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Along Came A Ren

OOC Date: December 31, 2015
Location: Parmac's Starport, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Cujo as GM; Ax, Gren Delede, Kael Greystorm, Jictor Gubyls, Kelnas, Laika, Fenwick Mare, Oriana, Qadira Suuryet, Kylo Ren, Jayla Shane, Rax Vaelus, Sar Yavok, Waywards

Dusk has broken on Nar Shaddaa, though the neon lights might make it terribly difficult to even notice. At Parmac's, the lone, cone-shaped Sienar Defense Systems Star Courier cuts through the dark clouds, towards the tarmac. Nimble, lean; despite her age, the ship is landed gently in it's assigned spot. In a few moments, the rearward facing of the ship is exposed with a small strip that allows entering and exiting. After a few minutes of lingering beneath the neon lights, four figures emerge. Their armor is a deep red color, with helmets shaped to their heads and possessing a single circular-shaped sensor array on the front. Behind them, Bala-tik emerges. As if following the ship, rain begins to pick up around them. "Freakin' monsters draggin' us into this damp--I hate these jobs," he says quickly, sneering at the turning weather. "Alert our friend that we've--" Bala-tik begins to say, before he's interrupted.

"That won't be neccessary," says the Wraithlike figure stepping from the shadows near an alleyway. Black, fitted clothes that cover Ren's body are unremarkable. His helmet, however, was easy to remember. "I see you were successful. I wasn't sure the claims of your reputation would prove true," Kylo says towards the man. As he speaks, he approaches the man quietly, with his hands folded at the small of his back.

And here comes the Jawa like a fart in church. The old ship finds its way onto the landing pad with something south of grace and the faulty hydraulics lead the ramp to just kinda smash down onto the surface. "Goddamit, Gren, I don't know how many times I've got to tell you, you have to gently press the release four or five times or else the whole system goes to shit. No wonder you've never made a woman happy in your life, just jammin' it around like that," complains Sar Yavok, stepping out onto Nar Shaddaa, his hydrospanner in hand. If there's anything to notice, the man is far too busy, as he goes to work trying to maintain the failing ship.

A simple night for one whose galaxy had been a lot smaller in recent times. For Laika? Knowledge of wars, armies and uprisings were on the edge at best or completely absent at worst. For the former slave turned mercenary? It's a simple evening. Resting beneath the shelter of her companion's ship Laika is laying beneath the Thunderheart across several yet to be loaded cargo crates. The blaster pistol held in her hand had it's power pack removed as she went about the task of cleaning it.

It's a small feeling at first, a shiver that makes her fur stand on end. Laika looks up at the new arrivals, keen feline eyes having no trouble with rain or darkness as she tilts her head. She's eavesdropping...but then again this is Nar Shaddaa.

Standing near the Waywards hangar, Ax was discussing security with a few of his hired hands. Nothing major, but with potential things coming up it might be good to put them on the alert. The appearance of the newcomers wasn't a surprise, people came and went all the time. Merc groups weren't uncommon either. Still though, curiousity got the better of him and he decided to see who the new group was. Hopefully it wasn't friends of the merc he disintegrated the other night. If it was, he was thankful for the nearby security of the Waywards hangar.

Looking up slowly from the datapad he's reading, the gangster Rax Vaelus lifts an eyebrow slowly at the odd ship, the odd people, the odd phrases...

And then...the Wraith. Rax slowly lowers his datapad, the news article forgotten. His electric eyes stare, bright in the gloom, as his face takes on an iron, inscrutible mask of blank emotion. Not furious, not afraid, not even curious. Just the iron stare of someone who is still deciding how he wants to react to something that's just taken him completely by surprise. The datapad goes into his coat. He rolls his head, cracking his neck. And he stares...still undecided.

Kael Greystorm makes his way off the Banshee and towards Ax offering a wave towards the man as he gets close, "Heya boss loving the Banshee great little ship. Need me for anything?"

"Well. If -someone- had hired a real damned mechanic, the hydraulics and the the bloody repulsors wouldn't be on the fritz!" The reply is heard before the speaker steps out of the Dusty Jawa. The fellow in his armored tie flightsuit saunters down the ramp, shaking his head, as he spots Sar holding a spanner. "What're you going to do with that? Fix a caf? Sure as hell aren't fixing the ship..." His breating of his friend slows, and finally ceases, as the older man notices that something is going on. He taps Sar on the shoulder, and nods in the direction of the other newcomers.

With his arms folded across his chest, Fenwick Mare busies his hands with rubbing his limbs into some sort of feeling after the Dusty Jawa has landed. He isn't far behind Sar Yavok and Gren Delede either but he does not carry any tools with him. He does carry a casual sort of ease though, in spite of a pained expression. "That crate almost caught my face, too." His hands come up to rub his face. "Gravity," escapes his covered hand before he looks around after escaping the underside of the YT-2400. He then steps back under. It's raining. It smells of crude waste and filth and Nar Shaddaa is glaringly bright, still. Always. He looks at the two in front of them and then leans down, forward, to see where Gren is pointing.

