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Karys with close companions perform an act to get her another arm.

OOC Date: June 21, 2020
Location: Corporate Sector
Participants: Karys as GM, Hadrix Kora, Rathe Versiano, Avery Ihala Kora, Domino Graystorm

[Karys] One thing leads to another much as it always does and what might have been easily finished with credits was well out of their price range. Thus the group of waywards, mandalorians and mercenaries are brought together once more in an effort to restore one of their own. You scratch your back, you scratch mine or so their contact said. Once the act was done the arm would be handed over.

The dingy building is alive with the corp sector's company employees leaving - well the last of them to clock out. It gives them a few hours for the system to be scrubbed and wiped out before the next shift arrives. Set the charges ont he reactor and exfil. Should be a beautiful display and only some security to possibly contend with.

Huddled against the side of the building as they wait for the stragglers to leave Karys makes a sound from inside her helmet. Her left armor is gone, not even used as she touches the gun on her hip. <"Thank you all."> She looks to each, but its just the mirrored visor of her helmet that reflects back at them.

[Rathe Versiano] Much time has been spent in the Dreadfinder armor now. Proficiency has been gained for the war medic with acceptable loss to dexterity. Karys likely would have disagreed a few days ago given the piles of ceramics he crushed working on it. The helmeted head considers Avery following Karys. He had met them here and brings forward a bag with what looks like an arm sticking out of it. A pop-crackle of his vox. <"AV One Zero Zero Four. After my own hell this was given to me, it served me well. Get in it, and get your head in the game."> Rathe doesn't exactly shove the bag into Avery but it is close.

[Domino] Domino peers about, she's less concerned about people but she's checking out cover, vantage points, seurity cameras, or other security on the outside <"Of Course Doll, anything for you. Might I posit that whatever needs discretion or finesse I see to before anyone gets fiesty and starts breaking things? Or is what I'm breaking into a vault or something inside the building?"> She oh's and adds <"And please remember the second Domino's Golden Rule. If things get hairy or something happens you all look after each other and let me worry about me.">

[Hadrix Kora] Bow in hand, collapsed but ready to be expanded for use, Hadrix is stacked against the wall. Viera present for the use of the man finally able to rouse himself to action. Broken man, broken mind... Give him the gun almost as tall as the Big Mandalorian. It's a great idea, maybe.

<<"None need be offered, Karys.">> Hadrix's voice rumbles over comms while he leans slightly to scope the location. <<"If we need a hard exit, be prepared to put me front...">> his T-Visor turning to Rathe at the use of the operator number for Avery - his physical demeanor stiffening but there are no words.

<<"On your go ahead, Karys.">> visor passing over Domino briefly at her 'Golden Rule' flying in the face of clan traditions. He looks like he wants to say something, even in the helmet - but he keeps quiet and looks to the building again.

[Avery] Avery seems a bit out of his element, the normally boisterous slicer looks a little uncertain and wary as he follows along with the group. He too stiffens at the mention of his previous call sign, an almost imperceptible narrowing of his eyes flashes before it's quickly gone. He takes the bag from Rathe and pieces the armor together, finally slipping the helmet over his freshly shorn face with a ready nod. The former rookie stormtrooper seems out of place in the armor that was lent to him and it shows as he wiggles and adjusts, the armor rattling as he moves. He makes a few adjustments and gives another nod, the Hadrix lent T-21 slung over his back is a far cry from the normal heavy blaster he used to wield. Still, he's there, green eyes determined to start making a life for himself, a life that he chooses where it leads and what it means. A quiet smile is forced on his lips and he nods to Karys along with his response, <"Anytime, no where I'd rather be...."> He tilts his head with a quick thought. <"Well... maybe, once this is all over, I think I'd rather be at the cantina with all of you and a whiskey in hand. I think that's where I'd rather be.">

[Karys] As the room sorts itself and Domino makes her suggestion, Karys holds back but one can see the excitement mixed with anticipation. A deep breath is audible even with the helmet on and she nods to each, her hand reaching out to grip Avery's shoulder. "Good to have you with us. Glad you came out," she says, the sound of some humor in her voice despite its modulation. She releases him at Hadrix urging and as the last of the workers seem to have left she moves her way out into the open but hugs the building to keep their presence a little less noticeable.

