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All in a Days Work

OOC Date: April 18, 2019
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Sumi Kora, Kael Greystorm, Nerys Arda, Caytlin Abbil, Bounty Hunters' Guild

A briefing was sent to Sumi and Cay for the upcoming hunt. It reads "Tunnis Denta <insert picture here> has a bounty placed against him. He is wanted alive. Current intel shows that Denta runs his booking out of the restaurant Chop Chop in the lower section of Nar Shaddaa. He is known to be protected by two to four body guards. The Guards are immaterial to our needs, only Denta.

After a short trip from the BHG, the Hunters find themselves in a run down out of business across the wet street from the Chop Chop. A small place to buy a bite to eat. One entrance is seen at the front but an alley runs along the right side. The surveillance team reports that they know that Tunnis is in the joint, and they saw two guards follow him in. He's been there for about an hour. A map has been downloaded to the datapads, a single eating room with a few tables and four booths down the right side. Kitchen area is in the back with a back door that goes out to the side and opens to the alley.

Cay watches out he window "Yep, got two thugs outside and," she peers a bit harder "Looks like one inside. Best I can tell the mark is in the very back booth." She says before turning around to the others.

Having been out hunting for good deals with Nerys, the tall form of Kael had gotten a ping that some hunters nearby might need some help. Dragging Nerys along with him to keep her from being lost in the undercity of Nar Shaddaa the heavily armored form walks towards where the other hunters had set up shop for now. Keeping from being blatantly in sight of the target's area he links up with Cay and company, "Need an extra blaster or two?"

Nerys was no hunter...of sentients that is, but she seemed game to at least give it a go. or at least to try not to end up with holes in her body where holes ought not to be. She was wearing her jumpsuit, rather than anything heavier, so...a point in the negative, and the sword at her back. But her gaze was intent, as she scanned the view of the road, the obstacles and impediments between where Kael had stopped to meet up with the rest of the crew and what appeared to be the target, "How much above ground coverage do you have?" She clearly assumed the real hunters would be going in on the ground level.

Sumi is watching the target location through the visor of her helmet. If she's nervous or concerned with the challenge ahead, it does not show in how she holds herself. Her rifle, a rather sporty and dangerous looking tool, rests across her lap where she is adjusting the scope. She remains quiet until the rest of the crew begins to show up. "There's more than one exit, which means we'll need a good way to corner the mark and prevent potential escape when we do converge."

Turning Cay nods to Kael and then Nerys "Always use some help," she says. "Glad you are here." Turning to Nerys she looks between the 4 of them "Just the four of us. Figured this would be an easy snatch, actually." Peering out the window "Yea, Sumi, we will have to split. Maybe one go in the back way and the rest of us go in the front door."

One of the guards out front lights up a death stick, the lighter flaring brightly in the gloom of the slum of Nar. While the other appears to be more interested in the datapad he holds in front of him. "Ideas?" she asks as she looks at the other three.

Kael Greystorm nods a bit as he looks towards the guards the macrobinoculars built into his armor zooming in on their faces a bit as he looks them over, "I see. Well hmmm. Chances are he's going to scoot out the back when one of us goes for the front. The guards don't look that tough. Perhaps one watching the back, two going to the front door and one providing overwatch?" He looks over at Nerys, "You've got that sword any hidden blasters or anything that'd come in handy for this?" Asks the man that looks like he could likely walk in the front and watch all the blaster fire bounce off him.

"I have a feeling I am going to be entirely ineffective going in the front or back." Nerys fell silent, as she listed to Kael's assessment, considering the possible placements for the small group, "Not a blaster, but I can do some damage at range." She stepped the side, slipping the nightstick from her back and checking some marking or another on the leather grip. "Yeah. If I get up on the roof and move around fifty yards downrange, I can cover both entrances when you go in." Thu Apr 18 20:30:03 2019

"You and I are conspicuous and obvious. We're the most likely to be identified as Bounty Hunters given our armor. It might be best if we go in through the back. " Sumi says, motioning between herself and Cay. Turning from her, she regards the other two. That leaves the matter of the front guards, and a noteworthy distraction. Sniping, slashing, pummeling, it really does not matter so long as when we apprehend our mark, we can slip away without reinforcements mucking up our departure." She stands up and chicken-wings her rifle by tucking its buttstock under her arm, and angling the muzzle down toward the ground in a very casual, soldierly stance.