"I lost six men retrieving this relic of yours, Ren. That means the price goes up--I need fifty, now. It costs more when I have to send their share to widows," Bala-tik demanded of the figure in black. His eyes traced the man carefully, looking for signs of weakness he could exploit. Kylo Ren's silence does almost nothing to keep the Guavian Death Gang's negotiator at ease.

Kylo stops a couple of meters away from Bala-tik and the helmet simply stares forward, showing no signs of betraying the emotional state of the man it hid. "The death of your men is not my concern. I could take the ship--" Kylo says softly, his voice held to a razor thin cadence. He's cut off by one of the soldiers tightening a grip on his weapon and raising it in more ... aggressive a stance. Kylo seems unphased. "You're a Gang of businessmen, not thugs. I will pay you what we agreed, and I will front you the expenses of our next arrangement," he says quietly, before the helmet shifts to the one who's leveled a carbine at him.

"Or would you rather I simply take what is mine?" He asks, rhetorically.

"Who're those fucks? Skinny one looks like he's on his way to a funeral," Sar remarks to Gren, before the spanner is gripped tightly and he works at fixing the wonky hydraulics. "You know damn well I'm looking for an engineer...And /I'm/ learning, too, dammit. More than I see you doing, you miserable drunk." He looks over to Fen as the young man investigates and remarks, pausing in his work, "Kid, go track down the dockmaster and see about getting some of those busted-ass droids to come get this scrap, alright? I don't pay people to look pretty. If I did, you and Gren would both be out of a job." He's completely confident that Fen's going to be mouthing along with his last statement, as it's one of his old standy-bys.

"I don't know," Ax says, looking at the new arrivals. "I might have shot a merc at a bar the other night, not sure if these are his friends or not," he says to Kael. "By the way, Kadi says it smells like ass in your ship, so she's not going to do any maintenance on it unless you hire a professional cleaning crew to sanitize it first." He smiles and lets his eyes go back towards the Guavian Death Gang and their leader, along with the other strange man with them. Speaking softly, he says to Kael. "I don't know about you, pal. But that guy," he says, nodding towards Kylo, "that guy has one hell of a bad vibe about him. Probably crazy or something, but I guarantee he's bad news."

As he speaks, his pet tailring perks his head up, then curls around Ax's shoulders, unaware of anything being out of place, just knowing that Ax was tensing up slightly. Shaking his head, Ax puts a hand on the pet's side. "Go home, Adder. Go home," he says and nudges the creature off his shoulder where it flies into the Waywards hangar.

It's been a long night for Oriana. She had been busy on planet, doing this and that. In one hand is a bottle - opened but it looks as if only a bit from it has been taken. In the other is a cigar. The rain isn't helping and every now and then she lifts the cigar, takes a sniff and frowns a bit. Shrugging some it's stuffed into a pocket the bottle being brought up with intention of a drink. But she stop, big brown eyes peer out at what's going on. That's where she stops and.. watches, for the time being.

Relics? Angery arguments and death. It's enough for Laika's pistol cleaning to end prematurely as she shifts her lounging posture on the crates to one of sitting up in one smooth lanquid feline movement. The power pack is re-inserted into the gun casually while she stays back, listening to the quiet threats and hints of danger that do nothing to solve the unease creeping down her spine.

Relics... Rax Vaelus slowly curls his hands into fists. And the Guavian Death Gang. Enough to give him pause even if he still HAD his ship. And a crew. And this...person. This black-robed figure, looking for relics. Rax's eyes blaze as he considers the odds...and constantly finds them falling to less than zero. His eyes narrow, and he waits for now, in silence. Like a vornskr, waiting for a quiver in the Force.

"And the others are wearing adorable ensembles. Am I supposed to know who everyone is? You're the former cop. This was your beat like a week ago." Gren replies, rolling his eyes and adding..."As for my looks, your mother wasn't complaining...and neither was your pops." A pause. "He watched." He glances toward Fen and just smirks. He'll let the kid get his own digs in. His attention is mostly on the undertaker looking fellow, and his business associates. His hand falls to the butt of his blaster, just because.

Kael Greystorm chuckles and nods a bit at the smells like ass comment, "Bought a BB series for basic repair work and to help with the hyper ways. I'll get it cleaned out had a rodian as my last bounty." He looks over in the direction indicated and shakes his head, "Buncha thugs and not sure bout that guy..."