Whiskeys after. With that in mind she reaches the coded door and kneels to remove the panel and prepare it for Avery and Domino. Staying low she presses into the side and feels the edge pop when her knee makes the connection. Out it slots though the interface is above her head and waiting for security input to allow them access. Carefully she grasps the panel with her hand and slides to the side, waiting to put it back in place to cover their steps as it were.

The courtyard is in the open and the sound of voices can be heard but distant enough not to be a problem. Yet.

[Rathe Versiano] After a moments hesitation, once Avery is done getting the armor on. Rathe steps up to make some last minute adjustments to the armor for the man. <"It will keep you safe and sound. Trust me."> He checks the joints quickly. Looking back before it all kicks off he pulls off his own helmet to murmur quietly to Avery for priavacy. As everyone is armored up, it is a futile gesture as their mic's likely pick up. "You are my brother. Karys is our sister, and she needs us. You got this. Because if you don't? I swear I will stun you, and drinkt he whiskey I was going to buy you." But the thumping his fist drops down onto Avery's pauldron is a brotherly one. His helmet goes back on to seal into place. He looks to Karys <"Hell be fine. Also. No thanks ever needed."> A sharp nod to Domino and Hadrix and Rathe takes up an overwatch position, since he cannot slice. He looks lethal-pretty.

[Hadrix Kora] Distractions seem to be part of his day as Hadrix checks readings on his HUD, T-visor turning to Karys first then the others while Avery works his magic. Organic eye blinking within the confines, there is a realization he's not watching where he's supposed to and for the others its a brief bobbing of his head while the big man scolds himself low enough that his externals don't pick up and engage.

<"It's good to see you out, Avery. Too long zipped up in some bunk. Get back out in the world, so to speak."> He doesn't smack, slap, or do otherwise - but he does draw... kriffing arrows of all things from a thigh quiver. Folding them into the palm of his right hand with a pinky below one. Weapons. Weapons. Weapons. Even his jetpack looks like it has armaments.

Probably does.

[Avery] He gives a chuckle to Rathe followed by resilient nods to the lot of them. The recently made mercenary sucks in a breath to exhale as he 'gets his head in the game', knocking the cobwebs of months of inactivity loose. After a quick look around, a bright smile crosses Avery's face when Karys exposes the interface. Regardless of what state of mind he is in, THIS is something he is readily familiar with and the change in his body language shows. The slicer steps forward and goes to work, removing the newly acquired spiker from his newly acquired toolbelt and inserting it into the newly acquired exposed interface. He lifts his hands to the display, busying himself with cracking the system to pop the lock on the coded door. After a few seconds a green light flashes and the hiss of locks retracting can be heard by the group. An even wider grin splits his lips, this of course hidden by the helmet that protects the young man, but the joy can be heard in his voice as it cracks over the comms. <"Like riding a speeder bike....">

[Domino] Domino is calm, almost at ease as she lets Avery do his thing <"Just let me know if you're unsure or encounter an issue."> she advises, letting him do his things but ready with her creative solutions to mundane problems if needed <"Are you all always so chatty when you're theiving? No wonder you all were always getting shot to bits."> she does add an encouraging <"Never doubted you for a second, Cutie Pie."> She leaaaans back a bit to peer up at any windows as the lock's disengaged.

[Karys] Avery does his work and the security door pops open without a second thought of its purpose. It just does. Karys slides the panel back into place and with her knee helping her brace it she leans in to hear it click and pop into place. She rises back to her feet and now that she is not needed to hold anything she adjusts holster and grasps out her gun.

<"Likely to find a bit of trouble inside but lets try to avoid that if possible.">

The inside of the factory line produces droids. Armed droids and at the moment the factory is having some maintenance done. There is a catwalk they will need to cross to get back towards the main equipment of the factory. Up the stairs Karys will go, trying to keep her footfalls light. Security. Where is it?

