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Ambassador to Rest

OOC Date: January 23, 2016
Location: Iridonia
Participants: Ambrosia Greystorm, Ax, Jax Greystorm, Leia Organa, Qadira Suryet, Rey, Sesti Greystorm

In a room in the compound, the immediate family prepared the casket for the procession. The shaman of the clan had said the ritual words over the casket that were meant to usher the spirit of the deceased to their rightful place of peace and guardianship. But there was no body from which the spirit could be guided, the box was empty.

The doors opened to the outside, and the rest of the family lined the way from the house to the gates, and the throngs outside that waited along the road to the family tombs. Sesti and her siblings had taken their places as pall bearers, their mother leading the way. The usual braids that kept Sesti's hair from her face are gone, and the dark strands fall straight to her shoulders where they've been cut to show her loss. Each of the family wear long black robes, the loose fabric bound at their waist with a red sash wrapped three times around. The Ambassador's wife wears a red sash around her head as well, tied in back and the tails trailing to the ground behind her.

Kadi is with Ax, standing next to him, along the road from the house to the gates, near to the gates or wherever is appropriate. The petite redhead is wearing dark colours, meant to show respect but not to take away from the family. This is their time. Her gaze goes from person to person, as she watches, curiosity showing as she does so. This is a sad occasion, of course it is, but that doesn't stop Kadi from people watching. She straightens as there is a murmur along the line, the door opening, and obviously something about to happen. With a brief frown, she looks one way and then the other, before murmuring something to her husband, even if she does have to lean up on tippytoe to do so.

Leia had arrived with Rey not long before the ceremony began, now she's taken up a place along the road leading to the tomb wearing dark robes, with the hood pulled up over her head as they await the family progression. Beside her, Chewbacca is towering with Artoo wobbling back and forth worbling quietly, even respectfully, to the wookies immediately left.

There's a somber expression on her face with her slightly downcast eyes turned int he direction of the Compound from which the family will soon immerge. She, like Kadi, is people watching as well and manages to spy the pair near to the gates. Her head inclines a little in greeting, but she's not so crass as to just start shouting, not at a moment like this.

Rey had been told about this event prior to arriving and she'd admittedly been nervous by it. She'd never been to a funeral before, but it certainly didn't sound like a kind of new experience she should be excited for... not by any means. Curiosity though? That couldn't be held back. She'd only read about these kinds of ceremonies from texts she'd salvaged here and there, to get to see one in person was--well, mystifying in a way.

Rey stands beside Leia, her steel-blue colored hood is pulled up over her head and her brown eyes are peering out from the shadows beneath it. She puts a her right hand out from under her hooded cape and she place sit gently on Artoo's domed head to calm his wobbling and to silently reassure the droid that all was well.

Jax was with the family wearing a black tunic and pants. THe hems of his tunic red. The Corellian was keeping quiet and trying to mimic the other members of the family not serving as a pall bears. He keeps his eyes on Sesti watching her.

Wearing a black cloak over grey clothes, Ax stood with his wife. His hand rests with hers, and he keeps her close. When Kadi whispers to him, he gives a simple nod of understanding, but remains silent. This was far from his first funeral, but the first he'd experienced involving a politician.

At Leia's nod, Ax gives a respectful nod of his own in return. Eyes drifting towards the Wookiee and Rey as well. As much as he'd wish to have discussions with the Princess and her companions, Chewie he'd met before, but Rey was a stranger, now just didn't seem the right time.

As the casket, a simple rectangle draped in cloths embroidered with the symbols of the Gaths of Fiiros clan, the tattoo on the face of each them, and the other symbols that Yet Gath had earned on his skin over the course of his life. The threads of blue and black on the tan background mirror the colors used on the faces of the Gaths that fall in behind the casket, and the colors used on the arm of the human who married into their midst. Sesti's eyes cut sideways to her husband as she passes him, but she doesn't turn her head.

As they pass the throngs in the streets, filled not just with Zabraks that bear the same Gath markings as Sesti and her family, but markings of many other clans, people begin to cast red sand from pouches on the ground in front of them, in honor of the man's status.

