. Parties, and drunk nobles, to deal with. Little did Narsai know, she'd be in the next round, fighting a noble Lord next!