[Avery] <"Thanks and me? Yes, I always talk... probably too much, actually. Never really thought about that until right now."> Avery admits with a shrug. The recent success with the door seems to have put a bit of a jump back in the oft-depressed slicer's step.... or voice, as it were in this case. Seeming more in the manner of old that his companions were used to. At Karys' warning, the slicer unslings the T-21 off his back and readies the heavy blaster, checking to make sure it's loaded and good to go before entering behind his friends.

He falls back into routine, head on a swivel, scanning for any sign of unusual activity or anything out of place as he moves along in formation, following Karys quietly up the stairs. An eyebrow raises and he lifts a hand to motion toward the personal lockers across the way, the ones blaring the red lights designating their lock condition. <"Lockers are closed, likely there are others about... be on your ready.">

[Domino] Domino lifts a hand and notes <"I love you all but I'm not getting shot because y'all are mercs not thieves. Lemme handle this one but be ready, if they are paying attention they will eventually send someone to investigate, but hopefully just one."> She slinks forward all slinky and low like a housecat stalking afly. Her sexy oldschool bandolier of serial cables is unclipped and one end is plugged into her datapad while she gently forces open an access box. Pulling out a nailfile from her boot-yes she carries a nail file in her boot get over it-she pries the casing off and yanks out some wires and then plugs in the serial cables. There's some quick tappity tap of the datapad, a few flourished gesutures and the cables unhooked, the housing popped back into place, and the box pushed closed, <"Alright, no one can see us but unless they're incompetent they'll come looking.">

[Hadrix Kora] There is a flex of the arm holding the bow and Hadrix shifts as if he was going to swing it somewhere before his head shakes and the red pulse behind the right branch of his t-visor brightens. Teeth bared as he drags his eyes off the floor he looks to Avery and then the others.

When Domino moves up he watches and waits a soft snikt of the bow ends extending and the string humming with power charge. Things could go wrong - best be ready. With a powered bow. Suck it guns.

Not you E-11... Or Bowcaster. Other guns.

[Rathe Versiano] <<"Which is why we have a shared channel...that we all forgot about.">> Rathe subvocals into his helmet comlink vox, no longer using the helmet speaker. He looks to his Tracker. <<"Should I switch to Stun?">> He peers out into the factory line, watching droids in various stages of construction. His helmet leans left and then right, but he notices and hears nothing other than lectures. <<"Yes Momma, sorry Momma... Won't happen again, Momma.">> Rathe just basically fist pounds the shiny red button that is Domino. Then he goes back to being a nice calm quiet competant professional who cannot hear a damn thing properly apparently.

[Karys] The slow turn of Karys' indigo helmet when she looks at Rathe is purposeful. <"Switching to stun seems pointless unless you are dragging them out of here? We are about to blow this facility sky high."> Karys points out before she is nodding to Domino and then Avery, shifting forward along the catwalk once they have the all clear. They pass a few other junctures that likely lead to offices or break rooms.

Yet their goal is center of operations and where the power source for most of the factory is. The squeak and cry of the machines is mostly quiet save for when they start to settle. Clanking and hissing of steam sounds out as they draw through more of the heavier machinery.

Karys stops and lowers, turning her head to the others. <"Saw movement down there."> She points towards the floor of the factory. Sure enought here is a group of three guards who are talking.

[Rathe Versiano] Advancing towards the three as he is informed this is a lethal weapons mission, Rathe takes this to mean weapons free. He advances quietly with his Tracker tucked up into his shoulder. It may not be a war, but it will be a close enough drug dose for now. he depresses th firing stud calmly twice in gentle succession. The female of the group naturaly assumed to be the deadliest of the three.