Kadi catches the nod as well, or at least she catches the movement, nodding her head to those she recognizes. Like the Wookiee. Who she met with some old guy way back when but hasn't really spoken to since. The droid is always interesting, though Kadi's entourage has been left aboard their ship for this event. As the casket nears, Kadi squeezes Ax's hand briefly. She then moves to get the red sand from the pouch, doing her part to pay respect and honour at this moment. Once done, she returns to stand by Ax, pausing to look at her hands, still with grains of red sand on them.

Leia watches the progression pass with a slow turn of her head, genuine sadness in her eyes as the family moves along beside the casket of a man she counted as a close friend. There are so many of these moments now, it is rare that she actually gets to pay proper respects for them. The galaxy has become a very strange place all over again. Her hands remained laced in front of her, head bowed once the casket has moved.

Chewie growls, as Wookies do, but in a lower pitch than the fierce scream of a battle roar. It is still significant for his own people and meant a respectful gesture. Once they pass him, he makes a sound not unlike whimpering and looks at his big paws. No doubt his mind drifting to his own loss.

Leia's hands unfold so that she can wrap one arm around the wookies tree trunk of a forearm and leans against him.

Rey's eyes were scanning over the faces of everyone before her, she too would watch the funeral progression move past she and the companions with her but when it drew directly in front of her her eyes lowered and her eyelids closed. She dipped her chin down toward her neck and said a few quiet words beneath her breath with her lips barely visibly moving, it was her own tradition that she'd done since she lost someone on Jakku that she cared about, a quiet well-wish sent to the cosmos.

She looked back up a moment later, over to the Wookiee and then to Leia... they hadn't done anything like this for Han or for Luke, there hadn't been time since it all went down.

Rey's attention returned to the casket as it progressed further along and she eyed the crimson sand being poured out.

Following his wife's lead, Ax tosses a bit of sand as well. He wasn't here because of the deceased. He'd never met the man, and while the events taking on the galaxy were a tragedy of the highest proportion, he felt as much sorrow for the common peasant working in the streets selling food as he did the person in the casket. He was here in support for Sesti and Jax, long-time friends and allies. He keeps a somber expression upon his face and when he was back with his wife, he subtlely leans over and gives her a kiss on top of the head.

As the Gaths move to gather around to follow the casket, Jax steps forward joining them. He falls in step right behind his wife. There was no face markings for the man as he had not earned then nor was he Zabrak. Though he does his best to blending in. He was close enough to reach out to Sesti if she needed help. The Corellians eyes fall on Kadi giving her a small smile. He offers a small wave to Ax and Kadi. Though it was vague. Though his expression turning neutral. Though as he sees the remains of the Hero of the Republic. The Corellian actually stops for a moment blinking then remembers what he's supposed to do.

Somewhere adrift in the crowd is another figure that doesn't quite belong, least that in place of horns, there's wisps of blonde and gray, escaping the shroud of her hood. In place of tattoos, just scars. Shrewd, green eyes watch the procession pass and her hand comes out with the rest alongside her to toss a fistful of sand. From around her neck, a relic winks in the light - her last souvenier from this planet. Ambrosia takes a small step back when her family marches by, then slowly lifts a hand to silently salute the former Kimrath Claw in the casket's wake, for what it's worth.

A chant begins somewhere in the crowd, something in Zabrak that is familiar enough that many pick it up around them. There's the dignified sorrow of warriors sending off a comrade, but there's an undercurrent in it, somehow. Among the Iridonians a fallen leader is returned to his clan for proper burial, but all know that in this case, such a thing was impossible. For a culture in which combat has always been face to face, and honor paid to one's adversary, this idea of destruction with no warning is dishonorable. Yet Gath was not allowed to die in honorable combat, or his body returned, and this ignites a spark among many of anger towards cowards who would do such an act.

Sesti is steady in her bearing, and her shoulders plenty strong enough for the task at hand. She flexes the fingers of her free hand as she hears the chant, and it's underlying fire tingles in her blood.

Kadi's lips quirk up at that wave from Jax, though she doesn't return it with more than a slight nod of her head. Her expression stays mostly somber, though she has to fight back the smile at that kiss atop her head. It brings her attention from the grains of red sand on her fingers back up to the crowd, and to the event transpiring. She might even notice that one who doesn't quite belong, a recognized gesture, a silhouette, a salute. Kadi doesn't speak the language, but the chant is still building intensity and that she doesn't miss. Can't miss. She lowers her head briefly, and then raises it, her shoulders squaring in a manner that says whatever it is she will see it through.