Fenwick knits his eyebrows and takes his time creeping back down to Sar and Gren instead of lingering in their shadows. He places his hands at his hips and shifts his weight to the side, so that he is looking in the Sienar ship docked nearby, the figures there, and the side of Sar's face. Gren is in his peripheral. "I've got it on holo-vid. It's actually something of a masterpiece. But. Ugh. Come on, Old Man, the weather's turning into a frak show out there." The Kid points out verbally and physically with a hand's gesture. As many complaints come out of him, grumbling, there is the same amount of steps as boots meet tarmac and carry Fenwick away from the ship. He has to cross nearer to the gang members and the others, but that feels wrong. So he lingers in place, a distance away, looking at his flanks. It looks like there might be other nearby sentients, too.

Jictor Gubyls is standing just outside his private hangar, leaning slightly against the wall with the hood of his cloak up over his head, hiding his face in the shadows. He's watching the proceedings around him in the starport, but doing very little else -- he may as well be a decorative statue. There's nothing about him that would attract anyone's attention.

Jayla Shane steps out of her hangar door, pausing after taking a couple steps onto the tarmac. She bends to adjust the buckle on her left boot, taking the opportunity to let her gaze sweep over the others present. And when she rises she casually adjusts the blaster rifle slung over her shoulder.

Sar Yavok just grunts in return to Gren and Fenwick, knowing that he's liable to end up stuffing Gren in the smuggler's hold after a bender and make Fenwick clean up the mess. He 'heh's at the thought and tosses the spanner to his business partner. "Gren, you stay with the ship and close up shop if stuff looks hairy. I'm gonna walk with the Kid." He tugs at the blaster strap hanging across his torso and flips his collar up, moving to catch up to Fenwick.

"What next arrangement?" Bala-tik asks of the dark-figured man, suddenly considering for the first time whether some jobs were too good to pass up. His hand rises towards the trooper that had tightened his grip on the carbine. A moment is considered before the carbine eases away from a deadly aim towards Kylo. Bala-tik uses the raised hand to wipe away the slight rain that had gathered around his eyes. "Galaxy's a big place. We needn't piss anyone off if we don't have to," the coreward accent was somewhat butchered, carried like low-birth. But Bala-tik was far from a hick, and the lure of credits and easy jobs certainly kept him interested.

"These are more than mere trinkets. But there are more of them out there. The details are not currently important," Kylo says quickly. He was fast losing interest in the conversation with the man, and an ebb tugged at him from within the Dark ship. "You'll find the credits have already been transferred to your account," Kylo says, stepping past Bala and through the four men. He pauses amidst them, for just a split second. His hand drops from his back to slip past his belt. The sudden snap-hiss of expelled energy can be heard, and the scream of Kylo ren's crimson-colored saber is activated and brought upwards in a quick, vicious slash. The blade narrowly, or purposefully, misses the man that had aimed the blaster at him. Instead, the carbine falls from the man in two thick pieces, crashing to the ground.

"No!" yells Bala-tik quickly, eyes suddenly wide with fear. His hands raise towards the men. "We accept your offer!" he yells quickly, trying to save lives. Lightsabers ... that wasn't their bag. "We accept!"

That noise? It's one that Laika had never heard in her life. The weapon that makes it? Equally something unknown to her. She stops, jumping back a good foot on impulse and drawing her blaster as she drops to a crouch even before she realises what the hell is going on between the mercs and the man with the laser sword. She doesn't shoot, attack or anything along those lines. When brain catches up to limbs? Laika stays crouched behind the crates watching for a few moments.

Fenwick stands there. He looks at the figures standing there negotiating some sort of deal. He squints, looks at their ship and then takes a step back. The man rubs at his scalp and then bounces back and forth on his heels before turning abruptly and dropping hands back to his sides. A few colorful phrases escape him as he makes a straight walk back toward the Dusty Jawa, and stops when hastily coming upon Sar. It's abrupt. His words are the opposite, coming at a chopped, rushed cadence. "Hey- hey, Captain, we should go. I think we should. Like right now." And that's when it happens. Behind Fenwick, a lightsaber is activated: red and angry.

"What the hell...I don't wanna sit here alone..." Gren begins to complain, as his crewmates walk off, leaving him to be bored. Any further complaints are swallowed up, as the lightsaber comes out, and does its thing. His own heavy blaster pistol comes out, though it is still held low, against his leg. He's got friends walking over toward the vicinity of an apparent crazy person with a laser sword. "Get your asses back over here!" He calls after them, though he doesn't actually leave his post near the ramp. He glances up inside the ship, considering... And then...Rage. If Rax Vaelus's eyes were truly cybernetic and not simply an unnatural shade of cerulean, they may well be blazing with light now, if the bared teeth and furrowed brow of the man's expression are to be trusted. But...Rax restrains himself. He forces himself to be still. Less than zero odds. He repeats it to himself over and over, struggling against the fury that grips him. If it were any other situation...

But a lightsaber duelist AND the Gauvian Death Gang? Even Rax isn't that bold...or that stupid. So he forces himself to relax. To wait. To listen. The bared teeth disappear. The glare softens. And he even pretends to look elsewhere. Waiting.