[Avery] <"Let's hope they're incompetent."> The slicer quips as he scans along their path. With Karys' stoop and the motion to the ground below, Avery also hunkers down. He peers through the display on his HUD and locates the three guards she mentioned. His mouth opens, beginning to ask what they should do about those three when blaster fire erupts around him, the bolts screaming toward their targets and striking the guards who were caught unaware. A shrug proceeds his action and he lifts the T-21 to bear, squeezing the trigger and hoping his days of missing every shot were left behind with the First Order uniform. As luck would have it, something may have changed as the three bolts stream from the muzzle and damn near evaporate one of the guards. It might have been a trick of the light, but before they slumped to the ground, he thought he caught a glimpse of tiger striping. He chuckles at Had's comment and nods, <<"Doesn't seem like we fell out of practice.">>

[Domino] Domino's weapon is lifted and she brings up the rear, keeping track of both what's behind and infront and when she notices one of the guards had somehow escaped uncscathed from the first barage she lifts her pistol and squeezes two rapid shots before arming it at a downward angle to avoid any ooopses, <<"Well That was easy, how many more can there be?">>

[Karys] The security guards don't even get off a shot. Bewildered like they are from the rain of blaster bolds from on high Joe nearly swings his rifle up when Karys gets the last shot. The group as a whole lays waste but now their presence is known if there are more of them and Karys straightens up. <"No point on being quiet but they won't know where we are. So lets move."> That is her suggestion as she picks up the pace, trying to weave her way around the catwalks to the right place. She manages to help guide them some part of the way but the next juncture they get to they can see their target looming ahead but trying to get around the other machinery is going to take some helpful guidance.

[Rathe Versiano] Avery has a point, noone seems to have lost a step. Rathe's helmet bobs in agreement with Hadrix on iniltrate to destroy runs. Rathe checks the Tracker as they start advancing after Domino and Karys finish the guards off. There is a double mic-click to acknowledge moving. Rathe is focused on all the wrong things. Then another set of guards. Once again instinctually Rathe fires off two shots this time going wide to get himself yelled at by a redhead. Privately he's wondering if he's got issues or if boobs just make for better targets. A mystery of the universe for a later time.

[Hadrix Kora] A nod when the last falls, bow held in lowered position with the arrow still nocked, Hadrix moves low and steady as they progress, <<"Anyone else besides me been brushing up on their demolitions training?">> murmured under subs as they round a bend and come into view of another group of guards. The one with the spectacles and crazed hair. The true threat here.

The next arrow hits armor, bracketed by Rathe's shot, digs in with its spiral and explodes, charring flesh and destroying protective clothing but not felling the target as another arrow is brought up. The last still quivered in his palm while Hadrix's forward march proceeds. Almost time for the other bow.

[Avery] After all the blaster fire has settled, Avery stands and shifts the weapon to a neutral position, a quick glance given to the group behind him before he sets out after Karys in a jog. The slicer follows along easily, the combat bringing out the training ingrained into his very being. If nothing else, it's comfortable and something that allows the emerald eyed man to rely on when his soul is broken. Still, just the time spent on the job has brought back more of the Avery of old than he would have thought possible and a small grin has permanently latched onto his features under his helmet.

They weave their way along the catwalks swiftly, keeping the target in sight until they come upon another group of guards who apparently aren't on alert as much as they need be. The group slows to a stop and lifts their weapons to engage once more, blaster bolts streaking toward their targets. Avery lifts his borrowed weapon and sights in on a guard, squeezing the trigger to send his volley sailing along with the rest. All three bolts slam into the hapless man and he goes sailing backward, ragdolling into the machinery behind him. Avery turns his head and this time you can hear the grin in his voice, <"Hadrix... can I keep this?">

[Domino] Domino almost steps forward ahead of Rathe when it looks like he might miss the threat but she manages to resist the urge and remains at the rear, carefully waiting for a clear shot and then two rapid screeching reports of plasma are sent towards Jen before she gets the chance to retort for shots that were fired in her direction.

[Karys] Three oblivious guards running in have yet to spot their query. That is until they are shot at. "JEN JEN JEN! THEY SHOT ME!" Moss screams out, quite surprised. "Oh shut it!" Jen yells back and then cries up "HEY HEY! Put that down!" Meant for Rathe who misses her completely. Red hair and all.