At the sound of the chanting, Rey's eyes went around to the faces of those speaking the words, she studied them briefly before once more her eyes fell down again and she allowed the voices of those saying that ancient tradition to just fill her mind and let the somber mood of the moment guide her thoughts. She kept her eyes shut and focused on the feeling of all around her, but after a moment... Rey's eyes opened again and she looked over and onto the hooded form of Ax.

Rey started at Ax for a lingering moment, then looked to the woman he was with (Kadi). She spared a glance then over to Leia, wanting to say something to the Princess but knowing this wasn't the time for it.

Jax continues with his march. He doesn't join in the chanting but he lips syncs. It had been a compromise between his wife and him. Though his eyes turn away to watch Sesti and missing Amber.

A figured taller than Amber emerges to stand next to her, there's a faint resemblance to Jax though his eyes were hazel and his brown hair peppered with gray. His hair slightly thin. He looks over at Amber for a moment coughing to draw her attention to him. Then draws up to the same salute.

Leia stands quiet during the quiet chant leaning upon the large wookie beside her. She does not attempt to join in the chanting that's taken over the onlookers, but does meet Rey's eyes with one brow inching upwards at the questioning gaze on the face of her younger companion. She makes a mental note to ask once the ceremony was complete.

~ Ax gives Jax a subtle wave, lifting his hand just about to the elbow. He does not, however join in any chanting. In fact, it raises the little white hairs on the back of his neck. No idea what was being said, but the tone was just creepy to the Echani. He leans over to his wife, whispering to briefly, as discreetly as possible before giving her hand a gentle squeeze. ~

The Zabrak aren't alone in condemning StarKiller's attack as a despicable act of cowardice. Greystorm Sr, for one, prefers to feel the warmth leaving the bodies of those she takes. Doesn't get more personal than that. Not always a luxury in war, but a great boon of 'special' operations. Listening to the chant, she reflects on her last operation with Ambassador Gath. Not so far from here...not so long ago. What's a year in the span of their lifetimes?

"Kort," Ambrosia identifies the body without passing a direct look up to that equally tired, thinning face. Her hand slowly lowers back to her side, where it hesitates on what to do next. A few fingers gingerly seek his out. Just to touch, knuckle to knuckle.

The Chant continues until the casket reaches the tombs of the family Gath, and that is where the dignitaries have been gathered, rank and file, in order to be the last ones to give their farewells to the Ambassador. The casket pauses before the opened door of the mausoleum, and a man steps forward. He addresses the crowd in Zabrak, and there is a murmuring among those gathered. A murmuring that is quickly quieted by the beat of palms on drums as the bier, which should hold a body, is taken in and disappears to its final resting place.

When the drums have quieted, and the family has exited the tomb once more, the mass adjourns to the town square. The embroidered cloths that draped the casket are hung aloft, the honors inked over a lifetime of service and battle float over head to remind people of Yet Gath's accomplishments in his life. Sesti has found her husband, and linked her hand with his, her elbow tucked inside of his as she stands close to him. A messenger walks up to her, and she accepts a parcel from him, holding it up for Jax to take a hold of while she reads the card. (It's a liter bottle of some rare, black market liquor infused with Reek horn and (allegedly) Kodashi viper venom. Not something you'd buy legally from store shelves, and definitely not for the poor of stamina. A warrior's whisky. It comes with a card - a simple, kinda crumpled piece of paper that looks like it was picked off the street and tied to the bottle with a leather bootlace. It reads: ~~For a thirsty man, adrift in the desert of death. Never was one more worthy. If only more minds were as unblinded as yours, the Republic may yet be mighty. Until we meet again, old friend. Save me a drink~~ ~Kal'vyshde)

If you are watching Ax and Kadi, enough to see Ax whisper to her, no matter how discreetly, you might also notice her eyes widen, and then a scowl cross her face as she outright glares at the man, a quick elbow aimed at his ribs, before she recalls where she is. Not that she knows what she's doing or anything, but some things are just natural. A deep breath is taken, and she shifts position a little uncomfortably. She follows along, as expected, and listens quietly to the Zabrak who speaks. Once there is an obvious opportunity, she glares again at her husband. "I'll be right back," she excuses herself, looking for the signs to the nearest restroom facilities.