"Holy hell," Ax says. "Yep, bad dude," he mutters. "Told you, my gut doesn't lie," he says to Kael. "Not that we're not surrounded by bad dudes, this is Nal Hutta. Hell, we employ a few, but yeah. We damn sure don't want to cross anyone with a screwed up laser sword." His silver-grey eyes watch the sith and the gang. "I don't know if he's the real deal, or a wannabe, but I don't necessarily want to find out. Ain't that I'm a coward, but I don't wanna be called half-man."

Jictor stands up straight, pushing off the wall almost instantaneously at the sight of the red lightsaber. His whole body tenses, but he takes no further action -- he remains in place, watching. Things just became far more interesting.

Well something is afoot, Oriana watches intently from her little spot. There is no way she is hiding from anyone's view or anything. The hand wrapped around the neck of that bottle is gripped pretty tight, knuckles near white. "Hrmph." Says the brunette, lifting it and taking a sip without a shudder from the potent mix inside. Her other hand moves to rest on her hip as steps bring her forward a few more paces slowly beginning to make her way through the crowd, eyes moving to the many faces and people who linger about. Until there is commotion, until a red lightsaber flashes. Well now, this draws her attention with her big brown eyes narrowing. Cursing under her breath a bit a hand slides to her thigh, edging on grabbing her blaster - which isn't taken yet because she isn't sure if this is a fight she should be in yet, but th girl isn't going to step back either if things get real bad. She takes another sip of her bottle while she watches and considers for the time being.

"Hey!" Sar shouts at the be-sabered man, his old NSec ways not passing as quickly as he wished they had. He really doesn't have a follow-up, and just sort of stands there, hand resting on his blaster strap. "Just...uh...cut that shit out. There's kids around. Settle your business and move on."

Kael Greystorm blinks and shakes his head, "What the heck is that?" He takes a step back towards the hangar area as his hands rest upon his blasters, "Yeah let's stick with your gut boss. No need to get involved in that one."

Okay, that tears it. Jayla has HEARD of lightsabers before, at least. In a smooth motion she unslings the blaster rifle but just cradles it. At least for now. It's kept pointed down but it's ready all the same. And the man with the blazing-red weapon now has her full attention.

Stepping off the Greeper comes Kelnas. Whistling cheerily to himself, Cup of coffee in hand, the blue skinned Wroonian takes in the scene as the jaunty tune slows quickly and dies on his lips.

Fenwick flinches and blanches, clenching fists and then ducking further forward until placing himself past Sar Yavok. He then turns around and exhales long and slow, watching over the man's shoulder. A fist comes up and covers his mouth briefly, and then Gren yells, and he calls out over his shoulder, "Working on it!" He lingers, hesitates really, nudging at Sar who is calling out to the group. A rogue stroke wipes his face of rainwater, and then against his better judgment finds the old, slightly warped handle of his blaster pistol. It doesn't reassure him so he refrains from drawing it. "They're here. We need to go."

Kylo Ren's helmet stares at the man, but no words come from him. The lightsaber, squealing in the open air as though it ... hungered for something. The sword remained, tip-down, for a long moment. The anger and Darkness could almost be felt, flowing over Kylo. Then, just as quickly, the saber is deactivated and kylo steps foot on the walkway leading into the Star Courier. "I'll send you your new target shortly," the modulated voice demands of Bala-tik. The Death Gang didn't hesitate to move away from the walkway and take up a position in case their leader foolishly ordered them to kill the man. midway up the ramp, Kylo suddenly considers, for the first time, the large number of people that suddenly intended harm. But there was something else he couldn't quite put a finger on. He pauses, seeking out something in the crowd. Then, simply, Kylo barks a new order to the Guavian Death Gang, "Get away from my ship."

Jayla Shane backs slowly towards her hangar door, touching the talk switch on a comlink. "Kaynine, power up the engines and warm up the guns." she says softly. Her gaze never leaves the man in black with the red lightsaber. "No... ALL of them." Reaching back with one hand, she turns the door handle and opens it. Backing inside.

Rax's head tilts forward, and he glances aside over the high, folded collar of his greatcoat at the Dark Sider's ship. His eyes narrow, and the copper-haired man turns sharply, almost the same instant that the lightsaber deactivates. His coat flaring wide as he march-strides towards...elsewhere. Anywhere. He growls to himself as he makes good time heading away from this place. "I need a slicer... Immediately..."

Kadi comes out of the Waywards' hangar , stopping as she sees folks who appear ready to make mischief. She blinks, and just stands there trying to figure out what is going on. Behind her, an R2 unit comes wheeling over, stopping right behind her. "I don't know, Lily, but it looks like there's trouble. Or there was."