She looks like she is about to make some quip when Roy goes down, almost like he melted in the spot thanks to Avery's shot. "ROY!?" She is loud. Obnoxiosuly so and Roy just flops down like he usually does lazing on the job. Jen is moving towards him when Domino catches her. "KRIFF!" she hits the ground and the second shot silences her with a GAAAAAAH death sound.

Moss takes a shot after finding cover under the catwalk beam. He manages to hit Hadrix and there is a snort laugh that starts to grow in delight. Karys arches a brow and tries to line up a shot. <"Get the charges where they need to be.">

[Rathe Versiano] There is no way in hell Rathe is going to play with explosives again. Not like the last time. While Hadrix is trying to work on his big bada booms, Rathe uses this time to check him out. <<"Hold Still!">> Clank! His gloves hand bonks the helmeted Hadrix. First the scanning. Rathe very professionally starts the field repairs on Hadrix' legs since he has to stand still anyway. He is a little rougher than called for on the final hole patching and quick-suture. It could be intentional or accidental. He does manage to slap the tamp patches onto armor as well for the moment. Rising up and backing away a nod after his final scan, he's turning away looking for more trouble.

[Hadrix Kora] <<"Maybe... on loan. I got a few bl-AHH">> Turning and trying to duck to one side, Hadrix's arm is clipped by return fire, the first shot melting durasteel and the next bouncing off of beskar iron in his pauldron. Growling as Karys puts the man down, putting the arrows in quiver before shaking out the limb. <<"Kriffing hells...">> grumbling as the bow retracts and he hangs it from his hip while pulling out thermal charges.

And then Rathe is smacking him... and jabbing him and patching him up. The growl continues, turning into a warbling burst of static on his externals while he sets the charges. <<"I'll hold still when I'm dead, Rathe.">> muttering whilst he gets the next charge in place. <<"Mark One Ocular sensors up, watch our backs.">>

[Avery] Once the shooting is done, by that meaning the guards are all lying down on the job and Hadrix's arm is smoking, Avery once again lowers the heavy repeater, glancing all about them for any further sign of aggression. At Karys' urging, and knowing nothing about explosives other than they go 'BOOM' and make pretty lights and things disappear, the merc moves to the side and sets up an overwatch position, scanning the area for any unusual movement as to keep the party safe. <"You all get the feeling that those three weren't really supposed to be guards? I mean the loud one barely seemed like she knew what a blaster was, much less how to use one."> He shrugs and concentrates for a short time on a little metal box that has a broken red light atop of it that lies amidst the downed guards. Another shrug and he resumes his watch, the T-21 pointing the way.

[Domino] Domino looks around and frowns, "Didn't we come here to pick up something or did we just break in to blow the thing up?" She shakes her head a bit and checks her datapad for something briefly distracted while she keeps an eye out. She's happy to let someone use their explosives so she can keep hers, the good stuff's expensive! Shifting her weight restlessly her head swivels and moves to peer back the way they came for good measure.

[Karys] <"They were horrible"> Karys agrees as she takes up a position to guard the charges and those with her. The blaster is out and she has it held at ready, scanning the side she's taken up as Hadrix manages to set the charges and then both Avery and Domino - together - set the timer for six minutes. She glances aside and when they are all given the clear she upnods. "We should follow the same way out, lets not get lost in here and get caught in the blast."> That would be the most horrific thing for her. <"My arm is not worth your lives. Now lets go.">

Urgency is upon them but the inept guards seem to be the only ones back this way - thus far but blaster fire is going to eventually draw something or someone. Karys starts to jog.

[Rathe Versiano] <<"No. Because that just makes more work for me">> Rathe grumbles about Hadrix and being still when dead. His visor turns towards Avery <<"You have a point. Good to see your instincts have not diminished.">> War. It's FAN-Tastic! Rathe looks from Domino to Karys, also curious as to what has gone so wrong as to not get her the arm. Then they are all running, or were trying. Rathe nearly goes down to some droid oil slick and there are muffled curses in his helmet. Karys. Karys helps save him. Again. He tires to move his ass not wanting to be the cause of others demise.