When the ceremony had concluded, Rey waited for the others to start to move before she would. She'd give it a little while to make sure the crowds were thin around her before she'd then leand over toward Leia. "That man." She said to Princess/Senator/General Organa Skywalker. "We need to talk to him. He's... important." She'd say then to Leia as well, which, Leia like already knows but still, its new to Rey.

The young Jakkuan native would turn back to look to Artoo. "Come along, Artoo." She'd encourage the droid to keep up and he wheeled after them.

Ax can't help but smile at his wife, regardless of the occassion. When things seem to be breaking up with the funeral, the Echani watches his wife depart for a restroom and he looks to the people gathered. Soon, he's wallking towards Sesti and Jax, once more offerring his condolences. "I'm sorry for your loss, Sesti. It seems your father was well respected and loved, from the looks of the guests in attendence." He gives a quick gesture towards Leia and her entourage. It's then that he spots Rey approaching. Glancing at Jax, he gives a nod towards the approaching Rey. "Friend of yours?" he asks, assuming it's another member of the Resistance. "I think I saw your parents here too, but I might be mistaken.""

Leia waited for everyone to start to despurse, then looks to Rey as the young woman indicates they need to speak with one of the individuals present, "Which?" She asks, gazing over the crowds of people until she spies Ax specifically as Kadi makes her way off towards the facilities. "Him?" She asks in a quiet tone, nodding agreement. "Yes, we do." perhaps she was already aware, but she certainly doesn't make that known.

Her arm loosens from around Chewie's who is off to have a conversation with some dignitaries from present who he worked with years ago... that or he's going to find food. Either way, Leia makes her way with Rey and Artoo as they three head towards Ax. "Be sure to give Sesti your condolences." She murmurs aside to Rey, though she'd likely already gone over this at great lengths with her companion on the trip to the system.

Jax takes the package as Sesti hands it to him. He shifts and places it under an arm. "What is it?" He asks as he look at her. Though his eyes also wondering through the crowd for his friends and possibly Leia and Chewbacca. He turns his head to look at Ax, "I don't know the woman with the General. What do you mean parents? My Dad's here some where. I was going to ask the general about my mother." His shifting back to his wife to hopefuly find out what's in the package he holds.

Kort takes Amber's hand long enough to squeeze it when she brushes her hand against his. "Amber. Gath would be honored. Glad to see you, I was worried." Then asks something that he can't be prepared for the answer, "How's the runt? Back at base?"

"Runt's been bigger'n me for years," Ambrosia murmurs, feet stirring into autopilot mode to wander nowhere in particular. And definitely nowhere fast. She's watching the assembly of post-burial feasting from afar yet, content to sup and drink vicariously ... or just that sapped of all desires to do either. Is she sick? "Never was meant to follow in my shoes, you know that? All that strength and kid wouldn't stomp a kriffin bug. Let alone strike his mother in the ring, under orders." A twitch turns the left corner of her lip up and she reclaims her hand to pass it with the other over her scalp, through her hair.

Sesti reads the card, and her eyes narrow slightly. Jax can see that it's a bottle of some kind of licquor, probably not that legal. "She better be here," she murmurs to her husband, the emphasis on 'She' probably making it clear to him who she means. She calls over one of the younger Gaths in the black and red of immediate family and hands the gift off to him with instructions to take it to her mother, and ask her to join them. Then she turns as Ax approaches. "Thank you, Ax. He was a high ranking government official, so many knew him." There's a little smirk at the corner of her mouth and she stills it. "It was something my mother-in-law used to tease him about... leaving the field for a desk job in his later years." She turns at Ax's nod, but Rey is unfamiliar to her. Leia, however, is not unfamiliar, and she straightens in respect as the woman nears.

Leia steps just slightly ahead of Rey as they approach and reaches up to pull her hood back from her hair, adjusting it so it doesn't bundle awkwardly. "Sesti..." She says in a soft voice, not wanting to interrupt anything, but feeling obliged in this one moment given the circumstance. "Nothing I can say can suffice. Your father was a great man and a very good friend.. He'll be sorely missed. My deepest condolences to you and your family." Tears well up in her eyes, but they never breach her eyelids as she squeezes Jax's arm and nods.