Ax, for safety's sake, puts a hand on the most powerful blaster he owns, though keeps it down by his side. "Oh hell, Sar," he mutters. "Anyone asks, Kael, we don't know that guy. You'd better not do anything that stupid, or you're fired before hand." Ax damn sure wasn't moving away from the Waywards hangar. He wasn't moving into it, but he wasn't going to venture any further away than he already is.

Watching the Angry man with the gang of murderers head into his ship, Kelnas sighs and relaxes his grip on his quarterstaff muttereing. "For the love of Liverwurst I'm glad that didn't happen."

Laika herself remains still, silent and watching...from beneath the shadow of a ship in the rain. Brave? Probably not, but she has no idea what's going on nor any real understanding beyond being 'spooked' by what that weapon could mean. The Cathar stays back for the time being."

"Where do you think you're going, Kid? We've got cargo to sell," Sar remarks. The Captain of the Dusty Jawa tugs the blaster strap tighter around his body and moves further towards the gathered Death Gang, raising his eyebrows to them as he passes by them on his way to track down the cargomaster.

Kael Greystorm nods a bit leaving his hands resting on his pistols but not drawing down yet. "I actually don't know him boss..." He continues watching the gang and the angry dude with red laser sword thing... "That's something that needs to be blown up from orbit."

Rolling back on her heels a bit and tilting her head back her eyes fix on that man who yelled. Interesting. She grins a touch finding this more amusing than anything and looks back to the dark figure with that glowing sword as he moves up to his ship. Her hand lands atop of her blaster but isn't taken up, between that, the sword on her back and that bottle of hard ass liquor in her hand, well, she's okay. Her eyes would move to the others he was with and making a point to keep attention on what's going on, listening intently as she can around the chatter of people and patter of that rain Oriana turns to head to that group, if she can catch them in time before people scatter off.

"Piss. Never going to hear the end of this..." Delede says with a quiet sigh, before re-holstering his blaster pistol. His eyes remain on the man with the now deactivated lightsaber, as he makes his way up into the ramp into his ship. The former old Rebel runs a hand through his hair, and manages to look relieved, while he leans into the Jawa's hatch, and knocks open a hull plate containing one of his myriad of stashes around the freighter. Time for a drink.

Jayla Shane stands in the open hangar doorway, both watching the goings-on outside as well as listening to the ship's engines inside. Her gaze flickers, doing a mental count as the systems sequentially power up. She knows the sequence well and she knows how long it's going to take. The tall brunette frowns, poised but restrained.

This is about when Fenwick drums up the courage to begin drawing his blaster but something else makes him hesitate further. It doesn't happen. Instead, he blinks owlishly at Sar and then turns to look blankly at Gren in the background. "But," he starts and doesn't finish. He wipes his face again and begrudgingly follows after the older man. "I can't believe you just yelled at them like that. And they listened."

Spotting someone on the tarmac, Rax Vaelus abruptly alters course, heading for Ax with little stealth. Nodding curtly to Kael as he draws near, Rax draws up to his full 6'5" height and announces in a quiet voice, "I have need of a slicer, Senator. Would you happen to know any who can be on the job in five minutes or less?" Letting his coat catch up to him, it wraps around his form briefly before settling back into place. Rax is clearly tense. On edge. His gaze is particularly intense..."

With the Guavian Death Gang left behind, the ramp to the Infiltrator vanishes just as Kylo enters the red-hued doorway. In the rain, Bala-tik considers their circumstances and raises a hand with a communicator in it. "Get that damned pickup down here, -now-," he orders into the commlink. Within a few seconds, the Ion Engines of the Star Courier begin to hum and emit a rich, cerulean light as they power up. Soon, the ship will be leaving the Hutt's worlds behind to return to Starkiller. The Death Gang begins to leave, quickly, in favor of a nearby pickup area that wasn't quite in front of all the people he'd just been snubbed in front of.

Ax looks to Rax, "If it involves anything that might get the attention of the guy with the laser sword, check the Hutts. If it doesn't, I may know someone, but given your timeline... I'm going to guess the former." He watches as the ship begins powering up for launch. "Nope, not gonna mess with that guy, and I'd rather not get the Guavian Death Gang pissed at us either."

Relaxing once more and going back to Whistling, Kelnas skings his quarterstaff over his shoulder once again and heads towards Ax himself, letting Rax do his thing first before interrupting.

Kadi is still behind Ax. Not in any rush to move out in front of him, nope. Stayiing right where she is. She blinks at Rax's arrival and comment, gaze going to Ax and then over the rest of the spaceport as she tries to figure out. "What is going on?" She is totally oblivious, having missed the show. "Death Gang? Uhm - should we all be back in the hangar?"

Sar Yavok offers a shrug and a grunt to Fen as the two of them continue to walk in the rain. "Whatever they were arguing about must've not been worth fighting over," Sar remarks, hands falling from his blaster strap as he approaches the dockmaster and begins to fill out a few documents.