[Hadrix Kora] What did Rathe shoot him up with. This is not localized numbing agent. <<"Raaafffff... This s'not localizeded numnumbumming agent... Rahhhhthe... Rruuuuhaaaath...">> Why does he taste burnt metal. Why does he know the flavor of burnt metal? Hadrix is lumbering back the way they came. Forgetting to run. Slow. Take it slow. Was it six? Or sixty minutes. Sixty would be foolish.

Hadrix's rockets give off a prep-burst, little gouts of jet fire billowing out his cape. <<"Rhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatheimus... Prime.">>

[Avery] Once Hadrix has the explosives primed Avery steps over to begin wiring the timer. Of course he's amazing and totally sets everything up properly, which is why when he steps back, Dom moves in to completely rework all that he screwed up. Again fortune favors having a helmet on when his cheeks burn a deep crimson from embarrassment. At Karys' encouragement, the slicer turns to move at a rapid pace out of the building. Unfortunately, months of sitting around doing nothing as well as lugging a huge gun and being covered in plates of armor prevent him from moving as swiftly as he'd like. It's due to this that he begins falling behind as the group disappears ahead.

[Domino] Domino doesn't SAY Anything but tugs off a glove and carefully rewires the charge and tugs out what looks like a small datapad and connects it to the charge, "Redundancy if the timer fails can set it off remotely." She shoos "Now would be an excellent time for you all to haul dicks out." As Avery falls behind she suddenly scoops low and bride-carries him, legs churning as she goes-so all those hours of Hadrix relentlessly chasing her around karrigan park carrin g sacks of duracrete finally pay off!

[Karys] Rathe becomes an awkward tug and pull which causes Karys foot to slip and she goes down hard on her knee before scrambling to get back up. At this rate they are going to be the last two out of this place. The one hand thing is not helping and she shoves her blaster away, hoping no more security will meet them along the way. She grunts, glancing aside at Rathe to show his reflection in her helmet as the others get some distance on them.

She hisses beneath her breath <"Keep going"> this said to Rathe as she uses the railing to keep herself moving. Her knee aches like hell.

[Rathe Versiano] Apparently he needs more time in the armor after all. Rathe is struggling and is grateful for the helmet concealing his absolute rage. No kills. Can't Run. Likely go boom. Just not his night, and then Karys stumbles... Rathe stumbles as well. He even tries to shove and propel her forewards clear and might as well have set a feather on her as he whiffs the attempt.

Lumbering, confused, Hadrix's organic eye closes and his head shakes violently now - clearer when he is able to focus. Spotting that he's in the back, Karys and Rathe stumbling - Domino and Avery ahead. Old mantra's swimming in memory converted to new language muttered within his helm, just below level for audio pickup.

"Val payt'oyayc mar'eyir vercopaanir o'r'val ijaat'kyr'am. Val'tion'ad partaylir rejorhaa'ir be'val'mandokar, be'tion?tuur te'ca?nara olaror; val'epan ba'dinuir'an..." Leaning forward as if to pole-ax onto his face, Hadrix's jets kick in and he rushes forward on wings of fire, aiming one wrist with the intention of wrapping line around both to pull with. But he misses. Too late again. Poor aim again.

[Domino] Domino is panting raggedly but she does manage to hear Karys tell someone to keep going and it's enough to prompt her to set Avery down, <"Go."> She eases her blaster from it's holster and scurries back, <<"Rathe, Go make sure Avery and Hadrix don't lolligag, I got her-don't argue just get them gone.">> She doesn't scoop Karys up like she did Avery, having learned her lesson, <"We'll run together, match my stride with your good leg and it should work."> one arm slipped under Karys arm and around her back with the other hand holding her blaster.

[Avery] Avery, now on his own two feet, notes that everyone has been taken care of with the exception of Rathe. The collapse of Karys and he causing the man to stumble as well. The slicer, determined to keep his friends safe, runs along side to help him to his feet and gives him a shoulder to cling two as he aids Rathe in his escape. <"I got you!"> With the assistance, and the sudden burst of adrenaline the situation has provided him, the pair move swiftly enough toward the exit.