Then she addresses the trio, "This is Rey.." Motioning to the young woman with her. The fact that they'd heard about the bounty and she still introduces her as much an indication of how much trust she's put into those around them. With introductions handled, the General stands to the side and discreetly dabs at each of her eyes with a small cloth from one of her pockets.

Kadi returns after her little side trick, heading towards Sesti and Jax, first. Oh, okay, and her husband. She might still be a bit disgruntled with him though. She pauses as she sees there are others, but only for a moment. As she nears, she says, "Sesti, my condolences to you and your family." Jax gets a nod of her head, as she silently also offers support for her long-time friend. She goes quiet as well, as the General speaks. Her gaze goes from one to ther other briefly, but she stays quiet.

Rey was at Leia's side, of course, a little taller than the princess, which made her stand out more, but she was making sure to keep that hood up over her head after they'd found out about Ben's publicly posted bounty... that had certainly annoyed the Jakkuan beyond words. 'Spineless' had been freely tossed around several times when describing the First Order's new Supreme Leader.

When her turn to greet Sesti came, she bowed her head respectfully inside her hood and tried to be as polite as Leia had instructed her. "It was a beautiful ceremony." She'd tell Sesti. "My sincerest condolences. I wish... I could've met him." She'd offer a faint upturn to the corner of her lips then before she'd step back to let others have their moments as well, and her eyes went to Leia to make sure she'd done okay... hey, this was pretty new for her!

It will forever be Princess, at least to Ax. He was but a small child during the time of the Rebellion, but even on Socorro amongst the Black Bha'lir, legends of the Rebellion were huge, and one shining light was the fierce warrior princess who was Leia. So, when he addresses her, it will likely never be as General. "Princess Organa," Ax says with a deep bow of his head. "This is my wife Qadira Suuryet, or Kadi for short." He says introducing his wife. He then looks to Rey. "I'm Axilon Bjin'ax, though please, call me Ax. It is my pleasure to meet a hero of the modern Rebellion, or Resistance as it's called." He didn't have a clue as to details, but if the First Order puts a bounty on your head, you're likely doing something good. "I wish this were under better circumstances, of course."

Jax reachs up to pat the General's shoulder when she squeezes it. "Thank you Ma'am. It's always a honor." Now that his hands are free. "If she could be here. I'm sure she would be." There is a genuine sadness in his voice at the mention of his mother. He scan's the crowd to see if he can catch sight of his Mother and fails. He then reaches over to hug Kadi. She was one of his oldest friends. Though at the introduction of Rey. Jax examines the young woman carefully. He takes a deep breath. Then he stops at Ax's comment about Hero of the Resistance. "Ax, YOu've never said that about me." He chuckles. Choosing to address Ax with comedy than with the nerf in the room.

Kort looks over towards his eldest and the daugher in law. "He looks me in the eye. He'll always be the runt. I remember him tiny and Aora carrying him around like he was her personal doll." He shakes his head, "Yeah they're all supposed to be better than us. I don't know about the Eldest. You alright?"

"I know, I know," Sesti tells Jax quietly, and gives Ax a nod of gratitude. When the Resistance leader speaks, she bows her head to Leia. "You honor us, General, and my father." Her gaze turns to Rey at the introduction, and, considering the name and the bounty, she manages a little smile. "I am sure he would have liked you," she tells the younger woman.

As they are speaking, a woman of Sesti's height and coloring has found Amber, and approaches. She still wears the black robe tied with a red sash, and the one around her head as well. "Kal'Vyshde," she greets with a bow of her head. "I had hoped you would come, as I wished to speak with you." A graceful nod of greeting is extended to Kort as well. "Greystorm, it is a pleasure to see you, as well."

Suffice to say, Ambrosia hadn't anticipated surviving the strike back at StarKiller. It's why she'd sent the courier to Jax with /the/ message. That gift of truth. But she did. Did he share it with his father? Aora? Wedge, at least, went into the void never knowing the dirt on his beloved mother. Perhaps if he had...