Jictor is essentially ignoring everything else happening in the starport for the moment -- something that is very out of the ordinary for him. Instead, all his attention is focused on the ship that Kylo Ren disappeared into. He studies it intently, as though trying to catalogue every detail of it in some sort of mental file.

Kael Greystorm nods towards Rax as he heads their way but steps back to let Ax and him handle their business.

Jayla Shane breathes a bit easier once the black-robed man enters his ship and takes off. Raising the comlink again, she speaks into it. "Okay, Kaynine, I'm on my way. Yes, continue with the startup sequence." Touching a switch on the blaster rifle, it powers down and she heads back into her hangar.

Rax Vaelus stares at Ax, taking in a deep breath...and exhaling slowly through his nose. Only once he's done does Rax look aside. "...I suppose I cannot fault you in that. Though the Death Gang concerns me a great deal more than the woman in the mask." Turning about, he looks up at the sky. "I wonder who she is..." Narrowing his eyes he clenches his fists once more. "Damn it. I was so close. They were -right there-, if those 'relics' are what I think they are. By the accursed Force."

Fenwick looks at the Guavian Death Gang members in passing as he walks in the shadow of Captain Yavok. He offers them a rude hand gesture and then in general at the departing Infiltrator, because he's not in danger anymore. That's relatively speaking. He wipes his face again before responding. "Apparently not, but." He stops himself, starts to say something else, and then instead offers a smile at the cargomaster.

Her objective is pretty clear, go and talk to the man that yelled. Steps are light in the rain, she moves easily and quickly, weaving in and out of some the people. Her hand has come off her blaster, it was left, and her right hand was lifted for one more drink of that bottle. Eyes move to the ship as it powers up, there is a frown, a dark one. But this wasn't a place to fight nor was it a person to fight against, really. So Oriana moves on closing in on Sar, who seems to have a man following behind him too. "Excuse me darling!" She'd call out once close, hoping to catch his attention and the mans who is following him as well. "Do you have a second?" She asks, giving little care it seems for the rain that's falling upon them.

"Don't call me 'darlin' and I might," Sar says flatly, looking up from the form he's in the middle of filling out. "You lookin' for a job? Cause we just hired a girl earlier and Kid here's already too distracted." Before hearing an answer, the Captain returns his attention to the documentation.

Ax wasn't close enough to hear the conversation. "Relics?" he asks, glancing at Rax. "Either way, it's going to involve some people I'd rather not cross, at least right this moment without knowing more." He pulls out a scrap of paper, scribbles something on it and holds it over to Rax. "Here's a contact, she might be willing to help, but I'm not going to tell her to. If she does, it's of her own volunteering." It's obvious that his interest is piqued. "But," he says, keeping his hand on the paper, "know that I'll be keeping an eye on her. I don't allow my people to go into dangerous situations alone, whether I want to be involved or not."

Ax looks back to Kadi, "Violent gangs, some chick with a laser sword and a funky mask... Who the hell knows, but I guarantee, it's bad news." Kelnas gets a glance, but that's it for the moment.

Attempting to take the paper, Rax doesn't force the issue when it doesn't immediately budge. At the bit about keeping an eye on the contact, Rax simply nods. "I'll make sure she understands the dangers... But unless the Death Gang decides to go partying in the Hutt Sector, I doubt she'll be on time." He smirks, finally taking the paper, "But thank you, Senator... Perhaps I'll vote for you after all." He tucks the paper into his coat, next to the blaster pistol hidden there.

Rax Vaelus lowers his Ramishi Crystal Sword down from a threatening stance and slides the weapon back into its scabbard with a quiet 'click' when its secured.

"Someone called you a darling," deadpans Fenwick. He blinks. The words are repeated under his breath and he takes a half-step back from the legitimate business deal and turns to face the incoming person. He leaves his hand on the blaster at his side but he doesn't draw it. Curiosity rather than fear, this time. Sar steals any thunder out of the moment and he huffs under his breath. "Don't know what you're talking about, Old Man. I'm not distracted!"

She grins and nods. "Fine by me." Oriana says, each to their own, "Oh, what? No. Not looking for work. First, good job on that yelling, got balls, like that." She pauses there and looks to Fen who is also with Sar gives him a smile and a nod, with a curious look but regards the older man quickly. "Wondering, do you sometimes give a person passage? I'm looking for some, every now and then."

Kadi blinks, looks again out at the space port through the rain. "So maybe I don't want to go out in the rain?" she offers. Rax gets a fleeting smile and a nod of acknowledgement but he seems to be pretty busy, so she leaves it there. "I suppose I could wait a bit until it stops raining, see if - wait, it's raining. I don't want to go to the park in the rain, the tree will no doubt attack doubly."