He can't help but surge past now, lest he plow into the catwalk or one of them.

[Karys] Hadrix goes screaming overhead and Domino with Avery is making good headway. The group as a whole is only as fast as the slowest person in the group which comes to be Karys as Avery is quick to help the medic forward. Relief washes through Karys and she struggles up, using her one good hand to keep her moving as she tries to shake off the ache in her left knee. Her head turns and she tries to find a good pace to keep when the bolt rushes at her from behind. It misses but lights up the machinery next to her with a bright spark. <"Kriff! We got company!"> They are coming from behind from one of those side hallways they passed on their way in that must have led to break rooms and offices.

If that is not inspiring to move, then nothing is. Her weapon stays holstered as she picks up the pace, favoring her left leg.

[Rathe Versiano] Rocketing Hadrix's, Karys saving Domino's, Avery Out of his shell kicking ass. Rathe will worry about the fact he's getting his ass saved by the computer nerd later. Since he keeps being a liability and Karys just got shot at. His instinct is to snap up the Tracker and deal with the threat... by maybe making them think about ducking. Under the helmet is untransmitted muffled rage.

[Hadrix Kora] Now there are people in front of them... people in back. He couldn't grab Rathe or Karys... But he can make an exit.

And Hadrix mentioned putting him out in front to make a hard exit.

He doesn't need to tip or angle, he's already making for the way out while the targeting feeds of his helmet systems, <"Gehat'ike oyacyir'bat. Shi'Mando'ade olaror lo'eyn'gev."> muttered to himself before the SRR mounted in his jetpack lights up like a Life-Day Ornamental Greenery, rapid-beeping before it spins and surges forward on a computer aided trajectory.

Ross? He was too old for this shavit. Two weeks left and he would be done with this line of work. Sitting on Chad or maybe Naboo - some place warm with cool winds and blue seas.

Wait... What the!?

SHABOOOM! His partner next to him is thrown wide, far to warm for how damp he is. Groaning when he looks up, confused as to why the eye of the man training him in was so close to his. But the weight was so small.


<<"Exit clear! Shift your shebs!">>

[Avery] With Rathe slipping his arm off Avery's shoulder to attack, the former rookie Stormtrooper turns around to help, bringing the massive weapon about to blast at the pursuing guard. Squeezing the trigger with teeth clenched, three bolts fly off in the direction of their adversary and strike him solidly in the chest driving him backward with the force of the impact. Avery slings the gun again and offers a shoulder to Rathe should he need it, planning on continuing toward the exit and the explosion from behind them to take out the now injured fellow at their rear.

[Karys] The sudden explosion ahead rocks the catwalk and Karys loses her footing even as Hugh goes down thanks to Domino and the attempt of Rathe. Hitting her knee again she curses beneath her breath. <"Ironic if I were to die here. If I do...keep the arm in my honor or something."> Her dry sense of humor over the group has a free way clear, the door opened for eternity with that explosion but its certainly drawing attention. Alarms are going off outside now.

She is going to make it out, just be a little slower than the rest.

[Avery] Avery, along with the rest of them, fumble and stumble along down the stairs and out the now wide open explosion made door. He slings the T-21 completely over his shoulder and tries to look as nonchalant as possible amid the blaring alarms and flashing lights their exit provided. <"Just another day, right guys?"> He asks as they all exit and disperse into the night.

[Domino] Domino just helps Karys along and mutters under her breath, <"At least no one important got shot. We'll have the doc have a look at yuor leg once we're in the air."

[Hadrix Kora] <<"Gripper, Heiyuu, bring the Woor in for exfil, drop the ramps and prepare to boost.">> word sent to his ship as he stacks by the exit. <<"It worked Domino. That's what matters.">> rumbling as he watches the streets.

<<"Karys... Rathe, Avery - make sure she gets out. Domino I want your eyes for overwatch.">> barking out orders while he draws his crossbow next drawing the cocking string back and letting the plasma chambers fill even as the VCX thunders into view for pickup... Manned by droids.