"Wedge is dead, Kort." There. She's said it. The woman inhales sharply and locks eyes ahead on the crowd growing around their son and daughter-in-law. Wedge was her baby boy, but Jax was her 'special' boy. Still is. Pale lashes bat away the threat of oncoming tears as she takes her tongue in teeth and glowers at one of the banners flapping overhead. "Kort, they pursued us thro--"

Kal'Vyshde. It's a name Amber hasn't heard in a very long time, and it jerks her around to face the arriving Widow Gath. A very stiff nod goes to the other woman in turn, breath held until she can't anymore and it's expelled in a shaky sigh. "There's nothing graceful about this dance, this time. I am so very sorry." To both.

Kadi inclines her head as she is introduced. "I am honored to meet you both," she says. She's a little bit younger than Ax, didn't have the hero worship, but she obviously hangs out with the right crowd. The hug from Jax, Kadi simply returns it, giving him a fierce if short hug. They are at a public function after all, even if they used to play cops and robbers as children together. "Jax, I could have sworn I saw your mother in the crowd, but maybe it was wishful thinking. I wish she was here too." A hint of wistfulness there.

Leia reaches out after clearing the tears from her eyes and lays that hand upon Rey's shoulder. Her smile is genuine, if sad, and she nods to the young woman assuringly that she'd done just fine. "I belive that's true." Agreeing with Sesti that her father would have like Rey, some of the sadness leaving her smile, if only a small bit. "He had a soft spot for anyone who could so effectively put the burr in someone's backside."

To Kadi, Leia smiles and bows, "The pleasure is mine, Kadi."

But before she can continue, her head lifts a little, and she turns as if feeling something somewhere else amongst the gathered. Her gaze moves until she finds Amber standing with her husband and a woman she'd only met once. "Jax." She says softly, moving over to lay a hand upon his arm and indicates his mother with nod. "I believe you should go speak with your parents..."

Rey's head would nod to those that spoke ot her, Sesti gets another soft smile and then she looks to the others. She doesn't want to talk a whole lot right now and she knows that Leia is the one who'll do most of the talking for her... mostly because she was incredibly nervous at not offending anyone or making a fool out of herself at a ceremony such as this when mere weeks ago the closest she got to a ceremony was lining up her home-made stuffed animals and telling them all a story about how she'd beaten up a group of thugs that were harrassing one of the nicer people at Niima's outpost... She was a forced intervert afterall, who was desperately trying to shake away some of her weirdness from all those years.

She was terrified of blurting something stupid out, like 'I'm really happy to be here.' or 'This is far nicer than the funerals on my homeworld.'

So the young teenage Jakkuan remained quiet, observing and listening.

"Well, you didn't make the news," Ax says to Jax. "Of course, with your ugly mug, I wouldn't put you on the news either," he adds, getting in his own jibe. Then, he realizes where they're at, a damned funeral ceremony and he sobers his tone.

Ax looks to Rey. "I do hope to one day hear your story, how you became the scourge of the First Order." Then, he's looking to Leia. "And, my offer still stands from the other night. I don't have much to give the Resistance in the way of hardware, but I can help with some financing possibly, and I have a winery on Naboo that would be suitable for meetings and such. It's a couple hundred kilometers from Theed, deep in the mountains, but the locals are used to seeing ships come and go. It's secluded enough to offer privacy, but not so secluded that coming and going is inconvenient or would draw notice. I use it for training, as it's about as peaceful as one can get, not a lot of distractions."

Jax says to Ax, "That cause we were order to operate in secret." He nods to the general. He catches sight of his parents. His expression tighting as he sees the look on his father face. "I am sure you're right General." Then he gives Sesti a soft smile and then turns to walk towards his parents. His shoulders falling and looks as if he's marching to the gallows.

Kort looks like he's been shot with a blaster at Amber's words. If they're any sympathes for Kal'Vyshde. He doesn't argue just standing there.

Leia pats Jax's arm and then looks over to Ax with a small nod, "We actually do have something we need to talk about, but we don't have to do so tonight, I don't want to take away from the ceremony or the families mourning." She says quietly, stepping over with a little wave to have Rey join her. "Perhaps we could meet on the Falcon before we set off tonight?" The ambiguous tonight, that is. The tonight that can happen anytime.