"Sounds good, if Kael can keep those two jokers tied up while we go in, maybe we won't have to actually shoot anyone," Cay says before nodding her head to Nerys "And you keep overwatch." Moving to the side door "Shall we? I'll give you a few to get in place, Nerys since you have the longest distance to cover."

Nerys nodded, slipping the nightstick back into its harness, as she made her way out towards the back of the shop they were waiting in. There was, of course, a fire-escape, but also of course, it was pushed up, and she lacked a few feet in height to actually catch it and pull it down. Also the desire was not to alert anyone with the sound of the rusty screech of metal on metal. So...Nerys jogged over to the far side of the street behind the shop where the crew was waiting, moving from a jog to a run, picking up speed and momentum as she lept up onto the back of a dumpster, right foot landing on the edge as her knee flexed, and she propelled herself over towards the fire escape on the opposite building, catching the railing of one of the balconies, as it were and flipping herself up onto the metal grate that served as it's floor, before she started to move up towards the roof of that building. Once there, she crouched, moving quietly, looking for the best place as which to jump across. Small and springy as she was, a full dash across the roof gave her enough force to jump across to the team's building, the slight scrape of her feet barely audible in the room they were in. The sound of her moving into position was not audible at all.

Kael Greystorm nods a bit as he looks at the two guards and grins a bit, "Oh they'll be tied up for a bit. And I hopefully won't kill them..." He shrugs a bit as he waits for Nerys to start heading up the building before he looks back at the guards, "Whenever you lovely ladies are ready..." He's standing there ready to just walk in on the guards...

Sumi makes the effort to hoist her rifle back into place across her back. By making use of its sling, the weapon situates into place firmly, and is winched down tight when Sumi casually pulls the sling tighter. When she crosses the small expanse to follow Caytlin, she uses that time to draw GLIE-44 from her thigh holster. The weapon is adjusted to stun. Holding it at a low ready, and to her side, Sumi indicates she's ready to follow Cay by nodding her head. When Cay moves, Sumi is her shadow.

"Set?" Cay checks real quick, "Okay, lets roll." With that Cay is out the door, weaving through the traffic that zips along the road and darts overhead as a steady drizzle comes down causing the garish lights of various establishments to shimmy and dance on the street. Using the traffic she keeps out of sight from the two at the front door as best as she can. Then as she gets into the alley she moves to the door and stands to the side, waiting on Sumi to arrive. "In positions," she says over the comms.

Of course the guards are paying little to no attention to what is going on out on the street.

Kael Greystorm yawns a bit as he starts to walk towards the front door of the little hide away for the target and offers the guards a friendly wave, "Hey guys! So here's the thing." He continues to walk towards them his weapons still holstered for now, "Sorry as I was saying before I got lost in my thoughts. So here's the thing. You've got somebody I need inside that restraunt there. How about you tell him that Greystorm's here for him and if he surrenders none of you all will have to get shot."

Nerys settled into position, tracking Kael as he moved across the street, aiming at the guard positioned closest to his left side, though her eyes flickered towards the rear entrance as well. She even allowed the focus of her attention to move down along the road, just on the off chance that it was not a crew of only four who had been put into place to protect the bounty hunters' target. The sound of his voice though, bright her attention back towards the front entrance.

At most places like these, the side or back doors were always locked preventing entry from the outside. It seems the case in this scenario as well, judging from Sumi's observation of the door in its state. She takes the other position opposite of Cay and pounds on the door. When it opens, Sumi inserts herself between the door and threshold while sacrificing her offhand to pull the one responsible for opening it closer. "Hey good looking."

The fluid motion directs the innocent into a headlong collision course with Sumi's helmet, which she uses to headbutt the poor Rodian unconscious and catch gently into her arm. She drags the Rodian out of the way, giving Cay a clear view of their fatal front and entry into the building.

Sumi sets the Rodian down gently against the wall and glances over her face to ensure there was no permanent damage before moving when Cay did to go inside.

The guards look at Kael and smirk "Oh really, and what army is gonna be help'n you little man?" The thug on the right asks as the other flips his death stick away and moves to get into Kael's face, one fist pounding the palm of his other hand.

Cay blinks as Sumi moves so quickly then looks at the now very prone thug laying half propped up agains the wall. A grin, hidden by the helmet "Nice going, Sumi!" She follows her in and through the startled looks of the cook staff "Nothing to see here, go about your business," she says as she flashes her pistol about. Of course the staff hit the floor.