"Maybe, maybe not. She's probably right inside the hangar here," Ax says. As he speaks, he looks around the starport, wishing it wasn't raining. "You sure that was a lady? I mean, you were closer. Either way, definitely a bad vibe coming off of her or him or shim." As he speaks, he holsters the disruptor. "And quit calling me Senator. It's Ax."

He looks back to Kadi. "Yeah, might not want to venture far from home, at least until those bastards leave," he says, motioning towards the gang awaiting pickup. "Pretty girl walks past those guys, and I end up going after them in the Soul. Doesn't end well for anyone." He looks back to Rax. "Wonder what was in the box. What kind of relics?"

"You got credits? I'm a nice guy and all, but I don't do much charity work," Sar remarks, handing the completed documentation back to the dockmaster and moving to walk back towards his ship, eyes resting on the Death Gang's retreat.

As he nears the Jawa, he spots Ax and waves for the man to come and speak to him before he remarks to Fen, "You look a little shook up, Kid."

Rax Vaelus glances back at Ax over his shoulder, just his eyes visible over the collar of his coat, "He, she, it doesn't matter. She's probably a Force-user, regardless. But she's only one person." Striding away from the man, he heads out to where the Death Gang and Ren landed, looking over the pavement for...anything that might have been left behind. The smallest of clues.

Rax Vaelus tests his Perception skill at a 100 difficulty.

 -Failed- (-20).

Fenwick stares back at the woman looking in his direction. He shrugs when she returns to talking to Sar and that leaves him folding his arms across his chest. It's back to watching Sar work. Still, he turns to wave his hand in the general direction of the now drinking Gren and Dusty Jawa. Everything is okay on their end. He follows alongside the older man and then trots further forward to try and get a drink out of Delede. Pausing, Fen looks over his shoulder at Sar. "Well, yeah. Later?" He glances around, shaking his head.

There's still that inching curiosity as everyone seems to have departed. "I want to see what that laser sword did," he says, walking towards where the little spat with the lightsaber happened. He didn't have a weapon drawn, but his hand hovered near it. "Kael, keep an eye on my six, alright?"

"Oh, I've got credits." Oriana would reply with a grin, turning on a heel to go and follow Sar. "And a very special set of skills, if you ever need." She stops suddenly, laughing. "Wow that came out wrong. I mean if you are ever in trouble, I'd be more than happy to help you out.' Shaking her head at herself eyes flicker to Fen and she smirks, he does seem a bit shaken. With the hand holding the bottle she'd go to hand it over to him. Sharing is caring, after all, and there is plenty there. No telling if this is her first one or not, but she seems fine. Glancing briefly to Ax's ship and those there, as that's where the older man looked, and then to the other figure that is Rax as he moves to stare at the ground she watches this a second, catching what he's doing.

Rax Vaelus comments over his shoulder to Ax as he draws near, "It's called a lightsaber, and it had a good blade. Basic grip, from what little I could see of it..." He grits his teeth as he looks around, favoring the scorched rifle with a glance. "...I could take him." Sweeping to and fro, Rax is not delicate in his search... He is hunting, and he doesn't care to be coy about it. Something drives him...

Kael Greystorm nods towards Ax as he goes to watching for threats towards him. His hands still casually resting on his pistols and his helmeted gaze sweeping the Spaceport.

Jictor is still standing off by himself next to his private hangar, but he pulls a small device out from underneath his cloak and quickly changes a few settings. Raising it to his mouth, he mutters quietly into it.

"Yeah, sure," Sar responds to Oriana. "Where do you need to go? You got a name?" His eyes move to the shaken Kid and he offers him a nod, saying, "Later." Once they reach the Jawa, Sar seeks refuge under the ship and crosses his arms, turning to receive an answer from the young woman.

Ax tests his Perception skill at a 100 difficulty.

 -Failed- (-20).

Sar Yavok tests his Perception skill at a 100 difficulty.

 +SUCCESS+ (18).

Rax Vaelus tests his Perception skill at a 100 difficulty.

 +SUCCESS+ (37).

Kadi eyes Ax, as he heads out to look at what's going on. She at least stays by the Hangar entrance. Kael gets a look, and a nod. Hopefully he will be able to take care of Ax's request. Or ... or ... something. "Thank you, Kael," she says softly.

Rax Vaelus tests his Charisma skill at a 100 difficulty.

 +SUCCESS+ (58).

"Yeah, you go try that," Ax says. A hand brushes against the stunsaber he carried. A trinket he'd picked up off-planet. "I know what it was, but it's still a laser sword, or plasma sword, or whatever you want to call it." Ax glances back to Rax. "You said they were talking about relics? I've hauled relics, stolen from a museum once, but I don't think they'd gather that kind of attention."

There's a few more NSec Patrols moving about the landing field now. Took them long enough, but they're here, moving in clumps of two or three with their little light-up helmets on flashing in green and blue strobes lights, and blaster files in their arms, held at-ease.