So much loss. Leia takes in a deep breath and releases it slowly to keep her own emotions from raging. "Who would have ever thought the galaxy would come back to these dark times." Everyone has lost, everyone is hurting. Sometimes she wished she could stop long enough to address her own feelings, but that's not a luxury the General has... So she does her level best to assure everyone else does.

Noting, perhaps, that Rey might be overwhelmed, she steps over and leans closer so that she can speak quietly, "You doing okay? I know this is a lot to take in."

Unfortunately, S'Praz Gath hadn't heard the news that Amber imparted to Kort just prior to her arrival, and so she is unaware of the reason why Kort appears so stunned. "War is not always graceful, it is often terrible... and terribly messy as well," she tells Amber. She reaches out to clasp the woman by the shoulder and steps closer, leaning to speak quietly to her. Then she bows her head, to take her leave, when her son-in-law approaches. You whisper, "No matter how Iridonia goes, you will always find friends among the Gaths"

Sesti is left to watch her husband approach his parents, but then her gaze returns to Leia, a question in her eyes that she does not ask. "I think we should perhaps find some food," she urges everyone. "I have been fasting, and I am in need of some before I pass out."

At Ax, Rey would smile then beneath her hood and nod a single time. "I have a story to tell there, let me assure you, sir." She replied to him. "But yes, perhaps when..." She looked to Leia and then back to Ax. "When we can meet later." A short pause. "I assure you though, and everyone you know..." She glanced at the others and made sure she spoke loud enough for those who were listening to hear her. "I did not kill Supreme Leader Snoke."

A small smile would come and go from the teenager's lips and she'd go silent once again to follow Leia's lead.

Kadi excuses herself shortly after Jax moves off to talk with his parents, Ax looking after her for a moment before his attention turns back to Leia. "I think that is doable, yes," Ax says to the General. "You'll have to excuse my wife, these are trying times and her parents are on Corellia. We'd planned on flying there to get them after this was over, and for her to hopefully meet with her family doctor," Ax adds. Then he leans in a bit, speaking quietly. "She's not certain of it, but she's pregnant. It will be our first child, should the gods favor us in these trying times," he adds.

Ax then looks to Rey. "Oh, I've met the Order's Jedi or Sith or whatever you wish to call him. I wouldn't doubt for a moment that he usurped his master to sieze control. Scary guy, that one. Stops blaster bolts mid-air with a wave of the hand," Ax says in hushed tones. "I haven't figured that one out, best I can do is a rock, and it better be a small one unless stopping it with my head counts."

Leia up nods at the declaration her young companion made and slides a hand to rest against Rey's shoulder. The General navigates difficult conversations like a seamstress master seamstress knitting a wool hat, "He is no Jedi." She says, managing through the strength of ten suns to not break down hearing the depths her son has fallen. "His ambition will be his undoing." Because that's what she has to say, in front of so many people she does not know.

"But we'll discuss it more later where we can be more comfortable... The lounge on the Falcon is no Elegant Hotel in Theed, but the couch is well worn. We'll celebrate your wondeful news!" She even manages a smile, more so when speaking of Kadi's being pregnant, "For now, Rey and I should grab a bite to eat... and I think I see Ambassador Kel'meh.." Once more she steps to Sesti, "If there's absolutely anything I can do, Sesti, please know that you need only reach out to me. Ax has means to contact me, as does your husband through his mother."

After leaning to embrace her, she steps back and reaches for her hood. "May the Force be with your family tonight." Nodding around, "Until later, Ax, Sesti.." She waits long enough for for Rey, then leads them in the direction of the food and other guests.

The crows feet 'round grumpy Greystorm's eyes are growing deeper by the minute, cheeks more taut as all facial muscles are made to work overtime in effort to keep shit cool. Keep it neutral. Keep it together. But all the subtle weaknesses in her posture and forced platitudes, add up to a very obvious pain. A fierce warrior now bearing the visage of just another aging face and just another mourning mother. She can't look at Kort. Not right now. Hell, it's all she can do to stay unmoved against the firm clasp of shoulder that S'Praz delivers and head tips to hear those quiet words spoken in confidence. A thin smile presses her lips into something akin to gratitude and she nods once in acceptance. S'Praz departure is watched vacantly for the two seconds it takes for Jax to finish slinking over here like he's in trouble. For once, he's not. What trying times, indeed.