Kael Greystorm looks around a bit the micro servos in the power armor whining some and then he looks back at the guards, "I'm looking for the army that's going to stop me. You two chumps aren't it." And as one starts to pound fist into palm he just laughs, "Buddy. You'll break your fist trying to punch me. Like trip to bacta tank broken fist."

Nerys caught a flash of movement towards the back, and the peeking of booted feet just visible at the angle at which she could see the rear door. Upon closer inspection, and noting that the boots did not seem to match the t=two sets she had seen on the two women, and, excepting that a costume change had not somehow occurred in the back alleys of Nar Shaddaa, though, really, anything was possible, she gave the boots up as a job well done and continued to focus most of her attention on the front door, and the sadly, one-sided comedy show playing out there.

Sumi is in right after Cay, quietly stepping past the threshold and triggering the door to remain open. This was their exit. Cay takes to handling the staff and Sumi follows behind her with some space. "Shhhhh." Sumi tells the staff. "We aren't here to hurt anyone, we're just collecting someone. Continue your work and stay out of our way." Sumi did not use her weapon because it remained at a low ready.

The thug that was flipping the death stick away reaches around behind him and pulling a blaster pistol from the back of his waist band "Yea, and what'cha gonna do about this, armor man?" The pistol looks rough for wear, how is it even staying together? The one that got in front of Kael grins "Yea, what he said, little man."

Meanwhile in the last booth Denta looks up from his datapad at the going's on out front "What the hell is that?" She scoots over to get to the edge of the seat, eyes a bit wide as a hand rests on the back of the bench, ready to bolt if need be.

At the double swinging door that separates the kitchen from the eating area, Cay holds up to one side. "Following you," she sends to Sumi over the comms.

Kael Greystorm smirks a bit as he looks at the blaster, "That's not a blaster..." He draw's his blaster and snaps off a shot towards the man's gut, "This is a blaster." Then he looks at the other thug, "Like I said drop your weapons lay down face first and you might not have to die."

Nerys did imagine things would eventually come to a head. They always did in the very many bit of entertainment she had watched, and she imagined that while most of those were useless bits of entertainment, the equivalent of a trashy romance novel for those of the blaster persuasion, she did have enough experience to know that if someone did have a gun, they would, likely end up using it. But as she was only the backup, she waiting for Kael to set the tone, and as he drew on the thug drawing his blaster, she sighted the second, the one who had been pounding his fist into his palm. her hand squeezed the grip of her bow, powering the string and then the arrow before she fired, the arrow finding it's target, and spinning him around. It was unlikely that he was down, but at least, hurt enough to make him, if only momentarily, less of a threat.

At the indication that Sumi was leading the breech, she acknowledges with a nod. Her helmeted head turns slightly to peer out the circular window and the network HUD within her helm begins the facial recognition scans. When it hones in on the one identified as Denta, Sumi nods again and pushes through the doors, timing her exit with an approaching waiter.

Moving quick and with a purpose, Sumi makes it to the back room and utilizes the angle of the large threshold to sight him in with her pistol. Shooting from this angle resulted in two, very accurate stun waves that spilled him backward unceremoniously, knocking him unconscious. <<"Target is seeing stars, clear the rest of the room.">>

Sumi's voice was calm and cold, and she side steps the corner now to come into full view of the entire room, waving her pistol in a secured grip toward the fata front, then the other corner she could not see before. If no one else was inside, her weapon is holstered and she closes the distance toward their mark, dragging him from the seat to the floor. She checks him for weapons, leaving no hiding spot unmolested.

Thug 2 takes the shot, not in the gut but in the side and arm. Almost loosing control of the weapon he fires a wild shot at Kael even as he staggers backwards. Thug 1 gets spun around by the shot from Nerys, hitting the large glass window which shatters as he half falls into the joint.

Meanwhile Huntress Sumi's shots put ole Denta down hard as he crumples to the stained floor "You shoot good," Cay says quickly to Sumi as she scans the room. Just then the glass shatters and thug one crashes in. "Sumi, it's gone hot outside, help them out. I got this guy" Cay goes over to Denta, pulling out flex-cuffs to secure the acquisition.

Kael Greystorm looks at the smoking hole in his armor than back at the thug... "Poor fool." He raises his pistol and snaps another shot at the thug looking over at the one that got shot by an arrow and he just chuckles some before he keys up his coms and shuts down the external speaker, "Get the target yet?"