Sar Yavok tests his Charisma skill at a 100 difficulty.

 +SUCCESS+ (22).

Ax tests his Charisma skill at a 100 difficulty.

 +SUCCESS+ (10).

Jictor Gubyls tests his Charisma skill at a 100 difficulty.

 +SUCCESS+ (48).

"Yeah, not right now, because reasons," and because Fenwick does not always care about other's feelings he points at Oriana. She is not part of their crew and he is already in the middle of snagging a quick drink. It isn't the one she offers either. "Stranger danger," is mentioned. One final sweep of his head and he ducks back underneath the ship in order to avoid soaking himself with the weather.

As an NSec patrol passes near Jictor's hangar, he steps forward and says, "A moment, please. I have a question for you regarding the ship that just left this platform."

Oriana tests her Charisma skill at a 100 difficulty.

 -Failed- (-10).

Rax Vaelus chuckles finally, easing off the throttle as it were. He straightens up as he sees NSec finally arrive. He upnods to one of the men, "Officer..." He smiles, striding forward with his hands clasped behind his back, "It's been a while since the Rodians and Trandoshans shot up your tarmac... Less so since the Death Commandos tried to take your tower." Rax had, of course, been there both times to butcher the enemy forces and keep law and order. He's trading on that now. He nods to the sky, "That ship that was just here... It was carrying the Death Gang, and a woman in a mask..." He lifts his eyebrows, the rain falling through his copper hair, "Heard anything interesting about that?"

Sar Yavok waves one of the NSec officers over to the shelter of the underside of the Jawa, and is relieved to see that's it's actually someone he knows, "Bofa, there any word on who that big ol' ship was registered to?"

The Captain offers a nod of understanding to Fenwick and crosses his arms.

As Ax moves about the tarmac, his eyes dart between the NSec officers coming about. As Rax asks the questions though, Ax approaches, a hand pulling a cred chip from his pocket. "Ten grand if you can give us their flight plans and cargo manifests," he says in a soft tone. Why not work beside someone who seems to share your curiosity. "Not sure if it was a woman, but yeah, the person in the mask that came in on the star courier."

"Oriana," She says, introducing herself and to Sar and nods to Fen. "Nowhere, right -now-, but I like to setup contacts." She would, otherwise, stand there and listen too.

Kadi eyes Ax as he goes over to talk to security and she turns to Kael. "I'm going back in. Let Ax know, please." And that said, she disappears back into the waywards hangar.

Sar Yavok nods to Oriana and says, "Well, fair enough. I'm Captain Sar Yavok. If you need transport, I'm sure we can work something out." The Captain nods to her, and having heard what he needed from the NSec officer, the Captain moves to disappear up the ramp and into his ship.

There's a brief exchange between security and the Echani leader of the Waywards. Money changes hands, not once, but twice. "Interesting," he says, taking a breath and stepping back and wandering towards the Waywars hangar, but doesn't go inside, not yet. His eyes dart between Rax and Sar, wondering on some ways if they learned anything good. Might be good to share notes, after all.

Rax Vaelus doesn't look pleased as he walks away from the officer, his hands stuffed into the pockets of his coat. He's hunched forward a bit, brooding as he makes his way silently over to Ax. He upnods as he approaches. "Well? Anything good on your end? I've got nothing."

"This is Nar Shaddaa, and money talks. Money I've got," Ax says towards Rax. "I might have something. Might not have anything. Gotta crunch some numbers through the droids." Looking over the man, he narrows his eyes. "What exactly is your game on this? Not saying I won't share, but I gotta have a good reason to, and don't say it's because you got a shining personality."

The NSec officer stops and faces Jictor, who then leans in and speaks quietly to him for several seconds. The officer responds in kind, and Jictor pulls out a datapad, quickly inputting several commands. The NSec officer listens to something through a communicator, nods, then leans back in to Jictor and whispers to him for a good minute. The former Guildmaster listens quietly, then pats the officer on the arm several times and offers a soft thank you before the officers continues on his patrol.

Rax Vaelus stares at Ax impassively for several long seconds. Eventually, however, he cracks a smirk and shrugs, hands still in his pockets. "I *do* have a shining personality..." He grins, "I can also wield a lightsaber. Don't you keep up on old spacer's tales?" He grimaces then, "But, as you may have noticed, I'm stuck with this big, dumb chunk of crystal on my back. And, wouldn't you know it...lightsaber parts are in short supply these days. As of right now, I've got two leads." He nods aside, "Those Death Gang thugs...and a lost world guarded by an ancient order and probably infested with Force dragons or some poodoo."

"And I'm the Emperor of Hapan," Ax says to Rax. He looks around a moment, and gestures for the man to follow him. "Let's go talk somewhere out of prying eyes and open ears."