"Jax," she reaches out a hand to take hold of one of his and fold it between hers before taking a small sidestep closer to Kort. "It's been a scramble. S'why you haven't seen me till now and frankly I'm not sure I ought to have taken the time away I did, but...better you hear it from me, before some looselips stumbles off the mat and into a bar."

Ax offers a bow to Leia, and a wave to Rey. "Until later," Ax says. "I am going to go check on my wife. Between her bladder and the stress, it's been trying times for her of late," he adds. "I'll be around in a few hours to meet with the two of you." Ax then turns looks towards Sesti and Jax, as well as Jax's parents. "The galaxy is in turmoil," he mutters, then he's heading off towards the starport.

As she is left by most of those around her, bidding an appreciative farewell to each, Sesti gravitates to her husband's side. She slips her arm into his, as something in Amber's posture seems to bode ill for them all.

Jax looks at his mother with wide eye. It's been a lot longer than that she did anything mother like in public. He looks a bit worried. Then his wife is there. He reaches out to take Sesti's hand giving it a squeeze when she arrives. His arm goes around her for a moment. Kort stands there for a moment. It's as if he processing something. Then he reaches up to touch Jax's shoulder, "Son..."

Sesti gets an unnervingly warm nod from Amber, but trusts she's received the bottle and note by now, so what else need be said? Passing a glance first to Kort, she runs her own 'thirsty' tongue over dry but undead lips. "Son, there's a kernel of truth to the rumors some rat's spreadin' around," she starts and twists her neck to watch Leia wander away with Rey for a moment. "We were hit pretty bad. Not only off D'Qar, but they tracked us through hyper. Became a sublight race we couldn't win. Must as we tried." A steadying breath reinflates her lungs as the hot, arid air flaps a little sand shower over them all from her flapping wraps. "Of all the shuttles to make that final leg of our retreat to Crait, just a few made it. We didn't stand a chance and by all rights /I/ shouldn't be here." And it's killing her. "Should be your brother. But it ain't. I couldn't bring'im home, Jax. He's gone."

Sesti was already on her guard when she arrived, the warmth from Amber just clinches it. She puts her arm around Jax, and squeezes him towards her before Amber relates the news. When the news does come, she wraps her other arm around him, and holds him quietly, too stunned for words.

Kort shakes his head and the tears come rolling down his cheeks he'd been fighting it back. His fist falling to his side and his hands balling up and releasing. The older Greystorm looked hurt and on the verge of a rage. This was one of the times when congradulations Amber you get to be the reasonable parent. "It was space. I should of been there. It's my job to protect them in space. I'll burn every one of the sons of bitches from the sky." He looks at Jax, "Be better than your old man. Keep him straight Sesti." He looks at his wife, "I want enough rank, that I won't have to listen to a dumb ass think he's my boss. If you got fighters left I want one. If not I'll find a X-wing." He says turning to storm off, where? Who knows probably his ship or to find Aora. Great Elder Greystorms are not the most reasonable bunch and this one is wanting to let loose a multimillion credit warmachine loose on the galaxy.

Jax stands there queitly and goes to reciet the jedi code.. though as he starts into it he simply holds his wife close and bursts into tears. This had not been a good day for the family.

"We don't," Ambrosia dashes Kort's hopes of a free ride before he even finishes that sentence. Head sagging between shoulders when Kort storms off, she eyes her son's tears through a shimmering veil of her own. "He deserved better," she declares, voice wavering in strength. It's a collective 'he', applying to two men now mourned in hearts. "Sesti, I trust you to take care of this one." In case that wasn't clear before. She reaches out to very lightly touch daughter-in-law's face, then leans in to plant a kiss on Jax's wet cheek. Finger sweep once through his hair. "I'm gonna see to your father. 'fore he does somethin' stupid."

"Give my regards to the rest of your family," she adds over shoulder while striding away on the tail of Kort's footprints.

Tuesday January 23 01:30:49 PM. Connection established to Sesti, negotiating connection... This world is Pueblo 1.10 Enhanced.

Had to keep this little OOC exchange for my benefit… Ax tests his Life Detection skill at a 100 difficulty.

 +SUCCESS+ (31).

-(OOC)- Ax says, "for Kadi's benefit." -(OOC)- Leia Skywalker says, "It's a graveyard dude"