Nerys did not waste an arrow on the man now lying half in and half out of the window. Kael was closer, and the man did not appear to be trying to get up besides. And that wasn't the target, she assumed, or Kael wouldn't just be leaving him lying there. And with no action out of the back as of yet, she lowers the bow only a fraction, so that she can monitor the street, to see if everything that's been going down is drawing the sort of attention that would be most decidedly out of the range of optimal. "We're still clear from my angle." She hoped. "Pull that arrow, would you, when we're all done? I don't like to leave thema round."

Sumi has searched Denta well enough that the apprehension portion of their adventure is deftly turned over to Cay. The women switch positions and Sumi takes a spot at the threshold once more, covering her partner. The weapon she had before, the custom GLIE-44 blaster pistol, is drawn from its holster once more and toggled to kill mode.

"Be advised, we're apprehending and will move toward the exit shortly.">> Sumi turns her head, surveying the place and looking for the next threat. Her eyes settle on Thug 1, who is sprawled out from having been shot by.. something. She levels her weapon toward him and adjusts to aim.

"Uhhh," Thug 1 groans as he sees the arrow sticking out of him. Cuts from the glass add to the pool of blood that trickle in and out of Chop Chop's. He struggles to get up but the position he finds himself in is a bit awkward not to mention the arrow adding to the difficulty. Of course the other guard is dead. A smoking hole where his chest used to be.

Cay calls on the comms <<Target in hand, send in the car,>> and nearly that quickly a speeder car comes around the corner to collect Denta. Cay struggles to drag him towards the front by the thick heavy shirt he wears "Let me know when the car gets here," she calls out. A nod of her head to Sumi as she leaves Denta to go help with the other guard. "I got him, go,"

Kael Greystorm nods a bit as he hears the different comms traffic, "Good out here." Then he walks over towards Thug 1, "You all had to try to be a big damn hero didn't you?" He kicks the blaster away from the thug before he reaches down to yank the arrow out of his chest, "Just stay there like that. Hopefully somebody will show up before you bleed out." Then he does a quick scan inside before he turns and starts to walk off holstering his blaster.

Nerys waited until she heard the all clear. or at least the 'target acquired' to take a knee, relieving some of the pressure on her right side. She did not, however, end her vigil. She was, as yet, undetected by anyone outside of the team, and would wait until all of the team was clear of the mission site before she's stand down. The cab she saw arrive, but given that Kael, the only member of the team she could see clearly, didn't seem bothered by it, I must be the ride they were waiting for. "Let me know when we're clear." Might as well put that out there and avoid a rookie mistake.

"Ride's here, Cay." Sumi says, lowering her weapon when Kael arrives to handle Thug 1. She places the blaster back on its safety setting and glances back to see Cay. Turning, she helps drag the limp man, and together, they work their way out.

Thug 1 falls back as he was laying as the arrow is yanked out. Cay still drags Denta to the door as the staff dash out the back door for their lives. Cay has Denta to the door "Fat ass," she grumbles as she continues to drag the low life out. Two of the Guild men dash out and toss him in the speeder and off the car goes. "Good job," Cay starts to say but spots where Kael took a hit "You got shot, you okay?" Then back on the comms <<That's it everyone. Stand down. Return to the Guild.>>" She looks at Kael a bit worried "I'll see you get med care." To Sumi she smiles after removing her helmet "Good shooting!" Then looking upwards she gives a salute to their overwatch Nerys.

Kael Greystorm looks around a bit and nods some, "I'm fine." He grins before he uses he repulsor lifts in his boots and gloves to launch off the ground and ends up landing on the roof near Nerys, "Ready to go?" He hands back the arrow although it doesn't look to be useable, "I'll meet back up with you lovely ladies later. I'm going to go hunt down a doctor. And maybe an armorsmith."

Nerys remained in position, though as she got the call, and saw Kael lifting off to settle on the roof beside her, she shut down the bow, the weapon folding back in on itself until it was just that nightstick again, which she tucked back onto her back, "Thanks," she offered, as the arrow was handed back over. "Not much I can use them for after, unless I can track down someone with enough skill to fix them," which was just about impossible, "But people ask too many questions." A frown creased her lips at the sight of the blaster wound, "I'll be fine, go get yourself patched up."

Sumi keeps her helmet on and watches the vehicle move off with their mark. Her gaze settles on Cay who addresses Sumi's marksmanship. Sumi replies with a quiet nod. "Thanks. We all did well. This was a good team." She glances away. <<"Good work everyone. Safe travels.">>